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Old July 21st, 2008 (3:05 PM).
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    Our universe is an expansive dimmension filled with planets, moons, and mysteries. Our Planet, Earth is small compared to other planets such as Jupiter and Saturn but if filled with humans and civilization. Generations and generations of us has passed and now it is the year 2008 A.D which is 5786 A.A (Atmos Age) in the second dimmension. There is an alternate universe compared to ours with only two planets and many moons. This dimmension is called the 'Solar Atmos Universe'.

    The planets in this universe wages wars over the lands and to rule over all with an iron fist. The first planet to be formed was the 'Terra Forma' which is an all land planet. It did resemble a moon like appearance but there were strange creatures living their lives on this planet. They were called the 'Lizamorphis' which were lizard like creatures that prefered warm weather and can survive on dirt as well as oxygen and carbon dioxide. There was a Lizamorphis that controlled his people and protected them from the other planet, this was 'Queen Alphor' the first of the Terra Forma planet.

    The second planet that came to be in the Atmos Universe was known as the 'Marine Atlantis' which consisted of mostly water. There was only three percent of land on the planet and they utilized this land as a place to put their destructive weapon which was called the 'Omega'. Like the Terra Forma, Marine Atlantis contained strange creatures as well known as 'Finalians'. They resembled a shark as well as a humanoid creature that was able to swim underwater forever and live off of seaweed and moss. They were led by 'King Sharakin' the first.

    Both planets soon held wars against each other as time passed by. These wars were held for control of the universe as well as the 'Atmos Life Stone' which contained unique powers and balanced the Atmos Universe and our universe. Generations of Queens and Kings passed down and now in our year which is 2008 A.D, alot has changed since the B.A (Beginning Age) or the Atmos Universe. Terra Forma's current ruler is King Landora the third and Marine Atlantis's current ruler is King Sharakin the twenty-first.

    Still fighting it out over the control of everything in Atmos, King Sharakin used the Omega to launch a massive attack on Terra Forma which caused a deep depression on the people of the Tintorn continent. King Landora decided to retreat all forces to protect their planet from another attack from the Omega but little did they know that the Omega needed years to charge up before launching an attack like that again. As the Lizamorphis rests and proect their planet the Finalians had time to steal the Atmos Life Stone and use it to their advantage but as soon as it was removed from it's rightful place it dissapeared and vanished.

    It was teleported into our universe near our planet. It broke into ten pieces which descended down towards Earth. Each piece of the Atmos Life Stone contained a different superpower. When it broke the Atmos Universe started to fade so both the Lizamorphis and the Finalians made their way to our universe to mark their new territory as well as find the Life Stone. Ten different humans found the Life Stone shards and obtained a superpower.

    They soon learned that they must find each other to form the Atmos Life Stone in order to save the Atmos Universe as well as sending the creatures back to their homeplanet. You are one of these humans and you have found one of the shards. You must find the others who also have a shard of the stone and fight off the invaders and form the Life Stone.


    No spamming or flamming whatsoever
    To participate in my RPG you need at least ten posts
    You must obey every Poke Community rule there is
    Please be literate
    Post "AquaSoil " in your sign-up that you have read the rules or you will not be accepted
    Only the best will be accepted
    Have fun

    Each shard contained a different power. The power you get depends on the shard that you find.
    Shard of the Titan
    Contains the power of an giant, this shard gives a human super strength and a bulky appearance when using the power.
    Shard of the Aerial
    Contains the power of levitating, this shard gives a human the power to fly without using wings.
    Shard of the Sight
    Contains the power of seeing, this shard gives a human the power to see through anything as well as read another's mind.
    Shard of the Flame
    Contains the power of fire, this shard gives a human the power to bend and form fire at will.
    Shard of the Aqua
    Contains the power of water, this shard gives a human the power to bend and form water at will.
    Shard of the Land
    Contains the power of the ground, this shard gives a human the power to form land and cause earthquakes.
    Shard of the Pressure - Myself
    Contains the power of Gravity, this shard gives a human the power to increase gravity intensity.
    Shard of the Spirit
    Contains the power of souls, this shard gives a human a second spirit and the power to take control of someone or something but sometimes this does not work.
    Shard of the Form
    Contains the power of transformation, this shard gives a human the power to transform into anyone or anything.
    Shard of the Temporal
    Contains the power of time, this shard gives a human to power to control time at will.

