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Old September 21st, 2008 (9:25 AM).
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    I still have a lot of work to do with this.. But it's looking better now, somewhat DX

    An attempt at a somewhat different approach at Pokemon Games. Breaking away from most traditions and instead follows a deep storyline to a Final Fantasy(or games like it)-level.

    Should also be noted that game will probably be quite a bit darker than any of the official versions. Nothing too seriously over the top, but probably should be noted.

    RPG Maker XP

    Everything was going perfect. Tomorrow you could've gotten out of bed, gotten ready, then headed over to the nearest laboratory to become a certified Pokemon Trainer and go on the dream that every other person your age would want: To be a Pokemon Master.

    Sadly, today didn't go quite as planned.

    The day first starts when another kid about your age in the same town as you disappears. You been volunteered to go look for him. And once you find where he went both of you were ambushed by an unusual Pokemon that had been scouting the area, with neither of you with anything to fend it off with.

    Luck finally seemed like it was on your side when a second Pokemon showed up to save both of you. More surprising is that now the that Pokemon belonged to you, thanks to a pokeball given to your dad.

    ... Only there was one problem: The Pokemon you caught was Absol. Who has a notorious reputation for causing destruction, chaos, and is well known for bringing bad omens where ever it goes. Legends go that capturing one is spreads that curse on to you.

    Although despite the stories, you take the Absol with you, at least until you became an official trainer. However more things end up blocking your way. As you reluctantly help out a particular group that's working on stopping an unknowable force. And later realize that the Absol's appearance was a prophecy of something big that was going to happen in the future.. and it could spell impending doom for everyone if it isn't stopped.

    Most of these a cofirmed by now.

    - Takes place on Pyren, a huge landmass that about the size of Johto and Kanto combined(if not larger, if I somehow need more room >.>;). It's very uninhabited compared to most regions; and because of the more dangerous environment, the age you need to be to start traveling alone is 15, instead of 10.
    - Will have all 493 Pokemon caught/obtained in some way. Some will be a little harder than others though.
    - Day and night system
    - Optional Pokemon League. Instead it's treated as just being like a side quest since most of the game's effort is going into the plotline.
    - ""Bug-Catching Contest""(might be be with bugs though), Safari Zone, and tournaments
    - Over 100 TMs, as every TM back from the R/B/Y era till now will be available.

    Pokemon-related Changes:
    - Improved movepools
    - 2 new types (however their purpose, who they are for, and what they are is still a secret)
    - Differently colored shinies(Like a white shiny Pidgey instead of a gold one and so on). Some might look completely different others not so much.
    - Absol is seen as being like a legendary in this game. Making it genderless and eggless. Will also learn a special signature move (only a few new attacks are being added.)

    Some of those really old and have been changed since the time I took them a bit but..


    (example of a new shiny)

    Help Wanted:
    While majority of the stuff is still my doing(and possibly anyways will be). I still would like help with some of the more advanced things that might be a little out of my reach.. This stuff includes:

    - A DP-like battle system/interface(this I could probably do a little bit on, but I been too busy with other things DX)
    - Getting all 4th gen attacks to work through script
    - Some additional, and more specific requests.(PM me if you're really good at scripting and are up for this)

    Spriters: I still need really decent spriters. Both for trainer images, but also overworld sprites as well. I have a lot of rips right now(PMD Pokemon, and also GBA characters), but I need them to be laid out in to the RMXP format... Tilesets would also be nice to have at some point, but I don't need them right now.

    Beta Testers: ... All staff people and just close people I know will be the testers. As soon as, well, actually make a beta to be test-able ^^;;

    TBA. Although, I'm seriously debating if I really want to make public demos because 1) Not meeting deadlines, 2) I don't want people level buffering or whatever as they wait for the next release. Like already being level 50 when the game levels are only level 10, and 3) I will probably go back and modify past things will I move on at the same time.
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