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Old May 28th, 2008 (3:31 PM).
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    The name is a joke... or is it?


    4 x Eevee
    3 x Leafeon
    1 x Leafeon Lv X
    1 x Umbreon

    3 x Turtwig
    3 x Grotle
    2 x Torterra
    1 x Torterra Lv X


    1 x Dawn Stadium


    4 x Bebe's Search
    4 x Team Galactic's Mars
    1 x Professor Rowan


    3 x Energy Search
    2 x Plus Power
    2 x Switch
    2 x Pokedex (HANDY910is)?
    2 x Quick Ball
    1 x Holon Mentor
    1 x Poke Ball
    1 x Rare Candy


    14 x Grass Energy
    2 x Call Energy
    1 x Multi Energy
    1 x Darkness Energy
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    Old June 12th, 2008 (7:18 AM).
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      If you are going to be running 2 Lv.X's you definitely should add in a couple of Premier Balls.
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      Old June 17th, 2008 (7:20 PM).
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        hmmmmmmmmmm..............its okay..............but your deck will have serious problems against a fire user.

        and only 1 dark energy? you only have a 1/54 chance of drawing that card. besides the multi energy, that dark energy is crutial to powering your umbreon. consider putting a few more in.
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