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Old January 16th, 2009 (4:31 PM).
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I need a strong pokemon so i can beat the elite 4 anyone want a chimchar for something
Plz level my pokemon.
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Old January 16th, 2009 (4:37 PM).
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Originally Posted by WiiMann View Post
I need a strong pokemon so i can beat the elite 4 anyone want a chimchar for something
I need to first off ask you this simple question: why don't you get off your arse and earn it for yourself? I never traded with anyone, and yet do I have more than six level 100 Pokémon, in a little bit more than a year. If your too lazy, maybe you could spend a little less than $20.00 using Action Replay, but that's just for people who are too lazy to beat the game. You should consider setting up a schedule of where and when to train on certain Pokémon, so you wouldn't have to ask.

I would give you a couple of Pokémon, but, I don't have a FC nor wifi connection for the DS set up. You might just consider training your Pokémon to get to level 65 before making a single attempt to defeat the Elite Four, since Champion Cynthia has a high-leveled Pokémon - Garchomp.
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Old January 16th, 2009 (5:12 PM).
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Read the sub forums, we have a Wi-Fi Trade Corner.


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