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Old December 8th, 2008 (1:25 PM).
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    I think Mewtwo is stronger in my opinion because it looks like it has a better body structure than mew. Well thats my opinion. Well people who is stronger Mew or Mewtwo.

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      I say Mew, because it can learn all TM's
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      I was just about to make a post about Movie 1 when I saw Cassino's post deletion message....
      But I would say Mew anyway...
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        Mewtwo is definitely stronger imo; it may not have access to all TM's in the game, but it can still learn the majority of the best ones. Plus, its stats are far better, with incredible special attack and speed (the only disadvantage over Mew being defense, but not even by a large amount).
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          Mewtwo is supposed to be the advanced version of Mew and it is very strong in D/P. But in general Mew is way better. Mew is just so secretive and pretty and can learn anything.

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            i consider them equal because mew can learn all tm's but mwewtwo in general has slightly better stats
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            Well most people I know would say Mewtwo but I personally think that is a very hard question u asked...but I would have to say it doesn't matter who is stronger out matters how they use their power, how they create the energy and stragtey!

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              Mewtwo wins hands down.

              Typing: Draw
              Movepool: Mew

              HP: Mewtwo
              Atk: Mewtwo
              Def: Mew
              Sp. Atk: Mewtwo
              Sp. Def: Mewtwo
              Spd: Mewtwo
              Overall Stats: Mewtwo

              The numbers give Mewtwo the win, anything else is just preference.
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                Well, when I actually learned how to play the game effectively, I had only used a Mew out of the two. It had Psychic, its main attack, Rock Slide, for those that I'd prefer not to waste a Psychic on, Horn Drill, which was based on Speed instead of level at the time, and Softboiled, for healing both in and out of battle. At its peak level (which happened to be 87, due to internal battery conflicts), it still couldn't stand up to a L100 Mewtwo.

                Of course, when you ask which one of the two is stronger, it hardly solves the problem to have both of them face different pokemon besides each other, because Mew & Mewtwo both have the power to completely annihilate anything else in existence besides each other, so I'm guessing this would be if the two were to face each other.

                In that case, Mewtwo has both the ability to take many hits, and the ability to cheaply heal half its total HP, which puts Mew at a great disadvantage already, the only way out (aside from OHKO moves) being to create as similar a moveset as possible. Even then, you're just putting Mewtwo up against a weaker mirror of itself.

                Mewtwo may not have as much of a variety as Mew, but you're forgetting that Mewtwo is still an insanely-powerful and merciless (spelling?) beast that can absorb nearly any attack and insta-heal it while killing everyone off, one by one, until it's the last one standing!

                (As far as sprites go, Mewtwo's Yellow sprite is kinda awkward, in my opinion, so Mew wins!!!)
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                  As far as stats, Mewtwo wins, but if you're looking at general versatility in movesets, it's Mew. They both excel in different areas, so neither is really stronger than the other if you ask me.

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                    Mewtwo has a base stat total of 680 (mew is 600 i think) any way this makes it the strongest pokemon in R/B but not in G/S/C because lugia and ho-oh also have base stat totals of 680
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                      I only Say Mew :D Because its very Nice and cam learn all attacks. I dont like Mewtwo very much but i like most Mew :D
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                        i believe mew has a higher base stat average
                        not only that mewtwo has better special attk and physical
                        even though mew can learn all tms mewtwo comes pretty darn close to learning all of them
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                        There already is an identical thread in Pokémon General.

                        Use that one please.

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