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[f.r.a.g.m.e.n.t.s [of] a.l.a.r.a.y.n.e]
play me a remnant of memory?
in major or in minor
no clashing tones or mixed up parts
or paralells of fifths or eightths
save the skitties, won’t you please?

It used to be, a long time ago you see, that this legend was more than just a bedtime story mommies read to their children before tucking them into bed at night. The tale of the guardians of the forest was a historical fact, it was something no one doubted. But as the wheels of time began to spin and turn, people began to forget the forest and forget its legacy. Before long, even the legend of the giant tree was slowly slipping into the dark depths of history. Only scholars and only a select few in truth even know of the legend of the tree and the secret of her forests and the children that are born there and most believe it to be nothing more than myth. But, as it sometimes occurs, the myth is not really a myth at all. Over the past twenty five years, many organizations have tried to get their hands on the seals, the sacred barriers between man and the Holy Da’atan Tree, and remove them, so as to force the tree out of hiding and take its power for themselves.

As of this moment in time, none have succeeded, having each been foiled by a single teenager or a group of them as such things normally go, but one group in particular, one Team Rocket, has been slowly forming their tactical approach to the seals underground for nearly thirteen years. For you see, Team Rocket had discovered the problem, the reason as to why the unlocking of the seals had failed, as to why the leaders of these syndicates failed. It really isn’t as complicated as one might think. The problem? Each syndicate failed because when the master plan was put into action and the attempt on breaking the seal was initiated, the leader went out of control, consumed by the seal’s power and by their own pathetic human emotions. The solution? A pureblood child. One they could mold from an early age to follow their every whim and command, one they could control. But, as releasing the seals takes a good deal of energy, the breaker could not go alone. Thus, a team was formed around the young skilled and cunning Rocket Executive, a Team of matching caliber, a team that together with the chosen, would break the seals and free the tree. A Team known among those in the Rocket Force and those in the Global Police Unit otherwise known as the Pokemon G-Men as the Gems, each member taking the codename of a gemstone corresponding to their field of expertise.

There are those aware of their plan, those that do not wish to see the seals of lore released and broken. Unbeknownst to Giovanni, (a) member(s) of their own organization, the Pokemon G-Men, have slipped in amongst the Rockets, climbing the levels to Executive. Their objective? Capture and Detain the Emerald and her cohorts and prevent, at all costs, any seals form being released without being caught as, well, in the Rocket world, such traitors become play-things of certain Rocket Scientists and are well, never heard from again.

The stakes are high, for there are other reasons for such a push on the seals now that no one yet knows. With such pressure, will the team bind together or be crushed in the aftermath? The passage of time slows for not and the Holy Da’atan Tree silently watches over us all, waiting for the time when it will be free one more.

Your Role

You are a member of the Rocket Gems, the most Elite rank of Rocket Executives. You answer to The Chosen who answers to Giovanni. Grunts lower their gaze in your presence, they quake at the mention of your name. You have honed your skills, you have mastered your techniques, you are the best the Rocket name has to offer and you must live up to it. You have been assigned to the Gems because you have proven this in the past, now is this time. Now is your chance to make a mark on the world than none shall ever forget. You are going on a mission of smaller missions, venturing around the land of Johto beginning in Newbarktown, alongside your leader, the Chosen Emerald of the Rocket Executive Core, in search of the seals so as you might break them and release their power. To escape the Pokemon G-Men's grasp and hide under the radar for as long as possible, each one of you has been selected for your individual skill and ability. In missions, if one part fails, the rest will follow. There is no room for error, there is no room for mistake.

You are a Gem

You are the Future of the Rocket Cooperation.

ID Creator
Hello lovies~ My name is Roger, and, well of course you probably already know this but I am so totally the Computer System of Rocket Cooperation, designed and developed by Dr Kain Romano, head Scientist of Rocket Cooperation. Please, be a dear and sit for a spell and follow this short process to establish your Identification Cards? Pretty Please? There will be caaaake at the end! :D Okay, so I'm kidding. But there might be cake. I might not be kidding. SO FILL OUT THE DARN PAPERWORK KAY? KAY.

First off, which of the Gems are you love?

The Tactician
The True Blue Geek
[s]The Illusionist[/i]
The Hot Shot
The Basket-Case
The Silent Shadow
The Grown Up Child
The Tinkering Wonder and her Mysterious Sidekick
The Chosen
[slash means taken, italic means reserved. all reservations are reserved for three days or 72 hours. whichever comes first. BY THE WAY. THE GEM OF YOUR CHARACTER IS YOUR CHOICE. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. POST IT IN YOUR COMPLETED PROFILE. EMERALD IS TAKEN]

Faaaabulous. I knew it was you, I was just testing you, i'm not lying! Don't look at me that way! D: It makes me feel fat. I'M NOT FAT. ;3; I'm just big boned... Anyways, if you'll be a doll and fill the rest of this out? Kay, love you~ Turn it in to the main office. I do believe there is oh so definitely cake and punch down there~ Isn't that just FAAAAABULOUS? Well well, make sure to read everything, including the rules and blahdity blah blah, so unfabulously dull I know. T_T But don't worry lovies! It'll be worth it! :D Rodger Promises!

Out of Character

Rules and Regulations

My Rules are simple. I promise.
  • Never ever control another person's character without my EXPLICIT consent
  • I expect a decent sized post every time you post. Five lines is not enough. I understand the occasional brain fart but if it happens too often, well, you don't want to know.
  • Keep it PG-13 at the VERY MAXIMUM. My little sister watches me roleplay and reads this board. Okay? I just don't, I really really don't want to put up with it.
  • Do not change my plot. I understand minor plot twists. I implore you to come pm me with ideas etc and if I remember, I'll make an OOC board for you to post ideas. Don't just post them in-character tho, please? I have this pretty well mapped and I promise you'll have character development time
  • Respect everyone's characters and ideas and if someone doesn't get accepted, don't make them feel like crap, kay? Everbody has posts they don't like, everybody started out poorly at one point in time, you were just like that person at one point. I don't want to see flaming, take it OFF MY BOARD.
  • Don't get pissed off at me if I reject or decline you. If you're really interested, pm me and I'll take your profile apart and give you ideas on how to improve. It doesn't mean you'll be accepted but you can learn from it and if this roleplay goes well, I'll run another one you might get into
  • Please, PLEASE try and be active. A post a week is fine. If you're going to be gone for awhile [Say spring break or Winter Break] let me know and/or give your character over to someone to run for awhile while you're gone so you don't get left behind and if you do have that break, make sure you read and catch up. it can be a pain in the backside but it's important to stay caught up or you'll miss plot holes. That being said, I know for a fact around Finals week I won't be around so expect some breaks. Don't yell at me because you want the plot to continue. My Grades, unfortunately, trump this roleplay.
  • On the Subject of a Spy: I will have One, Two Spies Max. If this is what you want to be, note you'll need to be active as you're HUGELY important to the plotline and I will DIE without you. D: [Seriously, i'll keel over DED and then Marsy will eat you.] If this is what you want, indicate it in your History and make sure it's going to make my jaw drop. This role isn't going to someone who isn't prepared for it, sorry, that's just the way it is
  • Lastly, follow all the rules previously stated and those of the PC Forum. It may be a pain but rules exist for a reason. Also, have fun! This is going to be great fun, I promise. :3 Or my name isn't Mika the Great Larxene Cosplayer Who's absolutely psycho. Oh yeah, incase you were wondering, the Maximillion Pegasus Clone Computer will be returning in the roleplay. Because he's annoying as hell and that makes him fun comic relief

The Sign Up
-Out of Character-

Name: (What you want me and everyone to call you)

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name:
Nick Names:
Age:MATURE 12 year olds + (Be realistic and I don’t have a problem with you age wise. If you want a ten year old then that ten year old better be a mature as hell child prodigy.)
Location of Childhood Home:
Gem Classification: ( ex: The Chosen, Emerald. )

-+- Pokemon:

(You are an Elite Rocket Trainer. You may have a full team. Have a -beat the living crap out of the Elite Four in one turn- Team and I'll kill you. No Legendaries. No all 3rd Evolutions. Balanced. Modest. Party. It needs to FIT your character.

Have fun with it. :3 Battling isn't the biggest thing in the world UNLESS you're The Hot Shot.)

Distinguishing Marks?
History: How did you two meet etc. TWO LINES MINIMUM.

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color:
Hair Color/Style:
Height:(Metric or American, either is fine)
Weight: (Metric or American, either is fine)
General Appearance: (Please write it in proper detail. You are allowed to have a LINK to a picture to SUPPORT your PARAGRAPH of DETAIL but if you post a picture on my board…. -shakes fist- PARAGRAPH. DETAILED 2 PARAGRAPH MINIMUM.)

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:
Likes | Dislikes:
Quirks | Habits:
Personality: (PARAGRAPH. DETAILED TWO PARAGRAPH MINIMUM. Everything ABOVE the personality slot can be written in list format but the personality itself MUST BE in PARAGRAPHY FORMAT or I WILL eat you)

-+- History:

Past: (Three Paragraph Minimum. This is the most important factor if there are multiple people trying for the same title. Make it creative. Make it not bore me.)

Family: (Just names, relationship and ages)

(Anything we should know? Is your Character ill etc?)

RP example:(Okay. You can post something fresh or a link or a section out of a story. This is proving to me you're not one of those people that writes like a seven year old when they're actually a seventeen year old individual.)


Mika [Emerald.::.The Chosen]
Alter Ego [Amethyst.::.The Tactician]
Britney Spears [Beryl.::.The Grown Up Child]
Kogenta [Garnet.::.The Illusionist]
Marsy [Jade.::.The Hot Shot]
ぱはにも [Amber.::.The Basket Case]
Pikataro [Sapphire.::.The Silent Shadow]
sprink7 [Rhinestone.::.The True Blue Geek]
Sonee/Amii [Diamond/Opal.::.The Tinkering Wonder and her Mysterious Sidekick]

Relevant Advertising!

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    -+- The Basics:

    Full Birth Name: Razor Zorloc Burner
    Nick Names:Z.R. Big Z R.Z.B.
    Location of Childhood Home: Jubilife
    Gem Classification: Hot Shot
    -+- Pokemon:

    Name: Blazer
    Type: Fire Flying
    Distinguishing Marks? A Flame on his forehead
    PERSONALITYtronge hearted. Always listens to his master. Usually niave to others.People Say all of R.Z. pokemon have adapted the niave nature from him.
    Always determined to win.
    History: R.Z. Started his Journey with Blazer. He was his starter. He did not Really like R.Z. at first but once he got to know him they became good friends.

    Type: Fire
    Distinguishing Marks?Blue tail tips
    PERSONALITY:Rage is a determined pokemon with a temper like a time bomb. Once he gets mad he will attack until he wins. Although this sometimes leads to a hard downfall.
    History: As soon as Blazer became friends with R.Z. They went training and Rage was the first pokemon to appear. so R.Z. captured it.

    (i will add more later)
    -+- Appearance:

    Eye Color: red/brown
    Hair Color/Style: Colored and shaped like a flame
    Weight: 140
    General Appearance: Z.R. is rather big. always wears a leather jacket even when it is freezing cold or burning hot.He has hair in the shape of flames which makes him look tough. He also wears black gloves with a flame on the front of them.

    -+- Personality:

    Strengths | Fear: Good in Phiscal and academic things,
    Likes | Dislikes: all things warm and pizza?/water, cold things, vegitables
    Goals: To rule the world
    Skills:Very Smart and Very strong
    Quirks | Habits: Has a strange obsession with Cats/Collecting cat things
    Secrets: He has a secret spot with many rare pokemon he has caught
    Reputation: Not really very far up not many people know him
    Personality: Sence he is big most people think he is mean, but he is usuall not. Although When he gets mad he is very mean, and willing to hurt anyone. Niave most of the time. Can be very strange to other.. like is strange obsession with cats.

    -+- History:

    Past: Z.R. was born in Jubilife City to a rich family. He had both parents until aproxmatly the age of 4, When his father died. That Just about crushed him, but he did get over it. He is still weak when you talk about his dad though.

    As soon as he was aloud to go to trainer school he went. He was in Trainer School from age 6-9, but when he turned ten he wanted to go off on his journey, but unfortunatly his mother was sick for a year and he had to take care of her, so he did not get to leave for his journey. The next year his mother was not 100% sure he was ready so she kept him for one more year. He is now 12 and getting ready too take off on his journey.

    Family: dad:Razor Burner Mom:Maria Burner Girlfriend: Danelle wave

    Other:not much

    RP example:"We are Finnaly here Rage!" Zorloc Says Happily. Zorloc is Pretty Happy to be back here because
    Last time he was here he had to leave early. Zorloc looks around seeing many rocks and and holes filled with Magma.
    He knew if he was not careful he could accidently step in one and have his foot Melted, so he watched every step he took.
    Charmander who had not been out for awhile jumped out of his pokeball and landed in one of the holes full of magma, but did not seem to care.
    "Well Charmander you really wanted out badly didn't you?" Zorloc says with a laugh
    "Char Char!" Charmander said while playing in the magma.
    All of a sudden a growlithe came out from another hole

    "Ok Charmander let's battle!"
    my friend code for pearl is:0044-4233-6065

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    awww... ;3; I have to lookit profiles already? Sheesh, I must be popular. -arrogance-

    So. Yeah. o3o

    Zorloc: Yeah... Um... Your RP sample is lacking. Very Much So. So unless you completely turn the profile around, yeah it's not looking too good. It's just a mess, you need to spend more time on it. I see ridiculous amounts of spelling punctuation and capitalization errors and just grammar flaws in general. You know tho, the plot hasn't been up over a half hour yet, you shouldn't be done with your profile unless you're like Alter Ego and you have God Powers. O.o

    So yeah

    I don't think so.

    I'm gunna hafta say you're Rejected
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      I have worked on all of the stuff with things from other rps i have did. that took me awhile to finish anyway
      my friend code for pearl is:0044-4233-6065

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      I'm sorry, I'm still going to have to keep you at your Rejected state. You just don't understand the concept of the plot, your history doesn't match up and your roleplay sample isn't even close to high enough to what i'm going to require for this roleplay. Work on your skills and maybe next time you can join my plot. :3
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        I can't rp good unless other people are there+ i read the whole thing i fit pefect. if a rp with other people ii can Rp very good
        my friend code for pearl is:0044-4233-6065

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          Umm...Zorloc, hun? If the RP master says you're not good enough for the RP then you're not. It's her call, and to be perfectly frank, you haven't even bothered to fulfill the paragraph minimums she set out in the sign-up sheet so rejection is completely natural. Different people have different standards, so you'll just have to accept that getting into some RPs requires more effort (quite often a lot more) on your part than getting into others does.

 whining to the RP master. That's obnoxious and not helping your case. At all. ~~

          Oh, and you can count this as my official placeholder for the tactician spot, Mika. Profile to come eventually.
          Featured Theme: Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou Project)
          Provided by and jointed with: Phani
          Best viewed together, profile customization still in progress

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            OMG ish a Mika rp.
            Because it's not like I was dragged here or anything...-shifty eyes-
            This is my claim on the Hot Shot.

            -Out of Character-

            Name: Mars

            -In Character-

            -+- The Basics:

            Full Birth Name: Khael Evan Sky
            Nick Names: Khael
            Age: 20
            Location of Childhood Home: Vermilion City
            Gem Classification: The Hot Shot, Jade

            -+- Pokemon:

            (All Pokemon histories are in character)

            Name: Kisa
            Type: Togepi
            Distinguishing Marks?
            PERSONALITY: Kisa is very much the baby of the party. She loves to play and explore, being horribly curious about everything, it often gets her into trouble. She loves teasing Khael (very much believing he is her dad and play thing) and riding on Sirene's back as long as she doesn't fall off. Any sort of yelling or pain will make her burst into loud shrill crying which is hard to sooth and make go away. She is quite the pokemon to look after and you commonly don't know what she'll do next, but Khael, Sirene, or a bottle of mustard are always good in helping sedate the baby pokemon. One strange thing about Kisa is that she often likes to think she's a ghost Pokemon like Ghastly and Shuppet and pretend like she's invisible and can do anything she wants.
            History: "Well when you're walking through the woods and hear the damn thing crying you can't really ignore it very well. I was just minding my own business and I heard it crying and found it sitting next to a rock in the middle of the clearing. And was all alone and crying and wouldn't shut up, so I gave it an Oran Berry and it must have decided that I was it's new master or something because it followed me all the way back to camp and it's been with me since. Sirene's the one who won't let me get rid of it, and I haven't actually caught it, so most of the time it goes on my head or in a bag across my back. It's been probably five months now and I still have it--erm, her--so I guess I'm stuck with her much to the dismay of a majority of my group.

            Name: Sirene
            Type: Dragonair
            Distinguishing Marks? Her skin is a light blue instead of the normal darker shade and in the sunlight it shines a soft bluish-sliver.
            PERSONALITY: Sirene is like one of those overly wise grandmothers who likes to smack you on the nose when you do something wrong. She is the only one of Khael's pokemon who will come out of it's pokeball at will--for what? To slap him of course. Usually for doing something or saying something stupid, especially with Kisa or other women. But outside her grandmotherly persona, she is quite the impulsive Dragonair, usually flying at ease and swimming freely. In battle she is also easy going, often keeping her defenses up and not taking chances.
            History: "I first met Sirene as a Dratini back when I was much younger and it almost feels like she's only been my companion for this long to keep an eye on me. She's really quite silly when you know her, but cross as well. She doesn't like me doing things she doesn't approve of, much like my mother, and often reprimands me for them with a slap from her tail and a glare. Ever since we've adopted Kisa though, she seems to have lightened up a lot, mothering over the little cry baby like it was hers. It's cute, but if I ever did want to actually get rid of Kisa I don't think I would be able to."

