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    This is the year 2026. Human kind have began to lose faith in themselves, after enduring a 3rd World War. Through the years recently passed, technology has flourished through a new boost in post-war science funding towards the increase in efficiency for any type of power source. The result came and rapidly formed a newer, sleeker looking world. Through these advances in technology also came advances in the ways to study the past. The results from these studies dug far into ancient ruins that lay deep under areas all over the world from continents to oceans. The Historical Society began taking interest in these various items they foundd, not knowing what imbalance they were really placing on the world. These "ancient ruins" as they are known to the public, are actually called Runes, powerful tablets that hold the keys to incredible powers, each Rune possessing a different ability. These Runes could be applied to the body and their powers could be harnessed. Because of the sheer power of these Runes, knowledge of them had been hidden from the world for thousands of years by select families scattered around the world. Once the Runes had been discovered, the time had arrived to leap into action and return the Runes to a safe resting place before they could be used for evil purposes. Unfortunately, somewhere through time one of the families who knew about the runes became corrupted by the thought of their power. The Crucifolds. Along with the aid of loyally recruited followers, they are now also aimed at retrieving the Runes through any means necessary. Opposing the Crucifold Family in moving to return the runes to a proper place or use them for good is the group of families still set to protect the Runes. This group is known as NIGHT. The master group of thieves trained to obtain the Runes as quickly as possible while not harming any innocents. NIGHT has recently sprang into action, stealing the artifacts from various museums all around the world. The Police have remained baffled as to how these thieves could be taking all of these items with such ease. The case blew open as the police were outraged about the thieves constant mockery of the police departments. Collaborating together with police departments around the world, the planet has become united in the effort to stop these thieves. Unfortunately, the Crucifolds have begun to move as well, using more forceful ways to obtain the Runes and stealing and killing without mercy. The media is aflare with stories of the rival groups of thieves who are stealing the artifacts using what seems like super powers.

    This is where you come in! In the far future, you are a member of one of the secret families who form the group of thieves, NIGHT. Using the power of runes passed down through your family, you use your runes and various gadgets to work with your other thieves to steal artifacts around the world from the most high tech and modern defenses with the whole world watching. You will have to hack computers, slip through lasers, avoid guards, and sometimes even fight other rune users in order to obtain the Runes held inside the museums and return them to a safe place in a world mixed with science and magic

    Runes:Runes are the artifacts being held inside the museums as well as a big part of the success of NIGHT. When the artifact's magical energy is harnessed, it will attach itself to the person's body who tapped into it's energy, thus granting that person the ability of the rune. The power of a rune is very specific and leaves a very distinct tattoo-like marking on the Rune User's body. The size of the marking is directly proportional to how powerful the rune is. An example would be...

    The Freeze Rune
    Use: Can freeze anything you touch
    Appearance: A large Snowflake on the back of your hand
    *Since this rune is relatively small, The user of this rune would only be able to freeze small areas. If the rune were bigger than the size of their hand, it would be able to freeze more.*

    The Blade Rune
    Use: Creates a black blade around the arm
    Appearance: A long black marking that starts at the right shoulder blade and spirals down the right arm to the fingertips.
    *In this case, the blade would be roughly as long as your arm since thats the size of the rune*

    The Flame Rune
    Use: Enchants the wearer with an eternal burning flame.
    Appearance: A long red looking marking that covers the right shoulder blade and wraps around the right arm to the fingertips and intertwines with the Blade Rune marking.
    *This would be a rune that can work solo or be combined with another Rune. The user could ignite flames with their own arm or combine it with the Blade Rune to create something different.*

    Those are just examples of course and fairly forceful ones. The power of a Rune can range from shooting lightning from your palms to a simple lock pick! Be creative, aye?

    As usual...
    1. No Godmodding
    2. No bunnying without permission
    3. I reserve the right to kick you if i don't feel you're writing up to par.
    4. Basic PC Rules..
    5. Basic RP rules..
    yadda yadda you know the drill.

    This will be an RP that requires a lot literacy, please remember that when signing up. I will NOT accepted super overpowered god rune characters because remember these are thieves, not super saiyans...

    Sign Up:

    Name: (First and Last)
    Age: (duh. there isn't really a range though, any age will do)

    Runes (Theres no limit but be tasteful, aye?)
    Rune Name:
    Rune Appearance:
    Rune Use:

    Appearance: 4 line minimum, you know that whole deal. No hooded Garys...i'll take pictures if they still have descriptions with them.

    Personality: Same as Appearance, No Mary Sues with dead parents

    History: Everyone's favorite section aye? I wont be too strict on this but an interesting one would be nice

    Additional Info/gadgets: Anything you wanna toss on, aye?

    My Signup

    Name: Ashton Kwartz (Ash)
    Age: 19
    Gender: male

    Rune Name: Rune of Freeze
    Rune Appearance: A large crystal blue Snowflake on the back of his hand.
    Rune Use: Can freeze small areas

    Rune Name: Rune of Blade
    Rune Appearance: A large black triangular blade that spirals from the right shoulder blade and wraps around the right arm to the fingertips.
    Rune Use: A blade forms from the marking, creating a powerful blade of magic.

    Rune Name: Rune of Flame
    Rune Appearance: A large red dragon looking silhouette that starts at the right shoulder blade and intertwines with the Rune of Blade down to the fingertips.
    Rune Use: Enchants with Eternal Flames

    Rune Name: Rune of Feather
    Rune Appearance: A circlet of green and white feathers feathers around the base of his ankles.
    Rune Use: Grants a huge boost of acrobatics for a short time. Will lose power after excessive use.

    Appearance: Ashton is a particularly quiet and simple looking kid. He is a slender guy reaching about 5'9 in height and weighing roughly 150 pounds. He is a tanned kid with soft brown, narrow eyes which kind of droop down with a sleepy appearance. The hair on his head is a shaggy blackened brown color which spikes to various directions but dominantly down. He has thick bangs that sometimes sweep into his face. On his left eye and over his ear, he wears a small gadget which he uses for various situations mid mission. Outside of missions, it remains on his ear, disguised as a pair of sunglasses. During normal hours while out in the town, Ashton wears a very casual black long sleeved shirt and jeans so he can hide the long markings of his Runes from the public view. His jeans fit slimly and go down to a pair of brown and white converse. When participating in a NIGHT mission, his attire changes drastically. He wears a black snug fitting long sleeve shirt with the right arm exposed, showing is runes. For pants he wears matching black slim fitting cargo pants held up by a cloth belt. On his back, he wears a specially modified hooded cloak. The Cloak is lined with a material specifically designed to deflect bullets. The cloak has a pull over hood and mask to pull over the face to retain anonymity.

    Personality: Ash is a boy who was trained on the fact that he would be guarding the Runes when the time came. He is very strict on following NIGHT code and accomplishing every mission successfully. This seriousness however is only exposed during mission time. Outside of the missions when he's just enjoying the company, he's a totally different happy go lucky jokey guy. At first glance he would definitely seem to not take his duties in NIGHT very seriously. He is also normally the one to plan very precise plans. Hand to hand combat for Ash is all about timing and waiting. Since his Runes aren't particularly strong for fighting. He is a very tricky fighter and always results to tricky over brute force to win a fight.

    History: The Kwartz family was always known as being the "eye" of the NIGHT organization. They were always specialized in being able to see things and notice patterns, or tiny imperfections and changes in securities. This is no different for Ashton. He was taught since he was old enough walk, to focus on fine details of everything. His family only consists of his mother, father, and Ash. As an only child growing up, he didn't have the opportunity to get used to someone his own age, which lead to his love of electronics and working on various inventions on his own. For a while, he dived into the world of hacking but soon found that he preferred just making new gadgets for himself. Every now and again he'll come out with new gadgets and inventions to help the others with their missions.

    Additional Info/Gadgets: He wears an ear piece which folds to extend just near his left eye he calls "Moonlight". Moonlight projects a small holographic screen in front of Ash's eye which gives various information and observations to Ash at voice command about his surroundings and status. Its a one of a kind invention created by Ash. Ash also carries a small multipurpose keycard used to debug security doors.

    (I'll only be accepting 5 MAYBE 6 so try hard.)
    1. Kansas - Ashton Kwartz
    2. Thesis - James "Gale" Leslie Fortunado
    3. Loki - Connis Timoteo
    4. Phanima - Tyler Cascedas
    5. Shadow Umbreon - Ienzo Karanitev
    6. Kogenta - Orion Cadogen

    Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3

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      I'd like to reserve a spot, Sir Musical Group/State. I shall complete it soon. I promise not to overpower myself, sir.

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        The runes remind me a little of Suikoden.

        Name: Orion Cadogan
        Age: 17
        Gender: Male
        Rune Name: Rune of Portal
        Rune Appearance: Double black bands about Orion's wrists and ankles.
        Rune Use: Is able to create up to four sets of teleportation portals simultaneously. Each portal is flat, round, and has a maximum diameter of about two-and-a-half feet (though the portals may be connected). Every portal must have an exit portal created simultaneously with the opening one. Portals are also unable to change the direction of objects that move through them. Furthermore, knowledge of the area in which a portal is to appear is necessary. Thus, the rune user cannot simply think "appear beside this person," but must know--physically and spacially--where the person is.

        Rune Name: Rune of Identity
        Rune Appearance: A large red and white mask with yellow eyes, located on Orion's back.
        Rune Use: The Identity Rune, in almost constant use by Orion, allows its user to change his appearance to that of another human (including clothing). While this rune allows both the imitation of people seen or the expression of one's own imaginings, it cannot shift out of the Identity Rune's mark. Marks of other runes also automatically appear when they are in use.

        Rune Name: Rune of Curse
        Rune Appearance: A pair of black claws reaching from the back of Orion's neck around his throat.
        Rune Use: This rune is technically only half of a rune--and the less favorable half. Since Orion himself cannot make use of the Rune of Curse, it is usually hidden by the Rune of Identity. This rune was given to him by a member of the Crucifold family and is currently slowly draining away his life. The bearer of the other half of the rune receives the life he loses. If Orion can obtain the complete rune, remove his half, or kill the other runebearer, he will no longer suffer from the curse's effects. The only "advantage" granted by the Rune of Curse is that it alerts its bearer when the possessor of its other half is nearby.

        Rune Name: Rune of Lightning
        Rune Appearance: Two jagged golden electric designs that begin above Orion's eyebrows and end slightly beneath his chin. The marks are symmetrical, each crossing its respective eye twice.
        Rune Use: Can create moderate amounts of electricity in a steady flow (or bursts if the user so desires) and redirect somewhat larger amounts.

        Appearance: Few people know what Orion's true appearance is since he is almost always masked with the Identity Rune. The form Orion usually decides to hold, however, has darkish golden-blond hair tied into a low, short ponytail and bangs that are not quite long enough to reach his eyes on a regular basis. His eyes, slanted a little upward at their outer edges, are a deep reddish brown. About Orion's neck is a black collar plated with three silver circles, accompanied by a necklace composed of a double-looped silver chain and a padlock acting as a pendant. Over his dark grey-green T-shirt the youth has layered a white sweater jacket beneath a jean jacket--the sleeves of both remaining rolled up to a three-quarters length unless the weather is particularly hot or cold. On his left wrist Orion wears a thick watch/wristband. A black leather belt, usually at least partially visible, holds up Orion's khaki cargo pants, while for shoes Orion prefers a simple pair of white tennis shoes.

        During missions, Orion will wear a full-face mask and/or simply change his appearance. Furthermore, since he can alter or remove his fingerprints, Orion finds no need for gloves and prefers the increased dexterity provided by bare hands. Carried over from the teenager's street wear is his voice-change collar. Meanwhile, beneath a short-sleeved hooded jacket Orion wears a black, sleeveless shirt. The main part of the jacket is also black, while the hood is grey; the coat (if it may be called that) is generally zipped halfway up. Orion's on-the-job belt bears a series of attached compartments and two sheaths--one at each hip--to hold his daggers. Over his black jeans Orion also has several more sheaths strapped to hold several of his numerous knives. Inside his jacket and on his shin beneath his jeans Orion hides more blades. His shoes are laced black boots. Because he finds his dirk somewhat cumbersome and rarely uses it, Orion usually leaves the weapon at home, but has ready access to it via the Rune of Portal.

