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Old September 6th, 2008 (1:23 PM).
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    Britannica is a region filled with Pokemon but when it was ruled by Rayquaza. Britannice became his kingdom and now only legendary Pokemon came come inside the kingdoms castle. A few years past and the legendary Pokemon died excepted for Groudon, the God of fire and Kyogre, the God of water. Groudon and Kyogre been fighting for years and Rayquaza, the only one that can calm down both Groudon and Kyogre fell into a deep sleep.

    No one knows what went wrong when Rayquaza fell into a deep sleep, even the Pokemon trainers. The two legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre divided the great Hoenn Region into three seperate islands. One Island is claimed by the sleeping Rayquaza, the second island is claimed by the fire God Groudon protected by a wall of lava and rock, and the third one is an island just filled with water and protected by a wall of rock. All of the Pokemon trainers that had friends before the devistation happened have no friends and now they have to figure out how to wake up Rayquaza and end the war against Groudon and Kyogre.

    The Red Team - This team is over ruled by Groudon. In this team you can only have fire type Pokemon, ground type Pokemon, normal type Pokemon, and dark type Pokemon.

    The Blue Team - This team is over ruled by Kyogre. In this team you can only have water type Pokemon, ice type Pokemon, normal type Pokemon, and dark type Pokemon.

    The Green Team - This team is over ruled by Rayquaza. In this team you can only have grass type Pokemon, dragon type Pokemon, normal type Pokemon, and dark type Pokemon.

    Sign Up Sheet:
    Name: What is your characters name?
    Age: What is your characters age?
    Appearence: What is your characters appearence?
    History: What is your characters history before the war began?
    Team: What team is your character in?

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    Old September 6th, 2008 (9:37 PM). Edited September 18th, 2008 by Pikalover10.
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      Oooooooh this might be interesting...I'll join.

      Name: Maximillion(Max for short)
      Age: 10
      Appearence: Max is short for his age he is 4 foot 1 and weighs about 85lbs. He has black spiky/messy hair, he wears a red shirt, jeans, green fingerless gloves, a hat he got from the pokemon league he went to before the war, and a necklace with a Kyogre scale inside a case on it. His eyes often look as if there are flames in his pupils when he is watching a battle.

      History: Max was born in the Johto region but his parents decided to move to the Kanto region when he was 3 so that when he became a pokemon trainer he could catch any of the pokemon. He grew up on Dewford island and he learned how to surf by his uncle Brawly. His uncle trained in Fighting type pokemon and Max was often the judge for his gym battles. Most people wondered why a kid was being a judge for the battles but he was very good at it.

      When he turned 10 his first pokemon was a Growlithe given to him by his uncle who always saw fire in his eyes when he was watching a battle. Max didn't register for the pokemon league nor did he leave Dewford for a little while until he realized what had happened with the legends.

      Team: My character is in The Red Team.
      Pokemon in team if your wondering:

      Cacnea(which will evolve into cacturne.)
      Old September 6th, 2008 (9:57 PM).
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        Name: Noah Tamaki
        Age: 17


        Noah is a decent height, standing at a nice Five foot nine, he has a very muscular build since he works out quite a lot. Noah is of Latino nationality, the reasoning for his Japanese esque surname is known only by him. Noah has shimmering aqua eyes, they seem like they could contain an ocean within them.
        He has long black hair that is pulled back in a neat ponytail. Noah is ususally seen wearing a black trenchcoat with pockets crammed full of strange momento's. He has blue denim jeans with worn out knees and a dark navy blue shirt. He wears black leather combat boots. Noah uses white leather fingerless gloves and sometimes a white face mask to make him a mysterious character.

        History: Before the war, Noah was in college, studying to be in the field of technoligy. But once the war started, Noah felt he had to become part of the balance and gave himself a double persona, appearing often as ' Bringer of Balance, Skydragon' He already had a team of Pokemon which he had trained for many years. He had his Togekiss, Dragonair, Roserade and Umbreon.

