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    Hello everyone, this is my first fanfic here at the PC Forms. I hope I have done everything correct. In this story, a Togetic will try to restore the wasteland that is called Lemmingston, (a fake "Pokemon" city representing today) which is in the outskirts of Sinnoh, not even on the map, and there's no path to it. The Togetic is the narrator, so I hope you enjoy!

    Chapter I
    My eyes seemed heavy as I awoke to a sunny morning, but it didn't seem so sunny in my perspective. I got up and surveyed the area around me. There was trash everywhere, nobody was happy, and life suddenly seemed down the toilet. I started to glide over the city. The whole city was full of zombies who worked around all day. There were a few good souls, but they were being taken to school, where I was disliked even more by Pokeflamers, who knew the series and hated it more than anything. If he could get them to the good side, there would probably be a good chance of turning the full city into a land of joy and prosper. Then, one man said, "Hey, a bald eagle!" Someone saw me and I gained attention as 2,000 eyeballs directed straight at me. I started to fly away and eventually made the citypeople tired.
    As I landed, I heard another Pokemon say, "I can't believe that traitor!" A Buizel was pacing around a tree. His coat of orange fur was messed up by blotches of red and brown. I came up to him and said, "What's wrong?" The Buizel, in reply, said, "Yesterday, my Trainer freed me, after all the Gym battles I won for him, and all the opportunity I gave him to defeat the Elite Four. Yesterday, he broke my Pokeball, gave me my food, and kicked me out the door." I said, "That stinks."
    I continued, "The full town is a junkyard, and there's no way it's going to stay in the Sinnoh region this way. There are really sunny places, and if you have a town like Lemmingston in there, it's going to eventually never go on the map, and I need to fix it, because there are a few Trainers in here who'd love a Pokemon. But they'd be annoyed by..." "The Pokeflamers, of course," the Buizel said in reply. I said, "I wish I'd have one shot to free this wasteland by encouraging young willing Trainers to have Pokemon without the flamers around them. Know what, I should try."
    To be continued...
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