        Personality: Orion's personality is essentially a mass of shame, bitterness, and contradictions. While most of Orion blames himself for being tricked by Ria, half of him is determined to atone for his misdeed, while the other half wants to give up any attempt to be responsible since he already failed so miserably. Due to a painful first relationship, Orion does not think highly of females--not that he doubts their capabilities, but only their intent. Whether in some subconscious attempt to gain power over females or to fill the void left by the loss of Ria, Orion has a habit of flirting with girls and using his runes to escape the consequences. Since the time he and Ria broke up, however, (Orion has essentially decided that she broke up with him) he has not dated anyone. Instead, he has gained a new intensity in studying the techniques taught for/by NIGHT--particularly those relating to tracking and fighting. While he would not object to discovering a way to remove his half of the Rune of Curse, he believes that killing Ria would be the most satisfying way of ending the curse.

        Understandably, Orion is rather suspicious of others and, though he may work with others for the sake of accomplishing his goal, he will constantly be watching his own back. His lingering sense of shame also causes him to be a little irritable. Since missions give him something to focus on, however, he is usually somewhat more agreeable when working.

        History: For the first years of his life, Orion existed as most children of a NIGHT family would--training in the skills of thief, learning how to live in secrecy, becoming a fighter, and studying anything his parents thought would serve him well in the future. As his last name would indicate (Cadogan: terrible/fierce in battle, battle glory), Orion's family specializes in producing warriors. Though his life could be difficult, it was bearable; and occasionally, the boy even felt pride in being part of a family such as his.

        Unfortunately, at the age of fifteen Orion fell prey to the ensnarement that leads so many men to their doom: a girl. Only a year older than him, with eyes of clear blue and flowing, brown hair, the girl seemed to Orion the picture of everything he could want. Orion met Ria (the girl) while searching for a rune at a museum, and before they parted ways, he somehow summoned enough courage to ask for her phone number. Though Orion dated Ria for several months, he hid his family-related activities from her and tried to appear as normal as possible--afraid of driving her away. During this time, Orion obtained his first rune and acquired numerous new skills valuable to his trade. But his mind grew steadily more focused on Ria, and his heart became devoted to her in a way he had not thought possible. Concerned about their son's safety, Orion's parents began to research Ria's background and discovered, to their surprise, that Ria was a member of the Crucifold family. They immediately informed Orion who, confused and shocked, became furious and denied that such a thing was possible. After a brief, vicious argument with his family, the teenager ran out of his house with the intent to never return. For a day he wandered the streets, trying to sort out his thoughts and decide on his next course of action. Finally he called Ria and asked to meet her by her favorite fountain.

        When Ria arrived at the designated meeting-place, the sun was setting. And for a moment, Orion could only wonder at her beauty in the golden glow and hope that his parents had been wrong. Taking Ria's hands in his, Orion explained who he and his family were, told her what his parents had said about her, and asked, quietly and as steadily as possible, "Is it true?" For a moment Ria was silent. Then, averting her eyes, she whispered, "Yes." Immediately after her answer, however, Ria gazed fervently at her boyfriend and told him that she did not want to carry on her family's disreputable line of work and desired only to lead a normal life. With tears in her eyes, she added that even if she had not wanted to leave her family before, she would have left solely for her love of him. Hearing this girl sob and watching her cheeks blush with grief and shame, Orion knew he could not abandon her and offered to help her escape from her family's grasp.

        That night, Ria and Orion pieced together a plan to grant Ria her freedom. According to Ria, this Friday her family was planning to steal a rune that was being studied at a nearby university. If the two of them could obtain the rune for NIGHT, then perhaps NIGHT would trust her enough to grant protection against the Crucifolds' wrath. Knowing that his parents would never agree to such a plan, Orion decided that he and Ria would attempt the deed alone.

        At 1:00 AM that Thursday, two people made their way silently into the university research center. Security here was more relaxed than at a museum, and they did not have much difficulty locating the rune. Once the rune was discovered, Ria nodded encouragingly at Orion. "It's okay. You can have this one," she told him. The moment Orion touched the rune, paralyzing agony course through his body. Suddenly the boy was surrounded by three shadowy figures that stood over him glowering. Clutching at his neck in a vain attempt to lessen the pain, Orion turned in bewilderment toward Ria who dealt him a swift blow to the stomach. By morning, Orion had lost his rune and scarcely escaped with his life. He had also gained a curse that remains on him to this day (Rune of Curse).

        Having nowhere else to go, Orion finally returned home and explained to his family what had happened. Naturally, he was punished severely and was almost exiled from NIGHT. But when the elders of NIGHT held a court to decide their judgment, Orion's parents intervened and asked that their son be given a chance to redeem himself. Since that time Orion has continued operating as an agent of NIGHT, but under close scrutiny by numerous authorities.

        Additional Info/gadgets: In Orion's collar is an electronic voice changer. While he has some inherent skill in altering his voice and imitating speaking patterns, he cannot get past an electronic lock on his own (or imitate female voices).

        For weapons, Orion generally favors the use of daggers and knives (though he has one dirk). Several of Orion's knives are made of hardened crystal so that he can bring them through metal detectors if necessary. The daggers Orion uses for close-range combat are made from a metal alloy that does not easily break or dull.

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          (OOC: I think its best that I let Kogenta have the spot, he/she worked harder on her first application and I didn't. So i'll enjoy just reading the story. Thank you!)

          Name: Devin Renolds
          Age: Eighteen years old
          Gender: Male

          Rune Name: The Disambiguation Rune - Jinx Rune
          Rune Appearance: Purple rings, starting at the wrist, that move up the length of the right arm, and ending right before the elbow.
          Rune Use: This rune is a very dangerous rune, due to the fact it could cause serious injury or death, and it takes quite a bit of energy to use. By snapping his/her fingers, the purple rings glow and create a purple spark after the snap, and the person thinks about whoever and they become jinx'd. The user determines the level of jinx, whether it be minor, average or major, and shortly after the person is met with an unfortunate event.

          Rune Name: The Artificial Intelligence Rune
          Rune Appearance: A sequence of black zeros and ones that covers the users back and cutting off just below the neck and just above the waist.
          Rune Use: This rune gives the user the ability to become a "rapid learner," where they can immediately learn up to three things within an hour. This means that if trying to hack a security lock, or a car, etc they gain the ability to do so for an hour. After that, they can learn three new things, but must wait atleast half an hour to learn a previous one.

          Rune Name: The Cognition Rune
          Rune Appearance: Red rings circle the base of all ten fingers and red dots appear on the tips of them.
          Rune Use: The user is gifted with the ability to use both Precognition (See future) and Retrocognition (see past). The user can view the past for as long as the want, but there a a thirty second time limit on seeing into the future and it can only be within fifteen minutes. That means up to fifteen minutes in the future is what they can see, and they can only see thirty seconds of it. Just giving the person enough time to escape a possible unwanted interuption.




          Additional Info/gadgets:
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            Since the space on this RP is quite limited, i wont be reserving spots for just one person, however with a reserved spot i wont start the RP until all signups are finished. Then i'll compare them to eachother and choose the best of the ones i have. So i'll be deciding after a couple more signups, kay?

            Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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              I know I should really be either posting in PLF, Armania, or CARD GAMES (not to mention the fact that I basically went AWOL in Y.Z.), but this is just too perfect. I always wanted to RP Gale from my fanfics to see how he'd work in a different setting.

              Name: James "Gale" Leslie Fortunado

              Age: 25

              Gender: Ambiguous/Hermaphrodite/Third Gender/Completely dodging this question because it seems like a really unnecessary field considering that I'm using male pronouns in all other fields. Male, dangit. XD


              Wings of Fate Rune
              Appearance: A pair of red crucifixes enclosed by circles, place on top of Gale's shoulderblades.
              Abilities: The user can cause himself or any inanimate object in his immediate line of sight to sprout a pair of wings, which can be used for flight. The wings are under the direct control of the user of the rune. However, only one set of wings cane be created at a time. Creation of only one wing on the user's shoulder will cause an unseen choir and orchestra to begin singing a certain famous piece of theme music.

              Vinvalda Rune
              Appearance: A green spiral, starting just below Gale's Wings Rune and ending in the exact center of his back.
              Abilities: Creates a massive localized gust of wind, capable of overbalancing most humans and causing general mayhem. It can also be used to guide projectiles if used with enough precison.

              Eye of Horus Rune
              Appearance: As the name suggests, the rune consists of a golden Eye of Horus symbol on Gale's feet, the backs of his hands, and the back of his neck.
              Abilities: The user's vision is sharpened, to the point where by focusing all their concentration into the rune they can gain hawk-like vision. It also allows for night vision.

              Appearance: Gale's crop of chestnut-brown hair is somewhat unruly most of the time, perhaps because he's rebelling against his days in the army when it was placed in a crew-cut like everyone else's. His eyes, bottle-green, are usually darting around the room, or whatever space he happens to be in, hunting for something good to steal. Because of this, as well as his near-constant grin, he has a rather impish expression most of the time. When on the job, Gale never fails to bring along his lucky violet trenchcoat. Gale does not understand his strange fascination with the color purple in coats. He just knows that a purple trenchcoat, or any trenchcoat in general, has plenty of space to hide his burglary tools in, such as his multitool, can of air freshener (for exposing laser wires) and handgun. Gale also wears a police holster beneath his coat, which carries his personal favorite weapon: a modified .22 caliber pistol designed to fire tranquilizer darts, and a .45 Cassul, used as a bluffing tactic. Due to his time in the military, Gale has a fairly muscular build, and is used to physical exertion. Beneath his trenchcoat, he usually wears a black T-Shirt or jumpsuit in order to blend in with the background during night-jobs. When stealth is not an issue, Gale usually wears a pair of military-issue combat boots.

              Personality: Gale is sneaky, conniving, self-centered, and thrill-seeking. He's a freebooter whose dislikes include owing anything to anyone, working for anyone but himself, and boot camp. He particularly hates boot camp. As a person, Gale's moral standards are particularly lax, and he lives by the ideal "if it feels good, do it." In his case, excitement makes him feel good, so he lives a very active life. His reasons for joining with NIGHT weren't a result of family loyalty or a desire to protect those around him, but because he thought it might be entertaining to appropriate the runes from where they are currently kept. Gale believes that the runes were meant to be known to the public, but doesn't usually mention that fact to the other members of NIGHT. He has been known to occasionally leak information about NIGHT's next planned heist to the press, though he makes sure that such leaks are timed in such a way that NIGHT's opponents will not have adequate time to prepare. He's usually at odds with the way the rest of the team does things, preferring to accomplish all tasks in as dramatic a manner as possible. Gale does consider the other members of NIGHTS his friends and would never willingly hurt them, but that doesn't stop him from disagreeing with them on almost everything. Gale has an aversion to killing people. He believes that killing someone under any circumstance is wrong, and refuses to do so.

              History: The Fortunado family was a proud, rich group... that is, until they were driven out of business during the industrial revolution and sentenced to a life of poverty. By the time Gale was born, the family had lost a good ninety percent of its once-impressive wealth and was nothing more than a low-class family with a fancy title. Gale, obviously, didn't think much of his heritage. At age thirteen, he was told the secret of the runes which had once given members of the family incredible power and was marked with the Wing and Vinvalda runes. Gale was eager to use these new abilities to show off to those who had teased him for coming from a poor family... until his parents told him that he was sworn to secrecy about these abilities, since they were considered dangeous to the world. Gale never quite believed this, reasoning that if everyone possessed these abilities, they wouldn't be dangerous. Nevertheless, he was forced to continue hanging his head as his classmates taunted him about his lack of wealth, despite the fact that he could probably have blasted all of them out the window. Finally, fed up with his family's secrecy, Gale enlisted in the military when he was eighteen, on the verge of World War III. Gale went through basic training, where he learned to handle firearms, some basic hand-to-hand combat, and eventually took a specialized training course for bomb technicians. The war ended before Gale could join the front lines, and his Tour of Duty ended a year later, when he was twenty-one. At that time, life having come to a near-stop in pace for him, he joined NIGHTS, more for the kicks he would get out of being a thief than his actual desire to protect the runes.

              Gadgets and Whatnot: Gale's trademark .45 Cassul is designed to be used against non-human weapons, such as security cameras, or as a bluffing weapon. He possesses a special type of ammunition that fires a gas-filled bullet from the gun, which can serve as a smokescreen or an offensive attack. His .22 Tranquilizer fires "Winger Stingers", essentially a tranquilizer designed to fit into an ordinary pistol with some armor-piercing capability. Aside from his guns, Gale has his multitool, which includes a knife, glass cutter, and set of pliers. His skill with explosives has earned him the title of NIGHT's "Bomb Man".

              x x x x

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              Name: Connis Timoteo
              Age: 18
              Gender: Female

              Rune Name: Rune of Flight
              Rune Appearance: A pair of spiraling tribal designs run up the outsides of Connis’ shins from her ankles to just past her knees, shaped into thin wings.
              Rune Use: This rune grants its user the ability to raise her speed to the extreme limits. But if used past a certain speed, the user will no longer be able to register things in the same time frame at which he or she is moving, and therefore running into dangerous objects or losing coordination with ones surroundings becomes a problem.