            Name: Thoran
            Type: Jolteon
            Distinguishing Marks?
            PERSONALITY: Thoran is a hyper active little demon who likes to fight a lot. Other than sneaking up and pouncing on random people-sleeping, eating, and fighting are really the only things he enjoys doing. He's a fierce fighter but often hasty in his judgment of the situation. He doesn't like to think, he likes to do, and this often causes a problem in battle. He's slowly learning, but he doesn't like the slow pace every day seems to go by. Although horribly sociable he often runs off for days before returning to the group again. Khael has gotten used this after awhile, he doesn't understand it, but he lets Thoran go freely because he has no doubt the Jolteon will return. He is often thought of as the lonely trickster of the group.
            History: "Finding Jolteon was actually much of a surprising adventure. I came across a patch in the desert where there were several Thunder Stones half-buried in the sand and I saw this Eevee walk over there and just evolve with no warning. It couldn't have been very strong, because I beat it and captured it easily, but it put up quite the fight anyways."

            Name: Zion
            Type: Typhlosion
            Distinguishing Marks?
            PERSONALITY: If anyone in this group is the cocky egotistical one, it's Zion. Many people think that it's just Khael rubbing off on the Pokemon as a Cyndaquil, but he was like that from the beginning. He is brave, but rash. Strong, but over confident. He hasn't lost a fight in awhile which has built him up a nice ego to feed off of in battle, but woe the day that Zion gets beaten, who knows what the prideful Pokemon would do. Although battling is one of his favorite things to do along with training, he also enjoys simple things like sleeping and playing games with the other pokemon. He has a fun-loving side, really, it just commonly turns competitive with others and doesn't come out as much.
            History: "How I met Zion? This one's a piece of cake, he was my first. First ever. I got him as my starter Pokemon back when I was eleven years old and wanting to be the "greatest Pokemon trainer there ever was" like every other floundering eleven year old out there. He's one of my favorites to battle with because he can be so ruthless and focused, but I wonder how long it'll last? If you think about it, his--our streak has to end sometime."

            Name: Aielel
            Type: Pidgeot
            Distinguishing Marks?
            PERSONALITY: Aielel is a very laid back Pokemon. He doesn't really seem to have any concerns but making sure Khael doesn't explode from his sometimes overwhelming emotions and improving his technique. He's not really all that sociable except for occasional conversations with Schiaro, he instead prefers to just lounge about alone or glide around th current camp site and scout. His battle strategy is all about speed, he like to get in there right away and barrage with a bunch of attacks instead of being defensive or strategical.
            History: "I got this guy when he was a Pidgeoto, so I didn't fully raise him, but we've been through a lot together. I caught him right before going into Team Rocket, and he's been a real help with all of those missions I had to do to get where I am today. So I guess I sort of give a lot of credit to him regarding my Gem rank. I'm not close to him as much as I am to some of the others, but he's a great help when you want to get your mind off things and just fly somewhere."

            Name: Schiaro
            Type: Gardevoir
            Distinguishing Marks?
            PERSONALITY: Schiaro is sort of quirky. Like most Psychic types, he seems intent and insanely wise but yet when he gets that little spark in his eyes you know somethings getting plotted out for his amusement. Probably more impish and devious than he'll let on, it's no wonder that Thoran is usually the one who hangs around him the most. He really just likes to keep amused rather than make a fool out of people as he often seems to get bored easily. For some reason he doesn't seem to like little Kisa or the bottle of mustard that she seems to always have on her like a lifeline. He often wonders how he could turn the bottle of mustard against her, or at least take it and frame someone else. Like that stupid Teddiursa the nerd has, perhaps. His particular fighting style is more strategy and sneak attack more than anything.
            History: "Gardevoir was the newest of the team before Kisa. I got him as sort of a present for making Gem Rank. I don't know where he came from, I went into my office after the promotion and saw a glammed up Pokeball on my desk. There was a note, but all it said was 'Congratulations' so it didn't give me any clue to who gave it to me. I didn't expect him to listen to me since someone had obviously put a lot of time into raising him to the point he was at, but it was like he had been with me from the start. I still don't know who gave him to me, but I'm glad they did."

            -+- Appearance:

            Eye Color: Ice blue with colbalt fleck around the outside of the Iris.
            Hair Color/Style: His hair is a light blonde, often spiked and swept off to the side.
            Height: 6'2"
            Weight: 167
            General Appearance:
            Tall and lean, Khael gives the appearance of a mountain lion ready to pounce. He is limber and has a long, comfortable, assured stride that causes most swoon-prone women to look at him and squeal. His toned muscular body is only one of the things that contributes to his overall looks and "sex-appeal"--light blonde hair is accented by ice blue eyes and naturally sun-tanned skin. His face is more of a boyish handsome than rough and chiseled like most people would expect him to be. Not boyish in that his face is rounded and slightly chubby, but instead a slim facial structure with faint hints of cheekbones is more of what it looks like. His hair, at a light blonde is often spiked messily and swept to the side of his face and his eyes are a ice blue with cobalt flecking around the outside of the iris; this causes his gaze to sometimes be rather striking or intimidating. His eyes are by far his most noticeable feature. They put truth to the phrase "eyes are the window to your soul"--one would generally think that his eyes would be cold and hardened by battle and being so high in Team Rocket, but really it's nothing like that. At one point in his Rocket training he had the eyes of a warrior, but now they are softened, open, analytical, joyous, and calm. Some in the group say it's due to Kisa, but he refuses to admit to it.

            His Rocket uniform is simple; a pair of slightly tight black pants, black shoes, a black v-neck under-tee and a black leather jacket with his jade "R" on the back of it. But when it's not required for him to wear the uncomfortably hot uniform, he likes to relax in a pair of khaki cargos, brown flips, and a t-shirt of random color depending on which are clean and on top of the pile. Sometimes he's not too keen on remembering to do his laundry, though he's gotten better since Sirene has started to throw his dirty clothes on his face while he sleeps. He's taken the hint rather well. the other thing that you can usually see on him, much to the groups humor, is a jade green sling bag which the little Togepi is carried in while they travel and sleeps in at night.

            -+- Personality:

            Strengths | Fear:
            + Fighting, both physically and with Pokémon
            + A good listener and friend
            + Trustworthy
            + Leading
            + Sleeping
            + Eating
            + Getting out of tough situations
            + Once he has his mind set on something, there’s no changing it.

            - Losing a battle
            - Letting the Rockets down
            -Letting his team down
            - Spinarak
            - Death
            - Losing Control
            Likes | Dislikes:
            + Food
            + Sleep
            + Battling
            + The color green
            + Kisa
            + His Pokémon
            + Socializing
            + Having a good time
            + Water
            + Being a “father” to Kisa
            + Attention
            + Control
            + Rain
            + Women

            - Being stalked by fan girls
            - That Teddiursa
            - Being ignored
            - Heat
            - Being turned down
            - Losing
            - Being restrained
            - Assumptions
            - Absolute silence
            + To figure out what to do with Kisa
            + To stay in the Gems as long as possible
            + To find a woman who doesn’t only see his appearance
            + Fighting
            + Training Pokémon
            + Doing things for others
            + Leading
            Quirks | Habits:
            + He often stares forward into space when he’s thinking or concentrating, sometimes giving the impression he’s staring at whoever happens to be in front of him.
            + He baby-talks to Kisa all the time unless she’s done something bad
            + He always has a bottle of mustard on him
            + He always has a few empty Pokeballs with him since he likes to fidget with them by tossing them up and down or between his hands.
            + He can go to sleep anywhere at anytime
            + He tries to not act like it but he absolutely adores Kisa
            + He’s really a softy since he found Kisa
            + He’s actually very lonely
            Reputation: His reputation within the group is that of this egotistical arrogant hot shot who thinks he knows everything. They depict him like an Arcanine almost. He’s a good friend, loyal, but rather proud and egotistical when it comes to skill and fighting. They don’t see him as heartless, but unwilling to open up to most people and that his flirtatious womanizing ways are due to an ego-boost rather than the fact that he’s really just lonely.
            Like most guys, Khael is a very proud being. There are things he knows he's good at and things he knows he's not good at, it's when you deny the things he's good at that he can get a little defensive, and depending on the situation, aggressive. He tries to keep his aggressiveness down outside of battling but he can't help it if there are people or certain Pokemon who just completely make him lose it. It's like a chemistry experiment gone bad--at first you're just slowly making your formula and solution and everything i balanced and happy and going well. And then you slip, you ass the wrong chemical or too much of something and it explodes in your face in the blink of an eye; before you even know what's happening, really. He always feels bad when his temper or ego get the best of him, but there are times where he just smiles and thinks "Oh how they deserved it..." and plays the part of the cocky jerk people expect him to be. He knows he can be egotistical and arrogant at times, but he likes to think it's part of his charm, it doesn't make him a jerk or anything, just...passionate. Especially when it comes to battling or his friends.

            Being the flirt and womanizer that he is, Khael sometimes has a hard time making female friends and his ego sometimes make men shy away from him as well--but he never lets that get the better of him. He is a traditional optimist and can find the bright side in most situations and thus finds no problem in his tendency to scare people. But the friends he does have, you'd probably be surprised to know that he is a very good friend. He considers his friends his family-something he started doing since he started gaining rank in the Rockets-and would do anything for them. He likes to talk to people as much as he likes to listen to them, and even though he can sometimes be a little thick about some things he's still a great person to go to when you just want a person to talk to; even if sometimes it's more of a person to talk at. But he'll never say a word if you don't want him to, something that has been a great asset in being a Rocket, his is very trustworthy and loyal no matter what. Even if you piss him off, he'll never go and spill all of your deep dark secrets. He enjoys listening to people though, it gives him that momentary feeling of companionship that he wants so badly. Yes ladies, he's secretly a softy and lonely. He likes to believe that there is magic and unseen forces acting in the world as well, a part of his personality that most likely contributes to his optimistic attitude.

            -+- History:

            Khael was the first child to Alicia and Jerome Sky from Vermilion City. His family was always well off, they ran a chain of shops in surrounding cities and made a lot of money from trainers needing supplies like balls, potions, and food, as well as other basic supplies. He was never really spoiled, he got extravagant gifts, but only for holidays and his birthday, otherwise his parents were gone a lot traveling the world or working or just about anything that could keep them out of the house. So to entertain himself he would often go into town and talk to everybody or play with the other kids or Pokemon. Believe it or not, he spent a lot of time in the Pokemon Center volunteering to help Nurse Joy with all the sick Pokemon. Because of his adventures out in the city, he became very independent as well as a sort of Jack-of-all-trades in theory. He did errands for people to waste time between breakfast and dinner at home-one day he was called to do an errand for the Gym Leader and was taught about battling as reward for it. Ever since then, Khael has been interested in battling and has never quite forgotten his dream of becoming a Gym Leader some day.

            For his seventh birthday his parents came back from their travels with a little Cyndaquil for Khael to befriend and battle with. That's what they told him. The real reason was so they could send him off to the Prep School, Pokemon Tech. They weren't exactly the most attentive or amazing parents in the world as you can tell. Driven to succeed in school and prove to himself and his parents that he could be great, Khael excelled in battling, graduating from there at age ten and getting his license before traveling from Gym to Gym and collecting badges and catching Pokemon like Thoran, Sirene, and Aielel. His life completely changed when he went to get his eighth badge, however. After winning his badge from Giovanni, Giovanni invited Khael back to his office to discuss the proposition of joining Team Rocket, that "they could use his fighting talent". Finally feeling wanted and enjoying the thought of prestige, power, and pay, Khael quickly accepted the offer and started the following day.

            Khael quickly accepted his training within Rocket and worked to become something much more than a mere Grunt. He didn't join Rocket to be a Grunt his whole life like some of the people in there, he wanted to have power, be something bigger. That opportunity came when Khael was accepted as a Rocket Gem, the same day he obtained Schiaro, where he had finally come to a spot of power and respect within the Rockets that he could settle into and be happy. Currently he is traveling with Mysterica and the rest of the Gems. He's not quite sure what their entire purpose is within and outside the Rockets, but being the best in their fields must mean they're being used for something, right? As always in Team Rocket though, you tend to suppress your curiosity to prevent asking something you aren't supposed to know about or even wonder about. They'll have to find out eventually, he assumes.

            Alicia Sky – Mother – 48
            Jerome Sky – Father – 52
            Kisa Anne Sky – Sister – 7


            RP example:
            A small smile replaced the fury that had previously been there. She was content, she had talked, stretched a little, been heard, and now she felt the exhaustion set in. "If you're so worried about me moving, let me stay here. I'll lay nice and still and be a good little kitten. I promise, Dr. Romano." She fingered a cross over her heart and held out her pinky for him like a child swearing not to tell about that teachers note their friend threw away. Her head nuzzled into his chest. She couldn't feel the fever but she was painfully aware of the temperature difference his body caused. "Good, you're not a total quack. The Doctor before you thought I was an evil demon who had possessed this poor child through the evils of television." A hard laugh flew out of her throat much like the tinkling bell laugh of Roxas but throatier. "He actually had me exorcised before he decided to become a monk....the wanker."

            "Not much, like I doctors like your meds too much. Kitty doesn't take well to sedatives, they ruffle her fur far too easily." Chezzy turned her wrist upwards to stare at the self-made tattoo that Roxas had made so long ago with a needle and broken pen. Nothing much, a simple star emblazoned along with a single name: Adam. The whole reason this started, this insanity. Chezzy loved the boy, he was her brother too, she was only here because she was repressed and rejected. That's all. If the dimwit could've stood up for herself...they wouldn't be in this mess.

            She looked up at him with patronizing eyes, clearly entertained by his "diagnosis". "I don't believe that, I don't want that. I don't want a relationship, I want company other than the other idiot sharing my body. I know about him, you would think I don't? I just want him because I can't have it, I'm sure, deep down I don't want it. But that's not how I work, hun. I lives by urges and wants, I fulfill my desires by any means necessary. I'm everything Roxas isn't." Didn't any of the crack pot doctors realize that? Were they too absorbed in their ideas and theories that they couldn't open their ****ing eyes and see the truth in flashing lights before them? No, of course not. Because they're the sane ones...they know what they're doing. ********.

            She thought about his offer, clearly willing to accept it, but she wanted more, to get her deal out of it the way she wanted. "You can give her the medicine...fine, I don't care. Just no sedatives, got it?" She glared accusingly at him like he'd pull one out of his ass any minute and stab her with the long needle. "And I really just want someone to listen...but you can ask the questions. First though...I have one for you. And be honest....What is your obsession with us...her?" Chezzy asked skeptically but with no hint of malice in her tone. "I intrigue you, that's obvious, but her...she's like any other woman frightened of her darker side, what makes her so special that you care so much for her after two hours of conversation in the courtyard?"

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            -+- The Basics:

            Full Birth Name: Bristol Delhomme
            Nick Names: Dollface
            Age: 13
            Location of Childhood Home: Outskirts of Saffron City, Kanto
            Gem Classification: Grown-up Child (Beryl)

            -+- Pokemon:

            Type: Banette
            Distinguishing Marks: None
            Personality: Fiery and vengeful. Using it's ghostly abilities, it has often wreaked havoc on those who have crossed Bristol or herself. Hopelessly dedicated to its trainer, it has been with Bristol well before he was a member of Team Rocket. Reveling in the misdeeds they perform, she is happier than she was during their days living in Lavender Town. Quick to jealousy and will often act out when things aren't going her way. Hates to be inside its PokeBall.
            History: When Bristol was a young boy, he came across his grandmother's old dolls in his house's attic. Suddenly, one began to move and dance, fascinating the boy. Bristol asked if it would like to play with him. Then, the doll jerked suddenly and a Banette emerged, screeching loudly and shaking violently. Bristol laughed and reached towards the Pokemon, tapping it on the forehead. Banette jerked and tumbled to the ground, overwhelmed by the boy's touch. Bristol landed next to the doll and picked it up, carrying it into his house. A "psychic" connection of sorts formed between the two. For seven years the two have never been separated. Together, they went through the Rocket training. Unable to find a partner that best suited them, they went off on their own, slowly adding to Bristol's contingent of Pokemon.

            Type: Girafarig
            Distinguishing Marks: None
            Personality: Almost a complete opposite of Banette. Relaxed, quiet, and timid, it prefers to graze in a field rather than battle. However, it's proud of its ability in battle and when coerced into doing so, it does so with one hundred percent effort. If he begins to be on the losing side of a battle, he will more often than not retreat. To compensate for this, Bristol has worked with Girafarig on his evasion techniques, making it damn near impossible to land a hit on the speedy walking palindrome. Hates to be out of its ball when Bristol's Victreebel is present.
            History: On one of Bristol's first missions as a Rocket Grunt, he was sent to the Safari Zone in Fuschia City with three other grunts to capture as many Pokemon as possible. Annoyed by the lack of professionalism in those he was partnered with, he went on his way alone into the depths of the Safari Zone jungles. In these depths is where Bristol met Girafarig. The small quadriped was surrounded by meat-lusting Victreebel. Their vines were entwined between the Pokemon's legs, holding it up in the air as it screamed in fear. Bristol, muttering some lame line about "never playing with your food," went in with Banette and proceeded to pummel the fly trap Pokemon. Capturing what appeared to be the strongest of the Victreebel, he quickly took to tending to the Girafarig. Sensing a great psychic ability locked away in the Pokemon's psyche, Bristol took the weakened Girafarig with him and almost immediately began to train it.

            Type: Magneton
            Distinguishing Marks: Instead of the normal steel-color that most Magneton share, Bristol's has a more bronze tone to its body
            Personality: One could try to describe Magneton's personality, but you could say there's barely a personality there to describe. When out of its ball, it remains almost entirely motionless. There are two situations in which Magneton will show some spark or personality. When near a strong magnetic field, it comes alive with energy not matched by any of Bristol's other Pokemon. Though in this state Magneton is dangerous as it is constantly releasing waves that could possibly shut down a person's internal organs. The other case is when someone nearby uses a microwave. Prepare food at your own risk in the presence of Magneton.
            History: Magneton was a "gift" from a trainer in Vermilion City. Overcome in rage from what the trainer's Electabuzz had done to his Banette, Bristol flew into what has been classified as a "Psychic Fit." The energy overwhelmed the offending trainer and threw him into a deep set coma. With his Rocket training under his belt, Bristol knew this was the time to take the prize. He snagged all of the Pokeballs from the boy's bag and set off for their nearby base in his hometown. As he turned in the Pokeballs to HQ, he sensed great power emitting from one of the Pokeballs. Unused in battle, Bristol kept this one hidden and set off for his apartment. Releasing the Pokemon from its confines, it was revealed to be a freshly caught Magneton. Bristol was puzzled by its lack of personality, but attributed this to the Pokemon's lack of a brain or heart. Due to Bristol's hatred/incapability of teleporting, he uses Magneton's levitating abilities to move quickly between destinations.

