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    In Short...
    This is a fanfic i started thinking thinking up while i was sitting around thinking one day. Some characters are trainers from the past i've made up and one of them was made just recently for this Fanfic but is already being used in an RP. This is pretty much the Team Havoc Fight Club RP i created a while back except adapted more how i pictured it would be. Its a reality based pokemon so most of the pokemon have more than 4 moves but do have 'favorite' moves that they're very good at... Not much else to say about it, its my first fanfic so feel free to reply any time and tell me what you think of it so far.

    This story will follow the exploits of 4 Elite Trainers who have, in their own ways, exhausted their joy for contemporary battles. Based in the not so far off future, Team Rocket had been disbanded and Giovanni retreated to a location no one knows. While in retreat, Giovanni had plenty of time to think of where he went wrong in his conquest of the regions and slowly devised a new plan which soon went into action. He began recruiting extremely powerful trainers to aid him in his conquest. Eventually he set his sights on the center of the Kanto region, Saffron, where he set up his home base and proclaimed the town his by way of force, thus establishing his and his team's new existence as "Team Havoc". Team Havoc now controls Saffron city with an iron fist, letting nothing that happens in Saffron go on without going through Team Havoc first. All of this power was wonderful but Giovanni was fearsome of his team's glory falling again. So instead, he planned against that event. He organized an underground no rules tournament where only the most brutal trainers would survive. After 2 years of scouting, he found many of the trainers he needed and via Carrier Pidgey, sent them all letters of invitation. The letter read this.

    Dear Trainer,

    You are receiving this letter for a very powerful reason. My scouts have pinpointed you as a trainer with very high potential to become the greatest. By this point we know about all of your accomplishments and exploits as a trainer and are quite pleased with the results. But let us cut down to the chase. Money, Fame, and Bragging Rights await you at the end of this letter. The strongest trainers from around the world are being gathered in Saffron City on July 11th of this year. That gives you approximately 1 month from when this letter arrives to to arrive at the city. This letter will be your passport into the town. From the moment you enter Saffron, you're being watched. This letter will be your access to everything you will need from food to clothing while you're present in the city, and will be the ONLY way you will gain entrance into Saffron after July 11th. This league is a chance to prove that you're beyond one of the best and can take any challenge you're faced with. If you wish to prove yourself, meet at Club Havoc in the center of Saffron on the date mentioned with a maximum of 3 of your best pokemon.

    Remember...There are no nice guys. Only winners and losers.


    Main Characters

    Reina Oosaki - The Japanese Vixen from the Hoenn, Reina is a 19 year old red headed bombshell from Dewford Island who's brute strength as a trainer is scarcely rivaled. Her red hair is relatively long, reaching mid back and has two strands of hair that stick out from her forehead, scarcely being called 'bangs'. The Oosaki is known for their mastery of large pokemon and Reina is no exception for the most part. All of her pokemon possess an incredible amount of brute strength and she is known as a battling genius when it comes to raw power. Her innocent attitude may fool people for a moment but it'll be the last mistake most people make.

    Albrecht Pierson - The young, black haired, 19 year old Artist, Reporter, and Photographer for Pokeweekly Magazine earned his fame through his impeccable ability to predict the winner of any battle he watched. Though at the age of 17, he mysteriously vanished for months on end, only to appear once more as a powerful trainer. His eyes had mysteriously turned to opposite colors of green and blue. Albrecht completely ceased predicting fights and began to battle himself, growing into the powerhouse trainer he is today. He uses keen intellect and amazing focus in battle while still maintaining his naturally curious and usually sarcastic attitude not in the arena.

    Fenra Kurai - A young trainer also hailing from the Hoenn region, 'Fen' as he likes to be called, is a 17 year old from Dewford Island. With scruffy green hair that never looks combed in anyway, Fen always has the appearance of being extremely lazy, but don't let his looks fool you. The child genius from Dewford is an excellent tactician and wasn't invited because of a fluke. The pokemon he carries around with him are incredibly loyal and powerful, helping him win the previous year's Grand Tournament. His strategies are fierce and definitely merciless. As light hearted and intelligent as he is outside of battle, there is no escaping his battle plans when he enters the arena.

    Crossford Hale - The eldest of the group although only by a year, Crossford Hale can basically be described as a drifter. He has no particular home town he can remember and has traveled anywhere his legs can carry him. Although his journey began as a normal pokemon trainer, he soon lost his way. He became engulfed with learning answers about pokemon and nature in his own way, which was to travel and watch. Through this journey he picked up his only two partners. Coming to the match with only 2 pokemon was a bold statement from the carefree trainer but he didn't mind. To answer the questions he had in his mind, he joined the Havoc Fight Club to finally test how he could fare in serious combat. He's the only trainer to not have proven himself using popular tournaments and leagues. He is an incredible underdog in the eyes of the spectators and almost completely unknown.

    Chapter 1
    "July 11th"

    The thunderous boom of subwoofers shook the walls of the club the music surrounded everyone inside. Lights and lazers flashed all around with large Televisions broadcasting vivid displays of the party all around. Hundreds of people were gathered inside the sky high building, on balconies, down on the floor, the constant night life of the newly formed Saffron City. The best and only place to be when you're there, Club Havoc. But on this night of July 11th, it becomes the most fearsome Pokemon battling arena in existence, and the people gathered here tonight were not only there to party, they were there to see those battles. The large double doors which marked the front of the club were suddenly thrown open, letting the warm night air rush inside. A group of people stood, shrouded by the night's darkness momentarily before they all walked inside the club in unison and in silence. The people inside the club immediately parted, letting the group walk through to the center of the club. The music shut off as all attention was focused on the large group gathered in the center of the club. The silence was only broken by the person who could have broken it. On all the monitors around the room, Giovanni's face appeared, looking down at the group in the center of the room.

    "Welcome welcome! My fearless trainers! This is the Club Havoc, the home for all of your next battles to come. As you know, I am Giovanni, proud owner of all you see before you. But you all know why you're here. All of you gathered here today have in many ways earned yourselves the respect and privilege required to fight in the upcoming battles. From here on out you will be VIP's of the highest honor here at my club. The best accommodations, the best food, and the best service await you here... As long as you're winning. So please, using your invitations as your proof of status at this club, help yourselves to everything you desire, for tomorrow night, league battles start and I hope you're all prepared."

    Giovanni's voice echoed loud and booming through the club as he spoke down to the group of assembled Pokemon trainers in the center of the club. Upon close inspection, the group of people were not really fearful at all to look upon. It was a group of young men and women, all with their own style and flair to them, just an average looking group of people. They all listened intently as Giovanni spoke and explained to them, some with their Pokemon standing right beside them. Suddenly without warning, a white spotlight shone into the center of the group, singling out one trainer among the group. The trainers instantly separated from him, letting him stand alone in the spotlight. He was revealed to be a lanky looking boy with shaggy blond hair who stood about 5'9. His modest look of jeans, long sleeve shirt and flip flops gave him no real threatening aura. A waste high Pokemon stood at his side with its eyes shut and palms pressed together. A Medicham. Standing on one foot, concentrating quietly at its master's side. The boy squinted into the bright light, looking up at the monitors. Giovanni eyed him carefully for a moment before speaking.

    "You. What is your name." Giovanni's voice boomed.

    "Crossford.... Crossford Hale. I heard about your little party down here and figured my invitation got lost in the mail." The boy called up to the speakers, with a slight chuckle in his voice.

    "No invitation then, I see. To me, it seems like you weren't strong enough to make it into my league, kid." Giovanni spat at the young man. "You should leave or I'll have you ejected forcefully."

    "Whoa, whoa, what? If I'm so much of a small fry, then why not just let me get beaten by some of these "amazing" trainers, and kick me out of Saffron? Or... you just scared that I'm gonna beat all y'er little grunts?" Crossford said, sneering at Giovanni. The young boy definitely had a mouth on him and didn't show a single element of fear at his position. He stood silently grinning as he crossed his arms, awaiting Giovanni's response.

    Giovanni stared maliciously at the boy, clearly angered at his rudeness and bluntness. The entire club was on edge watching the situation unfold before them. Finally, Giovanni spoke once more.

    "Very well, the first trainer to kick this boy out of my face will receive a forwarded portion of the prize money from the end of this tournament." Giovanni demanded as all of the trainers began to grin at the sound of the guaranteed cash.

    "What the hell, I'll do it. He's a small fry, he didn't even get invited."

    A voice cut over top the silence from inside the trainer circle. A black and gray heavyball was immediately seen arcing high over the group and bouncing in the center near the dirty blond, Crossford, in the middle. The ball popped open as a red beam slowly took form to the ball's contents. A massive bulk of gray and silver stood before them, an Aggron. It roared loud before stomping and sending fear into the onlookers. The voice from before came through again, hearing it this time was revealed as another young man's voice.

    "Aggron, hold on just a sec. I want to make sure Giovanni see's my face so I can get my money." The voice said with a sly tone as it moved closer to the center. A thin black haired boy emerged from the group of trainers, wearing tight fitted stylish jeans and black dress shirt. His thick black hair hung over one eye which was covered by his thick black rim glasses. He looked up to the screen and gave a small wave

    "Albrecht Pierson, sir. Lets get this thing on rollin, I came here to win but I'm kind of tired tonight, ya know? I was hopin to go to bed soon, so if by getting rid of this joker I get to go to sleep AND more money! Let me do the honors."

    At the sound of Albrecht's bold proclamation, Crossford, still remaining fairly silent, let loose a heavy sigh of annoyance at the sound of the challenge. The Medicham at his feet slowly opened its eyes, and glared at the opposing Aggron. Albrecht's voice came from the other side of the crowd once more from beside his huge Aggron.

    "Well, Crossford was it? I've got nothing personal against you. Aggron, do it, Iron Head." Albrecht commanded as his voice slowly turned serious.

    Albrecht's mass of an Aggron roared ferociously as it charged Crossford and his Medicham, with full intent to knock them out of the front door. Its feet rumbled the earth with every running step as its armor plates clanged on the ground.

    "What a bother, I just wanted to battle in the league... Go 'head Crash, stop that Aggron, we aren't going anywhere." Crossford said calmly to his partner standing at his side. Crash, Crossford's Medicham, immediately sprang into action leaping in front of Crossford, and quickly jumping into the air and launching a spinning kick which deflected the mighty Iron Head up into the air and tossed the bulky steel Aggron off its balance momentarily.

    "Aggron, what was that crap? Don't half ass it anymore. Got it?" Albrecht snapped at the large Pokemon. Aggron nodded in confirmation at his scolding at it glared down at the small pink and white Pokemon in front of him.

    "Aggron, I told you that I was tired. Get this over with NOW. IRON TAIL!" Albrecht snapped with frustration at his Aggron.

    "Okay, Crash. Take him down hard, it seems like this guy is thick headed. Make it your best. Dynamic Punch." Crossford called to his partner with a smooth voice.

    Crash quickly began to focus his energy on his right palm while Aggron's tail began to glow with a mirror aura of strength. The huge pokemon took a giant step forward, shaking the ground and letting its tail whip around fast. Medicham leaped backwards, letting the tail narrowly miss at it crashed into the ground, tearing up the hard floors. The Medicham then leaped from a great distance, coming down from mid air with fist glowing. Aggron's tail, still shining powerfully, came around for another clash as well. Two voices immediately called in unison overtop the action.

    "Lefty, Focus Punch!"
    "Cubert, Bone Club!"

    The two higher pitched voices echoed through the club as everyone looked around in confusion for a moment before hearing the clash of the attacks in the battle and snapping their attention back to the action. A large cloud of smoke covered the battle area and slowly cleared to reveal two more pokemon in the arena, struggling with great power against the two other Pokemon's attacks. The Medicham gasped in awe as a giant Slaking was before him, left fist raised, matching attacks that were still clashing against eachother. The massive Aggron struggled with immense strength as down below at the bulk of its tail, a small Cubone stood, holding the tail back with an incredibly large bone pressing against it.

    Both Crossford and Albrecht stared in confusion at the arrival of the two foreign Pokemon which were so incredibly strong. Together, a young boy and young girl stepped from the crowd into the center with the other two trainers. Giovanni quickly questioned the two new trainers and their reasoning.

    "That Cubone... where is all that strength coming from?? Albrecht questioned fiercely in his mind as he watched the tiny Pokemon hold his Aggron at bay.

    "You two! What is the meaning of this?! Who are you?!"

    The young girl stepped forward first, wearing a plaid skirt and long white dress shirt. Her red hair stretched far down to her back and shined beautifully in the light with two small strands sticking up above her forehead. She had soft yellow eyes and the face of an angel. Definitely the mark of a girl who looked good and knew it.

    "Reina Oosaki, Giovanni. Thats my Cubone over there. Me and Cubert don't think its very fair that Pierson over there gets to take all the prize money for kicking out the hobo when we haven't even gotten the chance to." Reina replied with a slightly cute tone of voice. Before Giovanni could respond, the young boy next to Reina stepped forward as well. He had green scruffy hair and had a younger look to his face. He had wide blue eyes which were half closed, looking tired and lazy. His skin was slightly tanned. He was a very lanky boy wearing jeans with holes and a tight fitting dark blue t-shirt.

    "I'm uhh Fen. Personally, I don't see the problem with letting Mr. Hale participate. If he didn't make it into the league himself, then we shouldn't have trouble beating him, correct? And besides, I don't like the idea of him getting more money and I don't. Speaking from an investigated point of view, judging by his Medicham's appearance, I'm fairly positive this is one of the strongest I've ever seen. I'd like a chance to study it in battle if you don't mind, Mr. Giovanni." Fen called to the monitors in a timid voice.

    Giovanni sat silently for a moment contemplating the trainers assembled around him. He moved from side to side, visibly thinking about the dilemma until an eyebrow raised, showing his confirmation of a decision.

    "He can not participate. He doesn't have a letter to show." Giovanni said proudly.

    The mumble of the crowd could be heard immediately as the pokemon in the middle were still pressing their attacks at each other with all their strength.

    "Well what do you propose you do about my chance for the prize money then?!" Reina called angrily to Giovanni.

    Before Giovanni could respond again, a sound came from the center of the arena which silenced everyone in the room and focused their attention behind Reina.


    All eyes fixed on Fenra as he fished the crumbled letter from his front pocket and held it in front of him, ripping it down the center. He walked in silence towards Crossford, handing him one of the halves of the letter and looking at Giovanni.

    "He can bunk with me? I'd like to fight him sir." Fenra said with a more determined sound in his voice.

    "I dunno what you're trying to pull kid..." Crossford whispered to Fen under his breath.

    Giovanni thought once more, this time more with a look of frustration.

    "Fine. Hale may stay. We'll work on finding appropriate lodging for Mr. Hale but he will room with you until the time comes. Call down your Pokemon." Giovanni's voice finally proclaimed with a defeated tone. First to move was Albrecht, who gave a frustrated huff at towards Reina as he pressed his lips to his mouth and gave a loud ear splitting whistle.

    "Come on, Aggron." He said as he began to walk into the crowd. The huge Aggron's tail immediately stopped glowing and dropped with a smashing thud on the ground, just in time to be recalled to the black and grey pokeball it lived in. Albrecht stepped through the crowd placing the ball at his hips and retreating to the darkness of the club.

    "You too, Cubert honey, lets go." Reina called across the clearing. The Cubone immediately rejoiced, leaping happily into the air and scuttling to Reina. She scooped him up, cradling him and tickling him slightly. "You did well Cubert!" She giggled with him as they also stepped back into the crowd. Fenra and Crossford both looked at each other, calling down their pokemon in unison.

    "Crash, Come."
    "Lefty, that's enough."

    The two pokemon broke their fist lock immediately as Medicham bounced quickly to its master's side. The mighty Slaking took a few massive steps toward Fenra before Fenra held up the red and white sphere, recalling the beast of a Gorilla Pokemon to its pokeball. When all Pokemon had been calmed, Giovanni spoke once more.

    "Your lodging information is on the back of your letter, involving the room number you will be staying in. Your keys will be given to you upon arrival at Havoc Suites down the street from the club. A map of the town will be provided in your rooms along with room service and full size exercise and training facilities for Pokemon and Human. Fight hard while you are here, all of you. Victory here will make you the best of them all. Remember, anything goes in these fights. Do not slip up. Welcome trainers. To Club Havoc."

    An applause erupted through the crowd as they applauded the group of trainers in the center of the club, guaranteed for the greatest battle entertainment ever seen. Cheers soon surfaced as the club was in an uproar. Crossford and Fen still stood in the center of the group, looking up at the large monitors as Giovanni's face disappeared and the club sprang to life once more. The music erupted and everyone began dancing wildly. It was the start of the Team Havoc Fight Club.

    Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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      I really like this storyline and I'm anticipating a really good story. I don't have time to review but I may later tonight, only if you want it. Anyways, it is an awesome beginning!
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      Heaven forbid. I am posting in the Fanfiction section. <_<;; My estranged home forum.

      Giovanni giving up halfway is a bit OoC. I think it would've been more "Giovanni-esque" if you'd given him a more haughty-ulterior-motive type tone, instead of the "defeated tone" you know? Giovanni doesn't seem like the kind who would sit well with not getting his way, to me. xD;;

      Anyway, it was an awesome chapter as I've said already. :D I've almost forgotten how lame the "Go!" and "Come back! Good job." parts were. xDD But I'll get used to it, I just haven't read/watched/played Pokemon in a long time.

      I think the biggest problem was your transition though. This might be why I hate Crossford so much, but he was really out-of-nowhere. I don't know how to explain it. :< But yeah, you already know my stance on Crossford, and that's the main point. :< He seems like a better support character than a main character, y'know?

      Oh well, off to a good start either way. :>
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        XD thanks you two, and i do realize that Giovanni doesn't sound quite "evil" yet but its still only chapter one, i've got a LOT planned for this fanfic :D. If i unveiled everything in the first chapter there would be no rest of the story haha

        Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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        I do really like the storyline and setting and how everything was set up following the RP. It's just a shame I never got to play in it. Dx

        Anywho, the only thing that irked me was Giovanni. Unfortunately, my only experience with him was through the anime/movie, which were what I use for canon-ing him. So with the sudden fits of anger and self-uppetance he displayed, it just seemed really out of character for me. I always perceived him to be this calm and collected kind of guy who wasn't fazed by anything, even Mewtwo destroying his lab had him smiling...but I guess that's because he just obtained the most powerful Pokemon ever. C:

        I digress, the highlight of the chapter were the characters. Hale's attitude seems a bit cliche but I think his inclusion is somewhat necessary, neh? x3 But I especially like how two of the big hitters clashed so early, not to mention the introduction of Reina and Fenra, since it helps draws in the reader's attention. And oh my gosh...don't get me started on Fenra. This is a personal thing but I love cameos (which you probably know already xP) and even though THFC's story comes after GT's, seeing Fenra again just got my heart racing. Lefty even evolved! Somewhat biased but that was what drew me in the most.