              Rune Name: Rune of Impact
              Rune Appearance: Three empty circles around the user’s wrists and ankles.
              Rune Use: The force with which the user strikes its enemy when using a physical attack such as a punch or a kick is tripled.

              Rune Name: Rune of Revelation
              Rune Appearance: Because I can’t describe it, you can have a quick sketch
              Rune Use: Allows the user to see how many runes are in the vicinity by way of a small number that appears in the lower left hand corner of the user’s line of vision. It can also give the general location of a rune, however, if there are too many in the same place, it can be inaccurate.

              Appearance: Somewhat short for her age, Connis’ compact, flexible build often gives people the impressed that she is much younger than she really is. While Connis’ wide innocent eyes are actually a very pale steely gray, she wears contacts that have bright greenish-yellow iris’, which end up making her eyes look unnaturally sharp. (See Rune of Revelation for image.) However, the wide smile that is almost always spreading her full, glossed lips across her slender face softens her gaze, and makes it clear that Connis is essentially harmless. A slave to fashion, Connis loves shopping more than anything else, and thus her clothing selection is quite wide, though she’s long discarded her policy of ‘never-wearing-anything-twice’ after joining NIGHT. She has a tendency to wear blindingly bright colors at all times unless on a mission. When helping out on missions to steal runes, Connis prefers dressing up in a form-fitting black turtleneck made of tight, flexible fabric under a dark olive green sleeveless cargo shirt, which she leaves unbuttoned to wear as a vest of sorts. On her midsection she wears a pair of small denim shorts that match her overshirt in both number of worthless pockets and color. A pair of knee-high black spandex socks conceals her rune of flight and the rune of impact on her ankles, and peek over her mid-shin high brown hiking boots. The textured soles give extra grip and control for when the Rune of Flight is in use, and the long criss-crossing black laces are tied and stuffed into the interior of the shoe, to prevent them from tripping up Connis should they come undone. The young diva’s dark coffee brown hair is tied up into a ponytail, the wavy locks making it looks as though her ponytail is curled into ringlets. Her bangs hang between and around her eyes, short enough so that they can only just barely block her vision if they ever fall out of place. Ample amounts of hairspray keep them from doing so, of course, but Connis absolutely hates having hair in her eyes, therefore, better safe than sorry. When not on missions, Connis dresses as wild and eccentric as they come color-wise, while her hair is always weighed down with clips and accessories randomly dug up from the insides of her closet. Though covered by black leather gloves during missions, Connis’ neatly trimmed nails are usually painted some kind of strange color, usually plastic yellow or green, and outside of business, Connis is never caught dead without her yellow bug-eye sunglasses sitting atop her head or screening her eyes, the white plastic frame engraved with the brand name in gold on either side of the earpieces. On either side of her waist, attached to the clips that hang off of her belt rings is a pair of spiked brass knuckles, which she uses to up the ante of her attacks.

              Personality: Chirpy, cheerful, and carefree, Connis is a bottle of soda shaken up, just waiting to be released. Her ditzy ways often irritate the people around her and only add to the assumption that she’s most certainly not 18. But Connis’ carefree attitude dictates that she fails to notice what others think, let alone care, because as long as she’s having fun, Connis doesn’t really mind whatever sufferings others have to go through. Connis is cheerful to a fault, an annoyingly bright optimist that seems to treat life and everything else as a game. Impatient and whiny, it’s not hard to find the sudden urge to wring Connis’ neck, because she always finds something to complain about, and has no hesitation in voicing her displeasure. Connis’ is the number one person to reach if you want to irritate someone, for while she normally doesn’t care about decisions, when faced with pointless choices such as what to have for dessert, she is extremely indecisive. Either that, or she’s extremely set upon having whatever she’s craving, and will settle for nothing else. It’s debatable as to whether she purposely tries to make the people around her so mad that their faces turn red with fury, but it’s a solid fact that if Connis happens to come across someone who’s suffered one too many wedgies, she’ll not hesitate to hang off of this person like a parasite. Her intentions are good, and all she wants is to cheer up this certain person, but the opposite effect is usually the result, and Connis’ tendency to give up on things halfway through only makes things worse. Adventure is Connis’ calling, especially danger in which there’s a chance that one might not be able to make it out alive, for she’s long decided that her number one wish is to die before life gets too boring. And while everything is exciting to Connis at first, everything also gets boring, really fast. But while Connis is the most frustrating existence one might ever meet, she has a big heart, and is always willing to share and give. As friendly as she is annoying, Connis has a smile and hug for everyone, whether they want it or not. Being a passionate close-range fighter, Connis considers long range weapons and runes a cowardly approach to battle, and wears her brass knuckles proudly.

              History: Before Connis could even walk, the butlers and maids that surrounded her were speechless to her strange flexibility. Gymnastics was Connis’ first extra-curricular activity, her parents taking advantage of her flexibility to make sure she had an advantage on the floor. Though her aptitude as a gymnast was undeniable, repeating the same routine over and over again was not in Connis’ interests. As soon as she could, Connis began hanging around the contortionist tent when the traveling circus passed, participating in its rigorous physical training and stretches, categorized as a back bender. It wasn’t long before the circus ran out of business though, the war bringing most of its audience back to a regular television set, and leaving the novelty of the past in ruins. The exercises had begun to get boring anyway. While she continued to perform the muscle exercises to maintain her prized flexibility. Connis had always quickly refused any sport or art that failed to garner her interest, but her parents pushed fighting onto her, focusing on hand-to-hand combat after she displayed dismal results at gunmanship and archery. They lamented at the fact that the only technology Connis could use efficiently was a cellphone, others bursting into bits or somehow falling apart after Connis was through with them. Martial Arts, boxing, and the plain street fights that Connis began to attract due to her foul personality and love for beating ugly thugs into a pulp set Connis far away from the war. She didn’t notice things that were outside of her own world, and by the time the fighting was over, she’d hardly even realized it had started. It was around this time that her parents threw the world of thievery onto their daughter, tying her down with threats of shopping-bans and house-arrest.

              Additional Info/gadgets: Connis, being your average hand-to-hand fighter, carries a pair of spiked brass knuckles made of stainless steel. She never uses the knuckles without her gloves on, the cushioning helping the knuckles to fit better and have less impact on her own hands if she throws a straight punch.

              She has an older brother, Tric, though he does not participate in the business with runes, preferring to live a normal life as a man who simply has a lot of strange tattoos.

              Connis is absolutely horrible with technology, and can only use the most basic communication technology without somehow finding a way to break it.
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                Name: Takami HAru
                Age: 13 (as of friday in the RW)
                Gender: Male


                Rune Name: Rune of Smoldering Shadow
                Rune Appearance: A black and red 'collar' that goes around his neck, with a line going down his spine to circle his waist, just below his naval.
                Rune Use: Short range (within 1 or 2 miles) teleportation by means of a black cloud of smoke that encompases and melds with his body. Ufortunatly leaves the scent of sulfer and charcoal at the departure point. Dose, however, allow him to see where he is going to be 'dropped off' to avoid any messy accidents. Could be called 'flight,' but can be forced off cource by strong winds due to being in a smoke-like form.

                Rune Name: Rune of Sonics
                Rune Appearance: A black ring that circles the edge of his ear, with triangular spikes heading twords his ear canal from the outer edge of his ears.
                Rune Use: Super advanced hearing, and short-range(within 40 feet) ecolocation.

                Rune Name: Rune of Shifting
                Rune Appearance: A simple ring around his right middle finger, with lines spreading to all five via knuckles
                Rune Use: allows the user to transform finger into a number of things, be it a snake, lock pick, or just really long fingers. Transformations last four one-half hour at a time, unless shifted back.

                Appearance: Haru stands at about four-foot-six and has a miniscule frame. He is, however, athletic and Toned. Quite flexible, you can often find him twisted into almost-humanly impossible contortions while he meditates. He has shaggy, reddish black hair that hangs down to his chin, and rather thin eyebrows accompanied by a feminine face. Almond shaped, yellow-gold eyes accompany the appearance along with what appears to be a fang hanging down on the left side of his mouth. He can usually be found wearing neon orange and black, the former color being an T-shirt, while the latter being a sleeveless tunic that covers the undershirt, the image of a demonic looking pumpkin resting proudly on one side of the chest. The rest of his outfit is black, namely his baggy black pants and his shoes, which, are quite litterally, 'sneakers' as they seem to never make any noise, although this may more be due to Haru's training as a shinobi than anything else.

                Personality: Haru was raised since he was five as a shinobi by his parents, who wished to keep the ancient ways alive. This being said, he is usually stotic and emotionless when in the presence of family or those who know his family closely, but when away from home he is revealed to be very cheerful and outgoing. Being but a newly-found teen, he is quite naive, even to a fult. This dose not mean, however, that he is a bad thief. When stealing he is calm, focused, and determined, if not a little over-enthusiastic. Often needing anyone who is with him to distract him from his childish behavior, he welcoms any who wish to have him along.

                History: As stated earlier, Haru was raised since the age of five as a shinobi, or more commonly known, a ninja. His family has been training it's members as shinobi since the fudal era of Japan, and have adapted to the modern world quite nicely, despite the fact that they still go by the ancient ways.(even their family estate is modeled after ancient Japanese buildings) When his training began, Haru was put through his paces to become better, things like obsticle cources and traps set up in certain wings of the family estate, meant he always had to be on-gaurd. This dose not mean, however, that he dosn't have a social life. Due to his age, he still attends school and has a few friends even who think it's 'cool to be a shinobi.' Now a member of KNIGHT, he even thinks that being a grade-schooler will be the perfect cover for an international thief. It's also worth mentioning that he's nearly an expert hacker due to his time with Knight.

                Additional Info/gadgets: Haru is the only member of the Takami family to be even remotely interested in NIGHT, and carries a pouch holding various shinobi tools and 'trick items' as he calls them, consisting of 'stinky knockout bombs' and even "Knockout-Nailpolish." Haru also carries a palm pilot filled with enough security codes to make a hacker cry in shame. It also doubles as an MP3 player that holds one-hundred-thousand songs!

                There you go, I whipped that up in a few minutes and thought i'd join. Im not in nearly enough RPs...mainly because ones that strike my interest aren't showing up, but I hope this is allright. Tell me if anything's wrong and i'll edit it.

                even though the thread died along time ago...I will continue on the memory of the "Arr, I Be A Pirate" RP! ARRR!


                older sibling: JBC blank
                sister:the oh-so-annoyingly-literate, Bell
                RL cousin: Takanushi
                fellow thunderclan member: Frostfur

                My Site! Please visit! Please!!! >.<

                A Destined Heart - My Fic

                made by Mr. Tumnus (mort rayne)
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                  EDIT: My SU

                  Hello there good sir. If I may?


                  Name: Ienzo Karanitev

                  Age: 18

                  Gender: Male

                  Rune Name: Rune of Illusion
                  Rune Appearance: An ebony black conductor’s baton that appears on the palm side of the arm (wrist to underarm)
                  Rune Use: Allows the user to create and control illusions. They can range from microscopic to life sized, but, the bigger the size, the harder it is to control. These illusions can be either personal ones or projected, but the user MUST either be able to see where the illusion is going to be or had been there before, in order to properly use and control it. The more illusions present at one time, the harder it is to control them all. Prolonged use can lead to fatigue, irritability, loss of bowel control, and other various symptoms.

                  Rune Name: Rune of Time
                  Rune Appearance: A large clock face that is situated on the back of the hand.
                  Rune Use: Allows the temporary freezing of time in a one-mile radius excepting the user. Default freezing time is one minute, three seconds, but this can be extended with heavy concentration. The user can touch anyone to unfreeze them. It can only be used every hour, symbolized by the rune’s clock hands moving, counting down to when it can be next used. Extending the max time causes heavy fatigue in the user and can result in unconsciousness.

                  Appearance: Ienzo is not what everyone would expect him to be; he is tall and muscular, standing about 6’1 and weighing 130 lbs, but that could be wrong as he doesn’t check often. His skin is halfway between tanned bronze and gaunt white, owing to the fact that he spends half of his time out in the sun and the other half in front of a computer or other electronic device. His jet black hair is possibly out of a horror movie; it is, for lack of a better word, horridly messy. He gave up trying to keep it up about three years ago, when a brush broke off in it. However, it does have a slightly recognizable shape, as it used to be very spiky, the spikes remain there in a general shape.

