Silly Pokemon Names =P

Started by Swift! November 17th, 2008 12:13 AM
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Do you ever call a Pokemon a silly/stupid name when you're talking about it?
I don't mean, do you nickname them strangely. I mean, if you're talking about Pokemom to someone in person do you sometimes call a Pokemon by a silly name that you've just made up?

I do, sometimes...

Caterpie = Cater-pie
Rattata = Ratatatat
Clefairy = Fairwy Fairwy
Golduck = Gold-duck
Dewgong = Deeew-gong-gong
Haunter = Hunter Hunter (in a weird voice)
Kingler = Cookie Cookie
Lickitung = Licking!
Chansey = Chunsey Chunsey
Chikorita = Chikor
Totodile = To-to-dile (i say it just like Ash's does in the anime)
Xatu = Zatu Zat Zat Zat
Wobbuffet = Wah! Buff-et (just like in the anime XD)
Scizor = See-zor!
Teddiursa = Teddi Teddi-ursa!
Piloswine = Pile of Swine (XD)
Zigzagoon = Zigzagging-oon
Pelipper = Pelper
Gardevoir = Gar Devour (O_o)
Exploud = Exploudsion
Cacnea = Cac Neaaah! (anime...)
Wynaut = Why? Wynaut

Does anyone else do this? Or am I just strange? O_o
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do you sometimes call a Pokemon by a silly name that you've just made up?

I do this often. I had made up inappropiate nicknames for the 3rd gen Pokemon (because I hadn't gotten Ruby or Sapphire until a year or more after their release, and so I hated the 3rd gen Pokemon until then). Otherwise, I have a few I say when encountering them in DP:

Machoke = Machokin' his chicken! (Yes, because of the sprite comic Pokemon X)
Meditite = Meditight like Spandex
Tentacool = Tenta kewl

That's basically all I can think of now.
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I used to call Rattata Ratatata, but just because my imagination overtook reading when I was young.

But otherwise, no names I can remember except that I used to call female Machokes as Ma'amchokes o_0.


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EmoEagle the Staraptor
Dozey the Quagsire
LittleOne the Azelf
Fungusaur the Breloom
Boo the Gengar
BreakStuff the Metagross
Off! the Yanmega
Plutoface the Deoxys-S
FeelYouUp<3 the Tentacruel
RickRoll'd the Electivire
Octagonapus the Machamp
DrugAddict the Mamoswine
HerdYaLiek the Swampert
Tweety the Zapdos
PaperPlane the Togekiss
+3#w!nzz0rzz the Lucario
Mojonbo the Tangrowth
DiscoPants the Blaziken
SandSanta the Hippowdon

I also gave some funny nicknames to my ingame Pokemon.

Wroarroaar the Dialga
Freddy the Darkrai
FugMuncher the Palkia
KittyCat the Meowth

Bleh. :p
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As perverted, and overused as it is, I name my Metapod "Penis" because of Metapod's favorite move. :3
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I have an English friend and his way of saying Lanturn was 'Anturn. I found it funny and nicknamed my Lanturn after his way of speaking.

Apart from that, no.
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I've always named my Bulbasaur's Bulba... Rattata is something everybody in my school pronounces wrong. Even I do. I always say Rattatat by mistake. Same with everybody else. Why such a confusing name?!?! WHY!?!?!
And I've recently started naming all Onix's I catch, Rocky. Some other habbit. And Geodudes annoy me so much. I give them names I wouldn't say on this forum =D *lmao*

Oh and the Metapod using harden. Lmao xD
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I think so... I mean, in-game I give my Pokemon decent or nice nicknames, but when I'm saying the names aloud, I occasionally like to imitate the anime sounds. My faves include Mudkip, Totodile, Squirtle, Wobbufet, Xatu, Blastoise, Scizor, and Blaziken! :)

Also, I like imitating a certain Granbull from Pokemon: The Movie 3. I think that when the remixed theme song ends, all the other Pokemon begin eating, while a odd Granbull just sits there and goes: "RAWR! RAWR!" randomly, staring into space. It is so funny 'cause the Granbull seems so out of place in that scene blurting sounds out like that! :laugh::laugh: Imagine if you "RAWR"-ed randomly in public! (btw, I haven't and don't plan on ever roaring randomly like that in public! It's fun to do when no one's around, though! :D)
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To the whole metapod joke:
There is this video on youtube with a metapod who used all these moves and they ahere harden withdraw and another one. Best thing it was on blue where withdraw looks like a condom. Best vid ever.
Anyway to distinguish my pokemon i have them with a nice little ending,
And so on so forth.


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Aw man, you guys have forever changed my view of Metapod. xDDD

But, I don't really nickname Pokemon or give them weird names, because....I can't think of any good names!!
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