    These creatures live on the planet known as 'Terra Forma' which is a planet full of land. There is 0% percent of water on the planet making it a full land terrain. This is perfect territory for the Lizamorphis since they live on soil, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. They are lizard like creature that had blood red skin and spikes that grow from their 4 ft tail when they mature and grow older. They are currently led by their King Landora the third. Each of them have weapons capable of causing damage.

    One of them is a Telekinesis gun which allows them to levitate anything that's in their sight. Another is a LizardScouter gun which was made by King Alphor the second and then re-made by the Lizamorphis Confederation as weapons for their army. This gun can launch five lasers in one shot and has a scope on it and a revolver built into the side. You can take the revolver off the LizardScouter and use it as a weapon. Lizamorphis has the power to dig underground and come up from it in an extremely fast pace. Fissures and earthquakes are first nature for these creatures and the land is their battlefield.


    These creatures live on the planet known as 'Marine Atlantis' which is a planet full of water. 97% of water and 3% of land is on this planet. The Finalians use this 3% of land as a project site for their ultimate weapon known as the Omega. The Finalians are creatures that resemble sharks and have an humanoid appearance. They survive on sea weed and moss as well as water. They are led by their current King Sharakin the twenty-first.

    When it comes to weapons the Finalians use mostly physical weapons such as blades and finaltas which are curved blades with three small blades on the side and it covered in poison. The only projectile weapons they have are the Trench Gun which creatures a deep water attack and the Rapid Falls which uses ice as bullets. Finalians can dive and go at top speeds underwater. Water and glaciers are first nature for these creatures and their battle field is mostly water.

    Sign-Up Form:

    Name: [Your name, of course. First and last.]
    Age: [Has to be above the age of 10 at least.]
    Gender: [You should know this.]
    Appearance: [A picture or a 4 line description of what your character looks like.]
    Personality: [What is your character like? 5 lines or more.]
    History: [This will take place in our world so describe your character's life before the Life Stone landed on Earth.]
    RP Sample: [I want to see how well you RP. I will only accept ten including myself so I will only accept the best. ]
    Superpower: [What is your superpower? Choose from the shards above.]
    Weapons: [Although you have your superpower do you carry any sort of weapons at your disposal?]

    Name: Jack Fields

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male


    Personality: Jack Fields is a calm and petit man that loves to sit outside at dusk and look at the dark sky. Whenever he is conflicted with a problem he deals with it patiently and in a calm manner. He does think about himself too much and watches what he eats but he is doing a good job and he's proud of that. He's not very social but he does makes friends and most people like him for his attitude and outlook on life. He lives an average life in West Virginia and lives by himself in Ashford. Whenever he gets the chance he would go down at the park and actually play on the set. Although he is a grown man he still has a kid inside of him.
    When he has enough extra money he would leave the state and go on a vacation by himself. It would be nice if he had someone with him but he felt better being by his lonesome self. Jack doesn't get angry often but when he does he get real mad.

    History: Jack Fields lived in a large family and was the son to both Diane and Chris Fields. His family lived in a trailer in a wide open area near the mountains before moving to a home in a urban area. His was the younger brother to his older sister named Staci Fields. Later on in life Diane had two more kids and they were girls named Madelyn and Grace Fields. Their family grew as they moved to a small urban area near their cousins which were only across the street. Benny Seagraves was the older brother to Diane Fields who was Jack's Uncle. They all lived happily together.

    They usually went on vacations and stuff and had great times as well as bad. Soon Staci went to college while Jack was only in the 8th grade. He soon went to college and got a degree in cartooning. He made wacky cartoons like 'Grilled Fish' and other stuff that was thought up in his creative imagination. Supported by his family and friends he bought a home in Seth near his old High School. Living his life as a cartoonist Jack soon found a strange thing that crashed into his yard. It was a meteorite of the Atmos Life Stone.