                  His face, oddly, does not bear any resemblence to that of a Russian (yes, he'e Russian). He has a very soft jawline, with his small mouth almost constantly in a smile. He constantly has bags under his eyes, which are topped with medium-sized, black eyebrows.

                  He has strange eyes, Ienzo does; they appear to be normal, but they aren’t. They are an unnatural mauve hue, and cause him to be partially colorblind to red. However, no one knows this, as he wears contacts that make his eyes a light blue, as well as making it so he doesn’t have to wear glasses, as he is both far and nearsighted.

                  When it comes to attire, Ienzo prefers to take a step back in time. He commonly wears a black leather trench coat, coated in a similar substance to Ash’s mission cloak that also deflects bullets, as well as slow moving projectiles such as hand thrown knives, opened to reveal matching black leather, knee high boots, a maroon-colored, collared shirt, and jeans. The coat hides the Rune of Illusion, while black fingerless gloves hide the Rune of Time. Despite this awkward appearance, no one much pays attention to him, allowing him to be seen but not later remembered.

                  When he is on a mission, he dons a black t-shirt, black khaki pants, as well as full length gloves. The boots and coat remain, however; the boots as no other shoes properly fit him, and the cloak as it gives him plenty of room to store things, such as Kronos (see other below).

                  At any time, however, you will not catch him dead without his gold hoop earring in his right ear. He always wears it, yet refuses to talk about its signifigance.

                  Personality: Ienzo’s personality is a real tossup; not many are sure that he even has one definitive one. He has several moods, all of which can change in an instant. He is usually happy, where he is a jovial and cheerful fellow to be around. He will take insults and jibes in stride, and is one to joke around and just plain LAUGH. However, too many insults can switch him into a fierce rage that usually results in someone getting hurt or verbally hurt, however, this state is easy for others to get him out of. He also has a side where he gets very depressed, and where he will not even listen to common sense and reason as a result, actually falling down to the ground and sobbing uncontrollably until someone can pick him up and get him to listen; this part stems from the psychological trauma surrounding his parent’s betrayal and his mother’s death. The final side of him is a very determined, serious side that only appears during missions. When like this, he only focuses on the task at hand, thinking everything thru thoroughly and logically, but is known, on occasion, to make a joke if they get into a really bad situation.

                  Much like Ash, Ienzo is a “stick in the mud” when it comes to strictly following NIGHT code when on a mission, due to the fact that his parents took it and threw it down the toilet (see below)

                  History: Ienzo was born into the very famous Karanitev family, which lived near Moscow within Russia. The Karanitev’s were one of the most powerful and influential families in Russia, being master computer geniuses, renowned for their skills. However, the family was also one of the families of NIGHT, and used their skills at hacking and bypassing computer security to their advantage in stealing Runes. Ienzo was introduced into the world of NIGHT and computers from the age of 9, and quickly became one of the foremost computer software experts in the family. However, he never gained any more Runes than the two he got when he became of age; the Runes of Illusion and Time.

                  However, tragedy struck when he was 14, when his parents were seduced by the Rune’s power and turned to the Crucifold Family. This devastated Ienzo, and led, ultimately, to his mother’s death, after the two came back to try and lure their son over as well. Ienzo refused to have anything to do with the Crucifold’s, causing his parents to pull out automatic weapons and fire on him. Ienzo managed to get away and activate the Karanitev family’s home self-destruct device, which detonated, killing his mother and almost Ienzo himself. He managed to crawl away as the ruins of the home began to be covered by the falling snow. Unknown to him, his father escaped, and is still searching for his son to this day, seeking revenge. However, Ienzo believes that both of his parents perished, as the house was never found again.

                  Ienzo spent four years in the real world, getting a job and living a legitimate life, but never leaving the hacking world, always reflecting on his life. However, when he turned 17, NIGHT finally found him again, after searching for him ever since the incident. When they offered him a chance to work for them again, he took it without hesitation; legitimacy was too boring for his tastes.

                  Additional Info/gadgets: As per his nature and skills as a hacker, Ienzo has a small personal computer with him at all times. It is exactly like a laptop, except that it is completely a touch screen with no physical keyboard. This computer is called Kronos, after the Greek Titan King, and it is Ienzo’s prized possession. The computer itself was made by Ash, but the software was custom written by Ienzo. The device is an all-in-one hacker’s dream, with the fastest hardware money can buy (or people can steal, as the case may be) It can hack most computers/security systems thru a frenzy of ports and access cards built into it, but it can't do this instantaniously; it still needs time to work, and it can't beat everything. The computer is loaded with many types of hacking programs, and Ienzo can hack things manually from it. It responds to both touch commands and voice commands, thru an earpiece and microphone in Ienzo’s right ear, but the touch commands constantly verify fingerprints from the touch screen, and the voice commands are always verified thru a scrutinazation of the person’s accent, timbre, and intonation. Ienzo is the only one capable of using the computer normally, but he can disable the security for short periods to allow others to temporarily use it, albeit less reliably. Kronos is powered by a rechargeable battery that has the annoying tendency to drain rather quickly. Ienzo has all the necessary cables needed to connect on his person at all times.

                  As his Runes lack defensive capabilities, he possesses a “wristwatch” that also doubles as a barrier; when it is activated, an energy dome appears that causes anything that hits it to bounce back upon its originator. It works on an oscillation principle, meaning that things moving either crazily fast of slow can penetrate it. Its battery can only hold up the shield for a maximum of five minutes collectively before the battery needs replacing, and it only covers to the wearer’s immediate area. This was also made by Ash.

                  Also, as he is Russian, he is obviously fluent in Russian. However, he also is fulent in English, obviously, and can mask his Russian accent if he needs to.

                  My RPG Sample from earlier.

                  From Kingdom Hearts: A New Order, on SPPf
                  -----(Zerix's Dreams)-----

                  It was first light, and the whole of Radiant Garden was filled with the light of the sun’s rays. However, not even the sun could lighten Rize’s mood as he stole away that morning. He had taken her, and Rize would get her back, no matter what.

                  He walked quickly down the path, into the bailey, and thru the hidden entrance towards the Ravine Trail. Sir Ansem had always barred the two of them from playing down here, but that was where he was, and so Rize had to follow him.

                  He quickly proceeded to the small outcropping located just after the Crystal Fissure, which overlooked a huge pit. There, standing on a small rock ledge in front of Rize, was Seperioth. Floating in front of him, over the pit, was the still form of Kairi.

                  “So,” said Seperioth, his cold, simple tones ringing across the area, with his back still to Rize. “You have come to rescue her?”

                  “Yes. I won’t leave without her.”

                  “Well, in that case,” replied Seperioth, suddenly turning and slashing at Rize with his sword, who easily deflected it with his own, albeit smaller, malachite and silver, onyx-handled sword, which he had carried in his hand all morning. “You won’t be leaving anytime soon.”

                  (Begin One-Winged Angel)

                  Seperioth suddenly vanished, reappearing behind Rize, who barely managed to jump out of the way, immediately retaliating, but missing as he vanished again. Seperioth slashed at his back again, but Rize blocked, their swords meeting, Rize managing to make Seperioth loose his ground, but he vanished again, appearing on the other side of the field. Rize took the initiative and ran to the nearby wall, using his momentum to run up and sideways along it, finally jumping and meeting Seperioth head on in the middle, both were thrown back, but Rize knew he had hit Seperioth.

                  “You’re not half bad.” said Seperioth, dusting off his left shoulder. “But you can’t win.” Their hacking and slashing continued for several minutes, until Seperioth vanished, reappearing in the air murmuring “Sin Harvest Angel…” Rize immediately threw his sword at him, interrupting the spell, but the damage was done; he had no weapon, it shattered as it hit Seperioth. Suddenly, Seperioth reappeared, and had at it with Rize, slashing and hitting the boy until he finally collapsed in front of him.

                  “Well, looks like I win.”

                  (End One-Winged Angel)

                  As Seperioth walked away, Rize thought to himself. He had no choice. He knew not what would happen to him, but he did not care, so long as Kairi was safe. He suddenly felt, nothing. There was an emptiness that he knew was the fact that his heart was gone; in the blink of an eye. However, there was a feeling (was it?) of power that he had only known when using the corridors; Darkness. Power was needed to defeat Seperioth, and he now had that. But this power was slightly different. Shadows, Rize thought. It is not direct Darkness, but the Shadows that encompass Darkness. He knew that he shouldn’t exist, however, he did. Thanks to Xenanort’s research (which Rize knew he had been continuing against better judgment of Sir Ansem, as he called Ansem the Wise), he knew of a creature made when one with a sufficiently strong will lost their heart to Darkness; a Nobody, the will and body. However, no actual human form Nobodies had ever been created, according to Xenanort’s research; all were deformed, mutated, ugly things. Rize had figured that a Nobody’s form depended on the strength of one’s will, and had been betting on that. It appeared to be true, but even he knew that some things had changed. As he got up, he saw that his hair, once short and blonde, had turned electric blue, and now several strands came down over his right eye. He also saw that he had grown slightly taller, and that his clothes didn’t quite fit him anymore. As he looked at his hands, they became encased with long, black gloves, and looking down, his shoes changed into knee high, silver trimmed boots. Black pants appeared, and finally, his other clothing vanished in a flash of light as a black cloak, adorned near the neck with strange pull-strings, and equipped with a hood, appeared over him. The sleeves of it were very loose and slightly went over top of his hands. The cloak seemed like it was built just for him, and he realized that the Shadows that he now assumed he controlled had made this for him.

                  Seperioth was oblivious to him. He called to him.

                  (Begin The 13th Struggle [Re:COM]

                  “Well, Seperioth.” said Rize. His voice was now cold and icy, but filled with a certain playfulness; possibly deceit. “It’s kinda ironic. The very darkness you wished me to succumb to” he said, as his sword, now emanating a dark aura from it, appeared in his hand. “is now my power!” he yelled as he charged at Seperioth.

                  The dark blade hit its mark dead on, and Seperioth exploded into a mass of blue feathers as he tried to flee, but the sword immediately hit Seperioth again, behind Rize. Seperioth was now at Rize’s mercy; his blade effortlessly deflected Seperioth’s. Rize finally struck Seperioth in the chest, and he was no more. At least, not until the darkness in Cloud’s heart called him back.

                  End Song

                  Rize banished the sword he ran to Kairi, catching her before she fell. He then took her in his arms, all the way back to the castle.

                  He knocked on the door to Ansem’s office and heard a deep, firm voice say “Enter.” As he walked into the room, Sir Ansem stood up and walked over, helping Rize to lay her on his desk.

                  “Kairi.” He said. “What happened? And who are you?” he asked as he saw Rize’s face.

                  “I’m no longer sure if I’m anyone.”

                  “Rize? But, where has Kairi been?”

                  “Seperioth took her. I went to rescue her, and I wasn’t strong enough to stop him. So I used the only resource available to me. I also lost more than one thing in the process.”

                  “Only resource? Oh, no, you didn’t!” He looked alarmed.

                  “Yes, I tapped into the Darkness, and lost my heart. In a sense, I lost Kairi as well. I can’t feel…..anything.”

                  “But how…..”

                  “I don’t know. I believe I am as close to humanity as I will ever be again.”

                  Rize walked over to Kairi, and waved his hand over her. Suddenly, a medallion in the shape of a small, white flower appeared in his hand.

                  “Sir Ansem, I cannot stay. Hear me out. I do not truly exist, that I accept. I need to go to the worlds, see what there is to see. I can feel the power of Shadow, of Darkness, all around me; I can control it to a great extent. I cannot feel either. Emotion is beyond me, but I still know what it was like; I must preserve these memories. I know I would feel for Kairi. This medallion contains her memories of me. I have taken them; she is too fragile to have them now, as they would break her heart. You must protect her; she can show the Darkness to the heart of all worlds; Kingdom Hearts. I will return these memories once she shows her heart capable of anything. You do not understand, but I do.”

                  He then looked at the wall behind which was the Heartless Manufactory.

                  “As the King suggested, I would take a serious look at your apprentices. I can feel it; they will soon follow me into losing their hearts, and I can tell they will be like me.”

                  He turned to the door and held out his hand as he summoned a Corridor of Darkness in front of it.

                  “And Sir, please do not tell her of me.” Rize said as he entered the Corridor and vanished.