        Definitely looking forward to chapter two. :3
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          So I'm not going to be updating this every other day like i had originally planned if I want to make this a good writing with lots of thought into it... So its just going to be updated whenever I get inspiration, kay? Hopefully that will be often, I think about the plot for the RP a lot outside of the forums. And as a side note if you would like a link to any of the RP's these characters are all from and to see their back stories for something a little interesting to read, just PM me or ask in a reply. Anywho, without further ado...

          Chapter 2

          Alone in the high up confines of Club Havoc, away from the parties, noise, and people, Giovanni sat by himself in his sleek mostly black executive office. He calmly and quietly watched the rest of the night's events play out on a multitude of monitors playing live video from security cameras in the club. Four monitors in the center held individual images of Reina, Crossford, Fenra, and Albrecht. Giovanni rubbed his chin, deep in thought while he watched the four trainers through narrow eyes. A small Espeon, Giovanni's new feline-like replacement for Persian, pounced into his lap, curling silently into a ball, and cooing softly. Giovanni stroked its over sized ears gently as he thought harder on the trainers in front of him. Two guards in black suits stood sturdy on opposite sides of the single door into Giovanni's office, looking straight and not saying a word.

          "I want eyes on all four of them. They're very suspicious and obviously powerful trainers. The Pierson kid especially. He was gone for 8 months while our little experiment was on the loose. He expects us to believe that he can just come back as an incredible trainer capable of defeating anyone he sets his eyes on. Once we knock him down a peg, he'll see that Team Havoc is going to be the new power in the world now, and that he'll have no choice but to join with us. That goes for every trainer. Once those trainers witness the power of a Team Havoc elite trainer, they'll come lining up at our feet to join. With all of these dedicated powerful trainers at our disposal the Elite 4's will crumble at the base and a new age of power will sweep over every region. So until then, I'll put up with these children, but I wont be made a fool of..."

          Giovanni spoke aloud as he thought to himself and stroked the little Espeon in his lap while watching the 4 trainers on the monitors intently. He leaned forward, resting his chin on his right knuckle, holding his head up by leaning on his right elbow.

          "I want to put that kid in his place, the one who ripped the letter. I'm not going to let childish games go on like this in my club. I want Fenra Kurai beaten to a pulp as an example. I want you to send Nasai. I'll take care of the announcement for the battle myself, please go inform him." Giovanni instructed aloud as one of the guards instantly sprang to life, leaving the room to follow instructions. Giovanni sat silently in the dark once more, with a victorious grin spread thin across his lips.



          The sneeze was muffled by the constant boom of the sub woofers in Club Havoc. Fenra sat alone at a table near the wall, casually watching the rest of the crowd enjoying themselves.

          "Hm... someone must be thinking about me..." Fenra said aloud in response to the sudden sneeze.

          "You know, little boys could get in trouble staying out so late like this." A female voice mocked from behind him. The clop of foot steps became closer until the owner of the voice was revealed.

          "Ah, Reina. You know I'm more than capable of taking care of myself." Fen replied in a still calmed and non defensive tone. Reina took the seat opposite Fenra at the table and plopped into it. Her small Cubone, Cubert, came waddling up beside her, taking a seat leaning against the leg of her chair. The small Cubone was obviously getting sleepy.

          "You really have grown up since you left Dewford, haven't you Fenny?" She responded in a dreamy voice. "You've come a long way from the naive genius mama's boy I met back on the island. And apparently become a very accomplished trainer. Winning the Grand Tournament is no easy feat. Yup, you really went off to become amazing, didn't you Fenny?"

          "Its not really that big of a deal..." Fen began to respond but was soon cut off by the activity on the large monitors once more. The crowd turned to them, watching and waiting curiously as Giovanni appeared once more. His booming voice echoed again.

          "Ladies and Gentlemen and trainers alike. I'm pleased to inform you all of a slight change to the night's events. There will be more entertainment provided! If you would now clear the center floor of the club please."

          As Giovanni spoke, a railing began to surface in a large circle around the center of the club. Along the perimeter of the railing, the floor began to separate and drop down into the ground. Soon enough, a large pit had formed with two doors at either side. A massive battling arena was formed.

          "May I introduce you all to the main event arena. The most state of the art battle arena designed to simulate the various battle terrains flawlessly. There will be one main event battle on this arena every evening. Tonight is no exception. A special debut battle. The rules are simple as follows. It will be a 3 on 3 match as per usual. Single knock out rule applies which means all 3 Pokemon WILL be fighting from each team. Best 2 out of 3 wins the match. As you all know, anything else goes. The challengers for today will be the way we kick off this league. Fenra Kurai and Nasai Copland make their way to the arena for the main event." Giovanni boomed, his voice obviously with an edge of giddy pleasure at the soon approaching battle.

          "Fenra, when did you agree to this." Reina asked sternly.

          Already standing up to check his pokeballs and straightening his clothes a bit, he responded as if nothing big was happening.

          "I didn't. Seems Giovanni didn't like our little display earlier. I may be young but it looks like you're the one who doesn't realize what you got yourself into, Reina. We piss off the wrong people here and they could make us disappear." Fen responded seriously to the small red head. Without waiting for a response he walked away, disappearing into the crowd towards the newly formed arena. Reina sat alone staring at the spot where he vanished, clearly thinking hard about his words already. Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by someone plopping into the chair where Fenra had been sitting. Startled, she jumped with surprise and and eyed the new arrival carefully. That black hair, glasses, suave look. It was Albrecht.

          "Looks like Giovanni plans to make an example out of your little boyfriend." He called to her over the music while still watching the crowd, not making eye contact.

          "He's not my boyfriend, what do you want." Reina replied through angered teeth.

          "Oh he's not? by the way you two look like you're holding each other's hand all the time I woulda thought otherwise." Albrecht replied with a snide tone. "I didn't want anything in particular, just interested in talking to a pretty girl who was sitting alone in a dangerous town is all."

          "I don't date egotistical losers. Especially ones that make a living sticking their noses where they don't belong, Albrecht Pierson." She replied in an almost rehearsed sounding monotone.

          "Oh wow, seems you're familiar with my work. Just because I report what I see, and happened to turn to battling instead of being a spectator, you give me the cold shoulder. Thats no fair, is it?" he replied defensively. "On the other hand, I'm flattered. You seem to know a lot about me and I couldn't care less about you. What was your name again? Rika? Rochelle?" Albrecht clearly knew how to ruffle anyone's feathers but was caught off guard this time.

          The sound of a quickly scooting chair was heard and quickly followed by a loud smack. The force sent Albrecht's face to the right as he stood back up straight, looking into the angry eyes of Reina. Her chest was heaving and her face was red with anger. The Cubone at her feet had only seemed to awake from its half nap because the chair it was leaning on had been pushed from behind its head.

          "I'm gonna be the one that takes you down, Pierson." She proclaimed through clenched teeth.

          "Oh really? Well then I'm glad to meet you. You've officially been noticed. Call me Breck. I mean sure, I'm not going to lose to someone like you, but its nice to see someone making goals around here. I'll try not to beat you too bad while you're still here. But I can imagine a delicate flower as yourself would have trouble in this..." Breck was suddenly cut off once more by another hard slap to his cheek, this time taking a step back from the force of the impact to regain balance. Reina quickly stormed off to the railing of the arena, looking down at the center where the two trainers had already taken their places.

          Breck stood stunned for a moment, not anticipating the second slap. He gently rubbed the red stinging flesh as he watched the skirt vanish into the crowd. Quickly shaking it off, he walked towards the arena with hand in pocket, hoping no one witnessed his embarrassment.

          Taking a position next to Reina at the railing, the familiar a familiar blond silently slipped in, leaning over the railing with both elbows. Without provocation, he quickly started conversation.

          "So how do you know the kid?" Crossford asked generically at Reina.

          "The kid? Who Fenra? And what makes it okay for you to talk to me? You aren't even supposed to be here still." Reina responded bitterly.

          "Yes, the kid, Fenra. And the way I see it, you guys couldn't kick me out so I get to stay. And besides, the kid helped me hang in here, I should at least ask how you know him." Crossford replied.

          Reina sighed heavily at the answer. Exhausted from dealing with Albrecht, she gave in easily, forfeiting the information Crossford requested from her.

          "Fenra and I live across the street from each other back on Dewford Island in the Hoenn region. He was always so jealous as children that my family was so famous for battling and pokemon training while he grew up with a very uptight household. His parents were both incredibly intelligent and expected him to do the same. Of course he IS a very smart boy, but he always wanted to learn things his own way, not in school. A little over a year ago, I came home to Dewford, expecting to see my childhood friend, but he had run away after his first year at school to become a Pokemon trainer. He later surfaced at the Grand Tournament and won. Of course I wasn't able to see him, the media was in a frenzy over a 16 year old winning the Grand Tournament. Who would have guessed that this was the next place I would see him...” Reina trailed off as the battle in the arena began to start. Crossford simply listened to Fenra's story, the respect he gained for Fenra was clearly present in his eyes as he looked down at the arena as well. The monitors, still housing Giovanni's image, began to boom sound one last time. Fenra stood quietly with a hand in his pocket and his eyes closed, with a very surreal expression on his face. His opponent stood at the other end of the arena, ready to battle. A boy who looked to be a few years older than Fenra. He wore a cream colored school uniform jacket over a white t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans and white tennis shoes. His spiked midnight blue hair and deep blue eyes definitely showed he took pride in his appearance. He flicked some hair from in front of his eyes as the crowd cheered and roared, he was obviously a local favorite Pokemon trainer.

          “So you're the kid thats got Giovanni so flustered? My names Nasai Copland. He usually only calls me for big pests but you're just a roach it seems. Oh well, a win is a win, and I can't let my fans down.” He taunted, blowing a kiss to the crowd, letting the women go nuts over it. Fenra remained silent, waiting for the battle to begin. A new voice made its presence known over the loud speakers this time. A new announcer seemingly there to announce main event battles.

          “You two know the rules. Use all of your strength, this battle pit is 100 feet below ground level and reinforced with 10 feet of concrete so don't hold back. No time limit. And no forfeiting. Put on a good show, everyones watching.” Ending with that, the monitor flickered off, leaving the two trainers deep in the pit of the arena to battle.

          “Since you're so quiet, I'll take the honors of going first.” Nasai teased one final time before fishing in the inside of his jacket pocket, pulling a small pokeball and launching it high into the air. The sphere exploded in a red light, letting the particles form in the center of the ring into a small light blue Pokemon which cooed happily at its release. “No time for happy times, Glaceon, its time to be serious.” Nasai instructed his Pokemon. The little blue Pokemon instantly narrowed its eyes towards Fenra while both Glaceon and Nasai awaited Fenra's move.

          Fenra slowly opened his eyes, looking at the crowd surrounding him above, cheering and yelling for the battle to begin. He inhaled deeply, readying himself. He muttered under his breath while he pulled his pokeball from his hip.

          “Okay friends, this is where we make our stand. Lets make this battle a big win, kay?”

          Fenra side arm threw a solid white pokeball into the arena, letting it skip a few steps before releasing its contents in a white light and popping back into his hand. The white particles came together to form what looked like a large ball of fur with legs. An angry looking Primeape became visible, bouncing on its toes and ready for combat.

          “Start it off slow, Hook.” Fenra instructed his newly released partner. “Now get out there. Cross Chop”

          The Primeape eyed Fenra then nodded in compliance. It flexed intimidatingly before leaping off its position quickly and heading towards the Glaceon like a freight train. Hook swung his arms out wide, attempting to smash the little ice Pokemon between his palms and end it quickly.

          “Glaceon! Out of the way now! Straight through him!” Nasai called from his corner.

          Glaceon instantly charged for Primeape, sneaking underneath the Primeape's arms and leaping through the gap, bouncing off its forehead and landing behind him, sliding to a stop and flipping around. Now frustrated and angry, the Primeape whipped around quickly, awaiting the next command but it didn't come from his own master.

          “Okay Glaceon, Ice Beam.” Nasai called sternly.

          Glaceon's mouth begin to glow a powder white as the energy built inside of its mouth. The tension finally reached its peak and exploded from the Glaceon's mouth like a lazer beam, cutting through the air.

          “Too slow.” Fenra said shaking his head. “Hook, move.”

          The Primeape quickly leaped around rolled out of the way of the screaming ice beam as it narrowly soared pass him, colliding with the wall, building a large cluster of ice.

          “HAHAHA good! Good! You're putting up an excellent fight although type match ups aren't going to win you this battle, Fenra Kurai.” Nasai called from the other side of the arena, clearly enjoying the battle. Fenra remained focused, watching the battle and calculating his next moves.

          “Hook, go for a seismic toss!” Fenra called to his furry companion on the field. The Primeape quickly obliged, rushing towards the Glaceon much quicker than the last time. Once more, the Glaceon attempted to avoid the attack using its size as an advantage. It jumped to the side then up into the air above Hook's head. It seemed to float in mid-air as it hung above Hook's head but this was its mistake.

          “Snatch it from the air, Hook. Don't let him make a fool of you again.” Fenra said sternly.

          Hook narrowed his eyes, and instantly looked up, snatching the Glaceon by its back leg one handed. Immediately, the Primeape began to spin in circles with the poor small Pokemon crying helplessly in its grip. The two Pokemon spun faster and faster as a slight breeze could be felt being kicked up. The crowd held their breathes as the the first decisive attack was about to land. Hook finally let go of the small blue pokemon, sending it jetting like a bullet into the concrete wall to their left. It fell limp to the ground as the crowd went crazy.

          * * *

          “What an amazing attack from the young trainer from Dewford, Fenra Kurai! Remember the name folks because this kids got moves!“ the announcer broke in over the crowd's roars

          “The kid doesn't play around in the arena at all, his battle presence is completely different from the way he approached me before with that Slaking.” Crossford commented at the battle to Reina who was also watching in awe.

          “He's definitely a kid of mystery. I've only seen him battle on television for the Grand Tournament, it was an incredible sight to see. All 6 of his Pokemon, it must have been hard for him to only take 3 with him here. But these must be the best of the best. That Primeape is frighteningly powerful...” Reina responded, trailing off as the Glaceon in the arena got up, shaking off the massive hit.

          “And local favorite Nasai Copland's Glaceon is a force to be reckoned with, shaking off that Seismic Toss like it was nothing! What a match, folks!” The announcer called in complete excitement over the crowd.

          “Glaceon. He's too fast, you know what to do.” Nasai called to his slightly bruised Glaceon.

          “Primeape, don't let them set up anything! Close Combat, now!” Fenra called to his partner.

          “You really are just a kid, aren't you. Rushing into an attack like that. You'll see the mistake soon enough...” Nasai responded to Fenra's command, chuckling.

          The Primeape wasted no time in arriving at the Glaceon, launching a massive left hook in the Glaceon, pinning it hard against the wall again and repeatedly bashing the small pokemon into the wall with no mercy. The crowd looked on in horror as the battle raged out of control and the angry Primeape's fury grew bigger and bigger. After every punch the Glaceon seemed to have no where to go but finally was able to release what it had been building up. A wall of snow and ice shards erupted from the Glaceon's mouth, causing the Primeape to stammer backwards, covering its eyes and being hailed by the onslaught of ice and snow.

          “Icy Wind. It should show you whats up, pretty nicely. I think I'll finish this now. Your Primeape may be currently in solid health but nothing makes it through Glaceon's Ice Beam.” Nasai explained. “Now do it, Glaceon.”

          The Glaceon once more charged up the energy in its mouth which built up until it couldn't be held anymore and erupted from the little Pokemon's mouth, shooting like a rocket.

          “Hook, you can't dodge that after Icy Wind. Its time to pull out the trump card! OVERHEAT!” Fenra called from his corner. “Nasai, apparently you've never seen the power of an angry Primeape.”

          Sure enough Primeape was standing in the center of the arena ready for the attack. Its eyes had glazed over a solid white and no pupils were even present anymore. Without warning, the small fur ball erupted flames from all around its body, releasing it and holding the ice beam at bay with a wall of flames.

          “What? Overheat?! What a trainer... He taught that Primeape a move that he could use in case he ever mis-predicted his opponent's strength. He's incredible for just a kid.” Crossford said quietly to himself as he watched. Everyone in the building expressed the same shock on their faces at the surprise Overheat from Primeape. The two attacks finally dissipated, letting a cool breeze blast through the onlooking crowd. Primeape stood in the arena heaving heavily as the Glaceon stared him down with equal exhaustion.

          “A very surprising attack but unfortunately you've forced my hand, Fenra Kurai.” Nasai said coldly from across the arena once more. “Glaceon, I want you to finish it. Blizzard.”

          The Glaceon seemed more than happy to hear the command from its master as it lowered its head and raised its tail into the air. Its eyes narrowed before opening its mouth and without warning, unleashing a massive wall of ice.

          “Primeape again! Overheat!” Fenra called desperately. Hook struggled to summon the fire attack once more but was exhausted beyond reason from holding back the previous Ice Beam. A small burst of flames ignited before they were entirely overwhelmed by the wall of ice, encompassing the Primeape and sending it flying back to the wall it was held against the concrete, struggling to free itself as ice formed around its body, freezing it to the wall. Within a matter of minutes, the Primeape was completely frozen to the wall. The massive ice block slid off the wall and hit the ground with a thud. Primeape was done.

          “And the first victory goes to Nasai Copland and his Glaceon!” The announcer screamed over the crowd at the amazing upset on what appeared to be a one sided fight. Fenra held Hooks pokeball, not changing his facial expression and remaining serious. He recalled the frozen pokemon to its ball and held it to his chest for a moment. Even through the confines of the ball he could still feel the biting cold. He placed the ball on waist. On the opposite end, Nasai called his Glaceon back to its pokeball and waited.

