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    This is one of my fan-fiction that gives tribute to the condition I had last November.

    It's a bit mild and that stuff, [agelimit]13, cause there's "Damn" and death[/agelimit]
    And, once again please, go all out on criticism. Negatives or Positive--I will gladly accept. Just point out any errors I committed. yeah... based this on Robert Frost's poem...

    Once again, please enjoy!

    Stopping by d’ woods

    By: .emerald

    .:A friend is more than chances of fame and grandeur:.

    Meager noise disturbs the deafening silence; the imprecise figure sways miserably on his heels sobbing in a disturbed resentment. Wandering on the foliage conquered by thick weeds overgrown, pacing onto coarse, cold pavements of deserted reunions.

    Bitter sculptures of fractured stone rose above the desolate concrete like tall, elevated behemoth-trees, all having engraved identities on their cracked surfaces. Portraying the origin, of which they lie there, displaying both their earthly beginnings and ends. Reason to why the wooded area serves as locations for eternal slumber… and peace.
    His sightless eyes brushed upon, securing his limited gape, on the tree at which his dear comrade slept.

    Reminiscing the anguished memories strewn within the incidental arrival of indications concerning his ally’s sealed fate. Inevitably, a wave of momentary despair overshadows the visitor.

    The abrupt trances of their cherished memories resound as the darkness sway behind him, sweeping the dust and creating fleeting murkiness.


    Even Champions can fall - a thought of which many pursue. You were reassured by the advantage it seemingly gave.

    Rising competition compel the determined to the pinnacle of the golden stairs.

    Months of strenuous training concluding up to this point; finally it was coming.

    Every filament of confidence required to win; every wisp of gained knowledge earned by an honorable loss or a humble victory-needed as much as assurance and, most prominently, every single twine of trust instilled between you and your partner.

    All eight-completed; all four-defeated and in conclusion-the one obstacle many desire to face - the Champion.

    Your partner portrays no indication of fatigue. No sign of pain. No precursor of hindrance. And no symptom of surrender.
    All throughout, by no means catching a single breath, your partner overcame all adversaries and stirred within you the hope of proud victory. All others were unable to continue on, but he was the only one left…

    Although pride and conquest couldn’t vie with the revolting sentiments of loss and bereavement.

    Unsung heroics in which one fulfills your expectations…

    Despite the stubborn weariness, your partner still had ebbed vigor to continue on… live without the care of one’s own faultless decisions…

    Sacrificing his loyal existence for your greed…

    But you, having minute fret about his stipulation, even having the confidence and opinion of his actions-valiant and sturdy.


    But NOW as you mourn his sudden parting-

    -You face the punishable glares of his fellow comrades; receive guilt-filled blows of distress among the health center’s staff; and… a succinct and concise grin flashing before the light-green corona.

    Facing and tolerating every bit of penitence and blame. Oh, how you wish you forfeited the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for grandeur in turn for a loyal friend who would NEVER let you down… never…

    All too late now.

    And have you ever thought of all the triumph and valued recollections he had brought you? The occasions he enlightened hope in your bleak and desolate heart? And about so, all the countless times he saved your life?


    Blinded by your wicked hunger for reputation and eminence. Yes, it was unquenchable; having no awareness to notice even the most fatal of mistakes.



    He leisurely knelt facing the tree, briefly taking silent thoughts abounded within. Thwarting and tossing aside the inconsequential emotion which brought grief and utter sorrow.

    Having no patience to observe the tree being blanketed upon thick and bitter snow, he thought and tweaked a sulk of misery.

    The cold, icy wind flounced. Fallen leaves seemed to follow the path to which the breeze ambled. At once, he ignited an ephemeral candle and placed it upon the rough surface. From his thick leather coat, emerged a bouquet of flowers that gave off an effervescent aroma-wafting heavenly upon the forest.

    The ashen moonlight glanced on the woods-the only reliable source of light above the velvety sky, while below, a vibrant illumination glistened.
    His dejection followed after, snaking around him rapidly with neither despair nor depression. The gloom once there, utterly vanished, disappearing into a bleak refusal.
    Dreams of incarceration were replaced by the many thwarted thoughts concerning the gritted loss. Shells of unrequited anger were entirely worthless. Time had healed the deep wound; and, in place-created a new one.

    Chances of uninjured return were terribly minute, causing the barrier which separated life and the unknown yonder-death to fluctuate violently; taunting him towards the ravine of no return.
    A beastly and horrid obstruction to which rob and disfigure the treasured memoirs of the past, a dimension that is said to be puzzled in retribution, anger and iniquity. But despite the retributions of the beyond, the penultimate, there was still security and hope.

    Truly an interning dream which was augmented even more by the snide inquisitiveness. The relief of knowing no predicament, no fret and no aggravation to bother him for the rest of eternity.

    And, no remorse to haunt him for he had reunited.

    A diminutive amount of tranquility was still there, proliferating.
    Temptation which flickered unlike a flare, gazed out over the verge of the gaps on the forest pavement.

