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Old February 26th, 2010 (3:41 PM). Edited February 26th, 2010 by rew_s11.
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I will take poison and Will start on yellow tomorrow if possible But I will be able to play much only on weekends problably

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-Beat Falkner with ease
-Caught a Bold Wooper (lv6)
-Got Dome Fossil (after finding 3 Old Ambers...)
-Arrived in Azalea

Current Team:
Wooper Lv15
"Gator" (Croconaw) Lv20

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Okay, it has been almost four months. My internet has been down so I haven't been able to post any updates but I did complete my monotype bug challenge for the Kanto Region in Yellow. I tried taking a screenshot of it with my phone's camera but it totally sucked so I decided to just scrap it... I'll just post what I did.
  • Got the Cascade Badge by beating Misty (Sleep Powder pwned)
  • Caught a Venonat. (And did some grinding). Oh, and nicknamed it V
  • Met Bill and got the S.S. Ticket.
  • Beat Rival and got Cut on the S.S. Anne.
  • Trained a bit. (Evolved Venonat and Paras)
  • Challenged Surge and got the Thunder Badge. (Which was much easier using Butters' Sleep Powder.
  • Went to dark cave and wandered through aimlessly.
  • Made it to Lavender Town.
  • Went to Celadon and pwned Erika with Butters mostly.
  • Got the Silph Scope and then went and got the Pokeflute.
  • Went to the Fighting Dojo and pwned it with Venomoth and Butterfree's Psychic-type attacks.
  • Traveled to Fuchsia and went to find Surf (took forever) and caught a Poliwag to be the Surf HM Slave. I planned on getting a Scyther or Pinsir but didn't want to have to train anymore so I moved onward.
  • Beat Koga (which was easy with the Psybeam attack from Butters and V).
  • Went back to Saffron and defeated the Rockets (again, oh, and my rival too which was kind of hard since he had evolved his Eevee into Flareon).
  • Beat Sabrina (Not the easiest thing I'd ever done).
  • Surfed to Cinnabar Island and searched for the key in the burned down mansion.
  • Battled and Beat Blaine (in an epic and intense battle which I almost lost if it weren't for the sleep powder of my Butterfree).
  • Returned to Viridian and beat Giovanni (Was not very challenging at all).
  • Beat my Rival again (along with his evil little Flareon).
  • Barely made it through the Indigo Plateu.
  • Did quite a bit of training (which was spread out over a week because I was pretty lazy and tired from school).
  • Stocked up on items.
  • Battled & Beat Lorelei (Wasn't too hard.)
  • Battled & Beat Bruno (Used Shroomy for his Onixs since it knew Mega Drain)
  • Battled & Beat Agatha (Psychic moves were very helpful once again.)
  • Battled & Beat Lance (Which would have been nearly impossible without Sleep Powder.)
  • Battled & Beat Rival
  • Completed the Challenge
Final Team:

-Sleep Powder
-Poison Powder

Lv. 58
-Mega Drain

Lv. 61
-Hyper Beam
-Sleep Powder

HM Slaves; Poliwhirl (Surf, Strength) , Spearow (Fly), and Oddish (Cut)

I plan on continuing on to Johto in Crystal Version

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= Part Three: Splunking Galore =

Unfortunatley, I have a lisp, so some of the words in this section may be quite weird. (I don't really, but hopefully it will make things for more entertaining.)

= Gym Battle One: The Boulder Badge =

Now it is time to face Bwock, the Wock type Gym Leader. I wun over to him, and the battle begins.

Now first of all Bwock, appears to be blind, (or maybe just stupid) as he never seems to have his eyes open. Maybe he's needs that Laser Eye Surgery, they're always going on about on the TV.

Anyway, first Brock sends out his Geodude, which I defeat by using Growl and Leer, to weaken its Attack and Defense, and the repitition of using Fury Attack.

When I was younger, I used to think Fury Attack was called Furry Attack, like it was some kind of cute furry animal attacking you.

Back to the fight, next Bwock will send out his Onix, which I killed using the same method as with Geodude.

I have beaten Bwock and he gives me the Boulder Badge. Wow, well done Nintendo. Could you think of a worse name to give a badge. Let's hope Misty's badge actually has a decent name.

