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Old July 9th, 2008 (7:10 AM).
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I would like to know that how many people here are in favour of nintendo holding events for certain pokemon, I understand that it is not fair to many people who dont have enough money or time on their hands so as to be able to reach the certain areas holding the events like the US etc. But what about the people who use their precious time and effort to get there to obtain that pokemon.
There are people who are desperate and those who use glitches and hacks.

I ask u is it fair to those who spend months on planning to reach an event, if someone simply hacks the game in 2 minutes.

Should events exist or not?
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Old July 9th, 2008 (7:14 AM).
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This belongs better in Pokémon General, I think.


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Old July 9th, 2008 (7:17 AM).
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I don't like events. They never come down to where I am and I am forced to resort to AR to get those Pokemon, because I don't have Wi-Fi to get anyone to trade them to me.

It makes me feel unloved. Sure, you'll go up north to the big states, but you won't come down south to my state? We have famous people, too. :<

They're not unessecary, but I just wish they would be stationed in more places.

I ask u is it fair to those who spend months on planning to reach an event, if someone simply hacks the game in 2 minutes.
Hey, some of us have to. And it's not out of desperation if we're only doing this to see if the Pokemon is any good. And without Wi-Fi, then I don't have to worry about battling anyone with it. But even still, battling siblings and cousins, why would I use them? Even though they do, I'm not going to resort to that. I still beat them anyway.

vacationing in unova for a month! see you soon!
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