          “Round two of this battle will take place on the Grass field. Challengers please prepare.” The announcer called over the loudspeaker. As if on cue, the floor began to open wide, changing its terrain as a field with grass and a few large trees surfaced in front of them. As it rose, Fenra let out a small grin of delight. Nasai took the liberty once more of releasing his Pokemon once, a sign that he was definitely getting arrogant. He tossed the blue and black pokeball high into the air, releasing a yellow light which formed into a 2 legged green pokemon, it stood tall with wings buzzing quietly while it sharpened its claws against each other, its exoskeleton almost appeared like armor as the intimidating Pokemon awaited its opponent.

          “Scyther, I don't want you to hold anything back against this kid.” Nasai ordered

          On the opposite side, Fenra threw his pokeball out as well, releasing another medium sized green Pokemon. A leaf stuck high above its head with small leaves sprouting from its fore arms. It hunched over slightly with glowing yellow eyes which seemed eerily similar to his master's half closed drowsy eyes, Fenra's first Pokemon and closest companion...

          “A Grovyle?! Whats that kid thinking?!” Albrecht exclaimed a few feet away from Reina and Crossford's perch position.

          “The kids got weird taste in Pokemon but I feel like he knows what he's doing on this one.” Crossford replied to Albrecht, knowing he wasn't being spoken to.

          “I didn't ask for your opinion, hobo.” Albrecht retorted quickly to snuff down the trainer

          “That Grovyle is more frightening than any Pokemon you will ever face in your career.” Reina cut in, using a very serious tone without batting an eyelash of sarcasm. Crossford and Albrecht both turned to watch in anticipation of the fabled Grovyle they had just heard about.

          “This is Round 2! Trainer Fenra Kurai uses Grovyle and Local Nasai Copland uses his Scyther. The score is currently 0-1 with local favorite Nasai in the lead. If Nasai wins this match then he wins the entire match by default. Fight hard, you two may begin!” The announcer called excitedly at the battle's turnout. The crowd at this point was completely on edge as Nasai closed in on a possible victory. Fenra and Nasai eyed each other carefully, they both knew this battle could be the end. It finally began.


          “Quick Attack!” The two trainers commanded in unison as their partners wasted no time. Each Pokemon vanished from their marks, colliding in mid air and sliding backwards only to vanish once more clashing at another side of the arena, the two were definitely evenly matched in speed. Grovyle and Scyther eyed one another cautiously as they began to slowly circle each other.

          “Scyther, do it! Slash!” Nasai commanded.

          The Scyther moved quickly towards Grovyle and began to slash fiercely, one after another. The blades on the bug type's arms glistened in the lights as the slashed at lightning speed. Grovyle moved fluidly, dodging and ducking quickly, avoiding the slashes.

          “Okay Scyther, now combo that into X-Scissor!” Nasai called, finishing his assault. Scyther slashed and dashed, and spun around crossing its scythes above its head. They glowed a bright light before he brought them down crossing them in front of Grovyle and landing a massive X shaped attack straight in its chest. Grovyle slid backwards, it grasped the earth beneath him, slowing to a stop and awaiting orders. It was almost as if the super effective hit hadn't even occurred.

          “Forest, lets make this one count. Bullet Seed combo.” Fenra said calmly.

          “Bullet Seed?! What is this, junior high?” Albrecht called in frustrated disappointment at the battle.

          The Grovyle lowered its head and body for a moment, staring intently at the formidable opponent in front of him. He flinched before moving quickly, darting straight for the Scyther in front of him. It cocked its head back and flung its head forward, firing a hail of seeds that showered the Scyther. Instinctively, the Scyther covered its head with its blades, letting the seeds ricochet away from it.

          “No Scyther! Thats what he wants! Don't take your eyes off him!” Nasai called from his corner helplessly but the Grovyle had already made its move.

          “Its no use. Grovyle knows the exact move to make. Agility.” Fenra said quietly to himself.

          The rapid fire of seeds halted instantly. The Scyther peeked from behind it's blades cautiously, eying its surroundings. The Grovyle had vanished. He lowered his defenses and looked at Nasai helplessly.

          “Its just hiding with Agility. Remember this arena is your home turf as well, calm down Scyther.” Nasai called calmly to his partner. “You've got it too, show them what real speed is. Agility, Scyther.”

          The Scyther closed its eyes and inhaled deeply before vanishing from sight into the trees as well. The crowd watched in silence as the field remained clear to the naked eye. Both trainers stood motionless, watching carefully through thin eyes. Both Pokemon were moving too quickly and silently, moving in their own environment. A rustle in the trees caught both trainers attention as both Pokemon finally appeared in the center, clashing into each other with incredible force, sliding back once more at the collision.

          “Forest, Leaf Blade now!” Fenra called to his partner. The leaves on Grovyle's arm slimmed into a blade which began to glow a bright glow. It launched from its spot, speeding towards the Scyther. Nasai didn't waste a second calling out his counter attack.

          “Scyther, X-Scissor now! Full strength!” He called with ferocity in his voice which was clearly aiming to end the match now. The two Pokemon clashed, holding each other at bay. They stared into one another's eyes, both with malicious intent. Their muscles were visibly straining against each other as they struggled for power. The Scyther withdrew a few inches before thrusting forward, sending Forest tumbling off balance and rolling head over heels across the arena. Forest regained his composure, taking its balance on all 4's like a desert lizard. Nasai's Scyther wasted no time in following up with another X-Scissor. He came down from high in the air, its wings buzzing loudly and blades ready to finish the deed.

          “Damnit. He's got way more maneuverability and brute force than than Forest...” Fenra scolded under his breath as the X-Scissor landed with incredible force as Grovyle skipped across the arena again, taking a massive X-Scissor to the side.

          “He doesn't have control of this. This is my fight. I'm not going to get to the top like this. I have to think... THINK Fenra think... what makes him so fast...” He scolded watching the battle and Forest taking another hit. He looked closely as the Scyther moved quickly and furiously, not even touching the ground before it launched another attack. “Gotcha. Its those wings that give him his edge! Agility combined with the ability to change direction in mid air with those wings... He's trying to wear me down with direct combat that he knows Forest can't win. Looks like its time to change the tides of this fight...FOREST DO IT NOW, DETECT!”

          Forest quickly snapped to attention as the Scyther came for another attack, the finisher. With a slight gleam in his eye, Forest watched the moves of the Scyther with vivid detail as it appeared to almost be moving in slow motion. It dove in for its final assault, crossing its blades and preparing the strike. Forest quickly leaped straight into the air, letting the Scyther crash into the ground. Spinning around quickly, Fenra called the follow up command.

          “Now, Bullet Seed! Aim for its wings!” Fenra called out, ready for the attack's opportune moment. The seeds erupted once again like machine gun bullets. With no guard this time, the seeds showcased their true power, shredding the Scyther's wings and pinning it to the ground. Forest halted his stream of seeds, landing near the fallen Pokemon and walking slowly over him.

          “Forest, this guy really wanted to hurt you. Why don't you take back what that Scyther stole from you and finish this. I want you feeling well while we're here. Giga Drain.” Fenra said slyly to his Grovyle. Forest walked slowly, looming over the Scyther before pinning its weak arms and legs to the ground and opening his mouth wide. A glowing connection formed between the two bodies as visible energy sapped from slowly from the Scyther's body and into Forest's. Bruises on his body began to vanish slowly until the beam of light was cut.

          “Thats enough, Forest. I don't want to kill it. You used to sit on my head as a Treecko... sheesh man what happened to you?” Fenra said to his partner jokingly, calling off his Pokemon. A beam of light recaptured the Scyther and called the crippled Pokemon to its pokeball. Nasai replaced the pokeball in his jacket pocket with a scorned look on his face. The silent tension could be cut with a knife as Fenra followed suit, recalling Forest to his ball.

          “You're pretty good, Kurai.” Nasai finally called across the arena, breaking the silence. “You beat me with an unevolved Pokemon even. You had that fight in control the whole time and not only that, your Grovyle is ready to get up and battle again if it wanted. Truly an expert trainer. But you'll never know power if you don't learn to finish your opponent.”

          “You don't even know power.” Fenra responded with a serious tone. “I made a miscalculation in your fighting style based off your appearances, that was my fault I'll admit. But true power lies in intellect and strategy, you have none. You try to match blow for blow and overwhelm with strength. That type of crap will get your Pokemon hurt against me. So if you've got power, then show it to me. Because true power exists within legendary Pokemon, not someone standing in front of me in this dump.”

          The air was silent and tense once more when Fenra finished. The intercom broke the silence announcing the victory.

          “Scyther is down and Grovyle wins...The match will go into the 3rd match and this fight will decide the battle. The 3rd round will take place on the rock field, trainers please prepare.”

          The announcement finished as the arena once against transformed into a rocky terrain with boulders and jagged stones littered all around the area. Once more, Nasai took the initiative to make the first release.

          “Heres the ringer. We're going to make this match count.” He said in a cold voice. He tossed the yellow and black ultra ball into the air, letting the contents open onto the arena. A giant mass of blue stood before them with fins sticking from either arm and off his back. A vicious Garchomp roared, sending chills through the audience at its obvious power by looking at it. Fenra wasted no time in releasing his last partner onto the field.

          “What are you trying to push me around with muscle now, Nasai? I regret to apologize to you but I've got the biggest muscle here.” Fenra said with an almost insulted tone as he tossed out his pokeball.

          The giant beast of a Sloth Pokemon appeared before them once more. His giant arms and biceps flexed ferociously as it slapped and punched the ground, pulverizing some of the pebbles.

          “Meet Lefty, Nasai. First Pokemon I ever caught and one of my best friends. Just a word of advice, He's not named Lefty because he likes to bake cakes. Watch out for that left hook, its a ringer.” Fenra called aloud as he smiled at his large partner who proceeded to slap the ground one more time, ready to battle. The announcer cut the noise through the intercom.

          “This is the final match folks! Fenra Kurai's Slaking against Nasai Copland's Garchomp! Who will win in this match of Wits vs. Power and experience?! The excitement is too much to bare!”

          The crowd erupted into cheers once more but was quickly silenced by the massive Slaking letting out a thunderous roar which demanded respect. Fenra grinned once more before letting out a small chuckle.

          “You see, Mr. Copland. THIS is power.”

          Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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            This chapter was even better thatn the last and I loved the battle. I love the description and everything adn I saw the whole battle in my head. Awesome job and I can't wait for the last round =)
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              thanks you guys it really means a lot haha I'm glad people are actually reading it, i was scared no one would for a while

              Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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                :O Cliffhanger. Of course we all know the battle will go Fen's way. <3

                ANYWAY. Giovanni's soliloquy should have really been his thought, not thinking aloud, in my opinion. He doesn't have the evil-genius appeal if he voices his plans to no one in particular. Loved the replacement of the Persian, better than the Glameow that you nearly had (*cough*Thank Me for that one*endcough*).

                Eh, one or two grammatical errors, just basic mistakes that everyone makes. Nothing important, good grammar from you. :]

                Plot still going along brilliantly, loved Breck's confrontation with Reina. (Still think a certain Yaz should have cameoed at that point...) Your battle writing has always been great in my opinion, nice and meaty. Character's are staying in character (which is one of my main problems when I write)... Quite a few inside jokes in there for the RPers that participated in the three RPs that three of your characters originated from (Except the Yaz cameo that was needed...). As I keep telling you over MSN, 'tis a great plot and you're doing a very good job. Keep it up! <3
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                  Nothing to really say today. The conclusion of Fenra's exciting battle. Chapter 4 will probably be quite long with lots of char detail and such. Just be prepared haha

                  Chapter 3
                  “Real Strength”

                  The crowd stared in eager anticipation as the two huge Pokemon stared each other down. Garchomp's eyes seemed to glow with an uneasy yellow aura. Its tail swooped back and forth, stirring up small clouds of dust as it whipped around. Slaking stood high with a large toothed grin and narrow eyes. Every move it took seemed to shake the ground from the Pokemon's massive body. The trainer's eyes were locked as well, Nasai with calmed confident look of the power his Garchomp holds. Fenra stood lazily, almost a blank expression of boredom at the battle in front of him, though not a sense of arrogance. The tension of the first move was mounting higher and higher until at last, Fenra takes the initiative.

                  “Lefty, just do whatever you want. I'll take over when things get rough.” He said in a lazy tone. The entire arena was baffled at the order given as mumbles could be heard everywhere. Nasai even questioned the boy's tactics but there was no time to think about the unusual command as Slaking proceeded to do what he wanted. The gigantic sloth Pokemon bounded towards the Garchomp with thunderous steps. It leaped over the large rocks littered through out the rock type terrain as it quickly closed the gap between him and the Garchomp. Throwing its entire body into its attack, it arrived at the Garchomp, swinging its left forearm out to launch a massive attack.

                  “Thats a Hammer Arm...that kid doesn't mess around when it comes to teaching heavy attacks.” Nasai thought to himself as he watched the huge Pokemon in front of him. “Garchomp, don't let that thing near you, use Twister.”

                  The Garchomp took no hesitation in complying as it reared back its hammer head then hurled it forward, launching a massive horizontal column of whipping winds from its mouth. It tore through the Earth as it sped through, colliding with giant sloth, instantly holding him at bay. Lefty immediately shifted its weight into the blast, following through with its massive Hammer Arm. Crashing into the column in front of it, the collision of the two attacks immediately dispersed the column, sending its winds whipping wildly through the arena. The force of the impact blew Slacking back, sliding through the dirt. It slowed to a stop, shaking off the impact and immediately began bounding toward the Garchomp for another go at it. Nasai tensed as he prepared to call another counter command. Fenra stood sleepy eyed on the other side of the arena and suddenly released a loud exaggerated yawn as he watched his Slaking. The sound of the yawn seemed to echo as the whole crowd had their eyes on Fenra. Some snickered as suddenly, Slaking halted his attack as well. It plopped onto the ground on its rear and scratched it's side. Reaching up to pick its nose, it dug its right pinky into a nostril and finally let out a massive yawn like his trainer did.

                  “Slakings are naturally lazy Pokemon. No matter how hard you train one to use its strength like that, its still a sloth Pokemon. You can't fight against its natural tendancies.” Albrecht said aloud as he approached the spot on the railing where Crossford and Reina were standing. “That kid is really ballsy to not even be calling commands on the field like that.” He said over to the two as he leaned over watching the battle.

                  “You clearly didn't see the last Grand Tournament finals, did you Albrecht?” Reina said with a small smile on her face.

                  “No, I was attending....other matters.” Albrecht responded to her with a small stutter.

                  “This was the tactic that won him the entire finals without Slaking taking a single hit. Fenra managed the difficult task of training a Pokemon like that. Sure Slaking is a naturally lazy Pokemon but Fenny managed to use that to both of their advantage in battle. You may think Fenra isn't doing anything but just watch.” Reina said, giggling as she turned back to the battle. Nasai stood on his side of the arena, shaking with frustration as he watched Fenra's actions.

                  “What is he mocking me?! No, its some kind of front, he's just trying to throw me off.” He thought as he watched the Slaking let out its large yawn. “Garchomp! Go! Dragon Rush!”

                  The Garchomp shook its head lazily, then snapped to attention as it slowly moved to a start and began bounding at full speed towards the Slaking. Garchomp's head began to glow a brilliant white glow as it rushed towards the Slaking. It arrived, scooping its head low and smashing it into the Slaking's chest, sending it arching into the air and crashing to the ground on its back.

                  “You should learn to control your Pokemon, kid. If you can't use a Pokemon that strong then you shouldn't put it in battle yet.” Nasai called across the arena. “Garchomp, give it another Dragon Rush attack!”

                  The Garchomp's head began to glow once more as it leaped towards the Slaking, ready to smash it one more time.

                  “Lefty, Counter.” Fenra said in a low monotone.

                  The huge Pokemon leaped to its feet and threw its arms forward and grabbed the Garchomp's head by the hammer. The two struggled at each other until finally, Lefty shifted his weight. He leaned backwards, hurling the Garchomp over his head, still holding its hammer forehead. He slammed the Garchomp into the ground, smashing a large mound of rocks beside them. Dust filled the air as the Slaking slowly got to its feet. Shaking the rubble off its body, the Garchomp stood as well.

                  “This is the opening, Garchomp! Quick! Twister attack!” Nasai yelled, ready to finish the battle.

                  Garchomp reared its head once more, inhaling deeply. It thrusted its head forward, attempting to finish the Slaking. A sparse blast of air released that gently hit Slaking in the chest and dispersed into the air. The crowd watched in confusion at the battle and what just happened.

                  “Garchomp! What are you doing?!” Nasai screeched in frustration from his corner.

                  Garchomp looked at its trainer through droopy eyes as it wobbled a little bit while it stood. It leaned its head back, inhaling deeply once more. Bring its head down it opened its mouth, letting out a long yawn. It sleepily laid down in its place and curled into a ball. It shut its eyes and began to snore. Everyone was completely awe struck.

                  “Garchomp! What are you doing?! WAKE UP!” Nasai called from his corner desperately. “What could have happened?!” He thought angrily. Suddenly, it hit him as he snapped to realization. “Earlier... he wasn't mocking me! That was an attack! He had control of this fight from the very start!” Nasai thought through his mind. He dropped to both knees as he realized the fatal battle flaw.

                  “So Fenra basically taught his Slaking that if it was going to be lazy, then it should at least use an attack while its being lazy?” Crossford said aloud as he chuckled slightly at the battle.

                  “Thats exactly what he did. Think of it as a compromise they made. Slaking still gets to slack off, and it helps them win the fight for Fenra. Fenra added the final command, Counter, to weaken Garchomp and make it harder to for it to fight off the power of the yawn attack.” Reina explained, letting out a small giggle.

                  “The kid might actually be a pretty big threat to the league with strategies like that. We're not even mentioning that Nasai was lucky to be able to hold Slaking at bay with range attacks. If that hammer arm had connected, I'm sure all of us know that Garchomp wouldn't be in as good of health as he is now.” Albrecht said, turning away from the arena and resting his back against the railing. All three of them looked up as the announcer's voice chimed in over the battle.

                  “Since Garchomp looks like he's done for the night. I'm going to have to call Fenra Kurai's Slaking, Lefty wins this battle! This result puts the matches at Fenra Kurai-2 and Nasai Copland-1, Fenra Kurai is our winner!” The announcer yelled in excitement over the cheering crowd. People threw their hands in the air in excitement and mayhem at the battle's results and the show Fenra had put on for his victory.

                  “Lefty, come on back, buddy.” Fenra called to his Slaking.

                  Lefty looked at his master, letting out another big yawn and re-inserting its pinky into its left nostril. It laid on the ground with a thud and snuffed at Fenra.