    As soon as he touched the life he was filled with a strange power giving him an ackward feeling. That feeling faded away and he soon found out that he was given the power of gravity. His could crush a car in a second by using his power as well as crumble buildings to the ground in a flash. This power was awesome but also dangerous. Jack wanted to discover more of his power so he did research on the meteorite as well as his power. He soon discovered that the meteorite came from another dimmension known as the Solar Atmos Universe and that the meteorite was a piece of the Atmos Life Stone which held together the Atmos Universe.

    The Lizamorphis and the Finalians soon arrived at Earth and Jack found out that they had come to find the Life Stone pieces and to use Earth as a battleground. He had to find others who had discovered the meteorites and obtained their powers. This journey was going to be an epic and dangerous one and it could even take him to their universe but he had to pull through and save his home planet from being destroyed by the strange Atmos creatures of the second dimmension.

    RP Sample: The cool breeze of a eerie wind blew as snow fell from the dark, black sky dotted with bright stars. The ground was covered in a blanket of snow and some of it fell of the most limb branches of trees. Unless you knock off the snow on the trees you could not see the lush green color, only the white color of the cold snow. A man dressed in warm clothing walked across the stone path holding a scarf up to his face. The cold got to him and made his body chill. The snow fell on him more as he progressed along in the small park of his hometown.

    Superpower: Shard of the Pressure

    Weapons: Jack only uses a sharp knife that's used in his kitchen. Now with his new power he feels confident in himself but he will use sorts of weapons throughout the RP.


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      Edit: Turns out i have too much going on and I'm in too many RP's already. So I won't be signing up. Thank you though.

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      Not to be mean or rude but I believe this topic has nothing to do with Pokemon (unless I overlooked it). I suggest moving it over to Other Roleplay.

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        Originally Posted by Got-a-Plan-B View Post
        Not to be mean or rude but I believe this topic has nothing to do with Pokemon (unless I overlooked it). I suggest moving it over to Other Roleplay.
        I would but the thing is, how do I move it? I noticed this when I posted it and I didn't even know there was an Other: Roleplay section so it's my fault.
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        Name: Marcus 'Mark' Kendrill
        Age: 17
        Gender: Male

        Appearance: Mark is 5'7" tall and has light tan skin, from being in the sun just a little bit in his life. Mark's hair is a nice golden brown, and is a little spiky, but not too bad. He isn't very muscular, but isn't really too skinny. He always wears a black shirt with a logo that looks like three chains, each wrapped in circles, all next to each other in sort of a triangular pattern. The front of the shirt has another chain, but wrapped like a triangle, with the words 'better to be a triangle then a circle'. His pants are also black with the circle triangle on the left side, and a triangle on the right. His shoes are also black, but they have a very small writing that says "triangle= originality" and "circle= imitation".

        Personality: Mark is a person who doesn't care about popularity, but doesn't want to be a loser either. He doesn't really have any friends because he is pretty hyper all of the time. No one really cares about him, unless he says tries to have someone hang out with him, they usually turn him down, but the cheerleaders usually have the jocks after him. Mark doesn't really get too mad unless you insult his father, then he gets really angry. His mother is nice to him, and Mark helps her with various chores around the house, and to the store.

        History: Mark is the eldest brother of three kids. He has a brother named Kyle, and a sister named Staci. His mom and dad are Laura, and Paul Kendrill. When Mark was born, he was diagnosed with a severe blood infection, so he had to stay at the hospital for a few days, until he had a blood transfusion. After that, Paul and Laura signed a release, and took Mark home. Two years later, Paul and Laura had twins, a boy and a girl. When Mark reached seven, his dad gave him a sword to hold on to, but Mark wasn't allowed to touch it, because he was too little. A year later, Paul died from a heart attack. It impacted the family greatly, so Laura had to get a job.

        A few years later, while Mark was thinking about a test he failed, a meteor fell on the front lawn. He picked it up and put it in his pocket, thinking that it was nothing special, he was wrong. The next day, the bullies all targeted Mark because there was a rumor going around that he slept with the head cheerleader: Melissa Porter, who was the girlfriend of the biggest bully in school: Daniel Mason. When Daniel caught up with Mark, he tried to punch him, but Mark easily dodged the attack. But soon Mark was able to actually bring Daniel down in twenty seconds, but to Mark it was twenty minutes, since he slowed down time itself. Soon enough he found out that he could speed up, slow down, or even temporarily stop time. With this ability, he used it to help out with his siblings, and mother.