    What seemed like a mere thought appears so charming and divine in such an ethereal manner: a meticulous component to which he was tempted to act upon.
    Drawn into the brink of absolute destruction.

    Desiring the irreversible condition at which reuniting himself with his associate was very much possible: Life. The only withered barrier which lay between him and his partner.


    You met his prying gaze upon the calm confines of the forest. The sunbeams polished through the leaves, creating an optical illusion-emerald gems swaying upon the great shaded foliage.

    Searching for your red and white sphere, chary not to startle the little critter. You slowly detach it from your belt.

    You struggle to maintain your gape at the creature.

    Holding it up, you were ready to throw your PokeBall. You see his gaze shifting into a peripheral glance. At once, you knew, and he knew.

    “PokeBall go!” you shout, instantly aware of the creatures knowledge of attempted capture.

    It darts left then opens its yellow beak, releasing petite balls of intense fire.

    Your PokeBall returns to your hand, empty.

    At once, you dodge his attack. You feel a slight fringe of pain by your left arm.

    Throbbing and piercing, you ignore the trivial warning.

    You chase clumsily the now fleeing target, darting and jumping across the woods. Vines, branches and roots wretched within the obstacle. You spot the distinctive orange blurred as every blind turn chases the motion.


    You feel the sensation denying you to continue on; impeding your defeated attempts to capture the diminutive critter.

    Still, you urge yourself it was just a miniscule loss.

    “Urgh! Not now!”

    With that, you see the dawdling scene of the calm, blue sky appearing instead of the pursued path. You feel your legs defeated and slipping brutally upon the slick earth.


    The sound booms vociferously in your head, a shockwave of severe pain flashes briefly, all started to fade gradually. But, at once, you see its vague silhouette…

    You awake, head still aching tremendously, responding to the pain. Although, you feel as though it had been deeply relieved. You look up leisurely-seeing the imprecise carroty outlines at once, giving a succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…


    You feel your legs quiver uncontrollably.

    The nauseating indication of defeat beats you brutally. Inundated senses blind your judgment. You start sobbing feverishly, and depression washes over your final grates of self-confidence.

    You detest the striking splendor of the orange afternoon sky. It seemed unmerited nature was contented while you were bawling pitifully-an utter chaos. You fall on your knees, miserable and gloomed. Looking up, you loosen your grip over the threadbare letter.


    You shout as the cruel tears run down your bitter cheeks. Combating the sentiments of the unknown.

    You beat your hands against the cracked pavement, now you feel your body shaking as you continue your constant barrage.

    Dejection swallows and corrupts your final memories of the short and brief time you spent together. Still, you keep thrashing your hands against the concrete.


    You deny the idea now penetrating your weakened thoughts, you grab the tattered paper. Clenching, you read it once more. Though blurred by smudges and tears you could clearly distinguish the cursed letters written.

    Your conscience looses the capacity to prevaricate; you feel your arms ache; your shaking gradually increases-all, weakening your physical and emotional state.

    You fall uselessly on the ground. Your weeping and shuddering swells. Life seems useless to you now. Hope had been banished from inside of you, drained and consumed.

    You struggle to get up, but your body was too feeble to support itself. With every attempt, you fall, with every fall; you feel the pain itching to deprive you of sense.

    Persistent, you stand on what little strength you had left.

    You lose your balance, ready to fall once again. Bracing you for a rigid crash toward the jagged earth. A pair of arms abruptly catches your fall. You could only distinguish the indistinct movement of its burgundy limbs.

    By some means, it calmed you and hounded away the severe depression, returning the hope within the bared heart you possessed with the look it portrayed-

    -A succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…


    “Don’t ever fail me!”

    A pressurized beam of water races toward a bipedal fire-type. Exhaustion flooded the limbs of the weary creature.

    It’s already heavy breathing quickened as the attack narrows in rapidly.

    You disregard the excruciating spectacle of your partner and deny an early refusal. “Thunderpunch NOW!” Golden sparks appear on the wounded wrist of the fire-type, glowing faintly. It charges head-on toward the stream of intense discharge. With its electrified fist, it thumps imperceptibly through the potent torrent, slicing through the azure gush and guaranteeing safety.

    Allowing no acceptations, your adversary grins. “Full power.” Replying without any forgiveness in his tone.


    You could feel your voice tremble and your knees quiver. You knew that defeat was presented upon you. Your bitter sweat frightened you as it trickled drop-by-drop.

    Your partner’s glance grasps your attention. You see its fatigued visage awaiting your next command. You see it sliding away from where it once stood. Still, it kept standing-by, holding its position, ready to array your orders in respect despite the severe numbness it felt.


    Discounting the effort your partner gave, he orders. “Now, full power Hydro Pump!” he yells, even more pitiless than before.

    It responds to his summons and bellows stridently, its crimson eyes gleamed as it strengthens its attack.



    The discharged beam forces the now useless Thunderpunch to a weakened halt. It couldn’t hold its location to any further extent; your partner was gradually being pressed and unsteadied upon the battlefield.

