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Old July 18th, 2008 (12:13 AM).
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    Tears To Sorry
    How do tears fade away yet leave scars in their tracks?//
    Reminiscents of actions that we thought were left lost in the past//
    Drug abuse to pain is all the same as it hurts the mind and body//
    Tears yell out for attention in demand screaming signs saying love me//
    I'm in confusion,
    Your pain yearns for my love, but I consistently pull away//
    Maybe cause I'm afraid of my actions and the things I would say//
    That of course gives no justice to the face of my fears//
    And you know this which is why you spend your time with me repeatidly shedding your tears//
    I would never leave you behind, so why would you cry?//
    These things I say is for the disgust of my life//
    Toleration to anything, but my own body and self//
    I can't stand the way I am which is why I seek to you for your help//
    You say talk about love, well it's a word that we use//
    The definetion of a meaning that has the win to anything and everything we can lose//
    You say physical pain, it's an action that we hide so no one can see//
    A method of cowardness, but at the same time with a way of relief//
    You talk about peace, well it's a form of a speech//
    An idea we graze upon and lie to give hope to the weak//
    I'm amazed at the fact of how insane I think about faith//
    Our opinions always different which is why we never have anything to say//
    You've changed to me, but you're too blind to see//
    But you think everything is fine so it turns to be that I found out it's me//
    So I apolgize for the things that I say and the things that I do//
    When it comes to relationships and love, I'm a simple minded fool//

    Something I wrote for someone. Feedback would be nice =].
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