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Old August 28th, 2008 (7:55 PM).
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    The Adventure of Sakuchi: Take of Merota
    Made with: RPG Maker XP

    Your name is Sakuchi. You live in the contry of Merota, which is ruled over by King -unnamed- and Queen Amy. You live in Flintia Town, the wheat producer of the country. But something wierd happened. The water got muckier and unhealthy for crops. But that's not the half of it! Wierd gaps have opened in the Grasslands. It's up to you, aided by your childhood friend, Alexis, and her boyfriend, Brad, and others to stop the menace, and save Merota.


    This is you, the player. He's a normal farm boy, who often helps Farmer Joe grow wheat. He's experienced with bows, and often trains in Flintia Field. His childhood friend is Alexis, and he's kind of Jealous of Brad.

    Sakuchi's childhood friend. She has a boyfriend named Brad. She is a nice person, and skilled with magic. She is strong too, so she can hold her own. She is the first member to join you on your quest.

    Alexis's Boyfriend. Brad is more of a bully to Sakuchi, but joins the team because he figures he could win with Alexis by his side. He is a bully to other people, and a gunner class. Sakuchi loses to him in the begining of the game.

    Crew list:
    Pokehero22: Creator

    Poccil: Day and Night script

    Day and Night feature
    Arena (Train and battle)
    Mountains that you can actually go up!
    Ride Horses!

    Screenshots soon!
    Hey guys, this is Pokehero22, I have quit PC

    JK oh man, that was too good.

    This account is useless now, so, bye!
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    Old August 29th, 2008 (3:18 AM).
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      I'm not really too keen on the RTP, especially if you use the default battle system.

      Maybe you could look into getting a different battle system, if you haven't already.
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