        Soon enough, he looked on the internet and found a blog about the same type of thing he was going through, only with a different power. That's how he found out about the Atmos life stone, and the two races that fought over it. So to keep his family safe, he took his sword, and decided to find everyone else who had powers, and help form the life stone. But the quest won't be without obsticales, as the Lizamorphs, and the Finalians will try to get their hands on his meieroite shard.

        RP Sample:
        Three days after falling through the trap door...

        Zane sat there, not really doing much. After all, he has to keep up his strength for an escape attempt later today.

        The door opened revealing a Cipher guard with a plate of French Fries. "Heheh, I bet you want this, eh?" Asked the guard, Zane just stared at the floor not listening to the guard, besides... he was allergic to potatoes. The guard started to frown before slamming his foot into Zane. "You listen to me when I say something!" Yelled the guard, but Zane didn't listen he was thinking of the Ralts from a few days back.

        'I hope you got away...Riku.' Thought Zane, but the Cipher agent slammed his foot into Zane's stomach once again. "Hey, don't you need to keep your 'experiments' at peak condition?" Asked Zane as he pushed off the guards foot.

        "Not with traitors." Said the guard before dropping a piece of bread. Zane tried to get it, but the guard stomped on it tainting it. "That reminds me... you haven't eaten since you got here, have you?" Zane just ate the smashed bread, ignoring the guard. "What!" Yelled the grunt before kicking Zane aside once more. The guard took the rest of the bread and flushed it down the toilet.

        "Heh, do you have water?" Asked Zane trying to keep his cool. The grunt sneered before walking out of the room. A minute later the guard came back with the water.

        "This is the last fluid you'll get until after the procidure." Said the guard giving Zane the glass. Zane gulped down the water, before tripping the guard. "Eh? Wh- what's going on?" And in a few minutes, the guard was lying in the cell, unconscious.

        "Well, well. Looks like you'll be the experiment." Said Zane as he sealed the door. After a few minutes, Zane saw a guard station. "Crap, how am I going to get around this." Hissed Zane to himself, but if the fox-girl got through then he would too. Zane took out a knife he stole from the guard and snuck towards the guard station. But when Zane got close, he saw that the guard was already dead, appearantly from old age because he was old.

        "How fortunate for me." Said Zane as he walked through the guard gate, but before he got through, he grabbed a map, and a flash bomb from the table. "The only way out for me is... the air ducts, but there is only one climbable air duct down here, and that is in the employee lounge." Lady Luck appearantly smiled on him as the employee lounge was only a floor above him.

        Zane ran down the hall, and got to the stairs, but that was when he was noticed. "Hey you! Intruder!" Yelled a guard, before pressing a button calling three more guards there. " Get him!" The three other guards ran towards Zane, all with knifes.

        "Shelgon, come on out!" Yelled Zane. Shelgon came out and threatened the grunts with his claws. "Let's go!" Zane returned Shelgon, before starting to run, but his belly was on empty, and he tripped onto the floor. The four guards easily caught up to Zane, but the man held them off with his knife.

        "Sneasel, come on out, and use Shadow Rush!" Yelled Zane. Sneasel popped out of the pokeball and slammed into the guards, knocking them out." Zane returned Sneasel before she could really do anything to him. In a minute, he got to the air docts, unscrewed the bolts, and climbed out of the dungeon, and the warehouse. But he was surrounded by Cipher agents.

        "You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" Asked the member in gold. Appearantly this guy was a captain.

        "Actually, yes... this was pretty easy." Said Zane before setting off the bomb, blinding all of the agents. Zane was able to get through the grunts, and out of the alley before they got their sight back.

        Zane ran down the street until he came upon the perfect place to hang out for now... the Krabby Shack.

        Superpower: Shard of the Temporal

        Weapons: Mark uses a sword that his father passed down to him. Mark thinks that it's a piece of junk, but he keeps it around to remind himself of his deceased father.

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        Originally Posted by Grass View Post
        I would but the thing is, how do I move it? I noticed this when I posted it and I didn't even know there was an Other: Roleplay section so it's my fault.
        Not sure. PM Loki. Some magic can be done to fix the problem. It was understandable mistake, at least you learned out of it.

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