                  “Oh fine, since you won I'll let you be like that. But just for a little bit until the crowd dies down.” Fenra admitted in defeat to his huge Pokemon as he walked into the center of the rock arena towards his Pokemon. Nasai shot a long red beam from the Garchomp's pokeball, recalling it into the sphere. He let out a small chuckle as he replaced the pokeball in his jacket. He turned around and walked silently out of the arena.

                  “Looks like being in this league isn't going to be so bad after all. I wont fall for the same childish trick twice, Fenra Kurai.” Nasai thought to himself as he stepped into the darkness of the hallways in Club Havoc.

                  “Alright lefty, you're goin back in now, we need to go back.” Fenra said to his partner as he patted the huge Pokemon's belly. Slaking threw his huge arm over, picking up its large body and standing tall, ready to be recalled into his pokeball. Fenra tapped the white circle on Slaking's chest and let the ball's read light consume Slaking, returning it to its ball. Fenra looked up at the cheering crowd, smiling at the applause. He spotted Reina and waved happily before retreating into the trainer's door behind him. The battle was over and the arena transformed back into its normal state. The circular portion of arena slowly raised up from the ground as the railing retreating back underneath. The floor rose slowly until it locked into place. People immediately flooded over it as the music began to blast again inside the club. The crowd began to dance and party once more as Club Havoc's first fight had come to an exciting conclusion.

                  * * *

                  The night had moved on to early morning and the club's tenants, finally dispersing for the night. Reina, Albrecht, Crossford, and Fenra sat at a small corner table, talking amongst each other.

                  “This is a pretty intense place, the first night has already just been full of excitement, hasn't it?” Crossford said to the table, laughing.

                  “Ya but none of this would have even happened if it weren't for you, I bet.” Reina replied to Crossford with narrow eyes. Crossford's eyes widened in shock at the quick retort.

                  “Ya, I don't think anyone here is naïve enough to think that after Fenra stood up for you, that he was just randomly selected to battle tonight against a Team Havoc higher up.” Albrecht added to the conversation, joining Reina's stance.

                  “Everyone stop fighting, I won didn't I? And besides we were having a great conversation until now. It was my decision to stick up f or Mr. Hale, so theres nothing to worry about. Long as I keep winning, nothings gonna happen to me.” Fenra added above the conversation, looking at the center of the table and playing with the ice in a glass of water.

                  “its not that easy, Fenra. This is Team Havoc, you lose the wrong fight here and you could disappear.” Albrecht chimed in.

                  “Yeah, as much as I hate to admit, I think we should probably at least stick together while we're here. You know, watch each other's backs.” Reina suggested in a dreamy far off tone as she leaned into the center of the table, talking to the boys.

                  “I agree, It would make things better for all of us to at least stay in contact. Which will be easy, since Mr. Hale will be with me and I already know Reina. So I guess its up to you, Albrecht.” Fenra replied, looking towards Albrecht.

                  “That sounds fine to me I guess. But no moaning and groaning when we finally battle each other. I'm not your best friends. And kid, stop calling me Albrecht, its just Breck, alright?”

                  “Yeah, Fenra. And we need to talk about this 'Mr.' business. I'm not THAT old, just call me Cross.” Crossford added in.

                  Fenra looked at the two of them as they affirmed their dislike of his name choice for them. He shrugged slightly before speaking.

                  “Sure, I can do that, no big deal.” He replied calmly.

                  “Well, its getting late. I'm going to find my room and go to bed.” Reina said sleepily to the group.

                  “Yeah, especially since you have the first match of the official league tomorrow, Reina” Cross added in, pointing to the big monitor across the room which displayed tomorrow's battles and Reina's bright and early in the morning.

                  “So Giovanni has this set up with different matches happening on arenas all over Saffron?” Breck asked the group.

                  “It looks like it. All of the matches happen during the day. Probably to use the optimum abilities of battle. Fighting outdoors provides a completely different battling experience.” Cross responded.

                  “But it looks like theres a main event fight every night as well, where all the big bets go down. Those are the ones you don't want to lose...” Fenra added on top of Cross' response.

                  “Yeah Pierson, you ready for that? Looks like you're tomorrow night's main event.” Reina teased as she stood up, stretching. “Good night everyone.” Reina called as she walked slowly towards the door.

                  “Of course I'm ready for the main event. Theres a reason why yours truly is on the first main event.” Breck replied to Reina. “You need an escort home? Young girl like you should be out at night in a neighborhood like this.” Breck called to Reina.

                  “No, I've got my own body guard.” Reina responded, tossing out a Pokeball, releasing her small Cubone onto the club floor. Cubone smashed the floor with his oversized bone, splintering the club floor with the impact. “Cubert! No! We're just going home to sleep!” Reina said sternly to the little Cubone. It lowered its head in shame as the two of them walked out of the door towards Havoc Suits.

                  Albrecht cocked an eye once more at the Cubone's unreal strength as he watched Reina leave. He turned back to the table and leaned backwards in his chair a bit.

                  “You not battling tomorrow, Cross?” He asked.

                  “No, not tomorrow. I'm scheduled for the day after.” Cross explained.

                  “Guess you aren't popular enough to have a headline spot like Reina and I” Breck teased.

                  “I don't mind, I enjoy watching more matches and learning anyway. It just helps build the anticipation for my own match so I can win.” Cross added behind Breck.

                  “Fair enough. We'll just have to see how good you really are when the time comes, Cross.” Breck said aloud, chuckling.

                  “We will indeed, but thats for later. Right I think all of us are tired, lets head back and get some sleep so we can see Reina's match tomorrow.” Cross said sleepily.

                  “I agree. I'm getting sleepy as well.” Fenra added, yawning. The three stood up, walking out the door of the club. The summer night air was warm as they approached Havoc Suites through the empty night streets. The walked inside the building to a large foyer with high ceiling. Various trainers were scattered throughout the lobby, some talking to each other and laughing. A small desk in the center of the room had a skinny brown haired woman of roughly her 30's. She had a gentle caring face and pleasant smile. She happily greeted the three trainers as they approached the desk.

                  “Welcome to Havoc suites, I'm Jean and I'll be the main manager of Club Havoc. If you can please just show me your letters, you can look on the back of them and see your room number.” Jean explained.

                  Breck ,Fenra, and Cross fished into their pockets, pulling out their letters and showing them. As Fenra and Cross placed their halves onto the desk, Jean looked up smiling.

                  “Right, we were told about this situation. You have access to all of the things Mr. Kurai has. Mr. Giovanni has instructed me to pass this message. “As long as you keep winning, you may stay. But the second you lose, you will be ejected from the premises.” She said, passing the message.

                  Cross took a small gulp as he listened to Jean explain his situation.

                  “I'm sure you'll do fine, especially if you perform like young Fenra here did! I saw that battle, you're really somethin!” Jean said happily to Cross and Fenra, seeing the sudden look of nervousness on Cross' face. “Enjoy your sleep boys, and good luck in the tournament. The training facilities are in the rear of the building on the first and second floors. The swimming pool is in the garden out back, and the Saffron Mall is 2 blocks west. As long as you show the letters, you'll have access to anything to use it up while you can. Those things are more valuable than money while you're here.” Jean explained happily.

                  “Thanks Miss Jean! Have a swell night.” Fenra said, heading towards the hallway after reading his room number.

                  “yeah thanks” Cross and Breck said in unison as they all grabbed their belongings and headed towards the hallway.

                  “Anytime boys, and good luck!” She called to them as they disappeared around the corner.

                  The three of them walked for a little bit before Fenra finally stopped at a door, looking at the number and comparing to his letter in hand.

                  “This is it, Suite #7” Fenra said aloud.

                  “Alright then, I'll see you guys tomorrow at Reina's fight. I'm in Suite 13 farther down the hall. I think the monitor said she's fighting in the Southwest field.” Breck added as he walked down the hall.

                  “Yup! See you there!” Fenra called as Breck reached his room, comparing the numbers and insterting a key. The two of them shut their doors, all of the trainers now asleep and preparing for the next day's fight.

                  * * *

                  The next day came with sunlight and birds chirping happily. A large crowd had begun to form around a slightly raised arena in the center of Saffron Park. Inside the arena on one end stood Reina, wearing brown Capri pants and tight fighting v-neck black ¾ sleeve shirt. Her pokeballs hung loosely on a stylish belt on her waist as she stood with her weight shifted to her left hip with hand resting on it, waiting for the battle's start. Across from her stood a lanky trainer who stood with jet black hair that spiked forward. He wore a black watch on his left hand with tight fitting black pants which covered black tennis shoes and white button up shirt. His narrow eyes had seemingly black pupils and stared with intent to win. The opposing trainer finally spoke in a cold voice across the arena as the time for the battle came closer and closer. He spoke in a cold, dark, monotone voice.

                  “So you're Reina, that girl from the club last night. Funny that I'm fighting you already.” He said in his low voice.

                  “I'm surprised I'm so famous already. But don't get too excited because I'm sure that through all of your excitement to battle me, you realized and one point that you ARE going to lose.” Reina replied to him as she closely inspected her finger tips.

                  Through the crowd, Fenra, Cross, and Breck appeared at the side of the arena, watching the empty field and seeing Reina ready for her fight. Fenra now wore a two toned t-shirt with white base and green sleeves and another pair of raggedy jeans. Breck had a pair of black dress pants held loosely at the waist with a belt and tight fitting light blue t-shirt with scribbled writing on it. Crossford having been too lazy to change, wore the same thing as the night before.

                  “This kid looks like bad news.” Cross said as he inspected the trainers appearance.

                  “You kidding me? He looks like a scrawny wuss.” Breck responded as he glanced over at the opposing trainer.

                  “Reina! Just remember power isn't always the answer!” Fenra called to Reina.

                  She looked up from her nail inspection and smiled at Fenra down on the ground.

                  “Fen, you have your way of battling and I have mine, don't worry I'll win.” She replied happily.

                  With that sentence, the arena began to rumble and change appearance, giving the battlefield a new shape. Grass rose in the center of the arena as the flat plain surface retreated to the sides of the arena. A small mechanical voice chimed in over the crowd.

                  “This will be a 3 on 3 knock out battle. Best 2 victories out of 3 wins the match. The field will remain at the Grass environment for the duration of the match. Reina Oosaki will battle against Jace Sharp. The battle will be electronically monitored via video and judged remotely. Begin now!”

                  “Hey, Fenra, what was that 'power isn't the answer' thing all about?” Cross asked curiously as the announcer spoke.

                  “Reina's family, the Oosaki's, their known for their mastery of using brute force and giant Pokemon. For the most part they rely on landing gigantic hits and completely overwhelming their opponents. They always go overboard on everything they do and are a very over reacting family.” Fenra explained.

                  “You know... that really explains a lot actually.” Breck added in as he watched Reina taunt her opponent, Jace.

                  “Try not to be too scared while we battle, guy. I know they can probably be very intimidating but bear with me, and we'll make this interesting for everyone, okay?” Reina said cheerfully across the arena to her opponent. “And for the first fight, we'll use my closest companion! Come on out, Edge!”

                  Reina tossed a Pokeball out into the grass field, releasing a gigantic pewter colored snake pokemon that coiled its massive boulders around in a circle, standing tall in the arena.

                  “Oh no, she brought her Onix?! This is going to get dangerous.” Fen exclaimed in a hopeless tone as Reina released her Onix, giggling.

                  “Thats a pretty big Pokemon, I admit I was really expecting to see that Cubone of yours to make an appearance but this will do just fine. Come on out, Drapion!” Jace said in response to Reina's release as he threw a blue and white pokeball into the arena, releasing the black and purple armored Pokemon onto the field. Reina wasted no time in getting the show rolling.

                  “Okay Edge, Honey, lets start it off strong! Stone Edge!”

                  Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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                    I reeally liked the ending to Fen's fight. That strategy was good. I also like the direction of the story and can't wait for Reina's fight. I didn't see many errors:

                    It tore through the Earth as it sped through, colliding with giant sloth, instantly holding him at bay.

                    Earth should be earth and it should be colliding with the giant sloth.

                    Garchomp looked at its trainer through droopy eyes as it wobbled a little bit while it stood. It leaned its head back, inhaling deeply once more. Bring its head down it opened its mouth, letting out a long yawn. It sleepily laid down in its place and curled into a ball. It shut its eyes and began to snore. Everyone was completely awe struck.
                    Just need to add ing to bring.

                    “Alright lefty, you're goin back in now, we need to go back.” Fenra said to his partner as he patted the huge Pokemon's belly.


                    The circular portion of arena slowly raised up from the ground as the railing retreating back underneath.
                    Should be retreated

                    It was my decision to stick up f or Mr. Hale, so theres nothing to worry about.

                    “its not that easy, Fenra. This is Team Havoc, you lose the wrong fight here and you could disappear.” Albrecht chimed in.
                    Capitalize Its

                    “We will indeed, but thats for later. Right I think all of us are tired, lets head back and get some sleep so we can see Reina's match tomorrow.” Cross said sleepily.
                    Add now after right

                    and the Saffron Mall is 2 blocks west.
                    2 should be two

                    There's a few more things but pretty much just the basis of what I just edited. I hope it helps =) I really can't wait for chapter four!
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                    Getting things together for a possible story.
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                    I caught a few mistakes as well, like bare instead of bear in the second chapter, but overall; Excelleeeeent. |D


                    But yeah, excellent description, though I'm seeing some irritating structure when you had them converse. It's like, they all have generally the same personality. It clashes, since all four of them seem to be trying to be the main character all at once, and it's kind of hard to balance it all. I think you should work on making a little more differentation between your characters.

                    And I think you should work on how you convey their history to us as well. xD Fen's history seemed so forced out, as did Reina's. You don't always need someone to voice an inquiry about why someone's habits are the way they are, and nor do you need to write an entire History section for it. xDD

                    But Giovanni is considerably better, though definitely... needs to be brushed up a bit. ^^

                    Excellent two chapters though. Can't wait for the rest! <3
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                    I picked up on a certain "fact" during the first chapter but forgot about it until now. So...what's this about Fenra winning the Grand Tournament?! That's utterly preposterous! We all know Kozue won the GT with his hands tied behind his back and with only one Pokemon too! Pssh...what a misleading story. D<

                    All hilarious-ness aside, since IceDragon2439 and Loki covered the nitty gritty, I'll just talk about what attracted my attention the most; that being the end of Fenra's battle. I don't know what it was but when I started reading how the conclusion of the battle played out, I just got this feeling of wanting to read more. I felt it was a little short but I guess that's just a testament to you for reeling me in. xD

                    On another note, the start of Reina's battle seems just as exciting, especially with Fenra explaining her family's history. I like the idea of her family specialising in using brute force but like before, it seemed a little rushed.

                    Still, extremely looking forward to the next the chapter and good work so far on the first two. :3
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                      Heres chapter 4! I hope you all enjoy it. A relatively short chapter it felt like, but i enjoyed writing it and diving a bit farther into our favorite female trainer. Not much commentary on this one BUT exciting news, Team Havoc artwork to come soon hopefully! Be excited!

                      Chapter 4
                      “A Woman's Wrath”

                      A calming breeze blew over the crowd as clothing billowed along with it. Reina stood confidently in her corner with arms folded across her chest. Her eyes remained closed as she gave the opening command to her partner.

                      “Okay Edge, Honey, lets start if off strong! Stone Edge!”

                      The gigantic rock snake gave a confirming roar as it slithered towards its opponent quickly. Onix's head began to shine a reflective gleam as it rushed the Drapion standing firm in front of him.

                      “Drapion, don't just stand there, counter that Stone Edge with Cross Poison!” Jace yelled to his partner.

                      Drapion crossed its massive fore arms in front of it, letting them glow a purple light. It quickly brought them separating from each other in front of him, colliding with Onix's head. Onix pushed hard against the attack as the two struggled to gain ground against each other. Finally, giving a massive heave of its head, Onix was proven winner of the struggle as it thrust hard, sending Drapion sliding back to its corner while ripping up grass and dirt with its feet as it desperately clutched the earth, attempting to keep from going airborne.

                      “Doesn't seem like this is a good match up for that Jace guy. An Onix already packs a lot of strength because of its size, then if what Fenra says is true...Then Reina has trained that thing to the bone. Their strength difference is only going to become more apparent as the match progresses...” Breck commented as the battle commenced.

                      “I can't believe she brought Onix...” Fen continued to say quietly to himself as he buried his face in his right palm, shaking his head slowly.

                      “Edge! Don't slow down, honey! Use that rock head of yours for a Double-Edge quickly and turn it into a Dig!” Reina called cheerfully.

                      Onix wasted no time in thundering towards the Drapion once more at full speed. Before Drapion could react, Onix had used its length to quickly close the distance between the two. Onix's heavy attack landed, giving Drapion more than enough of a hit to think about as it went crashing to the ground and tumbling hard. Onix did not follow through as it turned and dove underneath the earth, leaving Drapion alone on the grass field.

                      “You can do this, Drapion. Just calm down. We've fought ground tons of ground enemies before, just wait for the right time.” Jace called to his Drapion in an attempt to calm it down. Drapion stood, wobbling from the attack as its legs strained to stay locked and upright.

                      “Come ON Drapion! It was just two attacks!” Jace called in a desperate tone.

                      “Don't sound so frightened, you're doing better than most people would be. Your Drapion has got some pretty good defenses. Most Pokemon would have already been KO'd from Stone Edge.” Reina called arrogantly to Jace from across the arena.

                      Jace's brow furrowed in anger as the Reina's onslaught of taunts continued.

                      “Is this part of her strategy, Fen? A hidden command like what you had?” Cross asked silently.

                      “No...This is just Reina being Reina...” Fen said with a sigh as Reina's loud laugh could be heard over top everyone.

                      “Edge! Lets try and end this quick now, okay? Finish up that Dig attack!” Reina called to her still underground Pokemon.

                      The ground began to rumble as Onix could be felt moving through the earth. But Jace was quick to not be taken advantage of as he called his command.

                      “Drapion, we wont be made a fool of. I want this entire field saturated in Toxic, now.” He said with a stern voice, glaring at his Drapion.

                      Drapion's eyes narrowed in concentration as it leaned backwards, and thrust its claws and tail into the ground to hold its place. A gelatinous purplish liquid began to ooze from its mouth as it dripped with a sickening sound onto the grass, instantly soaking into the earth.

