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    This story is based on Franticshipping(RubyxSapphire) sorta my point of view on the shipping. Might be a little same as the Manga(or serebii)

    RatedG Mild language not suitable for young children

    Clash of the Legends

    Ruby sat on the front porch of his home in Goldenrod with his Mightyena laying next to him. His dad put the last of the boxes in the moving truck.

    "Come on Ruby! Get in the truck!" his dad shouted. Ruby got up and walked over to the truck with Mightyena following behind. "It won't be so bad living in Littleroot Town, son."

    Ruby rolled his eyes and climbed into the back of the truck. Mightyena jumped up onto the ledge and got in. Ruby's dad pulled down the large metal door. It was black. Ruby sat on the floor leaning up against a pile of boxes. The truck started and sped away.

    Mightyena set its head on Ruby's knee and fell asleep. The truck hit a hole in the road. A box fell from the stack and hit Ruby in the head. Ruby rubbed his head. The box sat in front of him.

    "I really wish my parents didn't make me move!" Ruby moaned. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

    A few hours later the door was lifted and let in a beam of sunlight. Ruby began to open his eyes. He squinted in the harsh light. Ruby climbed out of the truck. Mightyena jumped off. Ruby's dad began unloading the truck. Ruby looked around.

    His dad looked over his shoulder. "Ruby, you can go look around."

    Ruby turned to his dad and smiled. "Come on Mightyena!" Ruby ran off into the small town with Mightyena running next to him. Ruby walked down a line of houses. They were all the same.

    Ruby stopped in front of this one particular house. A girl about his age was walking out with her Delcatty following behind her. The girl looked up and twoards Ruby. Ruby waved a little. The girl smiled. Ruby smiled. Mightyena looked up at him. Ruby scratched Mightyena's head and ran off back to his house.

    Mightyena ran behind. Ruby walked into his house.

    His mom was dusting everything in sight and his dad was reading something sitting on a box. "Ruby! I'm gonna be the gym leader at Petalburg Gym! Isn't that cool?"

    "Well what do people consider 'cool' these days?" Ruby asked. "I mean, if you like battling and hurting others Pokemon than it's cool."

    "Maybe you can even help me out at the gym." His dad said.

    "What if I don't wanna battle in gyms?" Ruby exclaimed.

    His dad laughed."Son, your a boy. All boys I know love battling."

    Ruby stamped his foot. "Well I don't! I wanna be a coordinator!"

    "Ruby, your gonna be a battler! End of story!" His dad yelled. "Now, it's late. Get upstairs and go to bed."

    Ruby pouted and turned and ran up the stairs. He ran into his room and slammed the door.

    Ruby sat on a box in the middle of his room. Ruby looked twoards his open window. He grinned. He packed up all his Pokeballs, items and things in his backpack. He put on his backpack and walked twoards the window. He held onto the ledge and pulled himself up. He looked down.

    He held onto the ledge dangling above a line of bushes. Ruby let go and fell into a bush. He crawled under the window and got up. He picked out the twigs and leaves from his black hair. He picked up his hat and put it on. Ruby ran off into the trees and disappeared.

    The next morning...

    Ruby's parents searched for him everywhere.

    "RUBY! RUBY!" His dad shouted. His mom set her hand on his shoulder.

    "Norman, I think you were too hard on him. It's his choice weather he wants to battle of compete in contests." His mom tried to calm him.

    Ruby pushed through the trees and shrubs. Ruby saw a tiny beam of light. He pushed through the trees and fell to the ground. He got up and looked around. He heard a scream. It sounded close by. Ruby ran twoards the screams.

    Ruby stopped and found a man with two Mightyena chasing him.

    The man looked at him. "Don't just stand there! Help me boy!"

    Ruby paniced. He took out a random pokeball and threw it. The red beam revealed Swampert. "Awsome! Swampert, Hydro Pump!" Swmapert attacked, but both Mightyena dodged it. They got angry and began walking twoards Ruby.

    "Swampert, return!" Ruby cried as Swampert went inside the ball. Ruby backed up slowly against a tree. The Mightyena growled.

    Suddenly, a blast of fire came and hit the 2 Mightyena. Ruby turned to see a girl with a Blaziken. The Mightyena ran off into the trees.

    "Sapphire! Darling!" The man cried as he ran up and hugged the girl. He let go and whiped his face of the sweat and tears. "Sapphire, please don't do that again."

    "Sapphire?" Ruby mumbled.

    The man looked at Ruby. "Oh I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made you try and help me. I'm Birch and this is my daugter, Sapphire."

    Sapphire looked at Ruby and smiled.

    "I'm just sorry I couldn't help you sir. I'm Ruby." Ruby relied.

    "Your the boy that just moved in nextdoor! Everyone is looking for you, Ruby." Sapphire chimed in.

    "They are?" Ruby sighed. "I can't do anything without my parents watching over me like a Swellow."

    Sapphire laughed. "Don't feel bad! My parents are like that too. Hey, where are you going now?"

    "Um, I guess the next town." Ruby answered.

    "Cool, maybe I'll see you there." Sapphire said smilling walking away.

    Professor Birch nuged Ruby. "My kids a real catch, isn't she?" Birch walked away with his hands in his pockets.

    Ruby thought about what Pro. Birch said. Maybe I do like her...yeah I do.


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