            Type: Victreebel
            Distinguishing Marks: None
            Personality: Sadistic and hungry by nature. It is motivated by its desire to watch things suffer and writhe in pain. Hates to pain that seems to come from its bouts of extreme hunger. Will eat anything with a heartbeat. The most intelligent of Bristol's Pokemon, he manages to come up with devious plans for capturing his prey. Often frustrated with Bristol's lackadaisical way of living, often resulting in it trying to eat Bristol. Vulnerable to attacks on its mind and very fearful of fire. Will go at great lengths to avoid what it fears the most. Often butts heads with Banette on all matters.
            History: As mentioned before, Victreebel was first introduced to Bristol when readying to feast upon a young Girafarig. He hadn't eaten in several hours, so the pain he was feeling was excruciating. As he was about to drop the crying Girafarig into his mouth, he was rudely smashed in the back of the head by a Banette's Shadow Claw. Dropping the prey, he was slammed into a nearby tree where he watched his fellow Victreebel tossed away by the screeching Banette. Puzzled, he watched as the Banette pummeled his colleagues and tossed them aside like rag dolls. Bristol then tossed a PokeBall at Victreebel, who was too weakened to resist capture. At first their relationship was uneasy and Victreebel trying to eat its new master. Through careful training, Victreebel grew to respect its new master. Brutal and perfect for a Rocket agent's killer Pokemon. When a dirty job had to be done, Victreebel and Banette were the ones for the job.

            Type: Xatu
            Distinguishing Marks: Unique markings on its wings. Two red, diamond shape markings stand out in the middle of the normally white part of the wing.
            Personality: To say Xatu loves herself is a grave understatement. Pompous, snobby, and downright rude to others, Xatu feels all should bow before her. Blessed with a natural ability to tell the future and an aptness in battle unmatched by any of Bristol's other Pokemon. Xatu is prone to attacking those she sees as weak and insignificant. Prone to angry outbursts when things don't go her way. Only shows patience for Bristol and Girafarig who it sees as an apprentice of sorts. Heavily dislikes other females. Quick to show off its unique markings. Tends to hoard massive amounts of trinkets, watches, etc in a nest that she built in the base.
            History: For the first few years of its life, it was raised in Ecruteak City in Johto. Due to the strange markings on its wings, it was seen as the reincarnation of an old prophet that predicted the end of the world. Living in a life of luxury, Xatu's (then only a Natu) ego only grew as the weeks progressed. Indeed, it was blessed with an unique ability to foresee the future. This caught the interest of the public, who flocked by the hundreds hoping to have their future told to them. Like a bug drawn to the fire, Team Rocket's greed brought them to Ecruteak. They were met with little resistance as the villagers said Natu had predicted it would be stolen away by the "Black Guards of the Abyss." Taken back to Saffron, it was placed into intense training to evolve it as quickly as possible. After several weeks, Natu had evolved into Xatu. Originally, it was intended to be a member of Giovanni's personal Pokemon contingent. However, the Team Rocket leader recognized its need to be paired with a trainer with psychic abilities. It was then assigned to Bristol, at the time a Team Rocket member who was quickly progressing up the ranks. Xatu immediately warmed up to the boy, who's maturity and intelligence surpassed any of the adults she had ever come into contact with. He praised her for when she did good and worked with her on her psychic abilites. Though Bristol often disciplined her for concerning herself about her appearance before her battling abilities, they still share a close bond.

            Type: Froslass
            Distinguishing Marks: Pink bow tied around its neck
            Personality: Unlike the rest of Bristol's Pokemon, Froslass is the sweetest and kindest of them all. She is naive to the point of where is she puts herself in harm's way constantly. Froslass is incredibly devoted to Victreebel who prefers to keep his distance. If there is music playing nearby, Froslass's wispy body will be to sway back and forth, forcing her into a trance that's hard to break. If a colleague is injured, she's goes out of her to ensure they are safe and their wounds are tended to. Despite her personality, she loves to battle and does so to impress her darling Victreebel. She is proud of the wide arsenal of attacks. She feels indebted to Bristol for helping her evolve as she felt trapped in her Snorunt body. Froslass dislikes the sun and prefers to only be out of her PokeBall at night unless necessary.
            History: Bristol first encountered Froslass in her Snorunt form as he was scouting Shoal Cave as a potential Hoenn base of operation for Team Rocket. While wandering the sandy shoals, he noticed a flock of Zubat flying nearby, moving erratically. With Bristol's interest piqued, he followed the Zubat to a nearby cave, where he found a sleeping Snorunt. It had a pink bow tied around its neck and it appeared to have just arrived where it was sitting recently due to the footsteps in the snow around it. After dispersing of the Zubat that were hovering over it, Bristol walked to it and picked it up. It opened its eyes and smiled. Bristol was not used to Pokemon being happy to him, so he was taken back a bit. Reading the Pokemon's mind, Bristol found out the Snorunt had been abandoned by her original trainer three days before, being deemed too "ugly" for him. Feeling sorry for the Snorunt, Bristol brought the Pokemon back with him to Kanto, and trained it. Researching potential evolution methods, he came across some information that said when female Snorunt were exposed to a certain energy from a stone found in Sinnoh, they evolved into an unique Pokemon called Froslass. Using his Team Rocket connections, he traveled to Sinnoh with Snorunt and stole a Dawn Stone from one the wealthy families that populated the eastern side of the continent. Using the stone, he evolved his Snorunt, who's power grew tenfold upon evolution.

            -+- Appearance:

            Eye Color: Green
            Hair Color/Style: Brown - Short and military style cut - Longer on the top, buzzed on the side
            Height: 5'6"
            Weight: 110 pounds
            General Appearance: His nickname says it all- he's so goddamn cute and artificial-looking he resembles a doll. Short and cuddly, his appearance masks the cold-hearted psychic behind it. His stare is always blank and fixed, not one hair on his head out of place, and his posture is always perfect. His skin tone is moderately tanned from his numerous travels around the world. There are no battle scars or markings to be found - he has never dealt with an injury his entire two years in Team Rocket. When he smiles, which is a rare occurrence, his teeth glow with the intensity of a Starmie's gem. There is a single freckle on the tip of his nose and on the left side of his neck.

            Clothing wise, he has opted for a beryl red-themed outfit to fit his other moniker within Team Rocket. His outfit consists of a three-piece suit. The jacket is a dark scarlet. The vest underneath is an even darker, blood red color. His tie is white, contrasting with the colors of his upper half. Painted on the left breast of the jacket is a black "R," symbolizing his membership in Team Rocket. His pants are the same red as his jacket. His shoes are black and polished.


            -+- Personality:

            Strengths | Fear:
            + Calm
            + Collected
            + Quick-thinking
            + Being Psychic
            - Heights
            - Fog
            - Dark-type Pokemon
            Likes | Dislikes:
            + Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokemon
            + night time
            + haunted houses
            + spas, graveyards
            + the ocean
            - Fire
            - deep oceans
            - growing old
            Goals: To become one of the most powerful Psychic/Ghost-type Trainers in the world
            Skills: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Memory Modification, Memory Projection, Illusions, Levitation
            Quirks | Habits: Never blinks, speaks in an almost inaudible whisper, IQ of over 200
            Secrets: Raised himself due to self-absorbed parents
            Reputation: Known for being the youngest high-ranking official in Team Rocket history, his exploits are well known to the public due to his age, kind of pushed to the side by some of his colleagues due to his age, one of Giovanni's pets

            Bristol is very afraid of his emotions. If he is to lose control, he might lose control of his abilities. This could lead to catastrophic consequences for those around him. Around others, he does his best remain calm at all times. He doesn't trust others very easily. Bristol also dislikes reading other people's minds unless necessary as he usually find stuff out about that person that he doesn't wish to know. He takes pride in his other abilities however and will show them to whoever asks for a demonstration.

            When it comes to his Pokemon, he cares a great deal about them. They are the first family he has ever had and he would do anything to protect them. He expends a great deal of time training them and taking care of them. If one of his Pokemon are hurt, nothing else matters until they are healed. He is very quick to unleash his rage towards those who hurt his Pokemon however. And this is where the darker side of Bristol's personality comes out and what makes him such an effective Team Rocket executive: he possesses little regard for human life.

            In his time of having access to the human mind, he has come to develop a hatred for others. He has seen their pettiness, their rage, their petty feelings. He strives to be as emotionless as possible, artificial and untampered by other human feelings.

            (As I told you on AIM, I'd much rather reveal personality through RP posts. Sorry.)

            -+- History:

            Past: Bristol was born thirteen years ago in the Saffron Gym. His mother, Elma, didn't notice she was in labor when it first started. Her mind was focused on the training she was doing at the time.

            Family: (Just names, relationship and ages)

            (Anything we should know? Is your Character ill etc?)

            RP example:(Okay. You can post something fresh or a link or a section out of a story. This is proving to me you're not one of those people that writes like a seven year old when they're actually a seventeen year old individual.)

            WILL FINISH LATER~
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              -Out of Character-

              Name: Kogenta (or anything reasonable/recognizable)

              -In Character-

              -+- The Basics:

              Full Birth Name: Aidan Kir Iiolo
              Nick Names: The Magician, Garnet
              Age: 19
              Gender: Male
              Location of Childhood Home: Ecruteak City
              Gem Classification: The Illusionist, *Garnet

              -+- Pokemon:

              Name: Lili
              Gender: Female
              Type: Mawile
              Distinguishing Marks? The mark on her horns is diamond-shaped rather than elliptical
              PERSONALITY: Lili's smile is almost as disarming as her master's, and the consequences of trusting her sweet face may be even more serious. While Aidan may draw satisfaction from simply causing a person to believe a ridiculous lie, Lili draws satisfaction when her jaws find something to bite. Hard. Around Aidan's living quarters are various sheets and bars of metal that he keeps for Lili's horns to chew on. The teeth marks evident on these objects serve as warnings to those who might be tempted to near the young Mawile.

              Though in many ways childish, Lili is not wholly dependent on her charm for victory. After the initial attack, an opponent fortunate enough to wrest itself free from the Mawile's grip is not likely to fall for the same trick twice. Thus, to prevent others from "doing unto her" as well as to satisfy her own desire for violence, Lili has become quite a competent battler.

              Note: Lili's favorite food is Pecha Berries. She will trick, maim, and steal for them.
              History: Aidan obtained Lili in true Rocket fashion: stealing. Having heard about a certain type of Pokemon with an innocent face and a vicious bite, he investigated Granite Cave in order to verify the stories. While in the cave, he noticed a light ahead and approached in time to see yellow humanoid creature staring wide-eyed at a trainer who hesitantly approached her. At his side was a Clefairy using Flash to light up the area. As the trainer drew near, the wild Mawile pulled back shyly as though nervously preparing to flee into the darkness.

              "Don't worry--it's alright," the boy assured the Pokemon, slowly extending his arm toward her. Snap! A giant pair of black jaws clamped down on his arm like a vice, and he cried out as his Clefairy threw itself at the offending Mawile. Aidan silently watched the ensuing battle. Currently he cared little for the trainer's Pokemon in themselves--only in how the Mawile responded to them. On his second Pokemon, the boy finally wore down his opponent enough to capture her in a Great Ball. Then, everything went dark. The trainer's every movement sent echoes throughout the cavern as he glanced to and fro in panicked confusion. After its initial attack, his Clefairy had stopped fighting in order to maintain its Flash tenchnique. So why . . . ? "Clefairy?" the boy called. He heard its response beside him. For a moment he was relieved, only to be terrified as inhuman laughter rang out about with maniacal glee. Eyes. Glowing blood red, less than a foot from his own face. Before he could even scream, a black sleep had claimed him, and he fell to the floor. Aidan strolled up to the trainer's unconscious figure and plucked the newly-caught Mawile's Pokeball from his limp hand. The teenager smiled. "Thanks, Sand. Let's go."

              Initially Lili was not strongly inclined to obey her new trainer. She liked her freedom, after all, and why should she give it up to some random person who happened to hold her Pokeball? But before long she found herself charmed by Aidan, and in being charmed realized she had met a kindred spirit--the idea of which amused her. To this day, she still considers herself free and is not likely to easily accept the authority of many individuals over her.

              Name: Sandman
              Gender: Male
              Type: Haunter
              Distinguishing Marks? N/A
              PERSONALITY: As with most Haunter, Sandman draws great pleasure from frightening and tricking whoever he can. His skill at casting illusions has proven useful to Aidan on many occasions, while Aidan's lack of morals allows Sandman the considerable satisfaction of carrying out many misdeeds.
              One vice Sandman suffers is his frequent hunger pangs. And since he eats only dreams and spirits, such a hunger can be difficult to satiate. When Aidan does sleep, he allows Sandman to devour his dreams--something more helpful to the human than unpleasant since most of his dreams are nightmares. At times, the Haunter's Hypnosis is the only way Aidan can go to sleep. Because he is able to see the dreams he consumes, Sandman has a unique insight into his trainer's mind.
              The relationship between Aidan and Sandman is somewhat peculiar. While the absence of morals shared by the two encourages the worst in one another, their common understanding helps keep them in check. They also bear the ability to see beyond the other's surface level, though they would likely never admit how deeply their relationship runs--if they themselves know at all.
              History: Aidan met Sandman during his first visit to the Burned Tower after Rain's death. The Ghastly saw the young boy gazing blankly at a set of stairs and thought him an easy target. As he began to drain the life from Aidan, however, the phantom sensed something unusual: a sense of brokenness, an unspoken grief, and an uncommon lack of regard for life. His interest only increased when the boy's piercing, ice-blue eyes lifted and stared directly in the Ghastly's direction, as though he could see the hidden Pokemon. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, the ghost-type's curiosity led him to not only spare his prey, but to approach and befriend it.

              Sandman became Aidan's partner in crime while the boy was at home, and the pair performed numerous malicious acts together. When he began his Pokemon journey, Aidan brought Sandman with him, and the Ghastly evolved within the first few months of his travels.

              Name: Imp
              Gender: N/A
              Type: Rotom
              Distinguishing Marks? N/A
              PERSONALITY: As its name would suggest, Imp is a rather mischievous creature whose highest loyalty at the moment seems to be to chaos. Aidan is currently attempting to tame the Rotom to a degree that would make it more useful. At the moment, however, he uses Imp when general destruction is his goal.

              From experience, Imp has learned that Aidan's battle directions are usually better to follow than not. Occasionally the electric type will act on its own volition, even against its trainer's words; but for the sake of self-preservation, Imp is slowly learning otherwise. Outside battle, any respect the Rotom holds for Aidan comes from the latter's allowance on multiple occasions for Imp to simply run wild. Stillness is not something Imp holds in high regard, so attempts to stay destruction by this creature must be accompanied by other directions.
              History: Imp is Aidan's newest Pokemon and was one of the most difficult to capture. When he met Imp, Aidan was investigating a report from a Rocket base in Sinnoh that had complained of equipment trouble of an unusual nature. When the malfunctions persisted, followed by a lack of communication with the base, Aidan was sent to determine the nature of the problem. When he arrived, Aidan found all the electronic locks on the doors and windows closed, with flashing lights and strange noises occasionally making appearances from within the building. He was intrigued. Then, amidst a set of crackling sparks, the trainer thought he saw the form of a pair of eyes. Releasing Banshee, Aidan ordered her to send her cries throughout the building, hoping to force out of hiding a being whose existence he only suspected.

              A series of explosions rang out--signs of machines possessed by Rotom now thrashing in pain. Then Imp appeared. A shining red figure engulfed in electricity, he charged straight from the front gate's control pad toward Aidan. The battle that followed was a challenging one for both sides, with the wild Rotom dodging in an out of whatever electrical devices were nearby, and possessing and destroying each Pokeball thrown at it. Such measures were made necessary by the relentless attacks launched against the electric type, and at times escape was all the Rotom had opportunity to attempt. But Aidan had the advantage of both strength and numbers, and his Pokemon eventually wore the Rotom down enough for it to be captured.

              Name: Oracle
              Gender: Male
              Type: Absol
              Distinguishing Marks? Orange eyes, rather than red
              PERSONALITY: Being able to sense coming disaster, Oracle tends to have a rather dark outlook on life. While he is not the type to weave long, woeful tales of self-pity, he does not have much patience for blind optimism either. Oracle's actions tend to be efficient and purposeful, and he has a keen understanding of the more negative aspects of the world around him. The Absol does not have much tact either. If he chooses to tell something, he is only vague if his own understanding is vague or he is particularly depressed. Otherwise, he has a habit of being more blunt than most would want.

              Unless he has something to do, Oracle can usually be found lying down somewhere with his eyes closed.

              Oracle is one of the few beings in this world that Aidan truly respects.
              History: While scouting out a mountain village, Aidan saw an Absol walking through the streets. He had never seen that type of Pokemon and was curious, so he began to follow it. Once they reached the outskirts of town, the Absol turned and spoke. Aidan was surprised to discover that he could understand the Pokemon, though it did not use human speech. "This village will be destroyed by a mudslide tonight. Tell them, if you want," the dark type said and disappeared into the forest.

              Aidan began to question the locals about the Absol and was told that Pokemon was a bringer of disaster. Apparently, each time after he appeared, a devastating event occurred shortly afterward. Droughts, storms, disease, and more followed the Absol's walks through the town, and no one seemed terribly fond of him. Aidan left the village that evening without giving anyone the Absol's message. As predicted, a mudslide buried the village during the night. The next morning, Aidan returned to survey the damage and noticed a white-furred figure doing the same. After a time, the Absol spoke.

              "Did you tell them?"



              "I didn't want to." Aidan paused. "Did you care?"

              "Not really."

              Following a period of silence, Aidan asked the Absol to come with him. The Absol considered for a moment, then agreed under the condition that he could leave whenever he wanted to. Aidan accepted the terms.

