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Old August 2nd, 2008 (8:59 PM).
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(The other got locked.Wrong place!LOL)

It is a posting game that goes like this:

I post something I did and someone else posts what happens and then posts(in same post)what they do and so on like this:

I post:I rob a bank

Person #1 posts:U get caught

Person #1 posts(in same post not new one):I kill a puppy

me or someonelse:U get killed or something

I will start:

I hate clowns

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Old August 2nd, 2008 (9:04 PM). Edited August 2nd, 2008 by POKE'WIN.
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I ran one over and it got killed.

Old August 2nd, 2008 (10:44 PM).
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Old August 3rd, 2008 (12:50 AM).
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then i had super powers.........................
i think????

Old August 3rd, 2008 (6:43 AM).
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You know, by reading the replies I can't guess what is this thread about.
Seriously, they don't make any sense to me @_@

Plus, this doesn't belong in here, since it's not pokémon related, but in Other Trivia.
So, sorry, but...

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