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Old August 29th, 2008 (3:27 PM).
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    So, yeah, with all the failure that was the Games Showcase version was, I decided it'd be better suited that I post this here until I can get some of the maps done (even though I have to not only borrow a game's graphics and events, but use sprites I don't even really want to use in the long run).

    Regardless, with more plot and less fail screenshots, I give you; Pokémon: Eclipse Version!

    Made In: RPG Maker XP
    Language: English

    You're a 14-year-old aspiring Pokémon Trainer, born and raised in Yalebirth, in the country of Aegis. Aegis is a region known for its disastrously fickle weather, where it will be sunny one minute and torrential the next. However, in the town of Yalebirth, the Professor (yet to be named) has deduced, through extensive research, that Yalebirth is protected from the terrible weather by a force eminating from the northern caves of Mt. Dusk.

    Regardless, upon deciding your name, and that of your rival, you're taken to your room, and are given your Poké Gear by your concerned mother, who wishes your father could see your remarkable progress and maturity. You then head to the Professor's Lab to recieve your first Pokémon, where you find your smart-mouthed rival there; he takes the Pokémon strong in type against yours.

    Before leaving the lab to start your journey, your rival demands a battle. After the battle, the Professor asks a favor of you. A doctor who has been extensively researching the weather crisis, Dr. Ignus, has just discovered an egg which contains a species of Pokémon that can possibly solve the crisis in Aegis. A discovery this big cannot be ignored, so the Professor requests that you retrieve the Egg for him. However, upon arriving in the next city, the weather-ravaged Siennashore, you find that you're not the only one trying to research that Egg...


    Throughout the game, you progress through the frail region of Aegis, battling 10 Gym Leaders to obtain the badges required to get you into the Aegis League and battle the Elite Four. Along the way, you're caught in the struggle of the constant weather problem, fighting Team Sol and Team Lune to prevent them from taking control of a vastly powerful Pokémon, Eclair. Eclair's ability to control the sun and moon can quell the weather problems, but the teams' ideas for going about it are totally different. However, your relationship with the two organizations is more defined by the fact that they're both attempting to steal the contents of the Egg that you carry with you throughout your journey. Once the Egg hatches, you'll learn first-hand the extent of its powers...

    You'll also be fighting your rival, as well as a mysterious Pokémon Trainer who seems to share a past with you...At times, you won't know who's on your side. You'll side with your enemies and fight your friends, all to uncover the true secrets of the Aegis Region.

    -10 Gyms instead of 8. The types are: Dark, Bug, Ground, Dragon, Ghost, Electric, Ice, Flying, Fire, and Poison.
    -Each of the Elite Four has 3 different teams. You're allowed to pick 3 different paths, where you'll fight three completely different sets of Elite Four (in terms of teams; the people will be the same, they'll just carry different types of Pokémon.). The Champion, however, will retain the same party regardless of which path is taken to get to them.
    -A now undetermined number of new Pokémon. (Likely in between 100 and 160)
    -A possible second region to explore. (That's still in the works to see if I'll even be doing that...)
    -11 new legendary Pokémon, prominently featuring Eclair, the Eclipse Pokémon.

    (screenshots to come soon)

    Currently (Desperately) Requiring:
    -A Scripting Team; or someone who can tell me how to set up Trainers to battle using the Script Editor.
    -A Spriting Team. I need a lot of new sprites for characters, as well as tiles for destroyed houses, flooded streets, etc.

    Completed Thus Far:
    -A couple maps for the game have been made. I've completed Yalebirth Town, the starting town for the Trainer. I'm almost done Siennashore, as well, and Route 201 is finished.
    -Roughly 37 of the new Pokémon have been decided, though names aren't yet decided.
    -The plot. What happens in the game in terms of storyline is completely done.
    -A complete stat sheet for one of the Pokémon families.
    -The map of Aegis, though there's one small change I might have to make.
    -The majority of the soundtrack. It will include music from all the generation games, including a lot of the console games (Pokémon Stadium, Colosseum, and XD's music are included)

    -poccil, for the Pokémon Essentials kit.
    -Hall of Famer, and all the people credited therein for his game; I (if I remember correctly) have permission to use the demo of his game to help construct my own. (NOTE: Nothing from his game's plot will be used in my game; I simply used it for event construction, the already-constructed script, and the raw materials in the maps and music, neither of which will be directly copied.)

    So, if you're willing to help me either scripting or spriting, I'd really appreciate it, as I am in desperate need of it.

    ~The Don.
    "I've seen a lot of things, but this...This is a first."- Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, after meeting Rammus
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    Old August 29th, 2008 (10:19 PM).
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      like to see the starter sprites
      Still Red Gyrados

      Pokémon Ammolite

      Might return, don't take my word on it.

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      Old August 30th, 2008 (9:33 AM).
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        Well, I'd show them to you, but there are two problems:

        A) They're not set in stone; Only one really is.
        B) I can't draw for the life of me.
        "I've seen a lot of things, but this...This is a first."- Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, after meeting Rammus
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