                  The night was cool as Rize observed two figures on the world of Agrabah. After less than a month, another had fallen into the darkness. He observed Xemnas, who had fallen to the darkness with the other apprentices mere days after he had, confirming his suspicions. Kairi had also vanished; Rize was currently trying to find her. He watched as the boy was renamed Saix, from his original Asi. Rize had arrived before Xemnas; he could sense a new Nobody before Xemnas, due to his link with Darkness. As he observed the renaming, he himself, in his mind, scrambled his own name and added an ‘x’ to it.

                  So my new name is Zerix, I suppose.

                  He knew of the Organization that Xemnas had made, and Zerix was now determined. He would make his own Organization, and once Xemnas had failed, as he was doomed to, Zerix would take his place. He would rebuild the Kingdom Hearts he could hear Xemnas was working on.


                  Zerix watched Zexion and Xigbar talking about the Organization’s eleventh member in the Castle that Never Was. He had hidden on the other side of Twilight’s View, and the others were oblivious to him. He himself had all thirteen members of his Organization XIII together; however, they were currently hiding out in the sub-basement of Castle Oblivion, which the Other Organization, as he called Xemnas’s slight delay in their plans, had not yet discovered. However, he was counting on it, as he was planning the downfall of any members who came there. It was also where he was storing the hearts of Heartless; Xemnas was so stupid as to overlook about 45% of the hearts he was getting from Sora and others were actually not going into “his” Kingdom Hearts.


                  Riku had vanished thru the door of Castle Oblivion’s twelfth basement, and the King and DiZ were both looking at it.

                  “So he chose to face it.”

                  DiZ turned as Zerix appeared thru a corridor behind the two of them.

                  “It’s been too long, DiZ is it now?” Zerix’s hood was up, so his face could not be seen.

                  “Who are you?” asked DiZ.

                  “One who once knew you. But I…cannot feel. Sound familiar?” asked Zerix as he removed his hood……


                  Suddenly, the scene shifted to the battleground on the Destiny Islands; debris flying everywhere, with a sandy “floor”.

                  Zerix’s hood was down and he was looking daggers at Umikx, who had appeared across from him. The Shadow Bow was in his hand, and an arrow was notched in it.

                  (Begin The 13th Struggle [KHII])

                  “So you dare to look at my dreams? Then pay the price!”
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                  Name: Tyler Cascedas

                  Age: 23

                  Gender: Female


                  Name: Rune of Vector (Boost)
                  Appearance: A long single arrow extending from the top of her neck and down her spine, pointing towards the ground.
                  Use: When enchanted by the rune's magic, Tyler is able to conjure additional tattoos in the shape of shorter and stubbyer arrows on her own or other's body parts. Being afflicted by one of these arrows gives the affected person the ability to accelerate the speed of the body part tattooed. The effect of this magic is temporary and thus in contrast to the number of additional arrows applied, the shorter their effects last (eg. 1 arrow = 30 seconds, 2 arrows = 15 seconds, etc.).

                  Name: Rune of Vector (Bullet)
                  Appearance: Five arrows run down each finger from a circle that sits on the back of her hand, the head of each arrow stopping on each nail.
                  Use: This rune allows Tyler to conjure an arrow "plate" on any flat surface; the ground, walls, ceilings and even water. The plate forcefully propels any object or person that comes into its area of effect in the direction of its head. Like the Rune of Vector, the more arrow plates that are used the less time their effects last (ie. a maximum of five arrow plates can be summoned at one time).

                  Appearance: Spending almost three quarters of her day in a suit, Tyler has developed a mix between a somewhat professional yet unique style of her own, all in order to keep up with the latest trends and fashions of the city.

                  In accordance to her company's dress code, all employees are to adorn suits at all times during office hours. Of course, the nature of the suit is completely up to the individual, which is quite evident in Tyler's particular case. In a mix of both typical business apparel and top brand street-wear, she has combined two opposing facets of fashion into something quite unique, not to mention throwing in some gothic lolita stylings as well.

                  Starting off with a simple white collar shirt, the sleeves left unbuttoned and its ends reaching just long of her skirt's waist, she both contrasts and covers this with a blackened vest, a short necktie of the same colour stuffed underneath. Tied underneath the hem of her top, a simple black mini skirt runs down from her waist and stops just shy of her knees, a pair of matching high heels finishing off her formal attire. In addition, serving more as an accessory rather than a necessary item of clothing, a thin black silver-buckle belt sits across her waist, a number of small pockets laced into its underside providing more than enough room for her "tools of the trade".

                  Thin and streamlined sunglasses also cover her mocha brown eyes, something she seldom removes due to believing them to be "cute" and "cool". Fair skinned and pink-haired, Demi's overall appearance is nothing short of exotic.

                  Personality: Working as the assistant manager for her family's banking company, Tyler is nothing short of being tactful, strong-willed and charming and despite how she might come across upon first meeting her, Tyler is exactly the type of person she shows herself off as. In her simplest form, she is genuine, kind-hearted and exuberates a child-like innocence that is quite uncommon for someone her age. In spite of this however, she strives to be more like her older sister Demi, who despite her original supporting nature, has become unfarmiliarly formal and much more professional. The reason as to why she wishes to be like her is essentially because of her continuing admiration for the older Cascedas. Her success so far in life has derived from numerous factors but none as significant or influential as her older sister and parents. But after seeing the drastic change in her parents' personalities from being kind, caring and people of principle to cold-hearted and formal business professionals, Tyler decided that she would achieve the same success as they did but in her own way and without losing herself like they had done. Plus, if she could maintain her innocence throughout, it was possible that she could also save Demi from the same fate.

                  Smart, determined and innocent are the most notable traits in describing who she is and has become. Ever professional, she strives to uphold a proper but fun attitude at all times and has developed a somewhat optimistic persona as a result.

                  History: From an early age, Tyler was taught how to properly conserve, invest and manage her finances, all under the guidance of her parents, who were both employees for a successful bank company. Using their infinite knowledge and resources about maintaining wealth, they taught her everything she needed to know in order to secure a more than comfortable future for herself. In respect, she obeyed their guidance with unwavering loyalty and soon came to grow into the successful assistant manager of her family's branch. Everything leading up to this point had been accurately predicted and planned out by her parents, starting from her first financial class in school through to her graduation from college. She had her entire life set out and would have more or less followed it through until something unexpected happened, something that interrupted her parents' plans and inevitably changed her future forever.

                  She met someone, a person who belonged to a thriving business company much like her own. It was soon revealed that the person was a "she" and derived from an engineering corporation, one of most successful and leading companies in the world. Identifying herself as Christina and nothing more, the older teen immediately made clear as to why she had come to meet her. The girl was apparently in the middle of a huge conspiracy involving a worldwide tournament based on...a children's card game and for some reason, needed her assistance. Deciding not dwell on such a prospect Tyler continued to listen to the girl's story and in the end, submitted to her request.

                  Her job was a simple one, she was to become Christina's personal translator in matters involving foreign affairs. The older girl had found out that she was adept in several languages thanks to her parents' tuition and hired her for that reason alone. Unable to comprehend the significance of her role since she was still in college as well as beginning work at her parents' firm, Tyler decided not to question her new boss' intentions and remained grateful for the opportunity, despite being kept in the dark. It was during her time working for Christina that she was taken in under the older girl's care during her breaks and was also when she discovered her boss' secret as well as the real reason for why she was hired.

                  Unbeknownst to her, Tyler had now become apart of Christina's conspiracy and a world of deep seeded secrets revolving around the organisation known as NIGHT.

                  Additional Info/Gadgets:
                  • Tyler can speak, write and fully understand four different languages (ie. English, Japanese, Spanish, French) and is currently learning and has a good knowledge of Mandarin, Russian, German and Portuguese.
                  • Being new to the occupation of thievery, Tyler has only become formidable with one of her acclaimed "tools of the trade" in which she carries in the pockets of her belt; garrote wire. Her most successful application of the weapon has been tripping fellow employees at her family's bank by tying lengths of the wire by the entrance of the building.
                  Happeh nao Kan-chan? :D
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                    okay so looking at the current applications here is what i decided among the signed up. It was a pretty big fight for the last spot but...

                    The accepted thieves of NIGHT are currently...
                    The Shadow Umbreon (I know you were probably in a hurry but watch spelling from now on, ne?)

                    These sign ups showed a strong grasp of what i was looking for in terms of character relations and the secretive nature of the RP. I will hold one slot open for any of the applicants left to try and spruce up their sign ups. only one more will be accepted. I'll try to start the RP relatively soon :) i'll also be opening an OOC Thread

                    On a side note, i just noticed Kogenta isn't finished yet. So these 5 already announced will be accepted as before. But at the moment i WILL be leaving one more position open for sure, so that i give him a fair shot

                    NIGHTS: OOC

                    Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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                      "Moonlight, give me a full current location analysis of September 26, 2026 please."

                      Sitting at a small street side cafe underneath a red and white umbrella sat the calm and collected, Ashton Kwartz. Technological manufacturing genius and "eye in the sky" of the NIGHT thief team. Ash sat casually alone with one leg resting gently on the other as he faced outwards, watching the crowd walk by.

                      "Good Afternoon, Ash." A female voice responded. "The current full analysis on Paris, France at 14:58 is partly cloudy and 23 degrees Celsius. The humidity is at 30% and the winds are breezing from SSW at 4kph."

                      "Thanks, love. You're the best" He responded to the little device as he watched a field of holographic screens in front of his vision appear and minimize from the inside of his glasses.

                      "Heres your coffee, sir! Any sugar and cream for you?" A cheerful voice came from beside him. A waitress appeared, setting down a cup and saucer in the center of the table which housed the warm brown liquid that Ash loves so much.

                      "Thanks dear. 2 sugars and 1 cream." He responded through his tinted eye wear. The waitress happily obliged before bowing and excusing herself from the table. Ash reached down gently and lifted the freshly brewed coffee, taking a whiff and letting out a heavy relaxed sigh before sipping it elegantly.

                      "Moonlight. Full scan of a 25 meter radius for any and all recording or transmission devices and signals please." Ash requested before another drink

                      "There appear to be no devices present of that nature, Ash."

                      "Excellent work as always. So... Its the first mission with NIGHT tonight, aye Moonlight?" He asked after finally finishing enjoying his first sip of coffee.

                      "Yes, Ash. Tonight will be the first mission at the Paris Museum of Ancient History. A newly constructed Museum and joint effort of the Russians and French as a sign of peace. The particular rune in target is the Rune of Flash. Granting the ability to freely store and control sunlight. Its built in defense system causes it to flash violently whenever it is touched by another rune user."

                      "Hm... the Rune of Flash... thats kind of boring. And we can't even touch it? Not to mention we'll piss off Russia AND France by doing this... what a pain. Anyway, its been a while since i've seen the crew. Moonlight, why don't you bring up a bio on the remaining members of the team. Might as well learn a bit more about them before they meet us here." Ash said calmly towards the ear piece while leaning back in his chair to take another sip of coffee.

                      The screen inside the sunglasses instantly lit up with a flurry of windows, images, and screens, containing data on the remaining members.

                      "Here are the members, Ash. James "Gale" Leslie Fortunado, Connis Timoteo, Tyler Cascedas, Ienzo Karanitev, and Orion Cadogen. They have all confirmed their participation in the mission." Moonlight responded after sorting the data.

                      "Hm... the Karanitev family. It should be nice to seem Ienzo after such a long time... "The Minute-three Hacker"... I haven't seen that rune in action for a while...Not to mention that relic of a computer, Kronos, that he's been using. Although the kid IS a hell of a hacker, I bet he makes it work. Its been years since i built it, I wonder if he'll let me fiddle with it...Lets see the others.. Fortunado, Timoteo, Cascedas, and Cadogen. The names of the families of NIGHT... Its been a while since i've seen all of them. I hope their skills are still up to snuff. heh... Gale, Connis, Tyler, Ienzo, Orion. It'll be great to see all of you again." Ash finished dreamily as he thought of his team mates.

                      "Off on memory lane, Ash?" Moonlight interrupted as he talked to himself.

                      "Just for a while, Moonlight. You'll have to excuse a bit of Nostalgia before we save the world by becoming the planet's most wanted criminals. Shoot me the time one more time, could you?" He said with his normal tone as he snapped back to attention.

                      "The time is 15:02, Ash."

                      "Thanks, love. They should all arrive shortly I assume." He said quietly to Moonlight as he went for another casual sip of coffee.

                      Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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                        "You know, I was going to tell you that this lighting makes you look beautiful . . . But I think it's you that makes this lighting beautiful."