                      “Edge! Cancel that Dig! Get out of the ground! Now!” Reina called quickly to the rock snake but it was too late. Onix erupted from the ground, smashing Drapion hard in the face, while taking a face full of toxic in the process. Edge wailed in agony as it shook the poisonous liquid from its face, squinting its eyes, and very clearly enraged. Drapion went tumbling into the air and landed with a hard thud on the ground. It struggled to stand once more as the fatigue in its body was visible.

                      “Oh jeeze... now he did it.” Fen said with another sigh

                      “Did what?” Cross and Breck replied in unison but were answered very quickly as they looked up to Reina on the trainer's platform with her fists clenched in anger.

                      “That.” Fen responded, trailing off.

                      Reina's fists were trembling as her Onix wailed around the arena, rubbing the toxic from its face. Her face suddenly narrowed to an almost opposite expression from before as she turned to the field.

                      “Onix. Bind. He'll pay for that.” Reina said in a low voice.

                      “Did she just call it Onix?” Cross interrupted. “I thought she called him Edge?”

                      “In most cases... that would be true But...” Fen trailed off once more as Onix angrily charged the Drapion.

                      Onix quickly slithered, wrapping itself around the Drapion and squeezing it tightly with the end of its huge rocky tail.

                      “Now. Screech.” Reina said coldly.

                      Onix reared its head back, letting out a massive high pitched screech that caused the everyone in the park to drop to their knees, covering their ears. Reina stood tall with an unchanging facial expression as the sound waves pounded against the Drapion.

                      “Finish it, Onix. Rock Blast.” Reina said quietly.

                      Onix quickly shut its mouth, halting the stream of sound. The crowd rose to their feet watching the angered Onix and trainer as it prepared for another attack. It opened its mouth, looking down at the Drapion in its grip which lay weakly between Onix's rocks.

                      “Drapion! Pin Missle! Cross Poison! Night Slash! Anything!” Jace called desperately to his Drapion.

                      “Its no use. That Drapion's ears are probably ringing like church bells.” Reina said coldly. “Do it Onix.”

                      Onix opened his mouth once more as it let a massive boulder come rocketting from its mouth into the ensnared Drapion. It connected hard, as Onix let its body crash into the ground. Onix fired another boulder, sinking the Drapion deeper into the ground, quickly followed by a third.

                      “STOP!” Jace called desperately. “The match is yours...”

                      “Edge, thats enough. Come here.” Reina called calmly.

                      The giant Onix slithered to its master as it winced in pain while it approached. With saddened eyes, it lowered its head to Reina.

                      “I know, Edge. It hurts doesn't it? We'll get you treated soon.” She said soothingly to her partner as she closed her eyes, petting Onix gently. “Come on back in your pokeball, I'll end this as fast as I can.”

                      “Hmpf, so she DOES have a heart. Maybe its just made of ice...” Breck commented under his breath.

                      “I wouldn't let her hear you say that, Breck.” Cross advised.

                      “I can't believe she brought Onix...” Fen repeated once more.

                      Reina raised her arm with pokeball in hand. She released the red beam, letting it surround her Onix and pull it back inside. A mechanical voice chimed in over the commotion.

                      “This battle's victor is Reina Oosaki and Onix. Would both trainers please release their next Pokemon.”

                      “Your turn, Cubert.” She called in a much more cheerful voice as she threw the a blue and red great ball into the arena, releasing her small brown companion.

                      Cubone looked around sleepily for a moment before wiping its eyes and looking backwards to Reina with a confused look.

                      “Aw...I know its nap time but just a win here and you can go back to sleep Cubert!” Reina yelled to her small Cubone who had plopped onto its rear and started sniveling in the middle of the arena with its over sized bone laying next to it on the ground.

                      “Okay. We need this win or its over. Make it happen, Pinsir.” Jace said quietly to the pokeball in hand before tossing it onto the field. The Pinsir flexed its muscles before clacking its large horns together, signaling it was ready to fight.

                      “Battle two. Reina Oosaki's Cubone against Jace Sharp's Pinsir. Begin when ready.” The mechanical voice echoed over the arena.

                      Pinsir stepped slowly to the center of the arena as Cubone still sat on the opposing end, in the grass amidst the upturned dirt from the previous fight.

                      “Cubert honey don't be like this. We aren't going for ice cream if you don't stand up RIGHT now mister!” Reina shouted to the small pokemon. The threat seemed to strike a chord with Cubone as his head perked up.

                      “...Bone?” It replied looking to Reina.

                      “Thats right. No ice cream if you don't go fight, Cubert. But I don't really mind because you look so cute sitting down there!” Reina called to her small pokemon.

                      The sound of the words echoed back and forth through Cubone's head as he looked at his trainer.

                      “You-look-so-cute!” the words haunted Cubone's thoughts and repeated over and over as it looked back to Reina through narrow eyes.

                      “Don't look at me, they said it first.” Reina said in defense to the small Pokemon's glare.

                      Cubone instantly shifted his gaze to Pinsir and Jace across the field. Cubone stood up, picking up its huge bone and pointing across the arena at the two.


                      “Yup, those two” Reina confirmed as Cubone turned to look the Pinsir in the eye. Cubone raised the huge bone over its head and brought it down hard to the ground, sending a tremble through the arena floor which sent Pinsir flailing for balance.

                      “Don't any of you people train pokemon normally? Seriously.” Breck commented aloud in frustration at Cubone's display on the field.

                      “I guess any of the best Pokemon are going to have their own little quirks.” Cross commented back. “I'm sure your Pokemon have their own quirks as well.”

                      “Besides, does it matter how we train our pokemon if we win? That's why we're all here isn't it?” Fen added to the conversation behind Cross.

                      Before an answer could be given, the opening battle commands were issued.

                      “Alright Pinsir, lets get momentum swinging our way! Go!” Jace called from his corner.

                      Pinsir immediately began stomping towards the small Cubone who's mind was now fixated on the false truth Reina provided. Cubone stood still as the bug type pounded towards him with arms out stretched and pinchers ready. It charged in close, lashing out its horns and thrashing wildly at the Cubone.

                      “Cubert, stop it in its tracks!” Reina happily called to her Cubone


                      A wave of force seemed to blast outward as Pinsir collided at full force, kicking up a wisp of dust and debris that quickly settled, revealing Cubone to be holding Pinsir at bay with bone and pinchers connecting.

                      “Do it!” Reina followed again with another command.

                      Cubone thrusted its weight forward and swung outward, providing the Pinsir with a forced retreat as it skid backwards through the grass and dirt back to its own corner.

                      “She looks like she's trying to set him up for something.” Cross commented as the battle continued in front of them.

                      “Okay Cubert! Quick now, babe! Bone Rush!” Reina called cheerfully again.

                      Cubone shuffled to a slow start as he began to waddle faster and faster up to a full speed run with bone raised above his head.

                      “Pinsir! Counter that! Vital Throw!”

                      Pinsir responded with a grunt as it raised it's arms bracing for Cubone's arrival. Cubone was quickly on the enemy, landing a solid hit in Pinsir's side and head with powerful bone hits before Pinsir grabbed the small Pokemon with both hands, lifting it off the ground to eye level. Cubone struggled in Pinsir's grip for a moment until Pinsir finally slammed it into the ground and followed it with a high throw into the air sending the little Pokemon arching high above the arena. Pinsir wasted no time in following the Pokemon and jumping after it. It grabbed Cubone in mid-air, wrapping it's arms and legs around it and tucking the small ground type into an upside down power bomb. The two Pokemon crashed to the ground with a roar as the attack landed with extreme force.

                      “Hmpf, been a while since I've even seen a Vital Throw. Just goes to show you that every attack can be used to an advantage. The Jace guy isn't a bad trainer.” Breck said aloud with a bored expression.

                      “It wont do him any good. That skull of Cubone's is better than a helmet and Reina knows it. She likes to finish things quick so my guess is that this battle will be decided in a few more attacks.” Fen replied nonchalantly.

                      The dust on the field cleared as Cubone still remained head down in the ground. Pinsir took a few steps back while Cubone's body fell limp. Only a few seconds passed before Cubone sprung up quickly, sitting on its rear again. Its eyes were wide and watery as it looked back to its master.

                      “Awww Cubert! Don't cry! You're almost done! I'm not mad at you, I promise!” Reina called to her Pokemon, giving needed reassurance to the Pokemon's fragile personality.

                      “...Cu? Bone?”

                      “Yes, I promise. Now lets get this done so we can go get ice cream!” She called, encouraging her little Pokemon. The ice cream incentive worked, causing Cubone to spring to his feet, ready for another round as if nothing had happened. “You under estimated that skull of his, Jace. You shouldn't have held back.”

                      “So I can't get around the defenses, aye? We might as well just go for the throat then...Pinsir! Listen up! Guillotine attack!” Jace commanded.

                      Reina erupted into laughter at the sound of the powerful move being called to Pinsir but regained her composure quickly and issued a counter command.

                      “Guillotine? HAH! Cubey, why don't you just wedge your bone right in there for me?” Reina requested sweetly.

                      Pinsir charged with pincers glowing and ready to wrap around Cubone's neck, ending the match. Cubone stood calmly, waiting for the right moment. It finally sprung into action, spinning its bone in quick circles before thrusting it upwards, straight in between the grip of the pincers. Pinsir struggled with the bone stuck in between its mighty grip atop it's head. It struggled to widen or crush the bone but nothing seemed to work.

                      “It doesn't have its bone anymore, Pinsir! It should be easy pickings now! Take it down! Super Power!” Jace called confidently.

                      “There you go again... under estimating my little Cubert. Why would I only teach him bone oriented attacks? Just finish it please, Cubert.” Reina called cheerfully. “Skull Bash!”

                      Cubone instantly tucked its head low as it began to glow a bright white. He launched his head into Pinsir's gut, sending him streaking through the air and colliding with Jace's trainer podium with bone still wedged. Cubone wasted no time following full speed and arriving at the dazed Pinsir. Cubert tore the bone from the Pinsir's Guillotine grip and wound up big, smashing the bone into Pinsir's chest and dealing a cement cracking Bone Club that instantly ended the match.

                      “YAY! Go Cubert! Good Job!” Reina called excitedly.

                      “Cu! Cubone! Bone!” The little Pokemon leaped into the air with happiness and ran in circles dancing at its victory before running back to Reina and leaping into her arms.

                      “You did great, Cubert! As soon as we take care of Edge, we'll go get some ice cream, okay?” She said in a babyish voice to the little Pokemon.

                      “And the winner of the match goes to Reina Oosaki with a 2-0 victory!” The mechanical voiced chimed over the arena as the crowd applauded the demonstration of strength.

                      Jace recalled his defeated Pinsir with a grin still spread wide across his face. He left with his head low, plotting under his breath. “So thats your strength? We'll see how strong you really are. Sometimes its about endurance and not power, Reina Oosaki...”

                      “So thats the power of an Oosaki trainer? Well color me impressed, maybe she's not just some whiney girl” Breck said quietly to himself while watching Reina and Cubone celebrate.

                      “Breck...? Was that a compliment?! To Reina?!” Fenra commented, appearing close to Breck's face as he watched.

                      “Peter Rabbit would be wise to stay out of Mr. McGreggar's garden, Fenra Kurai.” Breck responded coldly, leaving his thought induced comments.

                      “...right. Oh look! Here she comes!” Fenra responded, quickly changing the subject.

                      Reina walked down, greeting the other trainers with a somewhat worried face.

                      “A short and sweet fight, Reina! But thats not the face of a winner, what's wrong?” Cross asked concerned.

                      “Its Edge...He took a lot of that Toxic attack. I could feel his pain before he went back into his ball. I'm going to a Pokemon Center right now.” She said as she continued walking past them in a hurried walk with Cubone waddling quickly behind her. The others watched her for a distance before looking to each other and hurrying to catch up with her.

                      * * *

                      Reina sat quietly at a table in the Pokemon Center, tapping her fingers nervously. The others were also around the table, quietly waiting for the results of Onix's health. Cubone sat on the ground with his bone to his side, licking on a vanilla ice cream cone that he had cried his way into gaining before stopping at the center. The silent tension was too much to bear as Cross finally broke the quiet atmosphere.

                      “So Reina, whats with your Cubone? May I ask?” Cross questioned, attempting to start conversation.

                      “Oh Cubert? He's just a spoiled little Cubone, I know its my own fault but he's just so cute!” She responded with a half happy tone.

                      Cubone looked up angrily from his ice cream at the sound of being called “cute”. It stood up, grabbing its bone and smacking the ground hard.


                      “Don't push it, Cubert.” She responded sternly to the little ground type.

                      “Bone.” The little Pokemon responded, bashing the floor again, demanding an apology from his master.

                      “Thats it. You lost your bone privileges for the day. Give me that.” Reina responded to the stubborn Pokemon, yanking the bone from his hand and lifting it above his head.

                      “Bone?! Cuboneeeeee!” The little pokemon immediately wailed in an apologetic tone and began crying a river of tears onto the floor while jumping and struggling to take its bone back. It soon gave up, plopping onto its rear and crying harder.

                      “You're not getting it back until you learn to act right.” She responded sternly, placing the bone on the table out of Cubone's reach. She set an elbow on it, resting her face on the same hand and resumed waiting as if nothing was happening.

                      “This happens a lot?” Breck finally asked, wondering if he was the only one who was confused about the entire scenario.

                      “Too much, sometimes he throws fits like this when someone calls him cute or adorable or anything to that effect. Its because of his height, he's smaller than most Cubone's and doesn't like being singled out because of it...” Reina explained.

                      “So he's got an inferiority complex?” Cross asked.

                      “Yup. You could say that I suppose.” Reina replied to him in a monotoned voice, ignoring her Cubone's constant crying.

                      “So is that what's up with the bone too then? Thats way bigger than usual.” Breck asked, continuing the conversation.

                      “Kind of...Cubone knows I love him as a Cubone and as strong as he wants to be, he wont evolve for my sake. So instead of evolving to show his strength, he started this weird habit of forcefully trading bones with other Cubone and Marowak that he's defeated if their bone was bigger than his. He got this one about 3 weeks ago so as you can imagine its something similar to a toddler with a new toy.” Reina responded with a frustrated motherly tone as her eyes crept down to the little Cubone who had slowed to a snivel and was wiping his eyes.

                      “Are you ready to act right now?” She asked the small brown Pokemon.

                      He looked up at her, spotting the corner of his bone hanging off the table just out of his reach and finally admitted defeat.


                      “Okay then, here you go.” Reina said calmly, handing Cubert his bone once more. His face lit up with happiness as it waddled a safe distance from his trainer and tossed the bone high into the air, twirling it and catching it acrobatically and smashing the ground hard one more time, bouncing the nearby tables off of the ground.

                      “Reina Oosaki?” A voice chimed in from across the other end of the center. The group looked up to see Nurse Joy standing at a door leading to the back with a serious look on her face. “If you would come with me please.”

                      Reina followed the nurse quietly to the back of the Pokemon Center which opened into a wide yard in the back where Onix lay curled on the ground sleeping quietly. Reina rushed to his side, hugging the large boulders that make up his body. The giant snake gently awoke and leaned its large head over and gently nuzzled its master happily.

                      “Is Edge going to be okay, Nurse Joy?” Reina asked, looking back to her.

                      “Thats what we need to talk about, Reina. Who ever poisoned your Onix is a master of the poison arts. This is the most vicious strand of Toxic I've ever seen. I'm fighting it with the best Pecha Berries, Antidotes, and Full Heals we have in stock but its only delaying the inevitable. Due to Giovanni's control over the entire city, medical supply trade is weak in Saffron. To get him proper attention we would have to leave Saffron and seek out more powerful ingredients.” Nurse Joy explained with a solemn tone.

                      “But if I leave the city--” Reina cut in.

                      “If you leave the city, you will be disqualified.” Nurse Joy replied, finishing her sentence.

                      Reina clenched her fists in anger, thinking back to Jace and the desperate last ditch Toxic attack in the day's previous match.

                      “He knew he couldn't win so he tried to set Onix up to go down in spite...” Reina admitted through clenched teeth. “I got too power hungry and you paid for it Edge, I'm sorry.”

                      Onix nuzzled her gently once more as Reina placed her palm on his forehead and rubbed the rock gently.

                      “With more time, I might be able to heal him. But it will take a while. If you think you can hold out, that is.” Nurse Joy said calmly, attempting to reassure Reina.

                      Reina stood with her eyes closed, hugging Onix's head in silence for a while before Nurse Joy cut in one more time.

                      “Reina there is another option as well. With guaranteed recovery.” She added, stepping closer and pulling her away from Edge for a moment. “May I talk to you privately?”

                      The two walked to a corner of the garden where Nurse Joy turned her back to the Onix and pulled a small shining container from her apron pocket.

                      “You're of Oosaki blood, so you must know what this is.” Nurse Joy started.

                      “Its a metal coat.” she replied flatly, turning her head away from it.

                      “I understand how you must feel about this whole situation but in order to save a life we have to look at this rationally. Steel types are completely immune to poison. If Onix were to evolve, it would definitely save it.” Nurse Joy explained.

                      “...I know. How long before I have to make the decision?” Reina questioned, staring blankly into space through watery eyes.

                      “At the rate of infection, I would say you have two days maximum to either evolve him into Steelix or leave town for Lavender where the herbal remedy shop will no doubt have something to counter this poison.”

                      “two days...” Reina repeated quietly.

                      “Just hold on to this until you're ready to decide, Reina.” Nurse Joy said to her, gently placing the metal coat in Reina's hand. “I'm going back to the front counter. You're free to come in and out of the center and see Onix here whenever you wish but he needs to stay back here unless you're taking him out of the city.”

                      Nurse Joy disappeared back into the Pokemon Center alone, leaving Reina alone in the back garden with Onix. Reina reached to her hip, pulling out the black and yellow ultra ball that didn't get used in the previous battle. She tossed it into the air, releasing a gigantic mass of brown fur and muscle.

                      * * *

                      Nurse Joy returned to the front desk of the center where Fenra, Cross, Breck, and Cubone were still waiting patiently for Reina's return.

                      “She's in the back garden if you'd like to go see her. I think she needs the company right now.” Nurse Joy called to them, directing them to the back.

                      The group stood in unison, heading through the center and arriving at the door to the garden. Reina's back was to them as they watched her toss the ultra ball into the air, releasing her third Pokemon.

                      “Sunny. Do you see what they did to Edge? Its up to you and Cubert for the next fight, are we going to keep letting them push us around like this?” Reina questioned sternly through stuttered words, clearly fighting back tears as she looked upon her pained Onix.