= Route 3, and Mt Moon =

Anyway, now that I have defeated Bwock, I am ready to head to Mt. Moon. I whizz through Route 3, avoiding the shorts obssessed boy. I then reach Mt Moon, and find it difficult to defeat the annoying Hikers, who seem to live in Mt Moon.

Sorry, I am going to stop my challenge, due to lack of time.

Thanks, for anyone who was reading the first parts of my challenge.
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(using my part from dragon since I got barely any progress as
i was at front of mount moon

-restored at pewter poke center
-went into mount moon
-barely got out
-beat misty's lackeys
-beat misty
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There is my update for my Grass Challenge:

- Beat the fourth gym with Paras and Dig
- Beat the fifth gym with Skiploom and Leech Seed
- Beat the sixth badge with Paras and Dig
- Beat the seventh gym with Bayleef and Iron Tail
- Beat the Team Rocket in Goldenrod City
- Hoppip evolved into Skiploom
- Skiploom evolved into Jumpluff
- Sunkern evolved into Sunflora with a Sun stone
- Oddish evolved into Gloom
- Bellsprout evolved into Weepinbell
- Paras evolved into Parasect
- Bayleef evolved into Meganium

My team:
Weepinbell - Lv 31
- Vine Whip
- Acid
- Cut
- Stun Spore

Gloom - Lv 31
- Absorb
- Sleep Powder
- Acid
- Stun Spore

Sunflora - Lv 32
- Petal Dance
- Sunny Day
- Mega Drain
- Synthesis

Parasect - Lv 32
- Leech Life
- Spore
- Rock Smash
- Dig

Jumpluff - Lv 32
- Leech Seed
- Stun Spore
- Poison Powder
- Headbutt

Meganium - Lv 33
- Strength
- Body Slam
- Razor Leaf
- Iron Tail
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This challenge looks fun, I will be starting a challenge with Water type, beginning on Leaf Green.

Edit, story update:
-Talked to Oak, named myself & rival
-Withdrew potion from PC, went out into grass to meet Oak, picked Squirtle as starter
-Beat rival, went to Viridian and got parcel, went back to Pallet Town and got Pokedex
-Sped through Viridian Forest, skipping the first four trainers. The last Weedle fainted in 3 tackles.
-Sped even faster through first gym, not even stopping to heal. Squirtle grew a level for every Pokemon he defeated.
-Suddenly remembered I forgot to catch a Pidgey for fly, so I went to do that. Then moved on, received running shoes
from aide.

Current Party:
Squirtle Lv.14
Pidgey Lv.4 (Slave)
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Okay Everyone. I've decided to take a second ultimante monotype challenge. I'll use Rock this time...
Ultimate Monotype Challenge


Rocked through Kanto....
Rolled through Johto.....
Partyin' through Hoenn...
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Player Name: Venon
Type: Poison

- Started the game on Yellow
- got pikachu and beat rival
- Delivered oaks parcel
- caught Nidoran Male,named Zina
- go up to pewter city
- beat brock easily due to double kick and Zina evolved too
- go trought mt.moon
- beat rockets,super nerd,Jessie&James,got dome fossil and exit the cave
- reach celurean and beat rival Blue
- pwed nugget bridge
- Caught Bellsprout,named it Bell(I am not creative)
- Caught Venonat,named it Merlin

Zina / Nidorino Lv 24
Poison Sting
Horn Atack
Double Kick

Bell/ Bellsprout Lv 12
Vine whip

Merlin / Venonat Lv 13

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Type: Bug
Badges: 8
Generation: IV (Platinum)
Location: Twinleaf Town

As you can guess from above, I finished Bug now. The last time I had updated it was after I had finally beaten Cyrus. After that, things went pretty fast. I beat Volkner, passed Victory Road with ease, and beat the Elite 4. Here's a more detailled description of these battles:

