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Old August 29th, 2008 (1:20 AM).
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    This is just a random pokemon RP which follows a different system when compared to the others. In this roleplay, humans don't exist and the pokemon are limited to the first 251 (Bulbasaur-Celebi) because this takes place in the Kanto/Johto region.

    In Kanto, everything was peaceful and the pokemon were prosperous. Times were good. However, in nearby Johto war was raging. Pokemon were dying left and right and peace seemed out of sight. Kanto didn't do anything about it. After all, the happiness of it's own pokemon was the most important thing, and there was no way this could affect them anyway. Sending pokemon over to a foriegn land just to die would be senseless.

    But this thinking would soon be regretted. In Johto, a new rule rose out of the many years of war. And this leadership wasn't a nice, calm one like Kanto's. This one seeked power and land beyond that of Johto's borders. This new organization ironically known as Utopia invaded Viridian City only three weeks after the fighting in Johto ended.

    After more battles, only a few pieces of land in Kanto are currently free from the wraith of Utopia: Fuschia City and Cerulian City. Cerulian is the current capital of what is left of the Kanto government. After Utopia managed to conquer Pewter City easily, the fearful leaders in Cerulian moved all of the Kanto army into Cerulian, expecting an invasion. Again, this was a mistake that would be regretted.

    Utopia expected this and acted accordingly, taking over Vermillion City and moving north into Saffron. Celadon and Lavender were also conquered in a similarly quick fashion. Now the government, trapped in Cerulian, has drafted a huge army in preparation for whatever lies in it's future.

    Fuschia City was much more prepared, however. When Viridian was conquered, the citizens there quickly organized a new government and burned the bridges with the old one, literally so by destroying Cycling Road and Route 12, the only ways to get to the city by land. The Seafoam Islands block the way to Fuschia by water, totally isolating the city.

    In Johto, the whirpools have allowed Cianwood to be independent all this time. With the Indigo Plateau (home of some of the world's strongest) being conquered just recently, however, the future of these free places is in uncertainty.

    Here's the format for the character sheet. I'll be putting down my character as an example.
    Character Sheet
    Name (do you really need this one explained?):Jack
    Species (what pokemon are you? No legendaries, and first-stage pokemon only [if it doesn't evolves, just use that form]. Also remember, only the first 251 are allowed.): Tyrogue
    Gender (again, it's easy. But keep in mind that some pokemon are genderless and others can only be one gender): Male
    Appearance (for those who feel like having their pokemon look different than the typical look for a pokemon. this also includes "shiny" pokemon, but lets not go overboard with that. Having a roleplay filled with "shinys" will get dull, and make the shinyness redundant.): Wears a black headband given to him by his father.
    Age (Another easy one. For the purposes of this roleplay, Pokemon will age in human years, because it's something we all can relate to. Hopefully.): 16
    -Personality and history will be revealed in the roleplay. Just because I'm not asking for it, that doesn't mean you shouldn't think about it. Don't just make a character and not think in advance about it. Also, keep in mind that these pokemon will be weak (level 1-5 weak.)


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