                        A dark-haired male, by appearance about 20, leaned forward onto the back of a park bench, smiling at the girl he had just addressed. The girl turned quickly, a little surprised. Then, smiling in a manner considerably less eager than his, she pet the Golden Retriever that sat before her panting happily. "Let me guess: you have a whole book of those lines that you practice every night."

                        "Was it that bad?" grinned the male, swinging himself over the bench and seating himself by the girl. "Well I guess I'll have to make it up to you, then."

                        "Thanks, but no thanks," she replied, looping her dog's leash about her hand. Her grey eyes glinted with laughter, reflecting the light that shimmered on the nearby lake.

                        At that moment, the cellphone in the boy's pocket rang. Standing, the male flipped open the phone and read the screen as it lit up. He grimaced a little. "Meh. According to what I decided for myself a week ago, I've got somewhere to be in five minutes." He shrugged, sighed, and returned his phone to his pocket. Looking down at the girl, he allowed his previous smile to return. "If we meet again, remember that my offer's still open." He winked and strode off.

                        Once he exited the park, the male entered the nearest available alley and cast a wary glance about. After he had thoroughly satisfied his need for assurance that he was alone and unobserved, he waved one hand toward the ground. As black bands appeared about his wrists, a circular portal materialized. Without hesitation, he stepped forward and dropped through.

                        Orion Cadogan, blond-haired and brown-eyed, fell from an exit portal positioned over an open area in his motel room. He landed without much trouble, motioning the portal out of existence as he stood. Taking a moment to stretch, he glanced about to verify that nothing had changed since he left. With one single bed, no television, no air conditioning, and the nearest available bathroom down the hall, the accommodations were cheap and not particularly luxurious; but they allowed him a safe area to teleport to while he had duties to carry out in this city.

                        Strolling out of his room, Orion double-checked the "Do not Disturb" sign hanging from the knob when he closed the door behind himself. As he made his way down the hall, the teenager turned to other musings. Been awhile since I've carried out a team operation. I wonder who I'll be working with this time. He pressed the elevator button and waited, tapping one foot more out of habit than impatience. According to the assignment, we'll be going after the Rune of Flash . . . Maybe the Crucifolds are going after it, too. The elevator doors opened, and for a moment Orion's expression became cold and grim. I hope so. He stepped inside.

                        Leaning against the elevator's back wall, Orion watched the numbers light up as the elevator descended. That's one of the nice things about cheap motels--no cameras in the elevator. And even better, no elevator music. The elevator stopped, allowing the doors to open and its passenger to exit. Without a word, the male made his way to the motel's back door and stepped onto the street outside.

                        Ten minutes later, Orion was approaching the street cafe outside which Ashton Kwartz was seated. Though he did not pause or look directly at Ashton, the blonde boy still noted the technician's presence. That's Ash . . . What did I look like the last time I met him? Should be interesting to see if he recognizes me.

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                        "So, is that all for today Christina?" chirped a rather chipper Tyler, excited about the fact that her day's work was nearly over, especially so early in the afternoon.

                        "Ah, yes, thank you Tyler," the older girl replied, petting her subordinate's thoroughly dyed hair before flinching at the realisation of doing such a thing, "you know, you've had pink hair for so long I'm starting to forget what your natural hair colour is... You really should wash it out."

                        "Mhmm, I was thinking about changing it actually..." the short but bright haired girl piped, raising and furrowing her brow in an effort to naturally adjust her fringe, something she preferred over using her hands or brush.

                        "Well, whatever, I'm going to have tea with the other associates now," her twin-pigtails of a boss started, holding up a small collection of papers piled neatly into a manila folder, "looks like I'll be able to finalise these agreements today as long as they don't come up with another load of tripe to stop the merger from going through...again."

                        "R-Right," Tyler complied, following up her superior's leaving by bringing her her coat and briefcase, "I'm sure everything will work out Christina."

                        "Well, let's hope so," the heiress sighed, making her way to the door before glancing over to her personal translator one more time, "oh, and I think you'd look cute with any type of hair Tyler, dyed or not."

                        Blushing at the comment, the young Cascedas flashed the older girl an appreciative smile as she left the office.

                        "Great! Now I have the whole afternoon off," she stated out loud for her own satisfaction before realising her first problem, "mhmm...what am I going to do?"


                        Letting out a pleasant sigh, the twenty-three year old assistant manager basked in the sunlight of the afternoon, then leant back into the park bench, feeling a cool breeze wash over her. Paris really was a beautiful place especially when she took the time to take in the finer details of the city; the scented winds brewing over the park's gardens, the traditional music that flowed through the streets and even the daily routines of the citizens, all set for the perfect mood and environment. Thinking over her decision to accept Christina's offer and now being here in Paris on business, she had definitely made the right choice.

                        "Oh! Look at arrow," the sakura-haired translator and assistant manager started, noticing the shape imprinted across a passerbyer's front, "that reminds me...I haven't used them in a while, I hope I haven't gotten rusty."

                        It was then that she realised something far more important than an arrow design on a child's tee shirt and remembering a few simple techniques, there was another reason as to why she was in Paris and it wasn't about how to pick up French guys. Retrieving her second out of three cell phones, Tyler cycled through her recent messages before pinpointing her target text.

                        "That's right, I've still got some work to do tonight, don't I?" she smiled to herself, checking the time before pocketing the cell and getting to her feet. "I guess I should get going then, don't want to be late."

                        Stifling a yawn as she stretched out her arms and legs after spending almost an hour moulding her body into the shape of the park bench, Tyler eyed the nearest street and stepped out onto the sidewalk. In less than five minutes, she had hailed down a cab and was on her way inbound to the city. It was already getting late into the afternoon and before she knew it, she had broken three o'clock and their allocated meeting time.


                        "Twelve past three, not bad," she praised, handing over her fair to the driver before stepping out onto the street.

                        Looking up from where she stood, a quaint outdoor cafe came into view, red and white parasols lining the set tables outside.

                        "Guess this is it," Tyler chirped, quite impressed with the amount of business such a small restaurant was making, "now, to find the others..."
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                        Boom, boom, boom.

                        Rhythmic music beat out of a simple stereo, electric on top of steady drums ringing in time with the sound of fists colliding with flesh. A disgruntled maid standing beside the set seemed very displeased with the young princess' musical preference, and with the fact that she had to stand idle whenever the princess decided she was satisfied with the music. And not to mention, that spoiled princess had insisted on a spar with her bodyguard, who looked far from inclined on even trying to attempt a hit on his employer's most beloved daughter. The girl stopped halfway between a punch, her clenched fist blocking the man's view of half her unimpressed expression. "You're boring." She stated bluntly, straightening from her crouched, mid-punch position and pulling off her leather gloves, barking, "We're done for today! I have to be somewhere."

                        "Actually princess," The bodyguard whipped out a pair of un-broken sunglasses, quite accustomed to breaking a pair on a daily basis. He slipped the shades on, and pulled the sleeve of his blazer back, checking his watch, "You're supposed to be there in about five minutes."

                        "Oh?" The princess turned around, as though not really caring that she’d be late. Lifting her own, bright yellow sunglasses off her eyes and on top of her head as she regarded the bodyguard with a smile that said ‘your-job-depends-on-your-answer’. "And why did you not tell me earlier, so I’d have time to prepare?"

                        "I attempted to, princess." He sighed, cracking his jaw to indicate that she'd forcibly shut him up before he could say anything about her engagement this evening.

                        She spun around, blinking innocently. "Oh." She puckered her lips in thought, trying to remember whether she’d caught even a clue that he’d been trying to speak. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Shrugging and turning back around to skip out of the room, she chirped. "Well I guess trying counts for something! They can wait a little, I need to take a shower and change. I can’t show up all smelly, now can I?” The Princess of the Household tugged her sunglasses out of her messy ponytail, tossing it over to the maid who scrambled to catch it and listen to her next instructions at the same time, “Pick out my outfit for me won’t you? I want green, yellow, and red today. Of course I need white in the outfit as well. My silver and red letterman jacket- find it before I get out of the shower, and my bottle cap belt, I want that too. Be tasteful, a pair of dark denim shorts will do. I don’t know where I put my yellow high-tops either, but I want the pair with the green double tongue. It’s probably somewhere in the third row of my closet.”

                        The maid pressed the stop button, glad to be out of such a violent enviromen- "Who told you turn off the music?" Connis raised and eyebrow at the maid who immediately pressed play again. The brunette girl smirked and laughed, "I was just kidding! Turn it off, I'm leaving anyway.”

                        “Common sense, honestly!" Connis scoffed, leaving a very confused maid with a very exasperated bodyguard.


                        Half an hour later, Connis stepped out of her car, tying her jacket slightly off-center around her waist, while checking to make sure her black knee-high socks were still smooth after such a boring car ride. After triple checking her outfit and hair, she pulled on her sunglasses and only then did she look around for the others.

                        “Damine.” Connis spoke like a true, snotty rich girl.

                        “Yes?” The bodyguard rolled down the window, sounding very fed up.

                        “What am I here for again?”


                        Connis let out a snort of laughter, waving her hand at Damine with a wide grin across her face, “I’m just kidding! Don’t get your panties in a twist! I’ll find them! Don’t worry about it!” She strut off, looking around for her partners in mischief, or more accurately, crime.
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                          "What the hell are you doing?"

                          "Target practice," Gale replied as he removed his weapon from the holster hidden beneath the folds of his jacket.

                          "Are you some sort of idiot?"

                          "Quite possibly," Gale replied as he removed a cartridge from his pocket and leisurely loaded the gleaming silver pistol. It was his pride and joy- or rather, his father's. Gale had taken it the day he left home, with a promise to use it wisely, of course. It was a family heirloom, in a way. His father had been a guardian of the Runes for years before Gale was born, and the gun had been his weapon of choice. Gale had paid for the weapon to be remodeled- and it had been a pretty penny, too. Of course, it wasn't his own penny, so it really didn't matter. But the results had been that a 1980s pistol had been taken apart and updated into Gale's .45 Cassul. It was a pity that the large, silver handgun couldn't accomodate Gale's "Winger Stingers". While Ash was definitely the inventor of NIGHTS, Gale knew enough about ammunition to construct the bullet-sized tranquilizers himself. Maybe they weren't a near-sentient PDA or a computer that could hack anything in three minutes, but they were his and he was proud of them. As it was, he couldn't use the Cassul on humans. Gale was a good enough shot, but even with the ability to guide his bullets somewhat there was no way for him to ensure that the massive rounds fired by the Cassul would be non-lethal. Trying not to kill someone you were aiming the massive pistol at was like trying not to blast their arm off. Still, the Cassul served at least one purpose. Not everything Gale shot at was human.

                          Which was probably why the zookeeper standing next to him was going out of his mind.

                          Gale was in the middle of the public zoological gardens. He liked animals, usually. But on this particular occasion, he wished that he had just decided to head straight for the park. Of all the days he could have visited the zoo, he just had to pick the day when an imported Burmese tiger got loose, didn't he? And he just happened to have run out of Winger-Stingers for his .22? The odds of these two things happening at the same time were outrageous, yet somehow they had managed. Gale was convinced that one of the side-effects of his runes was that he was jinxed.

                          "You cannot shoot the tiger!" The keeper screeched. "The other keepers will handle the situation! We have tranquilizers-"

                          "Too late for that," Gale cut him off. "He's too close to the crowd. Only reason he hasn't attacked yet is that he's singling out a victim."

                          "But you can't! You can't possibly afford to replace the beast!" the keeper pleaded. "Let us handle it!"

                          "No can do, keep," Gale replied curtly as he leveled his Cassul. "That kitty could attack any minute now. If I don't take it out in one shot, it'll attack us next."

                          The keeper opened his mouth to protest again just as Gale squeezed the trigger. "Say good-night, kitty."


                          The keeper stared in shock. The tiger was surrounded by a thick, green mist. The beast coughed, staggered, and fell to its knees as the other keepers finally arrived, armed with dart rifles. To the keeper's surprise, a sudden breeze picked up, blowing away the smog before it could reach the crowd. A keeper knelt beside the motionless tiger and straightened up. "It's not dead!" he shouted. "It's been sedated!"

                          "What the-" The keeper turned. "Sir, you-"

                          He stopped. Gale was gone.


                          "And that's why I was late," Gale finished explaining as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I really did mean to show up earlier, Ash, it was just... you know. I couldn't just let a man-eating tiger loose on a group of innocent people, could I?"

                          x x x x

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                            Ash stared at Gale through disbelieving eyes over the tops of the dark sunglasses, which rested on the tip of his nose. One of his thin eyebrows cocked high above his eye, furthering his appearance of disbelief.