The Jolteon took an X-Scissor from Scyther and paralyzed it, and the Raichu took a Bug Buzz from Yanmega and hit back with Charge Beam. I was already thinking that I have a problem, but Yanmega OHKOd his last 2 Pokemon.
Not much of a problem. Yanmega got a nice all stats boost from the Ancientpower that killed Staraptor, and then swept its way through my rival's team. Only Snorlax survived a Bug Buzz and paralyzed Yanmega with a Body Slam, but soon it died and despite my Pokemon being paralyzed, Torterra was no problem at all.
Another easy battle. My Flying moves OHKOd everything, except for Drapion, which did about 50 damage to Scyther with Ice Fang in its only turn.
Remember that my Yanmega had Giga Drain all the time? Well, I accidentally deleted it for Air Slash and kept the coverage-wise useless Shadow Ball instead. I didn't notice it up to this point. Suddenly I realized I have a problem. Well, thank's to her stuff's low Special Defense, Yanmega could still kill a lot of stuff, but it died. In the end, it was Scyther against Hippowdon, Aerial Ace did not OHKO, but Stone Edge missed, so I could kill it. Whew.
3 Attempts. Because Yanmega failed to OHKO Flareon, my first one would have ended in a revive festival. I didn't want that. On my second attempt, I tried the whole thing with an X-Special, and it still didn't work. I won with exactly that strategy though, when I gave an X-Item to Scyther instead. Even Magmortar got one-hitted.
Probably the easiest Elite 4 battle in this entire challenge. Nothing could live a hit, except for Bronzong, which used its only turn for CM-ing. It didn't help.
Like Flint, 3 attempts. First, I swept her entire team with Scyther with just 1 X-Attack... Well, almost. It had been weakened by a Shadow Ball crit from Spiritomb, and when I was already sure to win, that damn Lucario showed up and used Extremespeed. I only know it's DP moveset, and that does not include that move. And then it turned out it also has Stone Edge. Second attempt (with Yanmega and defensive X-Items) got ruined by a crit, third attempt worked.

Final Team:

Stryke / Scyther f Lv.64 @ Sky Plate
Naughty Nature / Technician
- Brick Break
- Night Slash
- X Scissor
- Aerial Ace
MVP of these two. Great sweeper, just did not really like priority moves, as seen above (in case anyone bothered to read all that text)

Anisoptera / Yanmega f Lv.63 @ Insect Plate
Modest Nature / Tinted Lens
- Air Slash
- Shadow Ball
- Ancient Power
- Bug Buzz

With the two new STAB moves, things got a lot better, and Yanmega was finally equal in strength to Scyther. Scyther was a lot better overall though, since it took Yanmega so long to become finally useful.

This my most fun UMT up to now, Bug is really an awesome type.

So: thanks to PizzaFungi, Mothra, Cool Eyes, Eeek!, iWin, Forry, BulletPwnc, Flash, Sheracross, Stryke, Anisoptera and all the others I used that didn't make it into the final teams for all the fun. The ones from my HGSS attempt are excluded, that game was more annoying than entertaining to me since it didn't run properly.
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Kanto, Part 2:

Started from Pewter City after finishing the gym.
-Battled the 3 unavoidable trainers on Route 4, Squirtle evolved during these battles.
-Bought Magikarp at the Pokemon Center
-Went back and fought all the trainers I missed with Magikarp to gain a few levels

Now, finally for a slightly interesting bit: Mt. Moon. I was going to go through and battle all the trainers, and defeat
every wild Pokemon I encountered to gain valuable EXP for Magikarp. It all went well at the start, until I somehow managed
to faint against the trainer with an Oddish and a Bellsprout. Most of Wartortle's HP was gone from the earlier battles,
and it only took one absorb from Oddish to defeat it, which left me hopeless with a Magikarp vs. 2 grass types.

Take 2: Everything goes fine, Oddish and Bellsprout are no match for Full HP Wartortle and Bite. Nothing really happened
anywhere else in the cave. Magikarp learned Tackle somewhere, I beat all the Rocker trainers, picked up a random fossil,
and Mt. Moon was done.

-Saved at Cerulean Pokemon Center.

Team so far:

Wartortle Lv.22
Magikarp Lv.16
Pidgey Lv.4 (Fly Slave, Currently in PC)
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A new challenge, a new type, and another trek through all 4 generations.
During the Poison run, Rock types never posed a problem..At times it was almost embarrasing...But, whatever, time to ROCK ON! (bad pun...)
-Named myself Beatles (cause they ROCK) and my rival ACDC.
-Blew through until Mt Moon
-Caught teammember #1, a Geodude named Ringo
-Went through Mt Moon, hardened by Rock Throw's missing and lack of PP
-Did, well, everything except beat Misty and Surge
I had to grind 'till Dig one-shot Staryu, always managing to get Water Gunned, then, I swicthed out and used Dig on'd.

