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Old February 2nd, 2009 (3:04 PM).
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    Hack name: Pokemon Gleaming Gold (Subject to change)

    Hack of: Fire Red

    Additional information about the hack: A remake of GS with new twists

    Finished percentage: 1%(Storyline only)

    Your hacking skills: Spriting(Not the best), Storyline Development, Moveset modifying

    What help or skill you're looking for:
    • Spriter
    • Location editor
    • Advanced Scripter
    • Trainer Modifier
    • Mapping
    • Title Screen Editor
    • Music Editor

    Additional contact information: PM or VM here, SPPf, or BMGf. I have the same username for both of those two

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old February 14th, 2009 (4:08 AM).
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      Hack name: Pokemon Land of Shadows

      Hack of: Emerald Version (U.S.)

      Additional information about the hack: It's a GBA follow-up to Gale of Darkness and Colosseum if you're interested. A bit on the large scale, but I've done a lot and I've hit a block.

      Finished percentage: Um... I dunno: Hero, heroine sprites, backsprites, mapping (first town) and some minor scripts and introductionary scripts of the rival characters? Some changed pokemon overworlds, most hero/heroine overworlds.

      Your hacking skills: Spriting, mapping, storylining, pokemon/trainer/item editing, all skills really EXCEPT scripting and Hex editing (which I may or may not need), which I fail at rather miserably.

      What help or skill you're looking for:
      Title Screen Editor
      XSE Scripter (x1 or x2 - or someone who can teach me)
      Advance Mapper (x1 or x2, I simply have too many maps to cover)
      Editor (x1 since I'm prone to error and mistakes) - Be warned; I'm self-taught so I make mistakes.
      Glitch and Testing (x2 or so)

      I usually work better with only a few people, but if you'll help, I'll be glad to take you. If you're curious, I've been working on this same hack for about a year alone. I finally hit a block where my below average scripting skills has pretty much shot me. So yeah. Some requirements:

      Resilience - I'm pretty hard to work with as I tend to be caught up in what I'm doing, and I take offense pretty easily, so be resilent and talk me out of whatever lunacy is coming from my head.
      Good work ethic - I'm easily depressed, so try not to give me everything in large doses
      Devotion - This is less importent, I understand - people need such and such, whatever. Just make sure you get things done by whatever time I give and I'm fine.
      Creativity - Something I came up with doesn't seem possible; please make it possible by doing it in a way that WILL work. Take use of available resources and find a way to make things happen. =)
      Finally - I'm not making a team for "friends" or anything. If you become friendly with me, fine, whatever. First in foremost though, please keep in mind what you are doing, kay?

      If you wanna see what I have done before you join or something like that, just ask. I'll be glad to show you. You don't have to be committed to joining to ask that, so yeah.

      DO NOT PM ME!!! Reason being that I do not log in enough. Just... uh... shoot. Email me or something. I'll respond to that a lot quicker. Thanks.
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        Hack Name: Pokemon Hero's Destiny

        Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

        Additional Information about the Hack: I'm new to hacking so this game might suck. As I get better, I will upgrade this game and make it an awesome Pokemon game! I got perk, you gotta give me credit for that.

        Finished: 0.1 % (Heh, I changed the name)

        Current Team: joshj5hawk, C91S
        Your Hacking skills: Idea Dude (Storyliner), so-so at map making, so-so atr scripting

        What is needed: Map person, Scriptor, Idea person, Spriter, anything else I didn't mention...

        Additional Information: Just PM me!
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          Hack name: Pokémon: Pure Ocean.

          Hack of: Pokémon: FireRed Version.

          Additional information about the hack: A new region, which has a new re-grouped Aqua Team ten years later from the event of the R/S/E saga.

          Finished percentage: 1-5%

          Your hacking skills: I can map and sprite

          What help or skill you're looking for: A tiler and scripter.

          Additional contact information: Just PM me.
          Old February 24th, 2009 (12:33 PM).
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            Hack name: Pokémon: EnergyAmber (working)

            Hack of: FireRed

            Additional information about the hack: My storyline from the quick storyline idea thread

            Originally Posted by pn0yb0y67 View Post
            I have no idea how to hack, but I've had the idea for quite some time...