                      “An Ursaring... I guess the Oosakis really don't mess around when it comes to power...” Breck commented silently as he watched Reina with her pokemon.

                      The huge Ursaring roared loudly at Reina's question and opened its mouth wide, letting a gaping Hyper Beam explode from its mouth and soar into the sky off into the distance.

                      “I didn't think so.”

                      Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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                        This chapter was touching. I like the dilema Reina is in. I wonder what she'll decide =). The battle was enjoyable to read as well. I only saw a few mistakes:

                        “You can do this, Drapion. Just calm down. We've fought ground tons of ground enemies before, just wait for the right time.”
                        Remove the first ground, since you have it twice.

                        Onix reared its head back, letting out a massive high pitched screech that caused the everyone in the park to drop to their knees, covering their ears.

                        Two days...” Reina repeated quietly.

                        That's all I really see. I can't wait for the next chapter because I know it's going to be good!
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                          Took a while for me to write this one, I apologize. I want to make sure I like the direction the story is going before I proclaim it ready to be posted so sometimes i'm a bit too anal about things haha. But at last, heres the 5th chapter. The plot is beginning to thicken in this one and should only escalate from here!

                          Chapter 5
                          "Coffee with Cream"

                          “How did it go?” A low voice asked through the darkness of a dimly lit office room. Giovanni sat, thumping his fingers together with slow anticipation as he waited for his answer.

                          “Like cake, she was a real easy opponent to read so it wasn't hard to make it look good.” A sly voice responded from across the room. A black silhouette stepped forward revealing a lean, familiar figure.

                          “I should thank you for your services once more, it must have been hard for you to throw your first match like that, Jace.” Giovanni replied with a modest chuckle. “But as promised, here is 15,000.”

                          “You're too kind, sir. That Onix I poisoned wont be getting up for a while, and when she tries to leave, you can nab her aye? That'd be disqualification from the club, leavin' town like that. Seems to me you're tryin' to get rid of her and those guys she hangs with. What do you have against them? They're just some arrogant punk trainers, I've seen their types before.” Jace replied as two guards stepped in front of him, laying out a briefcase and popping it open to prove it contents. He nodded to the two guards as they left and flipped the briefcase shut and held it loosely at his side, awaiting Giovanni's retort.

                          “I have seen their types in the past too. Their type are the ones who stick their noses where they don't belong. The four of them are pests to my club and as far as I'm concerned, everything I'm trying to create. I want the four of them to be taken care of without causing too much of a stir, but that being said, I don't need to explain myself to you, your work is finished here. Leave.” Giovanni responded coldly as the two guards at the door quickly walked to both sides of Jace and stared him down with an intimidating glare.

                          “Didn't mean to insult you, big guy. But I'll let myself out, no need to get hostile about it.” Jace responded with a slightly taunting tone as he walked backwards slowly. He gave a small wave as he stepped out the door and shut it behind him. Giovanni sat quietly for a moment in contemplation before sitting up straight and turning to his guards.

                          “Were they sent out as I ordered?” He asked calmly.

                          “They were sent out 30 minutes ago and should be arriving shortly. Pierson shouldn't make it to tonight's match in a good condition and are even ordered to apprehend him if the opportunity arises.” One of the guard quickly replied.

                          “Excellent, the sooner I get these kids out of the picture and away from their Pokemon, the faster I can continue to spread this empire...” Giovanni said slyly to himself as he folded his hands across his lap. His quiet Espeon gently leaped onto the desk in front of him and purred softly before leaping to its owner's lap and curling softly against him. Giovanni stroked its over sized ears quietly with a look of content spread across his face.

                          * * *

                          “It makes sense that she wants to be alone with Onix right now, we'll probably see her at your match tonight, Breck.” Fen said calmly as he walked out the Pokemon Center doors between Albrecht and Crossford.

                          “Yeah, she's taking it rough but who wouldn't be worried?” Crossford added, squinting into the afternoon sunlight.

                          “Either way, this has been an incredibly long morning. I'm gonna go grab a cup of coffee, anyone else up for it? My treat.” Breck said over top the conversation, looking down the street towards a small outdoor cafe.

                          “Well if its your treat, sure why not!” Crossford replied quickly, more than happy for a free drink.

                          “Sure, me too, I suppose, even though coffee isn't really my thing...” Fen responded, slightly trailing off into nothing as a faint object caught his eye. He blinked a couple times, staring across the street towards a small alley.

                          “You okay there, Fen?” Cross called from a few feet ahead of him.

                          “Um, yeah, I'm fine... I actually think I'm gonna sit this one out, I don't really like coffee. Wouldn't want to waste your money, Breck.” He responded in a slightly pre occupied tone. He continued to appear in deep contemplation before heading back the other way and crossing the street towards the alley.

                          “What a weird kid...” Breck said flatly. The two of them continued on their path towards the coffee shop, still a bit confused about Fen's actions. “He can probably take care of himself though...” Breck added, reassuring himself of the odd behavior.

                          “Yeah, thats true. He's a bit strange but he's tough, no doubt about that.” Cross responded to Breck, reaffirming.

                          The two quickly arrived in front of the sidewalk cafe, taking a seat at a corner table. Breck instantly flopped into his chair lazily while Cross sat slowly and slid into place. A small cute waitress quickly appeared aside their table with a pen and pad ready to take an order.

                          “What can I get for you boys today?” She said cheerfully to them.

                          “Just a cup of coffee for me, black.” Breck said to the waitress.

                          “I'll take a cup as well with as much sugar as you can bring and like...a gallon... of milk.” Cross replied to the waitress, forming his hands into approximately a gallon size to show her.

                          “Um... black coffee and a cup with a lot of sugar and milk... that it?” She replied uneasily.

                          “Thanks love, thats it.” Breck replied cooly, winking at the waitress. She blushed slightly before returning inside to deliver her order. Breck and Cross sat in awkward silence for what seemed like an eternity. Breck finally broke the silence.

                          “So I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. What are you doing here?” Breck flatly blurted out.

                          “Follow my gut, I guess. I've been living in the region for most of my life and know these cities like the back of my hand. What Giovanni is doing to this place is terrible, Saffron used to be a great city with interesting people everywhere. Now its just Giovanni's fortress and its only going to spread throughout the region. I want to stop him. The only way to do it is to nip the problem at the bud.” Cross replied with a serious tone.



                          “Well I don't know about all that, but somethings definitely up. On that note I don't really care though. Giovanni can do whatever he wants, so long as I win and get my prize money. If I win this, who does he have left who can beat me?” Breck responded arrogantly, leaning back in his chair.

                          “So thats what you're here for? The money? If you had the chance to put down Giovanni once and for all, you wouldn't? The man is the definition of power hunger and corruption in the world.” Cross quickly retorted.

                          “And who are you to judge me? Can't really tell you what I'd do if I ever went up against Giovanni. But for right now, its none of my concern.” Breck replied.

                          “None of your concern?!---” Cross began to shout but quickly silenced himself upon the return of their waitress.

                          “Here you are, guys! Nice and hot. And plenty of milk and sugar!” She said giggling while pouring a mound of condiments in front of Cross, then setting their cups in front of them. “Anything else I can get you two?”

                          “How about a number and possibly a date?” Breck replied slyly, leaning towards the waitress and looking up through dreamy eyes over the top of his glasses. The moment was quickly interrupted by Cross he leaped up from his seat, knocking his chair over and looking directly at Breck.


                          He quickly leaped, tackling Breck and the waitress to the ground as a massive glob of purplish brown goo went soaring over their heads and crashing into the cafe window. It oozed down in a sticky slime before settling.

                          “The hell was that?!” Breck yelled, confused as small pieces of debris clattered to the ground behind them.

                          Cross stood up, reaching to his pocket and pulling out a plain pokeball and tossed it into the air, releasing a gigantic green hulk of Pokemon. Cross' Venusaur stood tall and intimidating. A very large Pokemon with a dark green skin color. Its leaves and red flower petals were ripped and torn with battle scar. The Pokemon's mere presence showed that it was a veteran in the battlefield, complete with a large dark scar running between his eyes down to his nose. Venusaur stood large and proud, ready to act.

                          “Gawen, buddy. We're on the defensive, can you cover us with Nature Power?” Crossford called to his partner, almost as if requesting.

                          Venusaur gave a snort to his trainer before turning towards the empty streets. His eyes turned a deep red as it summoned its strength to lift itself a little off the ground and drop with a huge thud, sending vibrations through the ground. Huge chunks of concrete and earth ripped up from the air, flying into the air in front of Venusaur and the others as another unseen attack connected with the boulders, blowing them to pieces.

                          “Where did that come from? Crap, it couldn't be a flying type...? So what are you waiting for Breck? An invitation? We're obviously in pretty deep right now!” Cross exclaimed to Breck who was still on the ground watching the action.

                          “Right. Hey cutie go back inside while I take care of this okay?” Breck said calmly to the waitress, shooing her back into the building. He stood up tall and popped his knuckles. Reaching to his hip, he calmly selected a ball, finally settling on a green and black dusk ball. He tossed it high into the air as its contents zipped up into the air in a black blur then settled into the sky, flapping its mighty wings then tipping its over sized hat to its master.

                          “Honchcrow, its a little bright out here, fix it.” Breck called calmly to his partner.

                          Honchcrow circled high in the sky for a moment before dive bombing at the ground and swooping to a low hover. The flap of its large wings stirred the trees and bushes placed in various windows. It took a breath before heaving a huge flap of its wings and letting a flurry of feathers lose from its wings that danced around the streets by the hundreds and circled around them. The black feathers continued to become thicker and thicker until they began to shade the sun.

                          “And now for the last part, Honchcrow, Night Shade.” Breck ordered.

                          The large bird flew into the air through the mass of feathers and stopped at high altitude, then let its eyes turn a dark purple, before releasing a wave of darkness and shadows to cover the street, building and everything around them.

                          “That was definitely a Feather Dance, then he combined it with Night Shade? Whats he up to...” Crossford thought to himself as he watched Breck's Honchcrow. “Gawen, be ready for anything.” he warned his partner. The bulky pokemon snuffed in compliance as it watched the dark area.

                          “Sorry about that, grass types like the sun don't they? Thats too bad though. When you fight with Honchcrow, you fight in his turf. He can see anything in that darkness and feel the slightest disturbance in the continuous flow of feathers.We'll have the mystery Pokemon found soon because my bet is what ever is hitting us isn't going to do as well in the dark as Honchcrow does. If you wanna go ahead and sit this one out, I think we've got it under control now.” Breck said to Cross with an egotistical tone.

                          “Theres two of them. You can't do this by yourself.” Cross began to reply.

                          “Honchcrow, find them.” Breck commanded.

                          Silence followed then quickly the sound of ruffling feathers and a hard impact into the concrete. Cross looked around in confusion, desperately wanting to make a command to assist his Venusaur. Without warning, an attack from the sky tore through the darkness, instantly shedding light everywhere around them.

                          “Thats the same attack as the second attack from before!” Cross exclaimed, thinking back to the attack Gawen had countered. He looked up into the now cleared air to see a Crobat flying fast through the air, ready fight. Down on the street, a Roserade was now getting up off its feet, ready to fight as well.

                          “Giovanni didn't say there would be two of them...” A voice called in a whiney tone from the other side of the street, stepping from behind a tree. A somewhat rugged looking blond girl appeared. Her hair was pulled into a jagged ponytail and she wore shorts and a tank top with an assortment of pokemon gear around her waist. She leaned against the tree, inspecting Cross and Breck.

                          “Working for Giovanni, aye? Trying to mess with my match tonight I'm assuming. Even though I figured it would happen, I'm still annoyed by it...” Breck replied lazily.

                          “You've got a pretty big mouth, we would have had you if it wasn't for the hippie over there.” Another voice called from a rooftop as the figure leaped from the top, only to be caught by the Crobat and set down gently next to the girl. A rather limbered smart alec looking trainer with a low fitted baseball cap and torn jeans and shirt. His navy blue hair leaked roughly from underneath his blue and white baseball cap.

                          “Hey Cross, we don't care about their names since we're just going to beat them right? So I can just skip to the good part?” Breck called to Cross in a mock secretive tone.

                          “Looks like it, I guess I'll be dealing with the Roserade then.” Cross said with a note of preparation in his voice.

                          “I hope you've got some skills, hobo” Breck said seriously.

                          “Gawen, another Nature Power! Make sure they feel it this time!” Cross commanded, ignoring Breck's comment.

                          Venusaur's eyes began to turn a bloodshot red once more as it leaped off the ground and crashed down, launching chunks of cement and earth into the air. This time the boulders hovered just in front of Gawen, before breaking off into tiny stars and firing at the Roserade like bullets. The chunks of pavement flew fast as Roserade attempted its best to jump and doge but was caught by the edges of the stones, sending it off balance into the path of more and more debris and crashed into it, dealing heavy blows. The attack finished, leaving the Roserade battered and struggling on one knee. It stood tall and leaped back to its master. Both trainers stared each other down until the aerial battle above them escalated.

                          “Crobat, quickly, Haze.” the boy ordered his Pokemon.

                          The purple bat quickly flew higher, spewing a thick smog from its mouth, blanketing itself and Honchcrow.

                          “Honchcrow, blast that thing! Dark Pulse!” Breck called from the ruined cafe debris.

                          Honchcrow quickly let its wings heave a gigantic blast, blowing away the haze and sending a wave of dark energy erupting from its wingtips. The attack flew aimlessly into the air, revealing Crobat to be nowhere in sight.

                          “Poison Fang!” The trainer called, as Crobat dove from seemingly no where with fangs dripping with poison. It lunged continuously at Honchcrow as it narrowly dodged the bites in mid-air. Its wingtips began glowing again as it flapped hard, releasing another burst of dark energy forming Dark Pulse and blasting the Crobat a safe distance away.

                          “No! Crobat! Air Cutter!” the boy called in response.

                          Crobat made a quick flap of his wings, sending a white slice streaking through the sky with incredible speed. Honchcrow watched the attack and moved before awaiting its master's next order. It gave another heave, launching another wave of dark energy and colliding with the air cutter, exploding into a brilliant shimmering black haze.

                          “Thats enough Avery, we didn't count on him having someone with him, and we aren't here for an all out battle. Lets go back.” The female trainer called to her companion as she recalled the injured Roserade to its pokeball, looking at it through narrow eyes.

                          “Worthless.” She turned quickly replacing the pokeball at her hip and vanished into the alley behind her.

                          “But, Janice... You got lucky, kid. We'll settle this some other time.” The boy said bitterly as he withdrew his Crobat and followed his partner.

                          Breck and Cross stood dumbfounded for a moment, looking around and scanning the trees and damaged streets. A crowd had started forming around the area where civilians stopped to watch the battle. The onlookers were stunned into silence at the trainer's small display of power. Looking to each other, Breck and Cross let out heavy relieved sighs.

                          “What the heck was that all about!? Nice job, Honchcrow...” Breck said frustrated as he recalled his airborne friend and patted the dirt from his shoulder.

                          “You and I both know what its about, Breck. They were trying to set you up to be in no condition to win that match. Looks like you've got someone betting against you. Although its not really the person I would have wanted to be betting against me...” Cross said seriously but slowly lightening up.

                          “I can take care of myself. We should really be worrying about the kid, didn't he run off by himself a while ago?” Breck replied, shifting his gaze through the crowd of people down the street.

                          “You're right... we should go make sure he's okay. Even he can't do much on a two against one match.” Cross affirmed. “Gawen, come on back.”

                          Cross raised his arm, recalling his large friend. Breck and Cross immediately pushed their way through the crowd and ran down the street to the Pokemon center.

                          * * *

                          “Hello? Is anyone here? I think I saw something come back here... I know I did...Hello??” Fen called as he walked through the dark winding alley way across the street from the Pokemon Center.

                          Slow foot steps echoed through between the walls as the damp air formed between the concrete buildings hung underneath Fen's nose with a stale aroma.

                          “Come on...I just have to ask a question... you see I think that ---” Fen began to call out but was cut off by a gigantic blob of pink in front of him. Fen's eyes crawled up the base of the blob until reaching the dark silhouette of its face with gleaming blue eyes that pierced the darkness. It out stretched its huge arms as Fenra stepped back cautiously.

                          “No way...” Fen said silently to himself as he walked backwards, turning to sprint away. He quickly reached full speed, splashing through shallow puddles in the alley that echoed through the narrow corridor. Heavy breathes escaped his lungs as he finally reached the open streets and stopped in his tracks as a blue aura encompassed his body. His eyes creeped to the side of his head as he fearfully awaited the arrival of the pink monster. He struggled to free himself but it moved slowly and the attack was powerful. Finally thankful to see backup, he looked up to see Cross and Breck running to his down the street.

                          “Hurry up! I need some help!” Fen yelled, showing panic for the first time since his arrival.

                          “Theres Fenra! He's stuck in a really odd position... definitely in trouble though, lets help him out, Breck.” Cross said running as he threw a premier ball into the air, releasing his small pink and white companion.

                          “For once you're right, scruffy. You can help too, Aggron.” Breck said as he slowed to a stop, throwing his heavy ball into the street and releasing the gigantic armored Pokemon.

                          The two trainers waited for a while, watching for their opponent. The silence was agonizing as the tension mounted.

                          “Well? Where is it?” Breck said questioning the wait and letting his guard down.

                          “Good question... I don't see anything either... hey Crash, chill for a bit but stay alert...” Cross said to the Medicham, scratching his head.

                          Without warning the blob of pink appeared behind Fenra still covered by the shadows, while he stayed helpless to move.

                          “Guys?! NOW would be a perfect time!” Fen yelled to them.

                          “Lets do it, Aggron! Charge it and get Fen out of there!” Breck called to the Aggron.

                          “You too, Crash! Do what you need to and get Fen out of there!” Cross called.

                          Both Pokemon sprang into action as Aggron took thunderous steps towards the pink Pokemon, opening its mouth which began to fill with thick flames that licked at his metal lips.

                          “No Breck! Don't let him use a fire attack! Its just going to ---” Fen was cut off by the Aggron letting its mouth gape open and let loose a massive Flamethrower towards the mystery Pokemon. The flames traveled quickly only to be stopped in their place and shot back at Aggron, crashing hard and quickly followed by a ring of water that landed hard in Aggron's chest. Aggron tumbled hard as water type attack connected, dealing a critically strong attack.

                          “Aggron no!” Breck exclaimed as the ground shook when Aggron fell to the pavement.

                          “Crash, your turn go!” Cross called after seeing Breck's Aggron go down.

