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Old October 18th, 2008 (4:49 PM).
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    I'm sure this idea has been done before; repeatively even. If someone's already written such a thing, could I please have the link? But even if someone has, I'm wanting to write myths of all the Legendary Pokemon (including Arcanine).

    However, I have no idea where to start. xD I plan on basing them on both the games (including PMD1/2) and movies (movies mainly). This seems like the perfect project to get me motivated for my own personal stories.

    I also have a question. Though I'm sure there'll be more in the near future. xD Are Manaphy and Phione considered Legendaries or just extremely rare Pokemon?

    NOTE: I don't plan on posting these on fanfiction.net. However, if they turn out well, then I might.

    Thank you for reading! This is my first thread (') so I'm kind of nervous about posting. Yeah, I'm lame like that. xD Thanks again!

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    Old October 18th, 2008 (5:06 PM).
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    I have mythology in my writing, but my writing isn't expressly about pokemon mythology, so it probably won't be a big help. If you're going to write your own, I would suggest visiting the library in Diamond or Pearl (can't remember which town it's in) and reading all of the books there. Read the pokedex entries for each legendary, watch all of the movies, etc. Then pick your favorite legendary, and write down everything you know about it in terms of the pokemon mythos.

    If you want to try a different way, you can start with Arceus and work downwards through each legendary. I can probably help you out some, as I know a fair bit about the chain of order of the legendaries. As for official archives of legendary lore, however, I'm drawing a blank.

    After this comes fitting everything together, and this is where fiction comes in. For instance: who where the nine wizards that combined to form the original Ninetales, and why is it spelled "tales" instead of "tails?" What purpose do Latios and Latias serve in the scheme of things? What exactly is the deal with Phione and Manaphy? These are questions you'll probably have to answer yourself.
    Old October 18th, 2008 (5:16 PM). Edited October 18th, 2008 by larvitarsstealsouls.
    larvitarsstealsouls larvitarsstealsouls is offline
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      Canalave City. I recently restarted my game so stuff like that's fresh in my memory.

      That does sound helpful. =) I really appreciate your help, btw.

      The more fun! =D I don't remember the Ninetale's story (shame on me xD), and I've been a bit worried about Latios and Latias. Seriously, those two are pretty irrelevant IMO. Manaphy's king of the sea I believe, and Phione just makes Phione Dew (someone needs to give Wally from R/S/E some of that).

      Well, I've been using Bulbapedia (yes, that's what I've been doing these past two hours xD) and I found a LOT about Lugia and Ho-oh. I'm still scarce on information with Pokemon like Latios, Latias, the Regis, and a few other Pokemon like Heatran, but I've certainly learned a lot more. =D

      Since I've gained a little over thirty views, I'm sure a lurker or two might know another good website to learn about Legendary Pokemon?
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        bulbapedia is your best bet. to find more info

        which have you decided on?

        some easy ones would be suicune (all of the crystal stuff between you and eusine) and the 4th movie

        arceus (D, P, Plt plates)

        the 3 birds and lugia (2nd movie and silver text)

        mewtwo (cinnibar island mansion diaries and 1st movie, and mewtwo returns)

        dialga, palkia, azelf, mesprit, uxie, girantina (D, P, Plt)

        and mabey celebi (4th movie and the orange islands anime (GS ball stuff)

        hey found this for ya....

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        Old May 16th, 2009 (6:21 PM).
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          Don't bump threads over a month old. Reread the rules before posting again. Thread's closed now.

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