        Even before that, Noah was the type to fight, even though he owned not a single fighting type pokemon, he ended up doing a lot of martial arts before starting his pokemon journey. He was once the champion of Johto but relenquished the position to another trainer so he could go back to school.

        Team: Team Green
        Old September 18th, 2008 (7:49 AM).
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          Pikalover10: I like your history. Might be a good writer. Your accepted.
          Fallen Angel: I like your history. Your accepted.
          Old September 18th, 2008 (8:32 AM).
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            Just wondering, what pokemon can we have and their levels? There are no boundaries so surely we could have ledgendarys with the best moves.

            Sign Up Sheet:

            Name: Henri Raseru

            Age: 16

            Appearence: Henri has shoulder length brown hair, which is slightly thick, and is shaped into a long fringe. He is average height, but has very broad shoulders. He wears a rash vest (vest made of wetsuit material) and combat shorts with a checked belt. He wears large skate shoes when he is on land.

            History: Henri grew up in Vermillion city. His father often took him fishing with his old rod. This caught him his first pokemon, a treasured magikarp. In fact, it was a rather large magikarp. He treasured it,swimming with it everyday whilst his father fished nearby. He could see the pride in his fathers face. He then presented Henri with a better fishing rod. With this he caught a second pokemon, shellder. It was then he decided to leave and continue on his journey. He first took a boat to Olivine. Ignoring the gym, knowing he stood no chance, he swam to Cianwood. A storm was brewing whilst he swam with his magikarp and the sea was soon swooped up in the giant breakers. He was tossed to the Whirl islands, unconcious. His eyes opened slowly, shiny rocks glittering in his view. He was on silver rock isle, in the whirlpool archipelago. He ventured inside, bringing both pokemon of his out. They ventured deeper, worringly lost. He kicked a rock, suprised to see it squirt water nd right itself, before revealing a blue figure. A Squirtle. He sent his pokemon to attack, and iun a short fight, caught the squirtle. He smiled, looking at his beloved magikarp, and wa sshocked as it glowed, and grew huge. A gyarados. He smiled wider, beaming everyone back before venturing deeper. He feel asleep on the banks of a deep lake, lost and hungry. He woke once more to the sun. A Lapras nudged his head. Then his pokeballs, capturing itself. He was surprised, and a little scared. He now had a lapras. He continued his journey to cianwood, subsequently defeating teh gym leader with his powerful water and ice moves.
            Then the war came. He tried to reach Kanto, but was cut off. He was glad to be in Kyogre's sector, a powerful water trainer as he was. After hearing the stories, he began his journey to wake Rayquaza, or win the war.

            Team: Team Blue



            Old September 18th, 2008 (9:01 AM).
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              Name: Kenneth Henderson
              Nickname: Kenny

              Age: 15

              Appearance: Kenneth is a dark - skinned kid that is about 5’7 and has a pretty slim build. He has black spiky hair that is usually covered by his blue bandana. His eyes are gray and he tends to wear shades over them that are tinted black. He wears blue collared shirts and black pants. His shoes are blue and black. He carries a black backpack that contains his food and supplies and also his poke balls.

              History: Back in Sinnoh when he first started his adventures he was given a piplup that he name Torrent. Kenneth always keep torrent out of his poke ball since he was so small and relied on him a lot in gym matches since he had a wide variety of moves. Kenneth and Torrent became a strong team together and they knew few who could beat them in Sinnoh so they decided to go some where new.

              Later when Kenneth was heading to the Hoenn region he heard about Britannica and decided to head there instead. Wanting to start fresh he left all but Torrent and they thought they were on an adventure to a peaceful island but that all changed when the landed n the island that Kyogre was said to reside. About the time he arrived is when Kenneth found out about the war and tried to escape. Trapped Kenneth knew he would have to fight for Kyogre and win the war or Wake the sleeping Rayquaza to end this war.

              Team: Blue Team

              Piplup - Torrent
              Heart Gold FC: Kenneth 2364 8942 0500
              Old September 19th, 2008 (10:13 AM).
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                Slave: Nice history. Your accepted.
                Koroc: Nice history. Your accepted.

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