                            "And that's why I was late," Gale finished explaining as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I really did mean to show up earlier, Ash, it was just... you know. I couldn't just let a man-eating tiger loose on a group of innocent people, could I?" He finally finished up. Gale had arrived roughly 5 minutes prior and immediately started with his excuses of why he was late.

                            "Well...its definitely an interesting story, theres no doubt about that..." Ash finally responded. A small female voice cut into the conversation.

                            "Through scan and analysis of his vitals and blood pressure, there seems to be no indication of false information, Ash." Moonlight responded giving its own take on the scenario.

                            "Moonlight, if it were that easy to tell if a member of NIGHT was lying, this organization wouldn't have lasted for hundreds of years. Am i right?"

                            "That is a very credible answer as always, Ash."

                            "Thanks, love. And as for you..." Ash said to James, shifting the conversation which would have on the outside appeared to be him talking to himself, back to James who was seated in front of him. Ash took another sip of coffee and chuckled behind the white cup. "Same as always, aren't you James? Seeing as theres no way within scientific reason to find out if you're telling the truth, I wont worry about it too much. Strangely enough the probability of you being at the zoo and taking care of a loose tiger opposed to just simply running behind schedule are actually surprisingly even. You might be the only person on this planet that statement could EVER be true for. Haha...Its been a long time, James Fortunado. Or should I say... Gale."

                            "Ash, the time is 15:15, the others are currently 15 minutes late."

                            "Thanks again, Moonlight. I'm glad this team is better at stealing than they are at getting somewhere on time..."

                            "Still doing okay over here, sir? Anything for your friend?" The waitress said, returning to the side of the table.

                            "Mmm, how about a refill on this delicious coffee, dear? And ummm whatever this gent is going to have." Ash responded looking towards Gale. "You were the first here, why don't I treat you to something, aye?"

                            Ash looked the other way as Gale proceeded to converse with the waitress. It was around that time that a car pulled up, letting a beautiful young girl step out of its backseat onto the sidewalk. She was quite perky as she walked away from the vehicle smiling and laughing. A small picture immediately appeared in the corner of Moonlight's monitor screen and compared it to the girl stepping out.

                            "A perfect match, Ash. Thats her" Moonlight commented in a monotoned voice.

                            "Something wrong, Moonlight? That IS Connis right?"

                            "Sir. It is."

                            "Then whats your...OHHH are you still upset about that? I'm surprised you even have data on that little incident. You were a wristband back then, weren't you? Thats kind of cute, its remembering you as a baby machine!"

                            "Enough please, sir."

                            "hahaha fiiiine but I'm over her now, you should be too. For a computer you can really hold a grudge...try and let it go, aye?"

                            "Yes sir."

                            "Oh now you're just being pouty..." Ash responded in a mocking tone to the small personal computer. "Hey! Hey Connis! We're over here, why don't you come take a seat?" He called to her.

                            "Wonderful, just 3 more members left to arrive. Hey... Moonlight, do a quick scan on that guy over there, he's been kind of staring for a while now." Ash instructed Moonlight as he suspiciously watched an older boy a distance away from him who was eying the table suspiciously.

                            "Ash, his body composition and all around genetics are nothing similar to anyone in the most recent data, though thats from years ago. Though the DNA type does seem to match. Maybe an attempt to fool us and my scanners, sir?"

                            "Don't be so naive, Moonlight. Listen to yourself. Attempting to fool your scanners? I built you myself. There IS no fooling your scanners. The only way to get around those scans and comparisons is by way of rune magic. Which only leaves one logical option. Orion! I know thats you over there, why don't you join us as well?" Ash said, calling to the boy who had been standing near, seemingly pondering how to make an approach.

                            "The master of disguises, Orion Cadogen. Much happier he's with us and not them...damn Crucifolds..."

                            Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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                            "Oho! There they are," Tyler piped, eyeing the small cluster of individuals now gathering around the far left table set outside the small restaurant, "they're all so punctual."

                            Upon closer inspection, the part-time translator noticed that there were four out of the group of six designated to the team who were currently present, the fifth being herself and the sixth still no where to be seen. Approaching such a diverse group of professional criminals was admittedly a little intimidating but there was no doubt in her mind about meeting with them. The thing that really concerned her was making a good first impression, of course she wasn't exactly making great headway, considering she was already late but after overhearing the first two members introduce themselves, tardiness was the least of her concerns.

                            It was then that she heard the man sitting at the table mention the Crucifold's family name, a hint of spite in his voice. Seeing this as a good opportunity, Tyler tapped the top of the cab, signalling its leave before making her way up to the table and behind the man she assumed to be Ashton Kwartz, the descendant of the Kwartz family who were supposedly known for being the "eye" of the NIGHT organisation.

                            "...damn Crucifolds..."

                            "It's best not to stress over them so early in the morning," the pink-haired manager piped, removing her sunglasses as she faced the two gentlemen, "especially since we'll have to deal with them tonight most probably."

                            Without pausing for a breath, Tyler concluded her intrusion by formerly introducing herself. "Hi! I'm Tyler Cascedas. Sorry for being late."
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                              One edge of Orion's lip curled upwards as he heard his name. Looks like I've been found out. He strode toward the table around which NIGHT's members were gathering, his eyes making their habitual glance about the area. From his former position, Orion had been able to hear the conversation between Gale and Ashton. And though the blond had only worked with Gale once, the gunman did not appear to have changed. Ashton, however, Orion had teamed with on several occasions. He did not consider himself to be overly familiar with the technician, but knew him well enough. Orion's eyes lingered for a moment on the green-eyed girl. This one Orion recognized only from her file; but despite her ostentatious attire and his general policy of not mixing work with play, a few pick-up lines automatically sprang into his mind. Hm. Well the mission hasn't started quite yet. I'll see how much extra time I have and check the risks of this one, then see how it goes. The approach of something pink-haired and female drew his scarlet-tinted eyes to one side. As with Connis, Orion had not personally met Tyler. He also arrived at a similar conclusion to the first girl with this second one, though with more reservations since she looked about five years older than him.

                              As he approached the table, Orion grabbed a chair from another table nearby and swung it over to the ground near Ashton. Dropping down into the seat, Orion looked up at Tyler while she spoke. He had only half caught Ashton's comment. But from the female's response, Orion mentally confirmed that the other boy had said something relating to the Crucifolds.

                              "Late's a matter of opinion, Tyler," Orion said, leaning back in his seat. "In this case . . . I'd agree that you were late, but I don't think it matters much either." He looked over to Ashton. "You never could go anywhere without your gadgets, could you, Ash?" The boy smiled a little as he motioned toward Moonlight. "So was it you or your little friend there who recognized me?"

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                              Connis jumped at being addressed, spinning around and catching sight of the group she'd been seeking. Had it just been Ash, she might've run right up, but alas, this was not the case. Because by god there was a very adorable blonde boy sitting at the table, and by god she approved. She hurried over, extremely glad she'd taken the time to check over her appearnace a third time. Saluting the group, "Ay-o!" And looking down at the seat she'd chosen, she examined and re-examined it for any undesirable objects before sitting down. "Soooorry I'm a little late," She pinched her index finger and thumb together to emphasize, "I couldn't decide which necklace I wanted to wear! Major fashion crisis because like, I wanted to wear the purple one, but I mean, I'm not wearing any purple, and it so would not have coordinated." Connis settled into her seat, a giddy smile on her face as she held up her hand, "Anyway, mid-life crisis aside, hiiii, I'm Connis, you can call me Connie, or C.C., or Connis, or whatever, I usually respond to anything that's not degrading! I hate bugs, I like fighting, and I like stealing, it's nice to meet all the people I haven't met already! Oh, and ay-o, to those that I have met! You guys are looking long-faced as ever!"

                              She folded the sleeve of her jacket back for apparently no reason, (seeing as she wasn't even actually wearing it properly,) a satisfied grin on her face before putting her elbows on the table to support her head. Connis wasn't too happy with the roster, despite her expression. Only two guys were 'cute-worthy', and that was Ash and the cute blonde guy. That was two cuties out of a part of five. Not Connis' idea of a happy outing. Gale was too old to be cute. And then the other person was a woman- not Connis' idea of a happy outing. Maybe another cutie would show up to save the roster and make it even 50-50.

                              "So anyway!" Connis chirped, "I like, kind of have a television show I wanna watch when I get home toniiight, soooo, we should like, not stay out too late tonight, okay? Okay!" She clapped her hands together, pleased with the response that she'd provided herself, obviously not interested in anyone else's opinion on her request.

                              "So what's the plan Ashy-poo and electronic thing? Who are we going to beat up tonight? Well I mean like, you know, other than those stupid Cruci's."
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                                ‘Download Complete.’

                                “Excellent. Now maybe I can go meet up with the others? We’re almost twenty minutes late.”

                                ‘Not my fault that my processor can only handle 20mb/second. If you would go ahead and get me that upgrade…’

                                “After tonight. I’ve been working nonstop trying to get us into here. If they hadn’t put one hundred layers of encryption on the stupid system, with a revolving codebase, I might have gotten it sooner. But no, the Rune has to be in one of the most secure buildings in the world. Maybe Ash can upgrade your hardware while I do the software…”

                                ‘Maybe you’re getting rusty. After all, it took you three hours to get in. Aren’t you supposed to be the “three-minute hacker”?’

                                “I hacked each layer of encryption in less than three minutes, AFTER I wrote new programs to interpret the encryption data. I’ve been out of mainstream hacking for a while, so I haven’t had time to write a billion different programs that I can use, and not even you can hack data you don’t know how to.”

                                ‘You’ve been back with NIGHT for over a year. So you haven’t…’

                                “I haven’t hacked anything since I came back; as you KNOW, I’ve been upgrading their computer security. This is my first mission since I got back, so can it.”


                                Ienzo Karanitev didn’t bother answering that particular question. Firstly, because the AI onboard his personal computer, Kronos, was being annoying (and Ienzo was thinking how hard it would be to write a personality disabling program for it), and secondly, because he had just walked onto one of Paris’s busy streets from a cheap motel he had been hiding in to hack (as it was across the street from the Museum) and he didn’t want his conversation to be overheard. He would have never gone there in the first place, but he knew that the Museum had some serious security on their side, and he had realized a preemptive strike might help. “It sure did.” he thought. The entire system was open to him now, and they would never have gotten in if he hadn’t.

                                As he walked down the street, he looked around suspiciously. He had full control of the cameras and computer systems of the museum, and had even installed a wireless connection so that he could access it remotely. All completely undetectable, all completely useful. Still, paranoia paid off, as, while he usually went unnoticed, not many people went around these days in knee high, black leather boots, a black trench coat with a technological miracle in one pocket, and a collared shirt and jeans. Meaning, he could stick out.

                                “NIGHT-branded system detected within sensor range.”

                                Kronos’s announcement knocked Ienzo out of his reverie.

                                “Is system broadcasting a network signature?” The microphone he used, attached to an earpiece concealed by his extremely messy hair, was whisper sensitive, and the side street he had turned onto was devoid of life, making it safe to talk.

                                “Signature detected under USK-0032 encryption algorithm. SSID is given as…”

                                “USK-0032 is the new algorithm I just finished developing for the NIGHT system.” Ienzo cut in. “The only system that has that on it right now is Moonlight; Ash volunteered to try it out for me. Distance?”

                                “Five meters and closing.”

                                “It seems my feet carried me to my destination. Transfer the maps, guard routes, and personnel records to Moonlight; I know Ash will want to see them personally, and I’m sure that he’ll want to run the personnel records thru the NIGHT database, in case we have a Crucifold on staff. Attach the final release of the algorithm as well; it should fix any problems that the encryption has.”

                                “Transferring. Now communicating with receiving system.”

                                As Ienzo turned the corner, out of the small side street, he saw, to his right, a small café. Sitting under an umbrella outside of it were a group of five people. He recognized each of them; he had only met Gale, and of course Ash, before; the rest he knew from their NIGHT personnel files that he had read when he had been upgrading.

                                As he got closer, he grabbed a chair from another table, plopping it in an empty space the table with his back to the road, sitting down as he said. “Sorry I’m late; had some “work” to do and lost track of time.”

                                “Now,” he said to Ash in an undertone. “Shall ve get this party started?” As he said this, he allowed some of his native Russian accent to fill his voice, as Kronos said into his ear 'Transfer complete.'


                                OOC: I apologise for the lateness of my post; my family is in the process of moving and I have spent every waking hour helping. I only just got our laptop tonight, meaning I could finish the post.