              In the Box

              Name: Banshee
              Gender: Female
              Type: Mismagius
              Distinguishing Marks? N/A
              PERSONALITY: Banshee's personality is a combination of cold maliciousness and heart-wrenching sorrow. While she may cry for the suffering and tragedy in the world, the ghost Pokemon is not opposed to causing tragedy and suffering either. Even as she uses the sadness in her heart to fuel her songs, she breaks people down for no other reason than to watch them crash and burn. In terms of her interaction with others, Banshee is capable of being polite--even amiable. Unless she likes you to an unusually high degree, however, she will not object to shattering your sense of reality with one of her chants the next moment. Much of the cheerfulness Banshee had as a Misdreavus has vanished, but signs of happiness still evidence themselves at times.
              History: During one of his sleepless nights while on the road Aidan decided to walk through town. While moving amongst a series of empty warehouses, he sensed something following him and released Sandman from his Pokeball. The Haunter sensed a soul beginning to move away from him and his trainer and followed it. Upon rounding a corner, he found a Misdreavus whirling about to face him. The smaller ghost released an ear-piercing scream. For a moment Sandman was silent; then he laughed. The Misdreavus laughed. Aidan strolled up moments later and with a smile asked the Misdreavus if she wanted to accompany him and his Haunter on their walk. Eager for company, she agreed.

              When dawn arrived, Aidan asked if the Misdreavus would be willing to come with him since he was sad to part from her company. He also promised her many future opportunities to meet new people and, if she so chose, become a blight to them. The offer appealed to her, and she joined Aidan's team. After he joined Team Rocket, Aidan stole a Dusk Stone and evolved Banshee into her present state.

              Name: Claymore
              Gender: Male
              Type: Skarmory
              Distinguishing Marks? Slightly larger than an average Skarmory
              PERSONALITY: Fiercely proud and belligerent, Claymore hates being looked down upon or thought of as weak. Though not unintelligent, he does tend to let his temper control him if he considers himself insulted. Claymore is not particularly social, which is probably good since not many would want to interact with someone so sensitive. On a positive note, Claymore's pride instills within him a sense of honor that binds him to keep his word--even under circumstances others might not think of seriously (ex: After agreeing to get a soda for his trainer, Claymore broke open a vending machine to do so when he could not find the beverage elsewhere). If he tells you something will be done, consider it done.
              History: One spring, a family of Taillow and Swellow nested on the roof outside Aidan's room at one of the Rocket bases. Rather than using one of the Pokemon he already had or borrowing another person's Pokemon, he caught and trained a Skarmory specifically to drive the family away. No one is quite sure why he did this, but at least his efforts were rewarded when he released Claymore on the unsuspecting wild Pokemon and watched them squawk and fly away. With this task accomplished, he considered returning Claymore to the wild, but eventually decided that he might as well keep the Skarmory since he might prove useful later.

              Name: Havoc
              Gender: Male
              Type: Typhlosion
              Distinguishing Marks? Black back, red edging his stomach
              PERSONALITY: Despite his nickname, Havoc is generally a good-natured Pokemon--perhaps a bit serious, but not wrathful without reason. If he had a vice, it would be his loyalty to his trainer despite Aidan's criminal occupation. Seeing the changes in Aidan over the years has saddened the Typhlosion, but he has not given up on his human partner yet.

              When he is outside his Pokeball, Havoc will usually watch situations in silence until he is called upon to do something. If he is doing something, however, he will work hard at it and devote however much concentration and effort are needed to succeed.

              By now Aidan considers Havoc his "firepower Pokemon" (pardon the pun) and usually only withdraws the Typhlosion for training or a situation in which he believes blatant power will be needed. Another, less (if at all) known reason Aidan prefers not to withdraw Havoc is that having the fire Pokemon with him somehow makes him feel obligated to a degree of morality.
              History: Havoc was Aidan's first official Pokemon and was the last being Aidan met who caught the boy's clear strains of morality. For their first month together, Aidan and his new Cyndaquil were relatively happy. As hoped, the young Pokemon was a good influence on Aidan, and the human's protectiveness toward the fire-type appeared to help him recover some of his sanity. But dark intentions run deep, and after his month in New Bark Town (see Past) Aidan received a phone call from his parents asking if he wanted to come home. Part of him wanted to stay in New Bark and simply leave his old life behind. But before leaving Ecruteak he had already made plans, and to those plans he held. With a Cyndaquil and a Ghastly in his arsenal (see Past), Aidan began his Pokemon journey.

              Gradually Aidan fell further and further from his more innocent self and began to call his Cyndaquil "Havoc"--perhaps a statement of intent, but who knows? Asking would hardly provide a trustworthy answer.

              Name: Spike
              Gender: Male
              Type: Seadra
              Distinguishing Marks? Black tips on his spines
              PERSONALITY: Spike is a rather spirited, yet easy-going Pokemon. He enjoys a good fight, and if the stakes are not serious he does not mind losing if he feels he gave his best effort. Having mostly been reduced to a transporter at the moment, the Seadra is a little restless and disappointed, but happy about the battles he still is able to experience. One thing that does bother Spike is an opponent who disrespects a battle by not giving true effort to it. While he is not particularly outgoing, Spike is fairly receptive to those who might try to befriend him.

              The relationship between Spike and Aidan is nothing abnormally close. Both have the usual trainer-Pokemon regard for one another and mostly get along well. Sometimes Spike is uncomfortable with Aidan's colder acts, however, and will speak if he feels uneasy enough. In the past Aidan has never resented this, but simply taken note and never changed.
              History: Spike and Aidan met while the former was still a Horsea and the latter was still a normal trainer. The story of the water type's capture is not particularly unusual. Aidan had met a strange old man on a seashore, been asked his opinion on a slogan for a weather-watching club, then been given a Fishing Rod upon his answer. Having nothing else to do with the rod, he attempted using it. Three Magikarp later, Aidan met a Horsea and sent Sandman to battle it. The fight was not particularly easy or difficult, and in the end Aidan had himself a new Pokemon. Having a water Pokemon proved useful for travel through lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. Since lately the amount of outright fighting Aidan has been participating in has been reduced, Spike has become mostly a travel Pokemon. But whenever he is at a base, Aidan maintains his Seadra's training in order to ensure that it will still be battle-ready should a need arise.

              -+- Appearance:

              Eye Color: Clear grey-blue
              Hair Color/Style: Dark blue/mid-length, layered
              Height: 5' 10"
              Weight: 135 lbs
              General Appearance: Aidan's most outstanding physical feature is his eyes. Bright, sincere, open, and honest; his eyes fervently promise to all who meet their gaze that every word their owner speaks is the absolute truth. Unfortunately, believing such innocent eyes has been the end for many people. Like whirlpools, they can drown the unwary in a sea of false reality. While his dark blue hair is mostly straight, it tends to curl a little forward at his face as well as around his neck where it starts to thin. Aidan's expressions--both facial and in body movement--tend to be relaxed and warm. He has a certain air of gentility about him, and when people talk he has a habit of gazing quietly them as though he were carefully considering their every word. Overall, anyone who simply saw him walking down the street would have difficulty believing that such a person was a member of Team Rocket.

              Whenever possible, Aidan prefers not to wear a Rocket uniform since he perceives it as being limiting and a stigma to his ability to charm. The youth's appearance is carefully tailored, yet his usual attire is rather simple: A green t-shirt with a white long-sleeved shirt beneath, dark blue jeans held with a black belt, white tennis shoes, and a black cord necklace with a bone pendant carved into the shape of a stylized fish hook. On his left wrist he wears both links to a pair of handcuffs (from the first and only time he has been arrested) and a sports watch, while his left forefinger bears a silver ring set with a green garnet. In white letters on the front of Aidan's shirt are the words "Waking Dreams." To help block out some of Banshee's worse chants (and because he enjoys music), Aidan keeps a pair of headphones hanging about his neck. While his clothing is worn enough to signify that it is well-used, it is also clean and well-kept. During warm weather, his sleeves may be rolled up; or the long-sleeved shirt may be altogether absent. For cold weather he has a black, hooded jacket. As with most trainers, Aidan keeps his Pokeballs on his belt. His other travel items are held in a green and black backpack.

              -+- Personality:
              Strengths | Fear:

              Actually caring about something/someone
              Losing himself

              Likes | Dislikes:
              Toying with people
              Spicy food (particularly curry)
              Walking through graveyards
              Watching the night sky

              Forgetting things (personally)
              The Burned Tower in Ecruteak
              The words "I dare you to [...]"

              Eventually finding some sort of peace or happiness
              Dissecting personality traits for future imitation and reference
              Copying mannerisms
              Cooking curry
              Quirks | Habits: If he considers a defeated opponent worthy enough, Aidan may keep some sort of reminder of the encounter.
              Secrets: --
              Reputation: Aidan is said to be rather nice to anyone who does not cross him, occasionally helping those he favors when he has a notion to--whether by bringing them an extra cup of coffee or interceding if they mess up on a mission. He is also said to be able to make most people believe almost anything he wants them to. According to rumor (though who knows how much truth lies in it), Aidan has convinced several trainers to give their Pokemon to him with nothing but his words.
              Personality: If asked, Aidan would tell you that honesty is one of the most important parts of his life since it is essential to any good relationship. Unfortunately, Aidan is a pathological liar. He lies to tell people what they want to hear, to tell people what they do not want to hear, and for his own general amusement. While Aidan does not always lie, naturally, he generally feels no remorse when he does. This, and his skill in said area, make him particularly suited to the job of Illusionist since he can easily, instantly weave together a web of falsehood.

              Despite the fact that everyone who knows of Aidan knows him as a liar, his charisma tends to curtain reason. Because of this, people who meet Aidan often like him--at least, until they realize he has somehow convinced them to give him their watch, wallet, Pokemon, and a promise to lock themselves in a fridge for the rest of the week. While he often manipulates in minor instances for mere entertainment, Aidan is also capable of manipulating on a more significant scale when the situation demands such.

              Aside from this, Aidan has the ability to alter his personality to suit his present needs. Though normally easy-going and friendly, he knows how to be whatever he wants to be--a groveling coward, a brave warrior, a shy and awkward outcast, etc. Oddly, amidst all his webs and guile used to bend events to his favor, Aidan cares surprisingly little for himself. Winning challenges is inherently preferable to him, of course, but losses (while inconvenient) tend to be seen as challenges in themselves or mere points of entertainment. The losses that seem to bother Aidan most are ones that he perceives will place an extended limitation on him (ex: A plan to uproot and replace one of his superiors failing). Physical pain does not seem to trouble him much either.

              While being liked generally makes his life easier, and achieving a favorable status in the eyes of others is something entertaining to do, Aidan cares little about what most people think of him providing he is still eventually able to get what he wants.

              Whether because of his own deceptive skills or some other reason, Aidan is able to see through most facades and lies. But if he sees no reason to act otherwise, he may simply act based on what he was told--however false he suspects it may be.

              In battle, Aidan will rarely attempt to simply crush an opponent with brute force. Rather, he prefers to trick, disorient, and otherwise disable his opponents so that he can destroy them as he pleases.

              -+- History:

              Past: [I attempted to keep the rating of Aidan's history reasonable. But if should change it, I will.]
              As a child, Aidan was rather quiet and even a little shy. Because he never defended himself, he tended to be teased often and occasionally bullied at school. But his experiences were not unbearable, particularly after he was able to find a friend--or rather, after a friend found him. One day Aidan sat curled on the ground, turning his face from the leaves and tufts of grass being thrown at him by his kindergarten classmates. Then she appeared in a blaze of righteous fury, brown eyes glowing with fire and tongue slicing adeptly as a warrior's sword. The boy's persecutors dispersed in seconds.

              Aidan, who had never been defended before, was initially uneasy around this strange girl. Her friendliness and his curiosity overcame whatever reservations he held, however, and soon Aidan found himself talking to the girl every day. Rain was the same age as Aidan and had a laugh light and soft as her namesake. Her eyes, which had been set alight with anger during the friends' first encounter, were normally inquisitive and warm. Grown a little past shoulder length, her black hair was usually allowed to hang down, though Rain had a habit of tying it back when she grew annoyed--perhaps subconscious preparation to beat whoever was irritating her into the pavement.

              - - - - -

              "Hey, Rain, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Aidan's head was tilted and turned, resting atop the knees he hugged to his chest. His azure eyes were fixed attentively on the girl that sat beside him.

              Legs stretched out in the grass, Rain leaned back on her hands and stared up at the sky. For a few seconds her face contorted a little with her intensity of thought. Finally she laughed and let herself fall to the ground. "I don't know! There's just too much out there." Then Rain's expression grew a little more serious, and she bit her lip. "Maybe a police officer like Jenny--so I can help people, you know?" she said slowly. "But I wouldn't mind being a Pokemon trainer either. It would be really fun, and I could still help people then. 'Pokemon trainer for justice!'" She laughed again. Rain turned toward Aidan. "Hey, did you know that your eyes are almost the same color as the sky?"

              "They are?"


              - - - - -

              When he was almost eleven, Aidan's classmates dared him to sneak into the Burned Tower. Since he met Rain, the boy had become happier and more confident; but he was still considerably more susceptible to outside pressure than most people are. The boy knew the idea was a bad one. Most things people are dared to do are. Still, he was swayed. And following school he made his way to the tower.

              After Aidan left, Rain asked someone nearby where he went. Upon discovery of what had happened, she postponed releasing her rage only to go after Aidan and first bring him back. Aidan had already entered the Burned Tower when Rain arrived. She found him on the second floor, his expression uneasy as he whirled about to glance in the direction of every new imagined sound.

              - - - - - - -


              Surprise, relief, and shame simultaneously flooded through the boy as he recognized the voice that called his name. "Rain!" he replied, his voice drifting through the dimness that his squinting eyes sought to pierce.

              Rain cautiously made her way across a creaking section of floor. "Aidan, what were you thinking coming here? It's dangerous." The girl entered a shaft of light that shone through a missing section of wall. "Who knows what kind of wild Pokemon are here, and this entire building could come down at any moment."

              "Y-yeah . . . You're right. I'm sorry." Aidan hung his head.

              "Just don't do anything like this again. Come on--let's go."

              "Coming." He began to pick his was down the pile of rubble on which he stood.

              Suddenly, a rumble shook the tower. Dust streamed from the crumbling ceiling, followed by fragments of stone. The boy braced himself against a wooden column as larger segments of ceiling begin to fall away. His eyes widened. "Rain, look out!"

              A shard of stone the size of a bowling ball crashed down on Rain. She did not scream or cry, but merely crumpled to the ground. Before he could reason or consider, Aidan found himself running to Rain's side. Blood was smeared on the rock that had struck her, and dark crimson was already pooling around her head. The girl's eyes were closed.

              "Rain?" Aidan hesitantly reached a hand out and touched her arm. Her eyes flickered open. "Rain!" A smile tugged weakly at the edges of her lips. "Hey . . ." she whispered.

              "I'm gonna go get help. Don't worry." Aidan started to stand, but felt fingertips brushing against his hand.


              "But why?" Immediately he regretted asking the question, since immediately he realized its answer. Aidan leaned forward, his grey-blue eyes shimmering with fervent desperation. "Y-you're not gonna . . . ?"

              The strain of Rain's smile increased, and tears squeezed out of the edges of her closed eyes. "It's getting hard to stay awake. I don't know how much longer--"

              "Don't say that! Please!"

              "I don't want to go, Aidan . . . I don't want to, but everything is getting so dark." For a moment the old tower, which neither had noticed was no longer moving, was silent. Her hand twitched in its effort to move. "Aidan, are you still there?"

              He immediately grasped her hand, then lifted her head from the ground with his free one. "I'm here."

              "Good . . ." Her voice was fainter, and her words began to slur. "I was scared to be alone."

              Aidan could not prevent his voice from choking as he answered, "But what about me?! Don't leave me alone! Don't go. Not because of--because--"

              "Hey, Aidan, could you do me a favor?"


              "Smile." He shook. Her body relaxed. He cried.

              - - - - - - -

              For three months following Rain's death, Aidan fell into a deep depression and lingered on the edge of insanity. The events at the Burned Tower had broken him completely, and even simple tasks such as walking down the street disoriented him. Then, after his tri-month fall into darkness, Aidan made a sudden and seemingly miraculous recovery. The boy was bolder and more outgoing than before; he even somehow befriended the group of children who had sent him to the Burned Tower. Some might have considered him a good friend, too, since he so diligently remained by their sides amidst the stream of misfortune that now seemed to follow them wherever they went.

              Six months after he lost Rain, Aidan returned the Burned Tower. As he lingered on the first floor, wondering if he could force himself to proceed to the second, the world about him began to distort. Then an ice-cold, burning hot tongue was on his face, draining the life from him. Aidan fell to one knee and almost lost consciousness. This was his first encounter with a certain wild Ghastly, later to become his own Sandman. Somehow the two beings befriended each other, and Aidan's visits to the tower grew more frequent so he could meet his Pokemon companion. Before long, the Ghastly began to venture from its home, shadowing Aidan unseen and unknown to all but the boy. The phantom's unique abilities proved quite useful to Aidan in execution his malicious acts against his human "friends." But despite Aidan's efforts to appear normal, his parents began to grow worried about the changes they noticed in their son. Relatives in New Bark Town suggested giving Aidan a starter Pokemon so that the boy would have someone he could trust and play with while learning responsibility. His parents found the idea agreeable, and Aidan had no objections as well. In fact, he requested permission to become a full-time trainer. This idea was a little more questionable to his parents, and after some deliberation they decided to allow his wish under the stipulation that he could spend a month with his Pokemon in New Bark Town with no trouble.

              The moment he received his Cyndaquil, Aidan was surprised (and troubled) to find himself genuinely happy. And as he bonded and trained with Havoc for a month, he perhaps did recover a little. Once the one-month testing period was over, however; he brought his Cyndaquil back to Ecruteak, picked up Sandman from the Burned Tower, and started his journey as planned. Aidan was thirteen.