-Soildered on to Rock Tunnel, encountering every misfortune imaginable
-Caught Harrison the Onix
Lt Surge

-Moved along.
-Rock throw missed some more
-That didn't ROCK

Ringo Lv37

Rock Throw
Defence Curl
Self Destruct

Harrison Lv31

Rock Throw

Rock on.
Ultimate Monotype Challenge


Rocked through Kanto....
Rolled through Johto.....
Partyin' through Hoenn...
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I want to play! I'd like to use bug types, but I can't start this until next week....
Sometimes, you just have to smile and hope they go away.

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Okay, Starting Water Monotype on Sapphire, only using Mudkip .
i have a thing for solos
update, i spent forever getting past may's grovyle.
i bet every other trainer(s) with OHKO/2HKO.
wattson was funny . he must feel sad.
im up to the Old Lady Rest House in Route 111.
i think this will be an easy challenge .

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I will be doing Poison Monotype Challenge and my Update will be up a way.

JeTz's Poison Monotype Challenge Update 1
Player : Jetz
Game : Yellow
Challenge : Poison
Badge : 3
  • Start the game named Jetz
  • Kicked Rival's Eevee
  • Delivered the Oak Parcel
  • Caught a Nidoran♂
  • Walk through Viridian Forest and reached Pewter City
  • Beat Brock with NinNin's Double Kick(Nidoran)
  • Fought two trainer when going to Cerulean and NinNin evolved!
  • Got Moon Stone and evolved NinNin to NidoKing
  • Team Rocket wanted to steal my Fossil and I thrashed them
  • Reached Cerulean and beat Rival near the Nugget Bridge
  • Thrashed down Nugget Bridge with NinNin's Thrash
  • Caught Oddish and him Viper and Venonat with the name Venom
  • Leveled Viper a little bit and save Bill
  • Win Misty easily with Viper's Absorb!
  • Viper evolved into Gloom!
  • Reached Vermilion City and went into SS.Anne
  • Thrashed Rival as always and got Cut
  • Went in fought LT.Surge. LOL one Raichu. NinNin kicked his butt
  • Found out that Venom is losing level. Level him up
  • Saved for the time being

NinNin / Nidoking Lv.28
- Poison Sting
- Thrash
- Horn Attack
- Mega Punch
MVP and the physical abuser of the team. I thought that Mega Punch was a fighting move but no ._. it was NORMAL ! Now that i had 3 normal type move..

Viper / Gloom Lv.23
- Absorb
- Poison Powder
- Cut
- Sleep Powder
nothing to comment it helps me pwn out misty and it need a better moveset. anyone?

Venom / Venonat Lv.21
- Tackle
- Disable
- Supersonic
- Confusion
same as gloom. better moveset anyone?
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Well, um here goes:

Started with squirtle (Kipper)
Caught Spearow (Spearow)
Beat Rival
Beat Brock
Squirtle Evolved
Beat Rival
Wartortle learned Dig
Beat Misty
Traded Spearow for Farfetch'd
Farfetch'd learned Cut
Beat Rival
Beat Lt. Surge
Wartortle learned Ice Beam
Beat Erika
Beat Rocket Game Corner
Beat Rival
Beat Lavendar Tower
Beat Rival
Got Lapras (Storm)
Lapras learned Thunderbolt and Ice Beam
Beat Silph Co.
Beat Koga
Caught Poliwag (Tsunami) and Staryu (something I can't remember)
Everyone learned Surf, Lapras Learned Strength
Decided not to level either of the new pokemon I caught.
Beat Koga
Beat Sabrina
Got Kabuto from Dome Fossil (Rapids)
Kabuto learned Surf
Decided not to level Kabuto
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovanni
Beat Rival
Beat Elite Four
Beat Rival.

And that's basically all that happened. I posted actual updates in the mono type thread for RBY, but am too lazy to copy them to here.
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JeTz's Poison Monotype Challenge Update 2
Player : Jetz
Game : Yellow
Challenge : Poison
Badge :

  • Load the game start my journey
  • Gone through Rock Tunnel
  • Venom evolved!
  • Reached Celadon City and beat Erika
  • Get in Rocket game corner and thrashed Giovanni
  • Went to Lavender to save Fuji
  • Beat Rival and caught a Gastly with the name Hutty
  • Walk another step found a Haunter , Caught! LOL
  • Saved Fuji and Reached Saffron City
  • Saved for the time being.