            Hack Name: Pokémon Amber/EnergyAmber/Something-Along-Those-Lines

            Hack Of: Pokémon FireRed

            Story: You've been tossing and turning in your sleep. You have nightmares of being underwater, struggling to survive. There are shadows floating around you and suddenly... You are awake, safe, in your bed. Today your father, the local Pokémon Scientist (Dr. Fuji) calls you downstairs and he gives you your birthday present: your first Pokémon. Unlike most children your age, you are not a Pokémon trainer. Also unlike most children, your first Pokémon is a clone of the rare Mew. You and your partner, Mewtwo, are ready to see the world and befriend many Pokémon. Your father's boss helps you start your jouney in Viridian City, and your father contacts Prof. Oak to set you up with gear that will help you on your journey. Little does your father know, your intentions are also to find where your nightmares take place. Little do you know there is far more to your dreams than you think...

            You leave your home on Cinnabar Island and are transported to an undisclosed location (Viridian Gym). Your father's boss, Giovanni, secretly wants you to test his ultimate machine that is Mewtwo. Leaving his Gym (a cover for his alterior motives), you head to the Pokémart. The merchant asks you to deliver a package to Prof. Oak in the next town.

            As you continue your journey, your father sends you more cloned Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu) as a means to help you as you face challenges in Trainers. As you move further through Kanto, you find trouble with your fathers' employers Team Rocket. Eventually, you find Giovanni has been using you for his own personal gain, and you defeat him and his intentions to dominate you and the world.

            As you travel through the Sevii Islands, however, you uncover the mystery surrounding your nightmares. You hear rumors that Team Rocket has still been attempting to clone Pokémon for their own personal gain. You are eventually led to New Island. Here you find a Laboratory, not unlike the one found in your hometown. In this lab, however, there are giant test tubes with what appear to be the rumored clones. As you reach the end of the facility, you find a mirror image of yourself. Unfortunately, this copy also has a team similar to that of which was given to you by your father, but at an advanced level. Your doppelgänger is cold-hearted, as are her Pokémon. This is you as intended by Giovanni. Your dreams, were visions of your clone's point of view.

            After the defeat, you have access to Cerullean Cave. Instead of having Mewtwo at the end, as in the normal games, you encounter Mew.

            Notes: No Gyms?
            Mansion in Cinnabar: made similar to that in Celadon?
            Giovanni battles, give clues? Mandatory to fight in gym, but no badge?
            Originally Posted by ckret2 View Post
            pn0yb0y67: I like the concept! You'll need to iron out some details, of course, but it's a great idea.

            Some plot points you might want to think about: why is Dr. Fuji sending his daughter out to test-run Mewtwo? (Especially since, as we've seen from the short she was in, he'd do almost anything for his daughter's good. Maybe Giovanni threatened to harm Amber if Fuji doesn't agree?)

            Also, starting out with Mewtwo--even at level 5--makes for a ridiculously strong starter. I know this from experience; I used the Mew Glitch to catch a level 7 Mewtwo in Yellow, traded it to Gold and then into Crystal and used it as my "starter," and even discounting the traded Pokémon level-up bonus (battling with Mewtwo against same-level or stronger Pokémon), he's ridiculously powerful. Comparing his stats to those of the other Kanto starters, ALL of them are stronger, and adding all three starters' special attack stats together just barely clears Mewtwo's special attack. You're going to have to do something to make sure things won't be lopsided from the very beginning.

            And what do you mean by "trouble with your father's employers"? Why would Team Rocket cause trouble with Amber, the girl their boss has chosen to test-run Mewtwo? Has she refused to follow his orders? ("Test Mewtwo at such-and-such location..." "No, I'll go to this town instead :P") Has she already started to figure out what's going on before Team Rocket begins causing trouble for her?

            Anyway, I really like the ideas you have so far. It'll be interesting to see how it goes trying to make a game entirely without gyms (I'm making a game that won't have a gym/badge quest, so I'm having to come up with some interesting work-arounds...), and I wish you luck with that. I also think the evil Amber clone at the end will be a great idea.