              At the age of fourteen, Aidan experienced his first encounter with Team Rocket. A pair of grunts stopped him on the road and threatened to send their Pokemon after him if he did not hand over his own. Rather than being frightened, Aidan was curious. He had heard stories about the nefarious Team Rocket, and he wanted to know how much of those rumors was true. Aidan threw a set of empty Pokeballs to the ground; and as one grunt leaned over to pick them up, the youth tossed Sandman's Pokeball into the air. Half a second after the phantasm's release, Aidan's opponents found themselves sinking in pits of tar--or so they thought. Panicking and crying out, their flailed their arms and looked upward, only to be met with a pair of unearthly eyes. The eyes glowed with Hypnosis, and the grunts tumbled to the ground asleep. Aidan leisurely gathered up the Rockets 'Pokeballs and began to search the area for more grunts. That had been fun.

              Upon meeting his first Rocket leader, Aidan promptly tossed his bag of stolen Pokeballs forward and requested to join the organization. For a few days Aidan was investigated, and afterward he was allowed a six-month trial period with the group. At first a few minor rumors circulated about the boy due to the unusual circumstances under which he joined the group. But before long no one took notice of him, which was exactly what Aidan wanted. For six months Aidan bowed, bent, cringed, grovelled, and observed. He learned all that he could about everyone and everything, and tried to gain the favor of anyone he thought might be useful in the future. Meanwhile he also trained his Pokemon as hard as he could while hiding their strength as well as possible and still proving himself useful in combat. One week after he became an official, full-fledged Rocket member, Aidan made his first move. Through a series of pre-planned manipulations he was able to replace the leader of his squad. The next two years were spent burning, breaking, battling, bribing, befriending, and generally doing whatever Aidan thought necessary to allow himself to move up in the organization. When Aidan was 17, he achieved the status of Gem.

              Family: Mother - Karen Iiolo (40), Father - Morgance Iiolo (41)

              Other: Aidan is not quite an insomniac, but often runs on an hour or less of sleep per night unless Sandman is hungry.
              Though they are not aware that their son is a Gem, Aidan's parents do know that he joined Team Rocket and have heard several rumors of his ill acts. By this point, they have essentially disowned him.
              Also, in the past, Aidan has performed numerous under cover missions.
              *Garnet - The garnet is a luminous gem, its characteristic glow caused its ability to refract light. In the past, it was carried by travelers to ward off forces that might cause them harm. Aidan's gem name was given due to his ability to "refract truth" and ward away the forces that inevitably seek to apprehend those aligned with Team Rocket. Ironically, garnets are said to naturally occur in about every color but blue--the shade of Aidan's eyes.

              RP example:

              "What's wrong? Don't you care about your Pokemon?"

              "Of course I care about them! That's why I'm never handing them over to the likes of you!"

              Aidan stood on an open road, facing a single trainer who was glaring at him with open hatred. The latter appeared about 12 and had short blond hair that was held back from his face with a pair of goggles. The former frowned thoughtfully for a moment. His expression was confused, and even a little hurt. Then Aidan's face grew serious. "You shouldn't judge people you don't know. How can you say what type of person I am?"

              "Because you're a member of Team Rocket!" The trainer snapped belligerently. "What else is there to know?"

              A sad note entered the back of Aidan's eyes, which briefly flicked downward. "Listen," Aidan said quietly. "I know Team Rocket has a bad name among trainers. And I'll be the first to admit that the things we've done haven't always been right. But there's a lot more to us than you hear about." He looked up, earnestly meeting the youth's incredulous gaze. "I used to be a trainer like you. And I'd have to say I hated Team Rocket just as much. After all, I loved my Pokemon, and how could I let anyone take them away from me? I still remember how excited I was the day I got my first one . . ." Aidan removed a Pokeball from his belt, causing the trainer in front of him to instantly tense. Aidan did not seem to notice, but simply asked, "What's your name, friend?"

              "Daniel. Why?" came the terse reply.

              The Pokeball in Aidan's hand split open, releasing a figure of red light that solidified into a Mawile. The Mawile's mouth opened into an energetic smile, and she giggled. "Mawile!"

              "I don't know what you've heard about Team Rocket, but I know we get a lot of bad rep about the way we supposedly treat our Pokemon. This Mawile is mine; her name is Lili. Now look at her, Daniel."

              Without a word Daniel obeyed.

              "Does she seem hurt? Underfed? At all unhappy?"

              "No, but that doesn't mean--"

              "When I met her, she was a lot worse off than she is now. But I took her in, cared for her--and now she's happier than any Pokemon I know. And she's been even happier since I joined Team Rocket. Actually, all my Pokemon are better off than they were when I was just a trainer. Maybe you're thinking like I once did that you can take care of your Pokemon on your own. But what happens when you're in the middle of nowhere and one of your Pokemon is in critical condition? Who can you turn to for help? Or will you just watch one of your Pokemon fade away like I did . . . Will you let that happen?"


              Aidan fervently grasped Daniel's shoulder. "No 'buts.' How else am I supposed to make you see? It's time to face reality. I know it's a sacrifice for you, but think of your Pokemon. You owe this much to them. They deserve to live--to be happy."


              "Don't they, Daniel?"

              Hesitantly Daniel turned his eyes to meet Aidan's. Honor, hope, compassion, and truth all lay within those engulfing pools of blue. Emotion, like a small girl grasping the edge of your shirt as she asks you if her mother will live. And you have to say yes.


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              Alter Ego: Gawh, you're too nice to me. <3 -perches on head- Tactician is Reserved for j00 for 72 hours/3 Days

              Marsy: I did not force. I puppy dog eyed. :3 And your Hot Shot is Reserved for j00 for 72 Hours/3 Days

              Lukey-Poo: The Grown Up Child is Reserved for j00 for 72 hours/3 Days

              Kogenta: Illusionist is Reserved for j00 for 72 hours/3 Days

              I'm editing in my profile as I'm close to being done with it. ^-^

              Another thing I'll mention is that you CAN have over Six Pokemon or you can have UNDER six.

              Just put a In the Box section [But fill it all out, incase you switch out pokemon. ^-^

              Also, I highlighted this but i'll restate it

              You chose your own Gem. First come first serve. Post it in your COMPLETED profile. If it's not completed, you don't have a reserve tag on the gem.
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              Eh, I'll see if I can give it a shot?

              -Out of Character-

              Name: Pika or Gale will do

              -In Character-

              -+- The Basics:

              Full Birth Name: Gale Sapphire Hana
              Nick Names: Saph, Cobalt
              Age: 14 (young, but pretty smart and mature for her age ')
              Location of Childhood Home: Phenac City, from the Orre Region (if that won't work, then Ecruteak City of Johto)
              Gem Classification: The Silent Shadow, Sapphire

              -+- Pokemon:

              Have fun with it. :3 Battling isn't the biggest thing in the world UNLESS you're The Hot Shot.)

              Name: Serene
              Type: Female Glaceon
              Distinguishing Marks? A diamond-like mark on her forehead; it's the same color as her dark indigo/blue hat-like thing
              PERSONALITY: Serene is like Gale. Very tactical, but at the same time, quiet and shy. Serene really doesn't like to battle, but will do it if it means she'll be doing a good thing for her trainer. However, Serene likes double battles regardless of if she does something good for Gale or not, because she likes working with other Pokemon, even if they alienate her. Serene shows that she is not just a pushover, since many people love Glaceon for their looks, and Kit was aware of that. Serene is Gale's powerhouse, and is able to beat most Pokemon. To make Serene even more powerful, Gale gave her the TM Water Pulse, so she could deal great damage against Fire types (if this isn't allowed, then forget it).
              History: Serene has been with Gale since Gale was 8. Serene was found walking the streets as an Eevee, Gale felt sympathy for her and took her in. Eventually, Gale took her to the rock by Snowpoint City (she was able to borrow someone's flying Pokemon to get there), and Serene evolved. After that, Gale trained Serene for a while in the outskirts of Snowpoint so she would gain more experience. Serene is Gale's personal favorite, mainly because Serene has such a strong heart and doesn't give up too easily. She believes it's because Serene was probably wandering the streets for so long, she had adapted this will to live...

              Name: Rose
              Type: Female Leafeon
              Distinguishing Marks? None
              PERSONALITY: Rose highly dislikes socializing with other Pokemon, and usually secludes herself from others. As for battling, she doesn't mind it, but unlike Serene, she's afraid of double battles because she knows she'd have to work with other Pokemon (most likely), which means she'd have to socialize with them. Other than that, Rose has a very sweet personality towards those she is OK with. Rose is also quite strong for her type, and with many powerful Grass-type moves at her hand, Gale can use her to make up for any struggle Serene might've gone through, especially if against a powerful, faster Rock type. Rose sometimes likes to battle HER way, but only if she believes she knows what to do. One could consider her a bit of a strategist like Gale, but Gale doesn't consider her to be so.
              History: Like Serene, Rose has been with Gale since age 8. She was also found as an Eevee, and she came from one of Gale's neighbors, whose Umbreon had baby Eevees. When Gale made the trip to Snowpoint to evolve Serene, she also took the time to go to Eterna Forest to evolve Rose. Gale sometimes pitted the two against each other, but only so they could have a feel for what it was like to battle another trainer's Pokemon. Usually, Gale won, but Rose would sometime gain the advantage over Gale on her own. Rose was also trained to get along with any of the Pokemon Gale obtained, so she can hang around them without a problem.

              Name: Kaen
              Type: Female Vulpix
              Distinguishing Marks? A scar over her left eye
              PERSONALITY: Kaen is a bit stuck-up, and loves showing off her looks. Oblivious to any insults from trainers, Kaen likes to think she's a princess. But, despite that, she has a fierce passion for battling, and doesn't even care if she gets dirty or not, just as long as she gains experience (and that her owner gives her a bath afterwards). However, despite this "princess complex" of hers, Kaen CAN be the sweetest Vulpix one's ever met. She will sometimes act a lot less like a princess, even if it doesn't mean she'll get food or care out of it.
              History: Kaen was given to Gale by a breeder. Unlike the breeder that gave her Rose, this breeder was one who liked to make his Pokemon "perfect" and any Pokemon he considered "rejects", he gave away for free. Gale didn't like the idea, but she knew Kaen wasn't a reject. After all, there's no such thing as a Pokemon "reject". Kaen, at first, was given a lot of attention because of this, and Kit and Rose didn't like it at all. Eventually, Gale realized what she was doing and began treating all her Pokemon the same like she had wanted to do in the first place.

              Name: Blaze
              Type: Male Growlithe
              Distinguishing Marks? A star-like mark over his left eye; it's the same color as his orange fur
              PERSONALITY: Blaze is very short-tempered. He attacks even when barely provoked, whether it be human or Pokemon he attacks. He is definitely a fan of battles, and is close friends with Kaen. He even puts up wit her princess complex, and she doesn't seemed to get ticked off with that, for reasons unknown. Blaze really does have a soft spot for Kaen, but probably because they both came from the same place. It even seems like he has a crush on her, but that really isn't the case whatsoever.
              History: Blaze was given to Gale at the same time Kaen was, by the same perfectionist breeder. Gale assumed that perhaps Kaen's scar came from that breeder for being a "reject", and Blaze's birthmark was just a regular birthmark, though the perfectionist breeder probably wanted no birthmarks whatsoever, which is why he ditched Blaze as well. Gale also gave extra care to him along with Kaen since they both came from the horrible breeder, but for some reason, Serene and Rose didn't care as much, but perhaps they feared Blaze would attack them. They were both vulnerable to his attacks, after all, and even Kaen wouldn't attack them unless they attacked her. They did motion to Gale though that they needed the same amount of attention, which is how Gale realized she was spoiling the two Fire types in the first place.


              IN HER BOX:

              Name: Reanna
              Type: Female Tyranitar
              Distinguishing Marks: Unknown
              Personality: For right now, secret.
              History: Also secret. BUT... I'll just say this: Nobody else knows that Gale has this powerhouse of a Pokemon. She keeps it unknown to others, so its info. regarding personality and history will not be given until she reveals she has a Pokemon like this.

              Name: Metaru
              Type: Metagross
              Distinguishing Marks: Unknown
              Personality: For right now, secret.
              History: Once again, no one except Gale knows about this powerhouse of a Pokemon, so its history and personality are hidden like Reanna's.

              (If this isn't two-three lines minimum like you asked for the info., I'm sorry, but I based it after how many lines it made up in my post.)

              -+- Appearance:

              Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
              Hair Color/Style: Golden blonde/Long and straight
              Height: 5'6"
              Weight: Secret =P Let's just say she's average
              General Appearance: Gale is average-sized, so she doesn't have a lot of fat or bones showing. She also has somewhat pale skin, but she's overall very healthy. Her chest size is probably the only part of her body that isn't average; it's just about the size between a C and D-cup. She generally likes to wear a white t-shirt and green camo pants, as well as black slip-on shoes. Gale will also most likely wear a white kitty-eared cap, and occasionally a white kitty tail to go with it. And, to match that even, she even wears white bands by her hands. They really don't represent anything, she just likes wearing them.

              On some, and let me make this clear, SOME occasions she actually "dresses more like a girl would". Please note this is only for more formal occasions, if any. She wears a beautiful sapphire blue dress that starts at her chest. It does not reveal any cleavage, but it still shows more skin than her regular outfit. It goes all the way down to her knees, and at that point, it has many sparkles. To match the dress, Gale wears fancy sapphire blue slippers. She received both of these as a gift, since she couldn't afford them by herself. But, the gift was anonymous, which somewhat made Gale suspicious...

              And, to top it off, Gale doesn't like swimming (she's not a big fan of Water types either), but she'll still wear a swimsuit if she goes to the beach to chill. The swimsuit is also sapphire blue, and it's a one-piece. The only unique thing about it is the rhinestones embedded around the chest, forming swirls on each side. But Gale doesn't wear it often, so she usually has to wash it before wearing it (as it's most likely covered in dust, depending on where she puts it).

              Her Rocket uniform is simple: It's raven black, and it's a one-piece, which is like a type of garment a ninja would wear. She also has on a black mouth-mask like a typical ninja does, and her hair is tied back in a ponytail. And, to conceal her eye color, she wears sapphire blue sunglasses similar to Ruby's glasses (was in my siggy but not anymore; his are prescribed, Gale's aren't). She wears regular black sock-like shoes like a ninja would so she can move around swiftly. She trained in this outfit so she could master the art of not slipping on a slippery floor with her sock-like shoes. Oh, and the red "R" is actually ruby red (if that's alright), and it's not exactly hidden like I wanted it to be. Instead, it's on the left side of her chest.

              -+- Personality:

              Strengths | Fear: She can hold her own in battles, even when a lot of pressure is put on her. She also doesn't mind working in new places or making changes, such as moving from a small building to an extremely large building. She is a tad afraid of the dark (no one knows why, though), and usually keeps at least a small light on.
              Likes | Dislikes: Gale loves to sing, and she also likes Italian food and shiny/sparkly things. She hates anything/anybody who's sexist or is a perfectionist, but loves anything/anybody who is the exact opposite. She also loves Pokemon, mainly as friends and not as tools. She doesn't consider any Pokemon a "reject", since after all, no Pokemon's perfect unless you're a psycho perfectionist, as Gale would say.
              Goals: She wants to prove she's someone to everyone else, no matter what the cost. She also risks her reputation by going out of her way to find out if a sibling of hers (mentioned in history) is really alive.
              Skills: She is a great singer and can usually calm those around her when she sings, and she also has great battling skills, although she isn't the best at it.
              Quirks | Habits: She has an interest in fortune telling of all sorts, especially because she finds all the results to be quite accurate. This is also a habit of hers, although singing without warning can be considered another habit.
              Secrets: It's a secret =D EXCEPT the Tyranitar and Metagross secret, but once again, no one knows she has them, yet...
              Reputation: Mm... I guess neutral. She really isn't well-liked or well-disliked.
              Personality: Like I mentioned in Kit's Personality, Gale is very tactical. She likes to plan things out before executing them, and she can determine peoples' strategies by watching them battle with others, or she can even find what they are by using a laptop and looking up their previous battles, if recorded. However, she is very shy and quiet because of this, and rarely talks to anyone, unless she trash-talks someone during a battle (which she only does when they do it to her). She also treats all her Pokemon with respect, and doesn't reject any of them, no matter how imperfect they may be.

              On the other hand, Gale is very stubborn and usually likes things done HER way, which really isn't a good thing for her, this however only happens when someone designates her to do something and she already has something else planned. But she treats all Pokemon like humans, and it's the opposite with how she treats people. Let's just say she treats them like...trash, unless she likes/respects them. Gale may be described as "strange" to many (due to the fact that she treats Pokemon better than humans, and also because she is more into tactics rather than going "all-out"), and she hates that, but she has learned to deal with it.

              -+- History:

              Past: Gale was always a loner. She doesn't know if her family's alive or dead, and travels the world in search of them. She generally lives in the outskirts of her supposed hometown, and will eat any berries she finds. Gale has been told she'd never survive in the wild for so long, so Gale proved them wrong by making sure she survived. She basically had the will to live.

              Gale occasionally goes into the city itself, but only to take a break from all the wilderness (after all, I'd be tired of seeing the same old scenery everyday, too). She met her partners (the Pokemon) only in her hometown, and she's thankful for that. The city seemed quite peculiar to her, but nonetheless, she found it intriguing because of that. She especially loved some of the more "historic" sites around the area, especially since they were preserved.

              The life of the tragic heroine took a twist when she discovered that one of her siblings was perhaps alive. Deciding that she would stop at nothing to find this supposed sibling, Gale did whatever it took to gain access to high-tech tools that could help her track down this family member of hers. Even if it meant turning to the dark side, Gale didn't care whatsoever... In the end, whatever she came upon that could be some sort of clue as to where this supposed sibling was (such as meeting someone who knew her sibling), it led her more into a world of confusion. After all, she never believed any of her family lived until now.

              Family: She truly does not know her family, since she was an orphan. She knows that a supposed sibling is alive, but doesn't know what they look like. I do, but I won't give it away quite yet...

              Other: Nothing for now...

              RP example:
              From Lusankya's ReGenesis Games: Final Level -

              -Level 2: The Black Forest-

              Shadows shrouded the startling peaceful land. In the distance, Gale heard the wind, softly making the trees sway back and forth. She turned around. The empty room with the turrets had suddenly vanished. Gale was still alone. She lay down on all fours, and began to ponder why she decided to join.