                                Also, SSID is an actual computer term. It stands for "Service Set Identifier", also known as a network name, or the name a wireless network calls itself.
                                SIGNATURE NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION
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                                  "It's best not to stress over them so early in the morning," Tyler piped in, as she turned to face them. "especially since we'll have to deal with them tonight most probably."

                                  "Bleh... don't remind me. I really hope this mission can just go with as little minor hitches as possible. I expect Ienzo will have enough information on that to make sure it doesn't happen..." Ash finished, responding to Tyler as Orion was seen sitting down next to the 3 of them to join the group. He leaned back in his chair after some idle conversation with Tyler before shifting his sights to Ash.

                                  "You never could go anywhere without your gadgets, could you, Ash?" He said with a small grin spread across his face. "So was it you or your little friend there who recognized me?"

                                  "Hah... you under estimate me, Orion. Although admittedly it was about half and half. You were fooling Moonlight but you can't get passed these eyes. You're getting pretty good with that rune of yours. But then again it always was your specialty. I'll force your real face out of you one of these days..." Ash said to Orion, in a mocking serious tone. He smiled to the boy, giving a chuckle to himself.

                                  He leaned back to take a look at the assembled group with approval. Despite their personality quirks, these were the best in the business and they made sure of it. His eyes shifted to Connis behind the cover of Moonlight's sunglasses form. She began talking about a tv show she was missing as Ash completely tuned out her voice and stared longingly at the animated girl. His mind began to wander back a few years ago... a smaller Ash in school uniform and large silver wristband on his left arm, talking to a cute little girl. The image of the young boy getting shut down by her rang through his mind but the sound of Moonlight's voice quickly snapped him back to attention.

                                  "Ashton, someone has entered the proximity and is scanning my signature. Should I go into safe mode?" The small gadget asked cautiously.

                                  Ashton perked up instantly at the possibility of a hack but we quickly put at ease when he looked down the road.

                                  "No need, Moonlight." He replied calmly with an obviously joyful tone. "Its just an old friend and what we could call your little brother" He said smiling as the boy could be seen coming down the street.

                                  "Ashton, I'm receiving a large amount of data via private link. Accept?" Moonlight asked as the data information was displayed over Ash's eyes.

                                  "Of course."

                                  The boy came closer and closer, finally taking his seat with the team and finally completing the team. As he sat, Moonlight gave him a friendly update. "Ash, download complete."

                                  Ienzo got settled as he said his greetings and apologized for beating late. Connis also seemed equally ready to get the planning under way, referring to the two of them as 'Ashy-poo and electronic thing'.

                                  "Now listen you, I am a complete interactive interface programmed to perform any and every task Mr. Ash requests of me. I am not an 'Electronic Thing' My name is Moonlight. And you will refer to my creator as Ashton, not 'Ashy-poo' you don't deserve it after what you did to him." Moonlight interrupted before Ash could start.

                                  "Moonlight. Enough." Ash commanded

                                  "....sir." the small machine responded solemnly.

                                  "So, Ienzo. Its been a while. And how have you been, Kronos? I suspect that you'd like this time to update your processors and touch screen interface while i'm here. I've designed some new operating parts i'd like you to test as well, Ienzo. Moonlight is already using one of them and allows for approximately a 43.7% increase in processing speed. It should have their performance at the optimum speed possible for the time. It comes in green red or blue." Ash finished, smiling at the arrival of his old friend.

                                  "Sir, if you'll pardon me. We're already behind schedule." Moonlight chimed in.

                                  "Ah, right right. Well lets get this out of the way then. Everyone. You should be at least familiar with each other. This... is NIGHT. You all know why we're here and what we have to do. The runes are in danger and we need to get them in safe hands. Of course we will have opposition but this is as always, expected. The target tonight is the Rune of Flash. Moonlight, please switch into projection mode." Ash said in a finally serious tone.

                                  "Sir." The small machine complied as Ash removed the sunglasses for the first time, revealing his calm narrow eyes. Moonlight instantly projected a small hologram in the center of the table of a tall square building with a sleek modern appearance to it. The building zoomed in and out with detailed 3-D blueprints of the museum as Ash explained the various parts of the mission.

                                  "Okay team. THIS is the Paris Museum of Ancient History, the joint construction efforts of France and Russia as a sign of peace and good will after the 3rd World War. Its a modern architectural masterpiece. It has been open for 3 years now and has one of the most advanced security systems possible. The window surfaces are completely flat with no signs of seams. The ceiling itself is pressure sensitive so we can't just stroll onto the rooftops and walk in. Theres also 24 hour surveillance on the ground level. Though there is a way in. This is basically impenetrable to a normal human but there is a small doorway with stairs that lead down in the center of the rooftop. They were quite confident that nothing short of a helicopter could get a person on that staircase without touching the actual roof. The infiltrators will need to swing into the door upside down, making sure to land on the stairs INSIDE the building. Once inside, We'll be hacking the security camera system to play footage of exactly 1 week ago. At this time, the rest of the team will move in and enter the building. Of course the insides of the building are secured to holy hell as well. But their arrogance is their downfall. Once inside, the staircase team will move to a small ventilation system which will be on the high end of a wall on the west side of the staircase. From there you will climb in and make your way to the entrance where a rope will be dropped to get one more of us into the vent system. The others will covertly follow the security guard routes which can't be pressure sensitive since they must walk there. Follow the guard roots to the rune room. After that, its a problem. The vent does go directly over the Rune but the room itself is covered with intersecting trip lasers and floor pressure sensors once more. Not to mention the pressure sensor inside the case the rune is held in. And of course, the Rune of Flash's natural defense mechanism which releases a powerful and blinding blast of sunlight when it is touched by anyone with Rune powers. Ienzo, i'll be leaving the lazers up to you. I need a program written by tonight which can hack into the Europiece 2980 laser tripwire security system to make it think its lasers still firing. I tried to shut down the pressure sensors already... but whoever made those were good, gotta hand it to the ingenuity of French and Russian engineers, aye? All in all we'll need to find a way to combine the efforts of the ground and vent team to get the rune out of that room without triggering any alarms and pressure sensors. Easier said than done, aye?" Ash said finishing the exhausting museum explanation.

                                  "So... basically we get 2 people in the staircase, shut down the museum from the inside, don't be caught by security, get to the rune room, and grab the rune without touching it and hopefully avoid all possible fights with any Crucifolds that may also be onto this plan. Everyone understand?" Ash said as he looked over the group who he hoped had been listening well. It was too risky to repeat himself in public like this.

                                  "Moonlight, end projection mode." Ash said calmly as the small machine retracted the image and Ash replaced the glasses over his eyes. "Welcome to NIGHT everyone. Things like this will be your life until the world is safe...Its good to see you all"

                                  Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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                                    To Orion, the arrival of Connis felt comparable to being run over by a train in which each car was an increasingly bewildering statement. He had met other girls with similar personalities, but even with his experience, Connis was one of the more extreme cases. By the time this energetic individual had begun to talk about the television show she wanted to see, Orion realized that he had nearly been struck dumb for the past few seconds. Shortly afterward, he realized that if he had wanted to say anything, he could not have said it anyway. Although he stifled a sigh, Orion found himself throwing a smile to Connis before looking over at Ienzo who was now arriving. With the team now complete, Ashton explained the mission.


                                    "Good seein' you again, too, though I hope you haven't gone soft," Orion laughed after Ashton had finished speaking, though the former's red-brown eyes rested on the now-empty area at the table's center. Shortly afterward, however, whatever held Orion's gaze seemed to become inconsequential--at least for the moment--and the blond boy turned his face toward Ashton, his previous laugh reshaped into an almost impudent smile. "Discussing our plans in public like this? But I suspect you've found a way to make even that work. Otherwise I'll have to find myself another new identity, and I'll never get around to using my real form."

                                    Here Orion's expression grew serious; and for a moment he was silent, apparently withdrawing into his own thoughts and calculations. Finally he leaned forward and, tapping the place on the table where Moonlight had been, spoke. "If that image you showed us was to scale, I shouldn't have much trouble getting myself and another person to the staircase with a portal. Theoretically my method's safer and stealthier than swinging into the stairs, but whoever comes with me will have to trust my abilities." Even if I don't. "The portals I use are dark, and you won't be able to see where you're going until you're through." Orion straightened a little, allowing the others to consider his proposition while he recomposed his own mind. Glancing from Ashton to Ienzo, he paused, then asked in carefully controlled voice masked by casual irony, "I don't suppose there's a way to know which members of our friendly family rivals we'll be facing?"

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                                      "Well..." Gale's voice trailed off as Ash finished outlining the plan of attack. He scanned the projection of the museum carefully, before returning his attentions to the group. "... You know, I was kind of hoping I'd actually be needed for some reason other than being the pick-up guy," he muttered. "I mean, who else here can pick up a rune without touching it?" As Gale said this, an untouched cup of coffee at a diner's table suddenly sprouted a pair of brown, mottled wings, reminescent of a sparrow's. The cup, unnoticed by the diner, leaped into the air and fluttered to Gale's fingers, where the wings abruptly vanished. The diner reached for his cup, only to see empty space. He glanced at Gale, who simply shrugged and took a sip of coffee.

                                      Orion was the first to make an observation on the mission. Gale rolled his eyes. It was about time that he contributed. This job, though, just didn't feel right to him. They were after a rune, yes, but... the Rune of Flash? It sounded like they were going after some ancient king's pornography stash, as opposed to an ancient mystical design inlaid in stone with the power to blast people with sunlight. Gale yawned, indecisive. Perhaps he should make an excuse to back out of this mission? After all, it wasn't like this rune would really do much if it fell into evil hands. The worst that could happen was that one of the Crucifolds could turn themselves into a living flashbomb, and you were usually prepared for a Crucifold to be carrying a non-living bomb anyway. It wasn't as if this particular rune was exceptionally powerful, was it? Of course, Gale realized, he could make that argument with just about every rune that NIGHT would target. Really, he couldn't afford to be picky about the runes he helped with- goodness knew that considering this rune had an internal defense system that relied on touch, it would probably be up to him to get it out of the building. He groaned. He hoped the stone wasn't particularly heavy- carrying around three hundred or so pounds through a laser tripwire system, even with the use of magic wings, would be difficult. If only there was some way to knock out the security system... well, there was a thought.

                                      "Ash, why don't we just try to knock out the power in the rune chamber? It would be a helluva lot easier to deal with a tripwire system if there were no tripwires. And we could always fix the video loop so that that particular camera was disabled before the job. You know, Orion could always do the whole 'disguise himself as an inspector and plant something on the rune room camera', right?" Gale suggested. "And..." he paused a moment, before grinning sheepishly, "Can we rename this rune or something? The Rune of Flash... well, it just doesn't sound very exciting if we steal something that sounds like an ancient Celtic drawing of a nudist. Think of the stories we're gonna tell our grandkids years from now."

                                      x x x x

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                                      Connis smiled like a child at Gale, but her words were sharp and blunt as she giggled, "You are so silly! If we knock out the power, what kind of retard wouldn't notice the shut down? Oh, unless I'm being un-technologically savvy and forgetting that maybe someone can make it so that they can't tell the power is out, but if we power out anyway, then any lights that they have on there will go off, right? Anyone with eyes," Connis pointed at her own unnaturally lime green orbs, "Would be able to tell something was up, right? And museums usually have their lights on after dark anyway, right? At least on the exhibits themselves...? Or-" Connis' face got comically serious, "Does that only happen in movies?"

                                      She sat back and shrugged, a cheerful look re-plastered onto her face, "I volunteer to go with the cutie." She pointed at Orion, grinning at Ash, "Pleeeease?? My Rune of Flight will make going through the portal no sweat, and even though I've never tried maybe I can move fast enough to walk on air! How cool would that be?! Oh but is that physically impossible? I didn't do very well in physics..." Connis mumbled to herself for a moment before snapping her fingers, "Maybe we should check to make sure that the Rune in the exhibit room isn't a replica? Or have you already had your-" Connis cleared her throat pointedly, a mischevious, cutesy grin lacing her glossed lips as she turned to Ashton, "Computer-thing do that, Ashy-poo?"

                                      Ahh, she really didn't want to do this mission tonight. The runes her parents had given her were essentially useless in anything but battle, and in that case they were better at running away then actually fighting. "But otherwise I don't know what I can do. I'm not good with technology, soooo.... well whatever you think is best Ashy-poo, since you're like our leader." Connis giggled again, wondering to herself how many times she'd have to be recording her television shows now. What a sad state of affairs.

                                      ooc: Umm, I trust generally everyone in this roleplay, since I've roleplayed with... -almost- everyone here, so yeah, you can kind of god-mod Connis while I'm gone or something. <_
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