            So, from one newb at hacking to another, I hope you can really do this. If you need sprites, I'm going to be making an Amber for my own hack (she'll be a minor character), so I'll be glad to share and to make an evil!Amber as well if you're looking for a spriter.
            Originally Posted by pn0yb0y67 View Post
            I think a backstory as to why Dr. Fuji allowed for his daughter to go out, would be at first intrigue in that: according to the Origin Story of Mewtwo, Amber and Mewtwo shared the same brainwaves, (testing his hypothesis that they may have some sort of bond). Then adding to that, he gets increased pressure from TR for positive results in creating their "Ultimate Weapon".
            I like the idea of having the conflict of wanting his child to be happy with her Pokémon partner, and maintaining his status in TR.
            As for the gym and TR problems: there could be a Rocket Executive in each town in lieu of a Gym Battle (the Leader may have stepped out). While the idea of Mewtwo having such high stats is daunting, the Execs could be at a higher level than the local trainers as a bit of a challenge...
            If a team would like to take on this story, I'd be willing to lend it =P
            Just as long as I'm involved and the story is stuck to as closely as possible =)

            Finished percentage: 0%

            Your hacking skills: Little bit of spriting... Not much else.

            What help or skill you're looking for: Everything else necessary.

            Additional contact information: PM

            Additional information: As much as I'd like to learn how to create the hack on my own, I just don't have the skills or patience to learn how to hack... I'd like for this to go somewhere though, as I enjoy playing games and hacks.

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              Hack Name:
              Pokemon Pure Shadow

              Hack of:
              Pokemon Emerald

              Additional information about the hack:
              Well other than the normal region I may try to add in a tileset for the shadow world.

              Finished percentage:1%

              Your hacking skills:
              Scripter, storyline designer,

              What help or skill you're looking for:
              Looking for

              Additional contact information:
              [email protected]

              Additional information:
              I work on the hack on a little a day, and I can't do the sprites and maps with the limited time I have. So if I can find a good working team to go with, then all that will be left is for me to script it.

              Looking for a OW spriter for my pokemon hack.
              POKEMON: Pure Shadow
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              hack name: Pokemon Battle Trials

              Hack Of: Fire Red

              Additional Info: Includes Gyms and activities similar to the emerald battle Frontier

              Finished Percentage:0-5%
              Your hacking skills: begginer Scripter, know the basics of mapping, know nothing of spriting

              What help or skill am i looking for: Someone who can tell or help make me a region map,someone who can makes sprites for me, someone who can help me connect maps, someone who can help me find pokescript 1.0

              contact info: [email protected]
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                Hack name: Pokemon: Camp (WT)

                Hack of: Ruby

                Finished percentage: About 2%

                Your hacking skills: OK, I guess.

                What help or skill you're looking for: Music Inserting, Scripting, Mapping.

                Additional contact information: AIM is bobo2we.

                Name: Entei
                Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
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                We'll get to that tomorrow
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                  Hack name: Pokemon digital green

                  Hack of: pokemon fire red

                  Additional information about the hack: just go to
         for info

                  Finished percentage: 10%

                  Your hacking skills:OW spriter

                  What help or skill you're looking forcripter and Mapper

                  Additional contact informationM me or Email me at [email protected]

                  Additional information: just need a scripter and mapper to help in my first ever hack

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                    Hack name:
                    pokemon and the airwaves

                    Hack of:
                    fire red

                    Additional information about the hack:

                    Finished percentage:

                    Your hacking skills:

                    What help or skill you're looking for:
                    someone to help me learn scripting

                    Additional contact information:
                    PM me

                    Additional information:
                    my only requirment is that they know scripting at a high level and have made a rom hack of any rom.

                    please help i hardly know anything about scripting. I'm 14. my IQ is 162 and im a fast learner, please i really need to learn this.... thanks
                    Old March 9th, 2009 (6:20 PM).
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                      Hack name: Pokemon Fabrics of Time

                      Hack of: Fire Red

                      Additional information about the hack: Hack heavily dealing with time travel.