              "I bet, if any other players are around, that they are looking for siblings. Or perhaps they wish to be proven as the best. Or maybe they have some other reason. But why did I join?" She closed her eyes, opening her ears to the scarce sounds around her. The whisper of the wind, the swaying of the trees, and...a flute? Gale listened closely to the flute. It was playing what seemed to be a haunting melody. Gale began weeping softly. The melody reminded her of when she alone in the real world. She stood up and tried to shake the tears off, as if wishing to...forget. Forget what had happened...

              Curious about the source of the melody, Gale calmly walked in the direction, opening her ears to the continuous haunting sound. It got louder and louder as she advanced, until finally, she stopped in front of a large tree. It seemed to show its age, and also looked like the tallest tree in the entire forest. The flute, however, was still mysteriously playing. Gale swerved around, trying to see if the sound was coming in the opposite direction. But there was no doubt about it. The source was coming from that old tree. Nervously, Gale called out, "Who's there? Who's playing?" Nothing. The flute continued to play. Gale was beginning to get frightened.

              "I'm not kidding! Whoever's there, come on out! You don't scare me!" The flute continued playing. By that time, Gale's entire body was shaking. She felt as if a ghost were about to come out and scare her. She looked up, hoping to find the source. Nobody. Nothing except...berries? Hanging high up in the tree were some berries. Hungry from all the wandering she had done, Gale rammed into the tree with all her might, hoping the berries would drop to the ground for her to eat. The flute still played the legato tune, not even getting messed up as Gale continuously rammed into the tree. After a few more attempts, berries fell from the tree. Gale quietly ate one, and noticed the flute was starting to become quieter and quieter. Quieter and quieter...

              I hope everything's OK. I'm still suffering a bit from writer's block, and I'm working on fanfictions for a site, so...
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              Pikataro: Okay, I like the beginnings of what I see but you need to work on a few things. For one, you need to lengthen the Appearance, Personality, History, and Pokemon Sections. They're about half of what I want [each section is half mind you] before I can accept you. Your RP Sample is very nice however, so you don't need to worry about that. :3 I totally get writer's Block however so I'll give you a Pending for now, okay? ^^
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              I'll see what I can do. I need to go home soon, so it takes about a half hour to get there, and I have a headache right now, so...

              Edit: Updated Rose and Kit's Personalities and Histories, and will work on the rest later since I pretty much have to leave school now.

              By the way, do you want me to edit ALL the parts of her history/appearance/personality, or only parts of it? If parts, can you tell me which ones, and how much longer they should be?
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              Pikataro: Aww, don't force yourself, don't worry. :3 Pending means your charrie is reserved, don't freak out. Anyways, I just want you to add depth. You have a good start, just expand on your ideas. Do you understand what I mean by that?

              Take for instance where you said Gale is stubborn. How is she stubborn? does she dig her heels into the ground over every little thing or just certian things? etc. See what I mean? You're just trying to lengthen it so I and the rest of the people you'll be roleplaying with get a better sense of what's going on with your character.
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              I get it. Don't know if you noticed my edit in the previous post or not.

              So... Will edit later. I promise '

              OK, edited again. If there's still more I need to, just tell me which parts, 'cause I did the best I could :/

              My headache (which soon turned into a stomachache) was caused by the temporary rain, which I think is gone now, 'cause I don't have any more symptoms.
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              Pikataro: Well, you certianly shapened it up. :33333 Which means yes, you're the first to be accepted

              Good for you, getting your app done before the mods... And me. o.O
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              XD Thanks.

              Wow, just noticed your banner (yeah, sorry, off-topic). And I forgot the name of that fairy, and thanks to your banner, I remembered its name XD

              I think I forgot the name of it because it was so obnoxious O.o

              Anyways, just out of curiosity, how many people will need to join/get accepted in order for us to start?
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                Um.. if you don't mind... could you tell me what a Basket Case character is?...Fine ignore me ;_;
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                  Hey can you reserve me a spot??? I'll edit this into a SU later today if so! thanks!:D

                  Credit to banner/avy PC Family
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                    -Out of Character-

                    Name: Sprink7 if you will.

                    -In Character-

                    -+- The Basics:

                    Full Birth Name: Neru Bilden
                    Nick Names: "Geek" "Nerd" "Moron" "Fiend" "Nery" (pronounced like neary)
                    Age: 16
                    Location of Childhood Home:
                    Ecruteak City
                    Gem Classification: The True Blue Geek, Crystal of choice is Rhinestone.

                    -+- Pokemon:

                    Name: Magi (pronounced like the Magi who gave gifts to Jesus. Maji. First person to call him Maggie gets a shock.)
                    Type: Magnezone, Electric/Steel
                    Distinguishing Marks: A black spot on the very bottom of his center body. It's a burn score. That particular place is now very hard and resistant.
                    PERSONALITY: Magi is very smart. It learned to transfer energy from its body to computers, flashlights, portable multi-destructive devices, and the average toaster. It has made itself very useful to Neru in this, since Neru often forgets to recharge his personal laptop, and his flashlight always runs out of batteries at the wrong time. Magi plays pranks on the people around him, often draining power from rooms to annoy the Grunts whom it knows would never dare mess with it.
                    History: Magi and Neru met when Neru was about four. Magi was wild at the time and attacked Neru outside Ecruteak. A nearby Rocket Grunt attempted to catch the Magnemite, and failed utterly. Neru had enough time from the distraction to use his laptop as a minor power surge, weakening the Magnemite. Neru stole a Great Ball and caught the weakend Magnemite, naming it Magi. Neru raised it and the two of them were instantly close friends. Magi did pick up on Neru's tricky nature a bit though.

                    Magi became a Magneton when Neru was visiting a power plant in Kanto. Neru fought several Magnemites using Magi, and then was beset by an army. The two friends ran like crazy, since even the power of friendship can't stop twenty Magnemites from burning down one. Magi was shocked repeatedly, but still managed to keep moving. Suddenly a particularly powerful bolt struck Magi and something changed. Suddenly two of the other Magnemite zoomed in close and freaked out, followed by the white light of evolution, combining the three into a Magneton. The new evolution seemed off somehow though. It got hit by several very large shocks, and even a Thunder from a particularly powerful Magnemite. It took the hits without being phased, but didn't shoot back at all. Neru led his strangely powered friend the rest of the way out of the plant and they went to a nearby Rocket base for study. They found Magi had gained a very large quantitiy of special defense, but had nearly lost it's ability to attack. The scientists were completely baffled, and simply suggested Neru use the Pokemon to its new advantage.

                    Name: Falyn
                    Type: Teddiursa, female, Normal
                    Distinguishing Marks: TBA
                    PERSONALITY: Evil teddy bear. Falyn is downright mean. She frames assorted Rocket Members for stealing important items. She attacks certain people just because. Falyn refuses a Pokeball. She was captured by an Ultra Ball, which Neru now carries, but she doesn't get inside except when tired and Neru won't let her ride on his shoulder or in his bag. Because she isn't always cooped up in a ball, she finds things to entertain herself. She doesn't have a need to stay with Neru, so she wanders about stealing items, biting Grunts, and looking cute. One time in particular, she stole a Rocket Team's Pokemon. All of them. And took them to Neru, who taught the Grunts a lesson about leaving such valuable items where they could be taken, choosing not to discipline his friend who was
                    way out of line.
                    History: Falyn was always mischievous. She lived in the wild stealing from campers, the Mart in Blackthorn, and even nicking a badge from the leader of Blackthorn Gym. No one ever found out it was a Pokemon, except Neru, who read all the police reports and eventually figured it out. He decided he wanted the Pokemon that could do this, and went to catch it. He succeeded, but it was his worst battle ever. Falyn, as it turns out, is strong as well as smart. Finally Neru caught this diabolical menace. He took her back to base, and let her loose on the base. He quickly taught her that she wasn't allowed to steal certain things, among them being all of his possessions, all of the other Gems' possessions, and, of course, all the higher ups possessions. Everything else is free game, including items that are bolted down. This has provided much entertainment to those who wish to watch Falyn work, but most of the Grunts hate her, though they would never voice such thoughts. As for her use in his work, everyone can have use of a master theif once in a while.

                    Name: Krab
                    Type: Crawdaunt, Male, Water/Dark
                    Distinguishing Marks: His star is silver.
                    PERSONALITY: Krab earns his name. He is lazy, insubordinate, mean to others, and decidely annoying at times. He is almost useless in regards to Neru's work, usually only putting out the occasional fire. When not in his Pokeball Krab sits around in the sun, by a nearby body of water. He refuses to do battle most of the time, doesn't engage in pranks, and usually ignores other Pokemon. When he gets bored with laying around he will usually torture those nearby by making a high pitched whistling noise followed by a short series of beeps that he somehow learned to make without the assistance of others.
                    History: It was an accident. Neru didn't aim to catch the Corphish that he caught. Things just sort of happened that way. He was walking around on a beach, and accidentally tripped on a protruding rock. A Pokeball slipped out of his bag and hit a Corphish that he hadn't noticed, since it made no motion, just laying there. The Corphish didn't even struggle to break free, it sat there and was captured instantly. Neru took a liking to the Corphish as a Pokemon, especially when it burnt itself in a fire from one of Neru's devices, and immediately put the fire out. Neru decided it was a useful Pokemon, but that it wasn't exactly good for much. Krab evolved when it was threatened with being replaced as Neru's fireman. Krab fought the other Pokemon like Neru had never seen, and decided to keep it, especially once it evolved into such a unique Crawdaunt.

                    Name: Cutter
                    Type: Scizzor, Female, Bug/Steel
                    Distinguishing Marks: Purple eyes.
                    PERSONALITY: Cutter is very affectionate. Often in a bad way. She hurts people on accident. She loves cuddling, with everyone and everything. She doesn't play pranks, and will sometimes try to fix the ones Neru's other Pokemon do. She is completely in love with Neru for some reason, so she likes to watch him do things, whether it's working, eating, or sleeping. Cutter is fearless to the point of stupidity when Neru wants her to do something. She is very afraid of water usually, however. Her name comes from her states where she seems depressed because her master won't spend much time with her while she is out of her Pokeball.
                    History: Cutter was received in a trade. Neru really needed a Pokemon with claws that could cut through wires, metal, and get him into control panels when his tools weren't adequate to hack the mainframe. He also wanted something that wouldn't disobey him, like Krab would. Cutter seemed like the perfect Pokemon for the job, until he discovered that she was crazily in love with him. He received several cuts from her, needing to be hospitalized on several occasions from the experience. She eventually cooled down a little bit, and he taught her the things he needed her to do. She became very adept with surgical cuts at a rate he was amazed with. She also stayed in her Pokeball until released, so was much more easy to carry around constantly, unlike Falyn and Krab. Whenever Neru needs someone threatened, he uses Cutter. Everyone backs down to the thought of being hugged by her.

                    Name: Pig
                    Type: Swinub, Male, Ground/Ice
                    Distinguishing Marks: Shiny.
                    PERSONALITY: Pig is a nutcase. His moods change constantly. He often switches from happy to eat your soul in the middle of doing something, such as eating. His mood has no basis in what's happening either, it seems to simply be a random clock that switches constantly. He enjoys rocks for some reason though. Neru keeps several small pebbles on him at all times to make sure if Pig goes into a craze he is ready to deal with it. The rocks put him to sleep. Pig picks them up, and nibbles it for a minute, then collapses on the ground and snores, the pebble now holding no interest to him. For some reason he will never fall asleep to the same one twice. His memory is astounding in this way, for some unknown reason.
                    History: Neru loves Pig. Of his Pokemon, all of whom he is kind too, he likes Pig the best. Pig has no responsibilites to Neru in his job, he has no purpose to do anything. Neru just likes to watch him play around, and especially likes watching his mood shift from one thing to another. He caught Pig on his way to getting Falyn, finding the rare coloration as an initial draw. After he had caught Pig he realized how cute he was and found his unique traits very interesting as a side study when his brain wasn't functioning as well towards geek stuff. Pig has proven useful while Neru was working, primarily when cooling down equipment pieces. It doesn't happen often, but it provides Neru with an acceptable excuse to keep around his furry friend.

                    Name: Whisp
                    Type: Espeon, female, Psychic
                    Distinguishing Marks: Short for an Espeon. Only 2' 5"
                    PERSONALITY: Whisp is cool. She has no problems with her mind. She doesn't make too much trouble, except the occasional floating vase that is suspended above your head but never falls. She loves Neru, but doesn't do anything to provoke Cutter. She spends most of her time being lazy, similar to an everyday pet, but is very active in helping Neru during the times when he needs a second pair of hands to carry things. Whisp got her name from her unique talent of not being noticed while standing in plain sight, not to the point that someone wouldn't see her if they were looking, but more her being able to sneak up on people because they aren't being aware of their surroundings.
                    History: Whisp and Neru met when Whisp was an Eevee. Neru wasn't sure what type of Pokemon he would need in the future, so he got an Eevee from a breeder. She was very well behaved, and acted very much like a pet for a long time. He named her Whisp at this point in time because he had noticed her tendency to appear at his side when he least expected it. Neru didn't have Whisp evolve for a long time, but then noticed the glaring weakness in his Pokemon team. He didn't have anything to stop fighting Pokemon and five of his six Pokemon were weak to them. So he asked Whisp if she wanted to be an Espeon, and she immediately evolved. She was simply waiting for the right moment, and for her loving master to tell her what he needed.

                    -+- Appearance:

                    Eye Color: Cyan that shifts to Purple. It shifts darker as it goes from in to out, so purple is on the outside.
                    Hair Color/Style: Dark red hair, about four inches long, but curly so it sticks off his head only a little, around two inches.
                    Height: 5'10"
                    Weight: 140
                    General Appearance: About average height and weight, Neru has enough of a body that he can travel quickly when needed, but isn't suited to long walks in the woods or climbing mountains for three weeks. He is not a hunk, but he definately isn't puny. He is good looking, but isn't chiseled. He isn't likely to make a woman swoon over his looks, but they might call him handsome in his "dressy" clothes. His hair isn't gelled or anything, so it flows gently in the breeze. He has minor electric burns and scars from burns on his arms and hands. He has been accused of being a cutter because of various scars in perfect lines on his forearms, but in reality these are simply from Cutter being excited.

                    Casual/Nerd/Travel: Laptop case. It's always with him, no matter what he's doing. It is a simple black case with several small pockets holding discs, wires, and several electronic devices for assorted uses depending on how he needs them. He can make very weak explosive devices here, usually only strong enough to blow up eight inches of space, but destroy most stuff in that space because of the materials. He can also make several very powerful cleaning solutions. Of course, his laptop is in the case as well. He wears a simple button up shirt with crimson lines running diagonally spaced two inches apart. The shirt is unkempt, usually halfway tucked in, as though he had decided to tuck it in but got distracted. The shirt has a collar. The collar is popped sometimes, but usually that bothers him. The top two buttons are undone, leaving a very slight view of his chest, and giving him plenty of breathing space. He wears simple black pants with pockets in the usual spaces. They are dressy, and are made of a soft, durable material that allows good airflow.

                    On the Job: Obviously Neru has his laptop case, since he is the official geek. The case has a big red R on it this time, but is the same otherwise. He wears a dark crimson colored trench coat. It has buttons going down, two rows three inches apart. The buttons are black and have small red R's in the center. He wears light, airy black pants that are made of simple canvas-like material that doesn't draw attention away from his trench. If he happens to take the trench off, he has a belt with all of his Pokeballs. It is intricate in design, black with gold highlights, making a leaf pattern across the length. His shirt is dark blue with nothing special to draw attention. He usually just wears the trench in all weathers since it has a self designed, expensive, AC unit that keeps him cool in hot temperatures. The coat itself keeps him cool in the cold.

                    Dressing Up:
                    Neru wears a relatively simple suit to formal occasions. It consists of a black overcoat with a pocket on the left side. It ends at the upper thigh. It has no tails. Under that, partially visible through the chest of the two-button coat, he wears a white shirt with a dark black tie. The shirt is collared and covered by a full vest that ends at his beltline. Neru wears black dress pants with a black leather belt to finish it off.

                    [ooc: Laptop gets its own section, since it is the primary tool of his trade.] Neru's laptop is self-designed, top to bottom. He liked certain things about so many different computers, that he couldn't simply have just one, pre-built computer. He chose the frame, making it a good size larger then absolutely necessary, but filled the area of it with things he needs and wants. His screen is actually two screens, one ordinary split down the middle to give him access to multiple windows that figure well into his brain. He can't stand the normal laptop mice, and so he inserted a hole into the bottom where it would be, attatching all the normal mouse components into a small bag that conforms to the hand, has easy clicking, never breaks, and fits in the small hole where the mouse would be. It is completely wireless and can be switched in channel to that of another computer, essentially taking control of the computer, at the push of a series of buttons, and with permission from the computer's current user. [ooc: picture a hacky sack, but a bit larger, and with mechanical parts inside. That's his mouse.] Neru can't stand certain letter keys of certain computers. There is no particular reason, but they just feel wrong to him. So he ordered several computers, removed the keys from each of them that he wanted, and attached those to his keyboard. Neru couldn't decide between a particularly well built computer operating system that is sold in stores, and the one he designed. So, he has both, one for each side of his monitor. The computer actually works as two in that respect. The computer's hardware is all self-designed. It has speed which is unmatched by any computer anywhere except the Rocket's main computer, which he helped design. It has memory onboard enough to hold nearly anything several times. It has wireless internet that is lightning to upload and download. Neru, when space on his computer is running out, will drop his files on the computers of the people who are connected to the internet, making his files encrypted to the point that sometimes he can't even find them when he goes to access them again. Neru also carries around a connection to Rodger so he can keep an eye out for anything.

                    -+- Personality:

                    Strengths | Fear:

                    + Charismatic. People generally like him after talking to him for a while.
                    + Friendly. He seems like he will help you.
                    + Trustworthy. He doesn't talk much, so no one expects him to tell someone's secrets to a different person.
                    + Well-read.
                    + Dealing with pain
                    + Deft hand movements.
                    + Quick thinking.