                          The pink figure made itself more visible as it stepped out with an angry face. A large Slowbro with tired eyes fixed on his two opponents, lazily stepped out, scratching its belly. Crash moved quickly, somersaulting throw the street and launching himself into the air, charging up a powerful thunder punch after seeing his opponent in the light. Landing right in front of the newfound enemy, Crash wound up far back and let the punch rip into the Slowbro's gut. The impact sunk deep into its fat as the sparks danced around the hit, electrocuting Slowbro with small jolts. The huge pink Pokemon flexed, popping the fist from his stomach and let its eyes glow over blue, lifting Medicham off the ground and letting it hover in mid-air as it went after Fenra once more.

                          “No! Fen! Crash!” Cross called to him helplessly.

                          The Slowbro approached Fen slowly, holding its arms out wide as it hovered above him for a moment and came crashing down on top of him in a massive Body Slam and flattening poor Fenra. The air stayed silent as Breck and Cross watched in horror.

                          “Oh no... it can't be...” Breck said speechless from his friend's fate.

                          Suddenly a muffled yell could be heard from underneath the Slowbro. It grew louder and louder until the Slowbro finally looked up, releasing Crash from its psychic hold in mid-air. It stood up lazily and smiled, looking down at Fenra.

                          “BRODY! I TOLD YOU TO STOP THAT!” Fen yelled angrily.

                          He stood up, sore and hurting, and looked to the Slowbro who now seemed quite apologetic to Fenra.

                          “Whats this all about, Fen...” Cross asked, now completely confused.

                          “Ya, I'd like some answers too, now that you say something... I'm glad your okay but you've got some explaining to do...” Breck followed up, returning his injured Pokemon to its ball.

                          “This is Brody...He's uhh... well he's mine.” Fen said slightly trailing off before looking up to dopey looking Pokemon. “And BRODY! Is about to tell me where she is.” He finished, eying the Slowbro.

                          “She?” Breck and Cross asked in unison.

                          “Brody. Where is she. Don't make me order you.” Fen said with a stern voice.

                          Slowbro looked around uneasily. It stood looking completely conflicted for a few moments before Fen finally stepped in once more.

                          “Brody. Use psychic on Roisin, now.” Fen said in a low voice.

                          Brody let out a heavy sigh as it turned to the alley and let its eyes glaze over with a familiar blue aura. It wasn't long before a voice was heard from the alley from behind a dumpster and stacked boxes.

                          “Hey! HEY! Stop!” The female voice echoed from inside as a thin body could be see floating through the air out of the alley. The figure was revealed to be an adorable girl with long two toned brunette hair with chocolate colored tips. Piercing emerald eyes complimented her attractive face complete with dainty features. She was wearing a snug fitting yellow and sky blue sun dress that stopped right above her knees. Around her shoulders to her right side was a small brown bag where a little blue Totodile hung with vast determination not to let go of the bag. Slowbro set her down slowly and looked at her with an apologizing expression.

                          “What are you doing here, Roisin.” Fenra said angrily.

                          “Hey Fenny... um, well. You see what happened was...” She started to explain.

                          “The truth. Please.” Fen cut in.

                          She looked at him for a moment the slumped over sighing in defeat.

                          “You acted so strange after that messenger Pidgey came, then you just disappeared from Ecruteak... I got worried. So I had Linoone Odor Sleuth you. It was a long trip but we finally caught up. It was so hard to get into this city! What is going on in Saffron whats going on with you?” Roisin asked Fen with a worried tone as her Linoone moved quickly to her side at the sound of its name.

                          “Fen who's this girl?” Cross asked, lifting Medicham to sit on his shoulders.

                          “Ya, no doubt. Whats a guy like you doing knowing a hottie like this?” Breck blurted out.

                          “A guy like him? Fenny is brilliant! You wouldn't last one minute in the arena with him!” Roisin yelled in defense.

                          Fen took a heavy sigh, trying to cope with all of the excitement and finally spoke.

                          “She's uhhh ---” He began

                          “I'm his girlfriend, Roisin Rinku.”

                          Breck instantly erupted into hysterical laughter, causing him to fall over laughing.

                          “That HAS to be a joke! Fen?! THAT awkward kid?! With a girlfriend?! Not only that... but with YOU as a girlfriend?! How much did he pay you... honestly.” Breck said laughing even harder.

                          “Brody. He's obnoxious, silence him with Disable for me please?” Roisin ordered, crossing her arms.

                          The Slowbro's eyes glowed purple, instantly snapping Breck's mouth shut and silencing him.

                          “Much better.” She said happily, looking to Fen again and smiling a cute smile which was quickly dismissed when her eyes met with Fenra who clearly was not happy.

                          “You. Me. Inside the center. Now.” Fenra said sternly as he turned and walked to the center. Breck lay on the ground struggling to pull his mouth open as Roisin and Cross followed Fen silently back to the Pokemon center.

                          * * *

                          “Why did you come, Roisin. I left you a note begging you not to follow me.” Fenra asked in his much more thoughtful voice.

                          “I got worried... We travel together for that long and you just disappear one day without explaining? Fenra Kurai I thought we had a better understanding than this. And what am I suppose to think when you leave like that AND you take your top Pokemon with you? When I saw Lefty, Hook, and Forest were gone I was so worried about you! You have no reason to be mad at me! You didn't even tell me where you're going! I worry about you Fenra... every day... you can't do something like that to me.” Roisin pleaded to Fenra.

                          The two stood in the corner of the center by themselves as Cross and Breck watched the drama from a table silently, Reina appeared, taking a seat next to Breck.

                          “How you feeling?” Breck quickly asked.

                          “I'm okay... Edge still doesn't look good. I don't want to talk about it... who's the girl?” She said in a sad tone before looking up at Fenra in the corner.

                          “Apparently its Fenra's girlfriend, Roisin.” Cross responded, still watching the two argue.

                          “Oh? Fenra has a girlfriend?” She asked surprised.

                          “Apparently... and he's not too happy she's here...” Breck responded.

                          “I don't blame him... but knowing Fen, he didn't tell her where he was going either...” She responded in an uninterested tone.

                          The group sat watching in awkward silence while they waited for their friend to finish his business which was finally halted when they seemed to have come to an agreement. Fen approached with Roisin walking behind him with her head held low in embarassment.

                          “Everyone... I guess we can do proper introductions now. This is my girlfriend, Roisin. Sorry for the trouble Brody caused you, Breck. He's somehow got a strange habit of using Body Slam to hug me. Its painful but I'm starting to get used to it I guess. Maybe I over reacted a bit but have you even been Body Slammed by a Slowbro?” Fen said almost pleading for the acceptance of his apology.

                          “The kids got a point. And that Slowbro wasn't tiny thats for sure. Either way, I'll accept the apology.” Cross said, leaning into his chair.

                          “Whatever... the situation just let me know what I'm not able to counter effectively yet. I'll call it a learning experience and say lets just drop it.” Breck said in a bitter tone.

                          “But Aggron couldn't even get close... and Cross' Medicham was deflected like its nothing. This kid isn't even showing what his Pokemon are capable of...” Breck thought to himself as he leaned back.

                          “Oh? What happened with you guys? Did Breck get beaten??” Reina asked in a happy tone.

                          “Why don't you mind your own business.” Breck said stiffly.

                          “Oh... so he DID get beat... by Fen's Slowbro? Thats entertaining.” Reina said giggling to herself.

                          “Actually...” A small timid voice came from behind Fen. Roisin stepped from behind him and waved her hand to notice her. “Brody belongs to both of us. He's actually the reason we started dating. Back in Cerulean City when we first started... I caught a Shellder and Fen had caught a Slowpoke. A couple cities later, Fen had a gym match in Fuscia against Koga. While he was training on the beach with Slowpoke, my Shellder got away from me and kind of clamped his Slowpoke. Fen and I were so happy for it and we've been together ever since!” Roisin exclaimed.

                          “That explains why Brody listens to commands from both of you.” Cross responded.

                          “You catch small details pretty quick...” Fen replied to Cross

                          “When you've seen as much as I have, you begin to notice all the little things...” Cross said in a dreamy tone.

                          “So we have more pressing matters to discuss. Things are getting dangerous around here. I was attacked at the coffee shop by two trainers who definitely had intent to take me out of tonight's match. They only pulled back after they saw that Cross and his Venusaur were with me.” Breck explained.

                          “Ooohhh a Venusaur?! Can I see?!” Roisin chimed in.

                          “Not the time, Roisin...” Fen said in a low voice.

                          “right... sorry.”

                          “So thats when you went to go help Fenra thinking he was in trouble?” Reina asked.

                          “Ya, and now we're here. Long story short, Giovanni isn't pulling any punches. For some reason he wants me and possibly all of the rest of us out of this tournament.

                          “Ya cause he knows I'm gonna kick butt!” Reina said with her arrogant tone.

                          “Thats not it. Theres something he's hiding, I just have a feeling.” Cross said in an almost trance like speech.

                          “You guys seem so gloomy for being at a big tournament like this” Roisin tried to add.

                          “Roisin I told you this is serious...I need to ask you to leave as soon as possible.” Fenra said to her seriously.

                          “I'm not going anywhere if you're in danger.” She responded flatly.

                          Fenra's eyes contorted in frustration as he looked helplessly to his friends.

                          “She can stay in my room. I'm right down the hall anyway.” Reina said to Fen, reassuring him. “We've got Cubert and Sunny to protect us, not to mention her own little cute Pokemon and your Slowbro! We'll be fine!” She said happily, motioning to the small Totodile who was still dangling with teeth wrenched to Roisin's bag and the thin Linoone sliding between her legs elegantly.

                          “...Fine. You can stay but the second anything heats up here. You need to leave.” Fenra said calmly, making it the final word.

                          “Thank you Fenny!” Roisin exclaimed, leaping up and hugging him around the neck, giving him a long kiss on the cheek. Fen's face blushed a deep red as the others began to laugh at the seemingly mismatched couple.

                          “I hate to cut this short but we've been in this center for a while. Breck, your match starts in half an hour doesn't it?” Cross said while turning to Breck.

                          “Crap.. you're right. At least Nurse Joy healed most of Aggron's damage. Although it was mostly just water. He was being a baby about it.” Breck responded “I'm going to go prepare for the match, I'll see you all there. Looks like its on the rooftop arena on top of Silph Co.” he added.

                          “Wow... all the way up there? You must be a really high profile battler, what exactly do you DO, Breck?” Reina asked him in attempt to dig some of his mysterious past.

                          Breck leaned back in his chair a bit before letting it drop to the floor and standing up quietly before answering. He walked around the table and headed for the door before turning around and looking back at the group.

                          “I'm Albrecht Pierson, a photographer and reporter for Pokeweekly, and thats all you need to know.”

                          Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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                            This just keeps getting better and better. Who would of thought Fen had a girl especially with how laid back he looks. Lol
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                              Another awesome chapter, I can't wait for Breck's battle, it should be awesome. Fen's girlfriend shocked me a bit, lol. I guess just as much as it did Cross and Breck. Keep up the good work and I didn't see any mistakes but I wll take a more thorough later on. I can't wait for chapter six.
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                                Wow Kansas, I am very impressed. I am kind of sad the RPG for Team Havoc didn't work out, but I am very glad you wrote it as a fanfic so others can see what you originally inteded for the plot. We sure did get side-tracked! lol. I can't wait to read more! Definately one of my favorite fanfics by far. Keep up the good work!
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                                  Its been so long since i've posted.... I'm going to post part of chapter 6 early since I have a feeling chapter 6 is going to get pretty lengthy. The introduction of new allies? Or foes? The trainer cast is getting thicker and the the roots of Team Havoc are about to be found to reach very deep...enjoy Chapter 6 Pt. 1

                                  Chapter 6
                                  “The Spirit of Competition”

                                  The monotoned whir of machinery buzzed quietly in the background as the group stood in the box interior of the Silph co. elevator. Accompanying them was a stranger, and by looking at his company, a large bulky Blastoise, he was obviously a Pokemon Trainer. The trainer had tanned skin and short rough looking spiked hair that just scarcely covered his eyes. Covering his crossed arms was a dark brown bomber jacket with white cotton around the neck. Underneath his jacket he wore a simple exact fitting white t-shirt which revealed a hint of muscle through slim outlines on his stomach. Stopping just short of his pants, the shirt left his olive green belt, and loosely hanging pokeballs exposed which held up a pair of dark blue jeans with holes in the knees that fit snug against his legs all the way down to a pair of thick brown boots that the jeans half covered. The company that attended him was an intimidating looking Blastoise with narrow eyes that it kept closed. It held its hands together in front of it, gently resting them on its shell. Its cannons, which everyone in the group had been subconsciously eying cautiously, for the moment remained withdrawn. Everyone in the elevator remained quiet as it slowly climbed to the top of the Silph co. building where Breck would soon be fighting the main event. Breck himself, looked completely unworried about the upcoming fight, leaning confidently against the railing near the door with his hands slightly in his pocket. He occasionally glanced up from his trance like stare at the floor to inspect the trainer opposite him and the Blastoise. After a another fast glance, the trainer finally looked over to him and spoke.

                                  “What? I got somethin' on my face?”

                                  His voice was slightly deep and soothing. It gave no sign of ill intent. Breck looked temporarily shocked at the trainer's bluntly asked question before regaining his composure.

                                  “You just... look familiar is all. This may be rude but could I ask your name?” Breck asked politely.

                                  The group remained stunned at Breck's unusual politeness as Reina finally leaned over, whispering silently to the rest.

                                  “Whats with his nice act? Thats not the Breck we know at all!” she whispered feverishly. But before an answer, the mystery trainer spoke.

                                  “My name? Its Vane... Vane Keller. And this is my partner, Avenger.” He replied calmly to Breck's question. The Blastoise opened an eye at the sound of his name and nodded silently at Breck before closing his eye again.

                                  “I knew it... I knew it! Oh my god Vane Keller...HERE?! I've got so much to ask you!” He replied, instantly erupting in excitement.

                                  “Who's that guy?” Roisin leaned over and asked into Fen's ear, although loud enough for everyone else to hear. Breck instantly turned to the group appalled at Roisin's comment.

                                  “Who's this?! This is Vane Keller! He's the only trainer to have ever won the Indigo, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, AND Grand Tournament. In total he's won 13 official Pokemon League tournaments and in a press conference was officially acknowledged by Lance himself as one of his greatest rivals! This man is a legend! Mr. Keller, I've done 16 no 17 articles on you in my career. But you vanished right after winning Canalave City Iron Mountain Invitational one knew anything about your where abouts and you were even proclaimed missing by the police! But that was like 4 years ago, and here you are.. in front of me, in THIS dump! What are the odds?!” Breck exclaimed excitedly.

                                  “So thats why he was so nice... He's just a fan boy of someone he can't say he's better than.” Reina announced aloud, unimpressed. The elevator lights still slowly climbed to the top of the double digit numbers higher into the building.

                                  “Shut your mouth woman! You're in the presence of a master!” Breck snapped at her quickly.

                                  “WHAT WAS THAT?!” Reina angrily responded, rolling her sleeves up and preparing to deck Albrecht in the face. Fen and Cross quickly jumped to her side, holding her back as she struggled to try and rip Breck limb from limb.

                                  “Fen, get her leg! I've got her other.. OW... Reina! Calm down!” Cross called over the slur of insults and threats that were pouring from Reina's mouth as she continued to try and kill Breck.

                                  “Fen? Fenra Kurai?” Vane suddenly spoke again during the struggle. Reina calmed herself to allow Fen to speak, eying Breck with a murderous glare that pierced the soul.

                                  “Ya, I'm Fen Kurai... Have we met, sir?” He responded, straightening his shirt.

                                  “Haha... wonderful! I'll be facing you in the main event two nights from now. I saw your match on opening night and I do say that I was impressed. That Slaking was incredibly well trained but don't think I didn't notice that it only used 3 moves through that entire match. You've got secrets up your sleeves! I like that in a trainer!” He said, chuckling to himself. “Avenger here has been pretty excited to fight it as well.

                                  The Blastoise opened its eyes once again, simply to give a nod of confirmation at Fen.

                                  “Wow, thanks mister, but what brings you to Breck's fight?” Fen asked curiously.

                                  “This is a fight everyone is looking forward to. Albrecht Pierson is a modern household name among anyone who keeps up with the current league. And of course I have been in whatever town I stop in. I expect the other big trainers are going to be watching this match too, although only a select few were allowed. Everyone wants to see what Pierson thought was good enough to bring to Club Havoc and compete.” Vane said, appraising Breck's talents.

                                  “You flatter me, Mr. Keller...” Breck responded, blushing like a school girl.

                                  “Please, just Vane is fine...” He said with an uneasy tone while watching Breck's giddy reaction.

                                  “But Vane, where have you been? The entire battling community was worried about you!” Breck exclaimed.

                                  “Oh you know... Just deepening my bag of tricks.” Vane responded with a grin as the bell on the elevator dinged, announcing their arrival at the rooftop. The group filed out into the warm night air and looked out to the center of the huge building to see various bleachers behind a railing which surrounded a large plain arena with spotlights shining down and illuminating the entire area.

                                  “wow!!! its so pretty up here!” Roisin exclaimed, rushing to the side of the building and leaning on the railing, peering over the edge at the endless sea of neon and lights that made of Saffron city. Various dark figures were seen in the air above Saffron on the edges of town, gliding back and forth. Upon looking at the skies above Silph, the figures were near them too, the entire city was littered with the black figures. Roisin squinted into the evening sky, trying and make out what they were.

                                  “They're patrolling the city for trouble makers who might ruin Giovanni's plans. Most likely there to silence anyone who starts anything or tries to sneak in or out... you were lucky, Roisin.” Fen said quietly as he came beside her, leaning forward over the railing. Roisin let her head fall on his shoulder and didn't respond, her way of showing that she knew he was right. Behind them, the group walked quietly towards the arena as Reina called for Fen and Roisin over her shoulder.

                                  The arena stands were filling with various trainers, all with a strangely confident aura around them. The feeling of anticipation of a great battle seemed to be thick in the air. Lead by Reina, the group settled in an empty spot in the middle of the stands. Looking down to the arena, it was a basic concrete arena.

                                  “So does this arena change conditions as well?” Reina asked, inspecting the rooftop arena for a moment.

                                  “I don't think so... it looks just like a typical arena to me.” Fenra replied, sitting down with Roisin next to him.