                      Finished percentage: .02%

                      Your hacking skills: Mapping, text editing, some spriting

                      What help or skill you're looking for:Scripters, spriters, co-creator

                      Additional contact information: If you are interested please PM me, this hack is very promosing

                      Additional information:Thanks in advance!
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                        Hack name: Touhoumon

                        Hack of: Fire Red

                        Additional info: Was created by Japanese hackers' replaces pokemon with Touhou characters and attacks.

                        Finished: 100%, this is an add on dungeon.

                        My skills: Mapping, text editing, pokemon editing, rudimentary script editing

                        Needed skills: Someone who can script trainer encounters and make legendary pokemon cutscenes and such.

                        Contact info: You could PM me, respond in the Touhoumon thread at, or e-mail me at [email protected].

                        Additional info: I'm finished the maps, I just need scripts and such to put in them.
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                          Hack name: Pokemon Purple Starlight

                          Hack of: Ruby

                          Additional info: There's going to be a fakemon and a non-fakemon version, so everybody is happy, :] but they're going to be almost identical beside the pokemon. Just go down to my signature and click the link for the thread for info on the thread, plot etc.

                          Finished: almost nothing, I need the tilesets for the maps first

                          My skills: main plot/story, mapping, I've tried everything else and the results didn't turn out as I had hoped >.>

                          Needed skills: someone who is very knowledgeable at advanced scripting, ow spriter and battle spriter (front+back), and a title screen maker, or anything else anybody can do to help thats not listed. And whoever does scripts should come to me now, but won't start scirpting until after the maps are finished.

                          Contact info: PM me, email me ([email protected]), I have AIM too, click on the icon if you want to

                          Additional info: I'm not going to give up on this hack, so I need dedication towards it to be completed. I'm hoping that this hack gets big, or at least turns out very decent and professional looking. The link to the thread is in my sig for plot and features and such.

                          aaaaanybody, please help if you can, even if it's just one sprite or something.
                          Thanks in advance
                          ...I'm back!
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                          Hack name: Pokemon Shining Yellow

                          Hack of: FireRed

                          Finished percentage: Maybe 5 to 10%

                          Your hacking skills: Mapping.

                          What help or skill you're looking for: I'm in dire need of a scripter. And someone who can insert D/P Pokemon into an advance gen hack.

                          Additional contact information: MSN or PM's.
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                            Hack name: Pokemon Dark Fiend (subject to change)

                            Hack of: Ruby (U - English)

                            Finished percentage: 10%

                            Your hacking skills: Mapping, etc. (pretty much everything except spriting)

                            What help or skill you're looking for: A spriter. Before you dismiss this if you can sprite, I only need 9 pokemon sprited, nothing more... (from the spriter). PM me, I have a general idea of what they should look like.
                            Old March 19th, 2009 (1:57 PM).
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                              Hack name: Diamond Revolution

                              Hack of:Fire-red

                              Additional information about the hack:its a diamond remake so there is not much to say...

                              Finished percentage:25% sprites and 1% maps done and 20% miscellaneous

                              Your hacking skills: spriting and mapping

                              What help or skill you're looking for:scripter, a tile inserter and a title screen editor.

                              Additional contact information:just pm me or lave a message in my profile

                              Additional information:this is my first official hack. i already have another mapper and really need a scripter right now.

                              please pm me and with your help this hack will hopefully finish soon.
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                                Hack name: Pokemon Ash's BIG Day.

                                Hack of: Fire red BPRE.

                                Additional information about the hack: Base on D/P with grately changed story line.

                                Finished percentage: No clue.

                                Your hacking skills: Script, map, OW sprite.

                                What help or skill you're looking for: Title screen changer and world map changer.

                                Additional contact information: PM.

                                Additional information: If you do want the job PM and i will give you the information on what i want done. You will get FULL credit.