                    - Good looking women. He can't be near them. They make him sweat and feel nauseaus. If they speak to him he can't hear what they say. If they touch him he passes out. The only women this is different for is the other Gems, since he has gotten used to them. He still won't let them touch him, but he can hear what they say, and the nausea is a lot weaker, so he is able to work with them nearby and in sight range.
                    - Nearly all Bug type Pokemon freak him out to no end.
                    - Rejection.
                    - Intimacy. He doesn't want people to know that much about him or have "moments" with him.
                    - Contact. He can't stand being touched.
                    - Pokemon battles.

                    Likes | Dislikes:

                    + Beautiful women. Yes. He's deathly afraid of them, but deep down he's glad they exist and can't imagine life without them.
                    + His Pokemon. They are his friends and family.
                    + Computers. Who is surprised? Seriously.
                    + Fire. He is a pyro, which is why he doesn't have a single fire Pokemon. He is afraid that he would never get anything done since he would be watching it burn things all day.
                    + Making others happy. He likes helping others to the point that he will do pretty much anything he's asked to do.

                    - Fish.
                    - Rocks
                    - Excercise, not that he's in bad shape, but he just doesn't enjoy working out.
                    - Masticating. Yes. He dislikes chewing. He chooses to live as well as he can on a liquid diet, going entire months without eating since his diet is so carefully laid out with vitamins and minerals. With the exception of apples. See Other category for details.
                    - High speed vehicle rides.

                    Goals: Neru has no real difficult goals. He hopes to someday be married to a beautiful woman whom he is completely at ease with. He also wants to make other people happy through the use of his skills. He would enjoy being renowned for something, though he doesn't particularly mind what.

                    Skills: Cracking and hacking. [ooc: for those who don't know the difference between a hacker and a cracker, which I really have no clue what your knowledge entails, a hacker breaks computer systems so he can show the maker where they went wrong and because they enjoy doing it, whereas a cracker does it to steal information and money.] He is a better hacker then a cracker, though the skill sets are the same, intelligence at puzzles, knowing computer sublanguages, interpreting information with reason and luck. He is a lightning typist. He thinks quickly on his feet, as the phrase goes, though he usually sits. He makes others feel better about who they are, compliments coming easy, even when talking to beautiful women who he can't hear the voice of. He can read body language and lips, usually not really listening to what people say as much as to what their body is telling him of its own accord. He is also decent at making explosives, though he doesn't spend a lot of time on it.

                    Quirks | Habits:
                    Neru always plays with something, whether flipping a pencil unsuccessfully, or drumming his fingers on his knees and keyboard. Neru is obnoxiously curious. He cracks computers so he can read information. He likes knowing others by anything he can find on a computer. He can't help but look up information in the Rocket's records about anyone whom he meets. He also reads about locations, buildings, and recent medical findings. It is an insatiable hunger for him. Because he cracks people's security on their computers, he often leaves behind little problems on their systems as pranks. They can be highly annoying to most people, because they are high level puzzles in computer language that are child's play for him. More than one Grunt has deleted all the memory on his/her computer in the process of breaking one of the puzzles. This habit is where Neru's Pokemon pick up trickery, despite the fact that he doesn't actually do it to annoy, but to entertain.

                    Secrets: Neru hates himself. He knows deep down that no one actually likes him, and chooses not to try and change things. He will work hard for a single scrap of approval from others, often going out of his way to help them just because he can.

                    Best computer genius ever. Too knowledgeable. Trickster. Friendly. Impossible to talk to, though that one is from women only.

                    Neru is a geek through and through. He knows more information then he will ever need. He loves learning more. He loves computers, though he doesn't necessarily relate to them. He has a desire for the aestheticly pleasing, meaning things that are fun to look at. He is largely anti-social, speaking when spoken to, and usually keeping it to the bare minimum. Except when you get him started on a tangent, usually about an advanced code or a binary sequence. He is very creative, often creating designs in binary for use as passwords. They also serve as assorted computer functions. He will often spend an hour making a giant program to crack a computer, then spend three hours changing it so if you bring up a menu showing it, it is an image instead of a program, usually showing a flower, Pokemon, or abstract piece of artwork. He knows how to use them as programs of course, but his security on these programs is astounding.

                    Neru doesn't have mood swings that anyone can see. He has taught his body not to react to how he's feeling, so he only has to control his voice and eyes in order to give off the vibe of how he actually is. He actually does have mood swings and is very self-conscious. He cares what others think of him, often feeling like they hate him when, in reality, they are quite fine with him. Neru gets angry at others, but never takes revenge. When he likes people and is happy with them for some reason, he helps them without their knowledge as best he can, usually by improving their computer's security. Most of the time Neru stays sad, though he is easy to please, since he likes others approval so much, he gives his own pretty freely.

                    Neru doesn't realize how smart he is. He really has no understanding that everyone else can't multiply large numbers in their heads, no clue that most people can't read binary, and absolutely no thought of others not being able to make computer programs. This information is out of his grasp, no matter how many people tell him they have no clue what "Error 131: Press 'Ok' to continue" means. He doesn't believe they are stupid, he thinks they are patronizing him.

                    -+- History:

                    Past: Neru grew up in Ecruteak City. It was a nice place to live, but Neru was very introverted. He didn't have many friends, and the women that lived in the large building nearby were too pretty for him to safely walk around without being nervous. Hera bought him a computer for his fourth birthday, and Neru found his calling. He learned to type, find information, talk to others, and to read computer code within a year of getting the computer. Magi joined him in that time period, and Neru had a friend who loved watching him play with his computer. Eventually Neru got bored with how slow the computer was, and decided to see the inside. It took him a couple of months, but he finally figured out what the parts of the computer were. It was difficult going, since he had to do it all without instruction, due to his computer being in pieces. When he had successfully found the parts he wanted to improve, it took him a while to figure out what he was supposed to do. He found he needed parts, and that the only way to get the parts was Hera. Neru put his computer back together, and ordered them on-line for his own fifth birthday, with his grandmother's knowledge of course. His parts arrived, a tool kit, assorted computer chips for varying uses, and assorted pieces of silicon and copper. It took him several weeks before he was able to figure out how to build his own computer chips, and they were pretty lame at first, doing nothing special. He became more refined in his methods as time continued, and by his sixth birthday had learned enough to simply ask his grandmother to order the basic materials for his computer parts, not anything pre-built. He improved his computer vastly and started writing programs for personal use. Childish things of course, programs that would run mazes, programs that would solve simply math problems, and the like.

                    Neru attempted hacking the first time when he was about six and a half. He hacked several e-mail accounts on accident before realizing what he was doing. He decided to actually try, and to do it to someone he didn't know. He hacked someone's bank account. It took him a while, but he figured out all the secrets to doing it, and did it. He didn't take anything, but he knew he could have. Neru did this to several more people, then realized he didn't even need to do it by hand. It was so simple that he could probably make a program that was built directly into his web browser that would hack the accounts that he wanted just by clicking a button. He wrote the program, finding it to be much more difficult then he had initially thought. It took him until his seventh birthday to finish the program. He ran a test drive with it the next day, since it was his birthday after all. It worked quite efficiently, opening doors quicker and saving him lots of time. He opened an account a few days later, finding a very large funds transfer to an unknown account. Neru decided to check out the account. He found that his program wouldn't hack this account. It couldn't figure out the password or anything. This confused Neru for a while, but then he decided to simply do it himself. He soon found himself fighting a virus that would make his screen have a giant red R when it was finished, and would destroy his computer if he allowed it to. Neru worked quickly, and deleted the virus over and over again, only to have it come back a few seconds later. He quickly wrote a program that would automatically delete the virus, a program of child's play to him at this point. He then continued his search, with the knowledge that it had something to do with a red R. An hour later he had found that it was a group named Team Rocket, and this knowledge allowed him to find more and more about them. It was several hours before he had found the location of their base, on a nearby route, and that they had stolen the money. Suddenly, his computer died. It started on fire, and proceeded to burn Hera's house down.

                    Several days later Neru received a letter in the mail. It told him that the entire city of Ecruteak would be in danger if he didn't follow its directions. He was to go to the Rocket base. Neru had no choice, since taking the letter to the authorities would do no good. Off Neru went, not knowing if he would ever see his grandmother again. He arrived at the base and was gawked at. They wouldn't believe he was the cracker who had gotten inside their computer system. They locked him up anyways, but used a room that had an electronic keypad on the inside. Neru escaped about a minute after they locked him up, then followed the Grunts back to the control room. Here he found an amazing computer system with vastly more uses then his old one. He immediately ran over to a control panel and began taking it apart, finding minor things in it that he improved on the spot, increasing its speed and memory capacity by nearly thirty percent in about fifteen minutes. He put the panel back together and turned around to find the two Grunts staring at him, as well as a more sharply dressed Admin. The Admin asked what Neru had been doing, and Neru told him. The Admin decided that Neru needed to go to HQ for training and briefing. He could really be an asset with his skills. Neru became addicted to approval right then, since it was the first time his passion had been appreciated. He was taken to Rocket HQ and met their computer wiz, who had destroyed Neru's computer. Neru was angry with the man at first, but then found out that he was going to learn from the man, and be given a new computer.

                    Over the next several years Neru evolved Magi, captured Pig and Falyn, and learned a great deal about computers. He found just how much more he could do with his computer, and learned how to write in several more computer languages that would make programs more difficult to interpret and defeat. He found that Hera had died, which upset him, but didn't stop his drive to make his passions reality.

                    Neru finally found a second hobby in his random devices around the age of 14. He made things that could explode forcefully, and he made them cheap. He didn't really tell anyone about it, but just did it in his spare time when he wasn't allowed near a computer. He adopted his unique diet. He received Cutter and Whisp, and caught Krab on accident. He evolved Magi again, as well as Whisp, and Krab. Neru finally was ready to build his own computer as well. It took him a long time, and he innovated a lot of the material in computer systems in the process, but finally he made a laptop that was easily upgradeable when he wanted to, and was durable for the missions he was sent on from time to time.

                    Family: Rensha- Mother. Deceased. Died giving birth to Neru.
                    Phillip- Father. Deceased. Died in a large explosion caused by a multi-destructive device before Neru's birth.
                    Hera- Grandmother. Deceased. Raised Neru. [ooc: I have something against families for my characters. Excuse my sadistic nature.]

                    Other: Apples are Neru's vice. He hates masticating, but if you give him an apple, it's completely different. He has to take an apple if you offer him one. It is a compulsion. He doesn't like the flavor, or enjoy the skin. He can't stand the core, but it doesn't matter. He is out of control. He simply has to take and devour the apple. Limitation: he will only eat one every two hours. He feels bad after he eats the apple, because he had to masticate and it makes him feel used because people do it just to watch him light up with enjoyment of the apple, that he really didn't enjoy that much. It makes him feel like he is a circus animal, merely around for entertainment.

                    RP example: [ooc] So this is from a Harry Potter (future time period) RP that I made a while back that didn't really start up at all. And the forum rules were okay with a single "uber" character for the evil side, which is why he is making an elder wand and is so powerful. [/ooc]

                    Xod Malfoy was shocked at how quickly he had become viewed as evil. All he had done was destroy the injustice of the current system. The Ministry had attempted to imprison him for doing no wrong, and so he had killed the pure blooded ones who were the reason behind it all. He was fully justified at his measures. They were the reason for the Dark Lord's rise to power so many years ago, and now they were still trying to rule everyone else.

                    There was more to do though. His wand shared properties with his friend and colleague, Zant. He didn't want to hurt Zant, but knew if his friend didn't join him when Zant was sent searching for him, then they would have quite the duel. He didn't want his wand betraying him. Xod knew he could build a new wand, but he wanted to make one that no one else had ever made equal to. He had taken tutelage under a wandmaker hidden in the guise of someone else. He wanted to do something no other wandmaker had ever done. He wanted to make an elder wand.
                    The first thing Xod did was find a good elder tree far away from anywhere. He began enchanting it with protections of every variety. He made it absorb magical power from other trees. He enhanced the wood's strength. He made it fire-proof as well as wind proof. Finally, after he had completed all of this, he enchanted it to never lose these properties. Then he transfigured a single branch into the size and shape he wanted and could still fit his chosen core into.

                    Xod then decided to find the materials for his core. He first needed a unicorn's mane hair. He apparated to the Forbidden Forest and appeared at the top of a tree. He immediately began his search. Several hours later he stumbled onto a nest of giant spiders. He was forced to burn them to cinders to escape, using Confringo. At long last he found a unicorn. It stood carefully nearby. It sensed no ill will and simply stood waiting and watching. Xod walked over to it and gently took a single strand of hair from it's mane. It whinied a little, but the hair was not pulled, and would thus not hurt as much. It trotted off.

                    Xod then knew it was time to go phoenix hunting. The only way to catch one was extreme luck, and then it wouldn't be your friend. He wanted one to be his friend and give the feather willingly, since it was a more magically powerful bond. Xod apparated to the Himalayas, where the only known sighting of a dark phoenix had been. Xod didn't just want any phoenix, and a dark phoenix would be a far better friend. Xod tromped through the snow for several days. He stayed away from towns, knowing he was looking for a paradise where the phoenix would be if there were such a creature. He eventually came to a valley, where he could see a poke of sunshine causing snow to melt and make a gentle river, before freezing again on its way down the mountain. He could see green trees and grass by the river, as well as beautiful flowers growing, and knew this was the place. He went there and waited, sitting in the shade of a large tree to avoid the burning sun. After several hours he heard a ruffling of leaves and looked up just in time to shout "Protego" and stop the rushing purple of the Dark Phoenix as it hurtled towards him. The phoenix broke his spell, and pecked him at a high speed. Xod was hit in the arm, and felt the burn of a cursed wound. He turned in time to find the phoenix hurtling at him and caught it with his hands. It drug him several yards before flying up, carrying him easily. Xod grabbed its legs tightly and waited for it to land. He was determined to have this as his friend. It was a powerful creature indeed. The phoenix tried to knock him off and flew around in many directions to get him off. Finally it gave up and landed on the ground. Xod let go of it and prepared to defend himself. The phoenix flew at him, and he raised his wand to be ready. It landed on his shoulder instead of goring him. It seemed to wink at him, and he knew this was now his friend. He glanced longingly at one of the tailfeathers, and the phoenix, seeming to understand, gave a shake. A feather of just the right length fell out of its fan and Xod caught it. Suddenly the word Hownde rose to his mind, and wouldn't go away until he looked in the phoenix's eyes, and he knew it was telling him it's name. ((Fawkes and Hownde!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.))

                    Xod sighed. Now was the time for the worst of the three ingredients. He could make it easier, but he wanted it to be perfect. He wanted a Hungarian Horntail heartstring. Xod apparated to Hungary in the mountains with Hownde on his shoulder. He knew where to find the dragons. He had helped knock some down in his time. He had never tried killing one by himself though. He found a lone dragon with ease, as dragons didn't tend to stay together. He used a conjuctivus curse on its eyes. The dragon began thrashing around senselessly. Xod shot off several powerful spells that burned into the dragons hide. It was slow going. Eventually he was reduced to using Sectum Sempra to cut into the dragon. He needed to see the heart, but not cut it, so this was going to be difficult. He started removing the dragons armor. By this time blood was pouring everywhere. Finally he could see where there was rhythmic moving of a heart. Xod began cutting around it, and eventually pulled it out of the dragon's chest. The dragon gave one final moan and collapsed. Xod tore through the excess muscles and found the heart. He sliced single string from it and burnt the remnants of the dragon.

                    Finally Xod had all the pieces he needed. He apparated to his new base of operations. He put the strands from each of the objects together and transfigured them into a single, slightly thicker than average, strand. It was a silvery material that glowed slightly from its magical strength. He removed the branch and inserted the strand. Xod transfigured the whole thing together and formed a new wand, hovering in mid-air. He grabbed it and felt its warmth. It shot a stream of fire out the end instead of the usual shower of sparks. The flames dissipated. Now Xod was ready to recruit his Life Swallowers.
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                    I need the entire team to be honest. :3 But everybody's writing profiles so it should be later this week.

                    Pikalover10: Uh, no. O.o; You didn't signify what character you wanted and if Lostt, who was here first, wants to reserve the basket case, that means we're full. Try again next year time. ^-^;;; REJECTED

                    Lostt: Sorry hun, I was working on my profile -cracks knuckles- Now. Listen. What I mean, in this instance, by Basket Case, is an unpredictable character. We never know what you're going to do next but yet there's that hint of reliability in you, you'll almost always come through etc. :P Does this explain it maybe?


                    It's mah Profile. -GASP-

                    And o course, I'm teh Accepted lulz.

                    -Out of Character-
                    Name: Mika

                    -In Character-

                    -+- The Basics:

                    Full Birth Name: Mysterica Lunesca Blackthorn
                    Nick Names: Mika, Mi-chan, Black Emerald
                    Age: 17
                    Location of Childhood Home: Born in Blackthorn City, Raised in Viridian City
                    Gem Classification: The Chosen [Emerald]

                    -+- Pokemon:

                    Name: Tina
                    Type: Dragonite
                    Distinguishing Marks? Tina lives in a crystal pokeball handcrafted by someone but Mika refuses to say who, why and for what purpose.
                    PERSONALITY: Tina is in a way, Mika’s surrogate mother. She is the only pokemon with which Mika can obtain 100% Connection without putting serious strain on her body and she is the mother hen who will glare and hiss at you if you’re stressing her beloved Mika out. She knows, however, that because of certain factors she can’t be out of her pokeball much and instead, soothes her trainer as best as she can through telepathic hummings. Gentle and tender hearted, she looks more terrifying then she is in actuality. By far Mika's strongest Pokemon, Tina knows her power and it limitations and she knows that if she's called into battle, it's a serious offense and completely loses her mother complex. She does however, have a weakness for good tea. Want to see a grown dragonite coo like a small dratini? Brew good smelling tea. It can sometimes lure her out of her pokeball without Mika's consent if it smells nummy enough.
                    History: : Given to Mika by her parents on her fourth birthday, Tina is the first Pokemon Mika ever received. Mika has only put her in the PC box on a handful of occasions and is very much upset if she isn’t near Tina at all times. Thus, Tina’s oddly colored transparent crystal blue pokeball hangs on a silver chain around her neck. [ooc: 's all i can say for now :3]

                    Name: Kuristaru
                    Type: Flygon
                    Distinguishing Marks? N/A
                    PERSONALITY: Kuri is quiet and observational, he prefers to spend his days in a nice warm tree with some nice juicy apples and some nice warm sunlight on his back snoozing and watching smaller pokemon play than battling. However, he understands his duties and he understands his trainer and will jump from his laid back style in a split second, springing into battle with a calm focus on the matter at hand. The tactician of her party, Kuri can analyze on the fly and find the best way to get to safety or defeat an enemy and make the least amount of noise in an escape instance. He doesn't like being told he's wrong as he puts alot of thought into anything before he makes a suggestion and it's one of very few ways to pull out his inner white-hot temper.
                    History: Mika found Kuri during her travels in Hoenn, buried under a mud pile where he’d been crammed by some mean children. A freshly hatched, Mika was alerted to it when it wouldn’t stop sobbing out through the mud. It took her three hours to dig the poor thing out and they’ve been attached to each other ever since. He was the second pokemon Mika ever got to a secondary evolution and the only one she trusts in certain situations.