    You were unfazed by the useless efforts your cohort couldn’t achieve. “Maintain balance, come on!!” You bark, utterly removing the thought of your partner’s heavy fatigue.

    The thought of surrender didn’t apply to you, without even caring on the precious welfare of those who devotedly served you. You looked upon them as mere pawns in your vicious ambition to reach the top.

    You persist being obstinate and refute an untimely conquer. “Damn it! Full power Thunderpunch!” Still, you roar and order it around as though you had no sympathy concerning his stipulation.


    You heed your partner howl, the beam of intensive water suddenly sparked into a vibrant yellow. Potent shockwaves rapidly pursuits through the Hydro Pump as an effective medium.


    It wailed in pain as the voltage stunned its large, blue serpentine body. Until, fading into tiny, harmless sparks.

    Hope fluttered momentarily in you. You could sense the cards were in your favor. You turn to gaze at your partner, awaiting a comforting smile.

    Instead, you see he’d fallen on his knees. You could see his arms were motionless and dreadfully unmoving.

    You could sense the excruciating pain it suffered. Still, you were fogged up by arrogance and greed. “Get up now! I said get up!”

    You scowl piercingly at the slowly dying fire-type as it attempted to stand up.

    No mercy was your opponent, as you show no sign of fret, he did not hesitate. “Thrash.”


    It roars once more, lashing out violently upon the threshold of the battlefield. Thick filth arose from the verge and obscured the sight.

    “Dodge it!”

    Both you and your adversary observe in silence as the smoke vacated.

    You see, indistinctly one standing and one fallen. A thousand thoughts abruptly began to penetrate your head, none concerning your partner’s fate. Your heart beats tenfold, tightening with each beat, you wait in patience.

    Your eyes widen in revelation as you see the fire-type uneasily standing upon the earth. Its whole body was grazed with bruises and abrasions, shaken by the severe pain; you could see it heavily breathing-surprised it can even stand up. You knew your adversary had…

    Your opponent smirks and points toward the blurred portion of the field, at once you saw its white fins rise from the thick obscurity.

    Without uncertainty, he ordered an immediate conclusion to recompense for your careless irresponsibility. “Finish this, Dragonbreath!”

    “Be… Behind you, Fire Blast!”

    -you sealed his fate

    It did not stir, no motion as you witnessed. Completely paralyzed, more efficient than the attempted assault itself. “Get out of there!” you shout, still no precursor of action.

    A green halo forms within the serpent’s large gaping mouth, ready to discharge the potent blast of corrosive breath.


    With that, it instigates the beam, racing toward the still silhouette. “No!” you cry as the attack inches toward it.

    Everything suddenly appeared so dawdling, as if Time allowed its last minutes. It felt tremendously unusual as before, your bellow seemed a whole less different from now.

    The Dragonbreath appeared to launch inch-by-inch, you could hear your heartbeat sluggishly decreasing, you could see tears glisten and float before of you-

    -you finally cared.

    At once, you see movement carved leisurely on the pale visage-

    -A succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…


    A succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…

    A succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…

    The man’s eyes broadened as he saw the deliberate scene appear right before him, flashing so rapidly it seemed insane. At once, his vision distorted. The indication at which impeded him from clutching the only thing that stood between him and his partner-Life.

    “All those years, this was what you were trying to say. Why have I been so blind!?”

    A succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…

    He clutched the tattered letter at which was the only memory he could ever embody. “I have failed you as trainer and I have failed you as a friend!”

    A succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…

    The man banged his hands against the tree before him, globules of tears rushed down his grubby cheeks. “You wanted me to realize that, for ever since you saved me that day…”

    A succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…

    “It’s too late, my grief and sorrow came all too late. I know my deepest apologies couldn’t bring back a friend as dear as you!”

    A succinct and concise grin flashing before the light green corona…

    “I… I’m… sorry my friend…”

    Then, the spell suddenly stopped as the icy, bitter wind did.

    He opened his clammy eyes and limited his gawp upon the tree. The man did not hesitate to speak. “Thank you for saving me once again.”

    He stood up, brushing away the inconsequential tears that hounded away the angst.

    I have promises to keep before I sleep…
    And promises to keep before I sleep…

    The man tweaked a minuscule grin and bowed before he walked away. Never turning back.

    Leaving the woods at which his dear comrade slept, he was uncertain to whether he would have the chance to visit him once more. Although, one thought still haunted him inside the confines of his mind-

    -You had a choice.


    Alright, explanations: The woods is actually a cemetery, I didn't mention it for reasons I wouldn't want to reveal the Pokemon's death right away; and the Pokemon in the story is a Blaziken. I'm sure you all figured that out. (Don't ask me why it is Blaziken, I just want him to be in there); The man in the fic wanted to commit suicide due to the enormous guilt he felt and he wanted to rejoin his Pokemon, although the memories he had with it stopped him from doing so.

    | Brothers | Everlasting love | Stopping by d' woods | Art Gallery|


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