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                                Hack Name
                                Yellow Advance(assumed to change)

                                Hack of
                                Yellow Version

                                The base rom will be Firered,there will be many new features

                                Finished Percentage
                                Haven't started

                                Hacking skills
                                Mapping,Bits of scripting

                                Looking for

                                [email protected] or simply PM me

                                Additional Info.
                                Please lots of help is needed I promise this will be a hack that no one will ever forget I have a bunch of ideas waiting to be implied for this Yellow remake.
                                Old March 28th, 2009 (6:31 PM).
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                                  Hack name:pokemon sun slab

                                  Hack of: pokemon ruby version

                                  Finished percentage: .5%

                                  Your hacking skills: ok mapper and working on my scripting

                                  What help or skill you're looking for: the whole enchilada spriters mappers scripters ect.

                         made that
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                                    Hack name: Pokemon Aqlash

                                    Hack of: Pokemon Emerald

                                    Additional information about the hack: Check Team Mew's Mysteries for this.

                                    Finished percentage: 2% (Massive Hack Planned)

                                    Your hacking skills:
                                    Good at mapping
                                    Plot Making
                                    Pokemon Editing (Movepool, Types, Pokedex Data, etc.)
                                    Changing some minor things (Starters, OW's, etc.)

                                    What help or skill you're looking for:
                                    Scripter (Desperate)
                                    Spriter (must do fakemon)
                                    Someone who can completely change the title screen

                                    Additional contact information: PM me.

                                    Additional information:None.
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                                    Hack name: Pokemon Diamond GBA

                                    Hack of: Pokemon Sapphire

                                    Additional information about the hack: Duh, It's a devamp of Pokemon Diamond DS.

                                    Finished percentage: None!!

                                    Your hacking skills: Trainer Scripts (AS IN, THE BASICS),Mapping, Changing tiny things

                                    What help or skill you're looking for: Somebody who knows how to use Unlz-gba, Tile maker, Trainer Scripts (Ofical Battles, Like GYM LEADERS and the RIVAL.)

                                    Additional contact information:[email protected], VM, PM,[email protected]

                                    Additional information: None.


                                    pursuing my true self
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                                    Name: Pokemon molten magma
                                    Hack of: Ruby
                                    Skills: Beginner scripter and mapper
                                    Need Help in: Inserting D/P pokemons
                                    Advanced scripts
                                    Contact: [email protected]
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                                    A Member looking for ROM help
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                                      Hack namepokemon the legend of dialga and plakia a space/time adventure

                                      Hack of:Emerald

                                      Additional information about the hack:N/A

                                      Finished percentage:0% I havent began

                                      Your hacking skills:well i am a very good at maping

                                      What help or skill you're looking for:scripters,mapers,wild pokemon makers,Spirte changer.

                                      Additional contact informationpM if your talented

                                      Additional informationN/A
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                                        Hack name: Pokemon Dice

                                        Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

                                        Additional information about the hack: Story Line: You have just moved to a new town in a very dead deserty area. But there is a Pokemon professor in your town, you save him and get a Pokemon as a reward. Now you are on a journey to defeat the gym leaders and let everyone know that just because your poor and from a small town it doesn't mean you can't accoumplish your biggest dreams.

                                        Finished percentage: Not much

                                        Your hacking skills: Not much

                                        What help or skill you're looking for: Mapping on Advance Map I have changed the first few maps and Olddale but now I need to make the map to the left of olddale have the normal tileset and not glitch up when you go into olddale so my friend told me to make a building that you go through and come out on the next map. I need to know how to do that. I would like a banner made as well.

                                        Additional contact information: PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]

                                        Additional information: I love pokemon and rom hacking but I need to learn some things.

                                        Much Appreciated

                                        -Your Pal Yeshi!
                                        Old April 4th, 2009 (3:48 PM).
                                        shinygoldenlucario shinygoldenlucario is offline
                                          Join Date: Mar 2009
                                          Posts: 7
                                          name:pokemon dragon destiny
                                          hack:fire red
                                          skill:mapping only town routes ect. not connections or world /using advancemap
                                          needing:scripting full,and a very skilled mapper for world,plotliner
                                          info:based on dragon pokemon
                                          email:[email protected]

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