                    Name: Poseidon [Sai]
                    Type: Kingdra
                    Distinguishing Marks? N/A
                    PERSONALITY: Sai is an arrogant little temperamental Kingdra who thinks he’s the very best at what he does. He doesn’t forgive easily, nor does he forget people and can become incredably jealous if another pokemon has stolen his beloved Mika’s affection as he believes her to be his property in a way. He's easily angered and easily dives into situations that could be avoided and almost always end poorly for him and Mika. He's also easily offended and thinks he's always right and it would be best if you never told him he wasn't right if you value your nose. Yes, Sai likes to bite people's noses. If he doesn't like someone and they piss him off and they have a nose, he'll go right for it, clamping down until they give in and declare him the master of whatever it is he's apparently not the master of. It's a rather awkard feeling, having a kingdra attached to one's nose, and because the pokemon's snout is as powerful as it is, it can be rather difficult to get him off which, believe me, is something he's rather proud of.
                    History: Mika capture Sai as a horsea in the Whirl Islands the third time she went to Johto. She didn't really use him up until this past year when she decided to give poor Saki some time off. He evolved rather quickly, with much thanks to one EXP Share, and is her only means of water transportation [surfing]. He hasn't been in any gym battles or battles of true proportions but it wouldn't be wise to let on any knowledge of that fact to Sai if one values their nose. His unpredictable temper can make him a handle in battle, Mika almost always has to sync with him to keep him under control which puts the strain on herself and thus makes him a more less likely choice. She does still use him, just, not when it counts.

                    Name: Tari
                    Type: Altaria
                    Distinguishing Marks? It's a bird...?
                    PERSONALITY: if birds could be blonde.... That's a good way to describe Tari. Ditzy to a t, she's the bird from those tv commercials that flies into windows because she just plain didn't see them. She's clueless for awhile until she gets it and then, oh then she'll never let you forget what she's learned she's just so proud of herself. She does, contrary to popular belief, have a brain, it just takes a bit sometimes for her to get passionate about something and one of those somethings is her beloved Mika. A present from Gullwee, she knows what she means to her mistress and she takes it very seriously. Whiles she may be a ditz on the battlefield and off, she will cover Mika with her fluffy wings when she cries or doesn't want anyone to know she's crying and anyone that comes near will be pecked within an inch of existance. Because, you see, Mika is her Mikafloof. And that means nobody touches the Mikafloof.
                    History: Present from Gullwee. Never ever leaves her person. [ooc: I plead the fifth!]

                    Name: Minna
                    Type: Minun
                    Distinguishing Marks? Her growth was stunted thanks to Team Galaxy. She's the size of a freshly hatched Pichu.
                    PERSONALITY: Ritilan. Right. Freaking. Now. Shove it down the thing's throat or just put it on a freakin' leash before it eats me ALIVE. But seriously, Minna is Mika's wandering ball of energy. The baby of her party, Minna is a bit of a naive little twit who's constantly getting herself into trouble, is addicted to ketchup thanks to her friend Pika the Pikachu and is just too cute to discipline without those bawling little eyes in your face. Minna knows how to play her cards and play them well. She's a mischievous little rascal and one of the only people to see through her little disguise is her trainer who will grab the mouse by the neck and, as it fires electrcity everywhere, stuff it in her backpack until it calms down. Minna can focus however, in battle and only sometimes loses her focus. If she wins, she gets ketchup or snuggles. And that means she's going to win. Or there will be faces falling off.
                    History: Just a year ago, when Mika was in the Sinnoh Region gathering information on Team Galaxy, she came across a wind-based powerplant. Upon further investigation, she found a small squeaking noise she thought was just a window to be a shriveled up little minun mewling pathetically for help. Trapped in a cage, Mika managed, after a day's worth of prying open a cage, to get the poor thing out and it's been attached to her ever since. Minna may be the newest member of the party and the baby of Mika's party but she's worth her meager weight in epic amounts of gold.

                    Oh, and she likes to steal shiny things, even if they're not hers to begin with.

                    [ooc: See? HA. I has a Sinnoh Pokemon. >D I love hope something eats the D/P dragons. So stfu.]

                    In the Box

                    Name: Fang
                    Type: Crobat
                    PERSONALITY: VERBOTEN.
                    History: VERBOTEN.

                    [ooc: some of you might know who this poke belongs to. KEEP YOUR DARN MOUTH SHUT D<]

                    Name: Sakaki [Saki]
                    Type: Gyarados
                    Distinguishing Marks? Its got a small scar above its left eye
                    PERSONALITY: Saki is a ferocious beast to be contended with! Oh…wait… he’s not really. He’s like a kitten. In truth, he thinks he’s a Meowth. In sea serpent dragon meowth form. Completely overprotective of Mika, Saki might seem ferocious but he’ll be brought to tears if he hurts someone accidentally and he dinna mean to. He’ll then attempt to make up for it, with hugs and licks and free rides on his back because he does feel very very bad. Unless of course, you’re messing with his Mika for real. That’s the one thing that will pull out the beast within him and he’ll destroy you without a second thought and yes, he can go from kitten to ferocious kitten in about two seconds. And he’s not declawed.
                    History: On Mika’s first journey through Kanto, her very first journey all by herself, she stopped at the Mt Moon Pokemon Center where she was met by a Mexican Man with a beating stick who told her about this amazing Magikarp that was just the thing to buy. Mika took one look at it, burst into tears and bought it immediately, loving all over the poor preciously enslaved Pokemon. She nursed it back to health and raised it to a Gyarados and the rest is history.

                    Name: Iliatinisca [ Tini ] and Antikleon [ Leon ]
                    Type: Dragonairs
                    Distinguishing Marks? Tini is a paler whitish color, Leon is a darker blue color. Tini’s eyes are a pure white, Leon’s are a dark dark blue.
                    PERSONALITY: Twins, Tini and Leon are like night and day of each other. Tini, the sweet, naïve quiet of the two, looks before she leaps and nurtures her brother, however, she is a bit skittish and is more fearful than most dragonair and has a tendency to be scared off by the silliest of things [Like Mustard. She’s deathly afraid of Mustard.] Leon, the older of the two, is brash, arrogant, a bit of a hot head and defensive of his sister. He jumps, swim/floats around and then he looks back and wonders if what he just did was the most intelligent of ideas. He’s a weasel, blaming things on other people and hates to be seen as gentle. The exception to this is his sister, whom he loves dearly. He’s the one to coo at her when she panics and swirl around and around her until she feels safe again.
                    History: A freak breeding accident caused two dratinis to form in the same egg. Born under-developed and weak, Dr. Romano was going to have them put down when Mika begged for them and, as he can’t resist the cute eyes, he handed them over to the girl, with the assumption that if they became too much for her, she’d have them disposed of. They’re her contest pokemon and their skill in controlling the weather [Tini Artic Climates, Leon, Tropic] makes them a valuable asset.

                    -+- Appearance:

                    Eye Color: They change from a brilliant green to a fierce piercing yellow depending on her moods. If she syncs with a pokemon, her eyes will glow a bright almost radioactive green.
                    Hair Color/Style: Dark Green, reaches down to Waist Length. As far as style goes, it honestly depends on the day and the occasion. From time to time, she lets it stay down, especially for a more formal occasion, but when she’s working, it’s in a high ponytail, a few wisps of hair dangling in her eyes. Sometimes it’s put up into pigtails or a braided coiled bun attached to the middle of her head.
                    Weight: 114lb
                    General Appearance: You wouldn’t look at Mika from a distance and think heiress to the Rocket Cooperation. She just doesn’t look the part. Her long hair and beautiful almost haunting eyes give her the appearance of some sort of mythical creature, in truth, she’s been mistaken for a spirit or a ghost before on several occasions. Her gentle smile and lithe figure, which she doesn’t have to work hard to obtain mind you, make up the appearance of a much more gentle person than she is. Her clothes speak to her true self however and while she is known to change up her appearance out of boredom, she has three basic styles of outfits that she wears for most occasions

                    On the Road Again?
                    When she has to travel, less is more for the young executive. With a black tank top paired with a pair of cameo cargo pants, three pockets on the right and two on the left, and a pair of steel toed black boots with dark green laces that glow in the dark sometimes, she's flexible in her movements and walking speed and yet, if she needs to get dirty she can without fear of ripping up her clothing. With a black hooded zip up sweatshirt with the Viridian City Gym Logo embezzled on the back tied around her waist, fingerless black leather gloves that extend to her elbows on her hands and a olive green bandana tied on her head under her ponytail, she can handle most types of weather and, with her bright blue customized pokegear around her neck, she always knows what time it is and where, at least most of the time, where she's at. On her shoulder is her tan sling backpack, large enough to hold all of her crap and durable enough that it doesn't have to have eight rolls of psyducktape spread all over it after ten minutes of dealing with Mika and the way she mauls things.

                    Rocket Uniform
                    When she's in uniform, she's all business and her outfit reflects it. A black thin sleeved sleeveless dress with emerald green lines running up and down her sides held tightly against her form with a semi large Rocket emblem on the lower right hand corner in an emerald shade over a pair of a black pair of leggings that come just down to her knees and a pair of mid calf-high black boots with Rs engraved into the soles of the boots. Over it all, she wears a black ankle-length hooded leather trenchcoat with the giant green letter R on the back. The black fingerless gloves on her hands are metal plated on the back, with an R embossed into each of them.

                    Formal Attire
                    A strapless silver dress, fitted somewhat to her waistline then spiraling out in delicate flowing patterns to the floor. The top, around the bust, is decorated with Silver coils intertwined delicately with each other, the part just underneath a delicate mesh of black lace and dark green rhinestones. Very simple. Very Elegant. Very Mika.

                    -+- Personality:

                    Strengths | Fear:
                    + Mature for her Age
                    + Can stay Focused in Bad Situations
                    + Involved Leadership Capibilities
                    + Almost Always Externally Calm or Something Near to It
                    + Motivational
                    + Flexible/Athletic/Martial Artist
                    + Tactical Abilities but on a Larger Scale
                    + Masking her emotions
                    + Screwing with People's Perceptions
                    + Calming down a riot
                    + Decent Negotiator
                    + Viridian Bloodline

                    - Medication
                    - Her Father
                    - Pokemon G-Men
                    - Damp White Cells
                    - Islands
                    - Failure
                    - Losing another team
                    - Being seperated from Fang, Tari and Tina
                    - Full Moons on a Coastline
                    - Psychic Pokemon/Psychic Pokemon Trainers
                    - Losing her Authority over her team
                    - Ecruteak City
                    Likes | Dislikes:
                    + Caffinated Beverages
                    + Dragon Pokemon
                    + Sleep
                    + Absolute Silence
                    + Traditional Classic Music and Festivals
                    + Udon
                    + Forgetting her current enviroment
                    + Being a normal 18 year old
                    + A challenging fight
                    + Syncing with her Pokemon

                    - Lance Blackthron
                    - Any of the Pokemon Gym Leader Alliance
                    - Diet Beverages
                    - People who don't respect tradition
                    - Dr. Kain Romano and his Psychiatrist Co-horets
                    - Breaking Seals
                    - Being reminded of things she already knows constantly
                    - Acting like an heiress
                    - Disrespect from her peers
                    - A pathetic Excuse for a Fight
                    - being seperated from her Pokemon
                    - Innocent People getting Caught up in this Mess
                    - Children getting hurt for no reason.
                    + Be free from the GP and the G-Men
                    + Break the Seals
                    + Save her Brother
                    + Tactics
                    + Leadership
                    + Can Solo a Mission Easily
                    + Specific Breeding
                    + Traditional Dancing
                    + Flexible, can fit anywhere
                    + Focused
                    Quirks | Habits:
                    - Mika will not function or move if she loses Tina's Pokeball or Tari's Ultraball
                    - Freaks out if people bring up Alarayne
                    - Her temper is triggered by idiots who believe they 'understand' her
                    - Has headaches from the visions and voices and they can cause her to collapse
                    - Sometimes coughs up blood etc from syncing for too long.
                    Secrets: N/A [ooc: ;3 you'll seeee]
                    Reputation: She's Mika, the boss' daughter, the Bloody Black Emerald
                    Personality: Mika can come across as an arrogant annoying jerk when one first encounters her but she simply intends to weed out the crowd. She hates being surrounded by a fan club, she refuses to be associated as someone worthy of fame she knows deep down she doesn't deserve. Once a person gets past the initial crap, Mika softens incredibly. She doesn't talk or yell as much and is much more open to the person in general. She won't let her guard down, not with most people, but she'll relax enough to allow a more equal playing field to exist. Don't get her wrong, she's still the boss and she maintains her authority at all times but she doesn't mean it to be a rotten experience. She intends to teach, serve and lead and she does a damn good job of it when she trusts the people in her unit.

                    She has a darker side however that wraps around the mysteriousness of her past and her, as told to her by Giovanni himself, unescapable destiny. Few have seen it to tell about it but it's a definite sight to be hold. in short, she's not as put together as she seems. Not in the least. Then again, no one is.

                    [ooc: Again, this is part of the plot. :P trust me on this. Now, It's short. That doesn't mean yours can be short. This will get ungodly long as the rp goes along so bite me. <3]

                    -+- History:

                    [ooc: I can't say more than this in my history, as Mika's history is incorporated into the plot. :P Trust me, you'll get all your little easter eggs and you'll have fun in the process. Just wait and eat some cookies. ^-^ I'll update the history as the plot goes on, kay?]

                    Mika was born in the royal bloodline of the Blackthorn Family to Lance and Clair Blackthorn but she did not grow up in the hidden city that Blackthorn Family calls their own. At the age of four, she was taken, by who is uncertain, but she was taken to Viridian City and given to Giovanni to raise in the ways of the Forest. She quickly climbed the ranks, reaching Jr. Executive level at age 8 and Executive at 11, Sr Executive at age 13 and the Leader of the Gems at 16. Her achievements including beating the gym leader challenge in all four known regions yet refusing to take the Elite Four Challenge in each region are well known among the Rocket and outside circles and are just as shrouded in curiosity and deceit as her past.

                    Not much is known of her past tho, the Alarayne Incident three years past, much of which is under lock and key and highly classified has caused much stirrings amongst the Rocket name.

                    A leader shrouded in reverence and mystery, what does it all mean?

                    Lance Blackthorn, 43, Father
                    Clair Blackthorn, 37, Mother
                    Rai Blackthorn, 28, Brother

                    Other: Mika is a Chosen Child of the Forest. This means she can heal pokemon by touching them by transferring some of her own energy into them and that, if the bond is strong enough, she can communicate telepathically with them. She is able to understand any and all pokemon however, and is able, whether she wants to or not, to hear pokemon, dead or alive, crying out for help. It can cause horrific migraines that have immobilized the girl in the past and even with the medication Dr. Romano gave her, there's little end to the voices crying out for redemption and salvation for whatever reason. It can turn her mood sour without her really meaning to go sour and it can cause her to lose focus. One of the other abilities, known as synchronization, alows her to, in a sense, become physically and emotionally one with her pokemon. This allows her to, at will and without moving or speaking, direct her pokemon's movements and battle actions, in a sense, becoming a puppeteer of their actions. The closer she is to the pokemon, the less harm it has on her body [With one exception and that being Tina] but regardless, the process weakens her visibly instantly and every ten minutes she will begin to weaken further. When she reaches the point of collapse, the connection is broken and, as the idea previously suggests, the connection is severed and the girl will fall unconscious for some amount of time until the mana has been completely restored. Other side effects include a weakening of her immune system and breathing systems, at times she'll begin to cough up blood if she's done too much with her powers lately.

                    As far as how she breaks the seal, well, you'll have to wait and see. ;3

                    RP example:[admin'd]
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                    OK, just out of curiosity, how exactly does the position of Silent Shadow work? I'm thinking someone ninja-like, but that's just me :/

                    Oh, and if it's OK, I'm gonna give Gale another Pokemon for her, only this one will be in her box. And I'll update her appearance a bit more, adding a rocket uniform for her.
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                    Teehee, nice Pikataro, you caught that. Lol, I was going to have Mika hand out the uniforms in the first post but if you wanna jump the gun and write your uniform go ahead.

                    They're all customized to the user's liking, the only thing you can't change is that there's an R on every piece somewhere and the R is in the shade of your Gem color [Mine's green for emerald etc]

                    And you can add however many pokemon you want in the box. :P You just have to write out the thingy for each of 'em

                    As far as the poistion goes, it's kinda like Ninja crossed with Spy. The Silent Shadow does the initial reconnaissance before a mission, be it sneaking into a base or just walking around the area, scoping it out. You're also the person if we need someone to go into the airducts you'll go solo or with Mika. :3

                    Sound okay to you? And that's just the general idea, feel free to expand on it. ^-^
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                    Oh, fun :D

                    I'll let you decide where the "R" goes on Gale's outfit, so... XD

                    And by any chance, can I still keep Reanna's info. secret since she hasn't been revealed yet to the others? If I do have to write it up, it'll be in the spoiler box.
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