                                  “This arena is supposed to be where the big matches are decided. It doesn't change for the simple fact that its an arena designed to allow no flukes. With no environmental conditions, every pokemon is on even playing field.” Vane replied to the two of them while watching the court to see Breck taking his position in the blue corner. “This kid must have some skill to be this high profile already, thats for sure...”

                                  “hm... has anyone even seen Breck really fight yet?” Fenra commented aloud, trying to recall a memory of Albrecht's Pokemon skills but falling short.

                                  “Come to think of it, I haven't seen any of them except for that big doofus of an Aggron he carries around.” Reina replied slumping her chin into her hand and watching bored into the empty battle arena.

                                  “I've seen him fight...” Cross finally spoke up through the pause. “He took complete control over the atmosphere of the whole battle. Him and his Honchcrow were completely in synch, launching devastating combination attacks that I wouldn't have even thought of...”

                                  “Thats pretty big words, but I still think he's full of it. But who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.” Reina responded to Cross arrogantly.

                                  Before anyone could muster another retort to the conversation, the crowd died to a slow mumble as the challenger of the evening approached the red corner. Instantly, Cross squinted to get a clearer view, then widened his eyes in realization.

                                  “Thats the girl from before!” He said in a quick whisper to the rest of the group.

                                  “What girl?” Reina responded

                                  “The girl that tried to jump Breck before his match at the coffee shop!” he exclaimed in a hushed whisper.

                                  “Oh right... her? She looks pretty pathetic” Reina replied in a bored tone. “I mean seriously, look at that tacky pony tail, and don't even get me started on her clothes...”

                                  “I know right!?” Roisin piped in excitedly, who had obviously been holding in her dislike of the trainer's wardrobe of a tank top and rolled up jean shorts. The female trainer stepped to her end of the arena and began to fiddle with a Pokeball in her hand while staring down Breck.

                                  “I remember you, it all makes sense now.” Breck called from his corner, staring down the other trainer, sizing her up.

                                  “Albrecht Pierson faces Janice Barker. This will be the typical battle rules. Three Pokemon each, single knock out battles. Best two out of three wins takes home the win and the match. Everything else goes..” A voice boomed in over the intercom. “You may release your first choices.”

                                  “Why don't you take the honors of going first, since you already tried to go first earlier today?” Breck called sarcastically across the arena to Janice.

                                  “That mouth is gonna get you beat up.” She replied coldly, tossing a pokeball up and down in her hand before throwing it high into the center of the arena, taking the form of a familiar green and white Pokemon. “Be on guard Roserade.”

                                  Breck snickered and stared at the Roserade, then snickered some more. Before placing a Pokeball back on his belt and plucking a different one.

                                  “Thats just too easy... I wanted some fun tonight.” Breck called to Janice once more, lazily tossing the heavyball into the air and releasing Aggron into the center with a loud thud.

                                  “See? What did I tell you, he just sends out Doofus all the time.” Reina complained with a bored tone while resting her head on her hand, watching the fight.

                                  “Well, it IS a pretty big Aggron...And it looked like he was going to use another Pokemon at first but changed his mind...” Fen retorted quietly to no one in particular while watching the trainers on the arena about to start the match.

                                  “Aggron you didn't get a chance to meet this girl earlier, did you? ” Albrecht called to his Aggron standing in the arena.

                                  The bulky steel Pokemon gave a low grunt as it eyed down the Roserade in front of it that gracefully kept its petals and leaves clean.

                                  “Crush it.” Breck said quietly and sternly.

                                  Aggron scarcely lifted his foot from the ground before Janice acted.

                                  “Roserade, Magic Leaf”

                                  Roserade wasted no time in flinging four glowing leaves sprung from Roserade's petals and circled it for a few moments before hurling at Aggron. Aggron stomped, shaking the ground as he simply knocked the leaves away with one long sweep of his tail. Aggron was a pokemon built to take heavy hits and it was apparent that Breck had trained him to accent that fact. Aggron roared loudly again into the night sky, echoing off into the distance and leaving only goosebumps in its wake. Its head began to glow a reflective silver as it lowered its head and narrowed it's eyes.

                                  “Do it now, Iron Head.” Breck called sternly.

                                  Aggron stomped angrily towards Roserade as all it stood awaiting a command.

                                  “Roserade, in the air, dodge it.”
                                  “Don't let it, Aggron! Follow it!”

                                  Roserade quickly jumped high into the air, attempting to escape Aggron's range but Aggron had already adjusted, raising its head high and snatching Roserade at the peak of its jump with his horns. Aggron spun around with Roserade stuck between his horns and skull still glowing. It looked to the ground and braced itself before smashing its head into the concrete, taking Roserade down with it and dealing a direct blow with Iron Head. The force of the hit sent cracks splintering through the arena and forming a small hole. A critical blow that wouldn't be taken lightly. Aggron lifted its horns from the arena, shaking its head and flinging the loose gravel from atop its head. Roserade remained motionless in the large hole in the ground, Its body contorted in various odd positions. The audience remained completely silent at the single attack exchange they had just seen. Janice stared angrily at Breck through clenched teeth and fist.

                                  “ROSERADE! GET UP!” Janice screamed, still glaring at Breck who was snickering with his hand over his mouth from his corner.

                                  “No more, Aggron. Flamethrower, she never had a chance.” Breck commanded, laughing again.

                                  Aggron opened its gaping mouth, hovering over the downed Roserade and left the flames pour onto for a while before stepping backwards and letting the charred Pokemon be seen to be in no shape to stand back up.

                                  “Don't be upset at me. You should be upset at your poor training. Ref, can we get a call over here?” Breck called bored across the arena.

                                  “Roserade is unable to continue battling. Albrecht and Aggron win match 1.” The voice boomed over the intercom. The crowd burst into an uproar as Breck recalled Aggron to it's ball and replaced it on his hip.

                                  “One hit, huh?” Vane said, laughing aloud at the battle's outcome. “Looks like he makes Aggron restrain himself outside of the ring and lets him go nuts in the arena.”

                                  “That would explain why its been so worthless up to now...” Reina followed, still not paying any attention to Breck's battle, choosing to touch up her nails instead.

                                  A red beam of light recalled Roserade from the crater in the center of the arena and Janet placed the pokeball back on her hip. She reached back, pulling out another pokeball and holding it at ready.

                                  “Match 2. Albrecht Pierson has one win and needs one more for victory. You may begin”

                                  “Lets do it, Honchcrow.” Breck said quietly as he tossed a dusk ball straight into the air, releasing the gigantic black bird into the night sky above the arena. It circled silently before flapping its heavy wings and landing on the blue side of the arena, awaiting its opponent. Janice grinned as she side armed the pokeball far into the arena. The ball bounced once before releasing its contents in a red blur. The form quickly took a semi human form, revealing red and yellow flames all over.

                                  “Alright Magmar, Go! Flamethrower!” Janice called out quickly.

                                  Magmar's eyes narrowed as he turned his head down to the side and shot a flamethrower at the ground.

                                  “Looks like your pokemon doesn't like you, Janice!” Breck yelled to Janice, laughing at its antics.

                                  “Breck's arrogance is going to cost him.” Crossford said quietly.

                                  “Why? Her pokemon isn't even listening.” Roisin responded, getting bored with the fight.

                                  “No, it listened. This is a classic fire pokemon maneuver. Using flamethrower as rocket propulsion to speed up your movements. If Breck doesn't open his eyes soon, Honchcrow is going to take a serious blow. Nevermind... too late”

                                  “Magmar! Now! Combine it with Flare Blitz!” Janice called.

                                  Magmar quickly bolted from its spot with the built up flamethrower pressure and raced across the arena at breakneck speed, consumed in flames.

                                  “Honchcrow, counter it, Dark Pulse!” Breck quickly called.

                                  Honchcrow wasted no time flapping its huge wings, building up a dark aura and giving a final flap that sent the black energy hurling towards Magmar. The two connected, exploding slightly as the Dark Pulse disappeared and Magmar broke through the cloud of smoke still charging strong.

                                  “Not going to work, Pierson.” Janice sneered from across the arena.

                                  Magmar connected hard with Honchcrow sending the large bird rolling across the ground, charred from the flames of the hit.

                                  “Alright Magmar now redirect that flame forward!” Janice called to her partner.

                                  Magmar turned its head forward, launching the flames at Honchcrow who was still laying helplessly. They engulfed him entirely as moments went by.

                                  “Enough! He can't get up...” Breck said angrily and softly while he withdrew Honchcrow from the field.

                                  “Looks like just as easily as he won the battle, Breck's overconfidence lost him the battle. Honchcrow wasn't ready because he was too busy gloating...what a loser” Reina commented bitterly from her chair.

                                  Breck stood staring with embarrassment at his Honchcrow's quick defeat at the hands of Janice's Magmar.

                                  “It isn't even that strong... Honchcrow just didn't have time to defend properly... Flying types have naturally defenses no matter how bulky Honchcrow's body is...” Breck thought quickly and spitefully.

                                  The third round's anticipation quickly mounted as the audience kept a close eye on the two trainers who were both capable of dealing out serious blows and devastating strategies. Both previous fights had definitely proven this fact without a shadow of a doubt. The possible battle that could be about to commence was peaking everyone's excitement, even Reina had gotten a bit interested.

                                  “Hey, we've never seen Breck's third Pokemon, have we?” she piped up.

                                  “Nope, we sure haven't unless Cross saw it earlier today?” Fen added on top.

                                  “No, he didn't show his third Pokemon, only Honchcrow. But knowing the kind of person Albrecht is, he either saved his best or his worst for last.” Cross replied to the two of them with his own opinion.

                                  Reina and Fen nodded in agreement at Cross' analysis on Breck's personality.

                                  “This will be the third and final round between Albrecht Pierson and Janice Barker will now commence. The winner of this round will determine the winner of the entire match. You may release your final Pokemon and begin.” the announcer boomed over top the arena. The voice echoed off into the quiet night as both trainers stood silently with a normal pokeball in each hand. Breck raised his ball to his chest and clutched it tight before tossing it in a long under handed arch over the arena. It bounced on the middle of his side, releasing a smaller brown and yellow Pokemon. It sat up on its hind legs, sniffing the air before shaking and letting its quills free dirt from them.

                                  “A SANDSLASH?! The all mighty Albrecht Pierson's last secret Pokemon is a Sandslash? Wow...” Reina exclaimed in disappointment as she flopped back into her seat.

                                  Janice had also thrown her Pokeball into the air and her final partner had also begun to take form. The spiked armor took defined points as the purple and white skin took their proper pigment. A powerful looking Nidoking stood ready to battle. Both trainers stared each other down, awaiting the first move.

                                  “Earth Power!” The two trainers yelled in unison. The two Pokemon instantly tensed up, Sandslash dropped down to all fours. The flexed quickly as is sending out a wave of energy, instantly the arena floor split open and two magma filled fissures raced towards each other, clashing in the center and causing a small explosion that sent hats flying off the rooftop. Breck and Janice stood unflinching as the air rushed passed them.

                                  “Nidoking, don't leave any down time. Mega Horn, now!” Janice ordered as her purple companion quickly began to stomp his way towards Sandslash, with horn glowing bright.

                                  “Sandslash, curl up.” Breck said quietly. The little Sandslash quickly tucked into a small brown ball before the Nidoking arrived, sweeping the small pokemon off the ground and sending it soaring through the air. Sandslash bounced off the bottom of the trainer podium at high speed, coming back towards Nidoking, landing a heavy blow in its gut and sending it sliding a few feet as it caught Sandslash between its muscular arms, holding it tight in place.

                                  “Right where I want you... Nidoking, Body Slam!” Janice commanded. Nidoking gripped Sandslash tight, and fell forward, smashing him underneath.

                                  Janice stood with a triumphant look spread across her face as the air was silent. She began to giggle slightly before laughing loudly. Breck stared her down angrily as she taunted and boasted the apparent victory.

                                  “Thats our difference in power, Pierson. Get out of this club ---”

                                  “What are you stupid?” Breck interjected, cutting her off. “A Body Slam is never going to work against a quick witted Sandslash. Sandslash, Dig attack.”

                                  The ground rumbled slightly before Sandslash erupted from the ground, dealing a heavy blow with its back spikes to Nidoking's jaw, sending it stumbling backwards grabbing its jaw in pain.

                                  “Interesting, but the fact still stands that your little Sandslash can't handle a powerful Pokemon like Nidoking.” Janice commented, having just had her arrogance snuffed. “Nidoking, Horn Drill.”

                                  A wide grin spread across the Nidoking's face as its horn began to glow and spin, the deadly one hit KO move, Horn Drill.

                                  “Sandslash, we've seen a Horn Drill before. Get ready for it.” Breck said calmly.

                                  “Go Nidoking! Take him out in one hit with Horn Drill!!!” Janice screamed as Nidoking began to rampage towards Sandslash.

                                  “Sandslash... Rapid Spin.” Breck commanded cooly.

                                  Without skipping a beat, Sandslash leaped into the air on a collision course with Nidoking's horn. It quickly curled into a tight ball and began spinning wildly in all different directions. The two Pokemon grew closer and closer until Sandslash's hard skin finally connected with the horn. The two were instantly blown apart by a heavy collision. Nidoking stumbled backwards again, struggling to maintain balance but toppled over onto its back. Sandslash flipped quickly through the air, making a sketchy landing in a far corner of the arena.

                                  “Sandslash, you know what to do. Start up the Rapid Spin.” Breck called to his partner on the arena.

                                  Sandslash tucked into a ball again and began spinning in place, picking up dust around it and forming a thick cloud.

                                  “Whats that kid up to...” Vane commented quietly.

                                  “What was that, Vane?” Fen said from beside him.

                                  “Its just an observation. But that cloud of dust thats being kicked up... it doesn't seem right. If it were a normal Rapid Spin, the dust would be creating a tornado or vortex due to the constant spin. But if you look at this cloud of dust... its being pushed outward... I just have to wonder what he's got up his sleeve...” Vane commented aloud.

                                  “He noticed such a minor detail after only a few seconds of seeing the attack. He already knows Breck has something up his sleeve. Is Vane really that powerful of a trainer? How am I supposed to have a prayer in the world of beating this guy...” The intimidating thoughts swirled through Fenra's head but he quickly shifted his attention back to the battle where Sandslash and Breck were ready to make their move.

                                  Nidoking struggled standing upright as it braced itself on a knee to stand up. It was then that Breck saw his opening.

                                  “Do it now, Sandslash! The Cannon Ball Roll Out!” Breck called.

                                  “I KNEW IT!” Vane exclaimed. “I've fought that strategy before! The Cannon Ball Rollout, a powerful and rare combination only available to small compact Pokemon like Sandslash or a Donphan. He taught Sandslash how to put different types of spin on his Rapid Spin instead of just one direction. Doing this creates a random feels to the Rollout and all that spinning on the ground is just building up force as he gets faster and faster. When that thing launches, this'll be over.”

                                  Without any delay, Sandslash exploded from where he was spinning, hurling itself forward at break neck speed, slamming into Nidoking who was still attempting to stay upright. The hit took no delay in carrying Nidoking along the arena, slamming into the bottom of Janice's trainer podium, cracking the cement. The small brown ball that was Sandslash quietly rolled from Nidoking's chest to a safe distance and uncurled into the small yellow hedgehog once more. It looked back to Breck and made a simple remark.


                                  “Thanks buddy, I didn't think I'd have to use you today but I got a little arrogant.” Breck called to Sandslash out on the arena.

                                  “Slash Slash!” It replied happily, plopping to the ground and awaiting the final decision.

                                  “Janice Barker's Nidoking has been rendered unable to battle. Sandslash wins the match and the victory goes to Albrecht Pierson.” The announcers voice boomed over the rooftop stadium.

                                  “Come on back, Sandslash. You earned it.” Breck called to his partner as he returned it to its small home. He stepped down slowly from his trainer's podium with hands in pocket. Looking up, the rest of the group had already made their way through the crowd to congratulate him.

                                  “It wasn't a bad fight for someone who gets a fat head after one win.” Reina said coldly, her own sort of sideways compliment.

                                  “...Breck, Reina says good fight.” Fen quickly cut in to avoid the awkward bitter silence that Reina had no doubt purposefully created.

                                  “Ya, it wasn't bad. But that is a good point. You got arrogant, you shouldn't have even lost that 2nd match.” Vane said calmly. “You still have a little ways to go, maybe you should take notes from your little companion there. He seems to know his way around a battle.” Vane added, pointing to Fenra who had gotten pre-occupied, having a small argument with Roisin.

                                  “Take notes... from Fen? I'm the only one here who even trains normally. It wont happen the next time, I was just careless this fight.” Breck responded, defensively.

                                  “So you're saying you didn't even take me seriously?” a familiar female voice called from behind.

                                  Janice stood a distance away, with arms crossed.

                                  “I want a real fight from you Pierson. Your cheap little trick wont work next time.” Janice snapped at him before walking away and catching an elevator going down into Silph co.

                                  “What an angry girl...” Roisin commented openly to no one in particular.

                                  “Well.. Its late, I've got some matters to attend to.” Vane said aloud to the group. “It was nice meeting all of you. And Fenra, I'll be looking forward to our match.” He tossed in over his shoulder as he walked away, also catching an elevator.

                                  “What an interesting fellow...” Cross added.

                                  “Whoa I almost forgot you were here, Hippy.” Reina said surprised at Cross finally speaking up.

                                  “I can't wait to finally see you in action tomorrow, Cross.” Fenra said happily to him.

                                  “Thanks Fen, I'm almost a little nervous but i'm sure Crash and Gawen are ready for anything.” Cross replied confidently.

                                  “Crash and Gawen? You only have two Pokemon here?” Roisin asked curiously. “I thought you were supposed to have three?”

                                  “Well, I'm a wanderer. I work with the companions who choose to join me in my adventures. Theres been many partners but these two have been with me through thick and thin. They aren't going anywhere. They'll handle the job just fine.” Cross responded, once more with confidence. As the group walked slowly over to the elevator, entering it and traveling downward.

                                  “Thats real interesting and all... but I need to go and see Edge and make sure he's alright before I go to sleep. I'll see you all tomorrow.” Reina said with a worried tone as the elevator slowed to a stop, letting the doors spread into the lower floor of Club Havoc.

                                  “Ya, we should all get some rest. Good night everyone.” Cross said sleepily.

                                  “Goodnight” they replied in unison, all heading their separate ways to sleep and rest for tomorrow's big match. Crossford Hale in the Main Event.

                                  * * *

                                  Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3
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