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Old July 16th, 2008 (1:41 PM).
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Hey guys!!!! Its me, supermega_boy! I really want a manaphy or a manaphy egg!!! im willing to trade a shiny roserade in level 52 or a shiny gyarados in level 100!! Please I really need one!!

*Pokemon Trainer Blue (グリーン) Green
*Former Kanto Pokemon League Champion
*Actual Vidirian Gym Leader
*Holder of the Earth Badge
*Prof. Oak's Grandson
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*Blue's Pokemon Team:
Pidgeot Lv.72
Rhyperior Lv.70
Machamp Lv.69
Tyranitar Lv.70
Exeggutor Lv.67
Arcanine Lv.68

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Old July 16th, 2008 (2:02 PM).
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i can give you a lvl 11 manaphy...

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Awesome thread HERE
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