NinNin / Nidoking Lv.36
- Poison Sting
- Thrash
- Horn Attack
- Mega Punch

uuhh! why evertime this fella got confused and sure hit itself? ***~

Viper / Gloom Lv.31
- Absorb
- Acid
- Cut
- Sleep Powder

still, moveset pls

Venom / Venomoth Lv.33
- Leech Life
- Disable
- Supersonic
- Confusion
read previous comment

Hutty / Haunter Lv.25
- Lick
- Confuse Ray
- Night Shade
finnaly a special abuser
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Started from Cerulean Pokemon Center:

-Rival Battle #3:
The first battle does not go well at all. Pidgeotto goes down fine, but then Bulbasaur uses sleep powder on Wartortle and
Vine Whips my team to death.
Second battle: The same outcome. It looks like I will be challenging the gym first this time.

The gym: The trainers go down easily, and so does Misty. Staryu was down in 2 turns, and Bite got a critical hit on
Starmie after a Super Potion. The good news: Magikarp is now level 18. I used the 2 rare candies I had found on it, and
now I had a Gyarados.

Time to challenge the rival again. Pidgeotto goes down easily, with a critical hit water Gun and a Bubble. He brings out
Bulbasaur, and I switch to Gyarados. I use Bite, then he predictably uses Sleep Powder. He uses Vine Whip, and it only
takes off 6 of my 72 HP, meaning it didn't even have enough PP to take down Gyarados. Bulbasaur faints. Obviously, Abra
and Rattata were defeated with no trouble.

After that, I went through Nugget Bridge, using Gyarados until it fainted from Poison Point and used Wartortle for the
rest. Met Bill & got the SS Ticket. Beat the Rocket Grunt and all the trainers in Route 6.

-Saved at Vermilion Pokemon Center.


Wartortle Lv.27:
Water Gun

Gyarados Lv.23:

Of course the movesets suck now, and will be improved later.
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I will be doing a flying monotype, if that's okay, and starting with Blue.

Okay, guys, can I use Charmander, because when he evolves, he is part flying? Actually, can I use any pokemon if when thy evolve, they are part flying?
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Player : Venon
Game: Yellow
Location: Vermilion City

- trained a lot
- beat the trainers and helped bill
as expected Bell defeated her easily.Just growth twice then OHKO staryu and 2HKO starmie.Merlin falied to beat her staryu alone
- beat the trainers before Vermilion
- reach Vermilion city
- beat the trainers on SS.Anne

Rival Blue:
Again,another easy battle due to my team have about 4-10 levels abouve him
Nothing to say
- got HM1

His raiuchu couldn't do anything to Zina other than mega kick(less than 25% damage)
I just keep spaming horn atack

Zina / Nidoking Lv 29
Horn Atack
Double Kick
Overleved(?),MvP until now due to this.Yes I forgot about Thrash
I don't know if I should teach him body slan or not.

Bell/ Weepinbell Lv 26
Vine whip
sleep powder
Good vs things with low defence or weak to grass

Merlin / Venonat Lv 24
Pretty useless until now due to his moveset and low stats

Completed Challenges:

Poison,dark UMC
~Random Pokemon Challenge~-

(Nidoking,Venomoth,Mr.Mime,Pinsir - Leaf Green)

Nuzlocke Challenge(yellow,platinum)

Underleved challenge: HG

In progress:

Ultimate Solo Challenge(
Y C E D )

(FR HG E Pt)[/sig-reason]
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So yeah, thanks to over 9000% speed on VBS, this should be quick...
-Moved Along
-Rocked Giovanni
-Went through the Pokemon Tower
-Rolled some Ghosts
-Headed South to Fuschia
-Went through the Safari Zone
-Caught a Rhyhorn

Not Really a challenge, he couldn't do any damage...Rocked

-Surfed to Cinnabar
-Revived Omanyte
-Got the Secret Key
-Revived Aerodactyle, completing my team
Sweeped his Gym and him with Surf....Water'd

-Rocked on
-Tried to stop making Rock puns
-Went through Silph Co
-Oh how I hate that place
-Beat Gio
I was a bit ovelevlled
Her pokemon dished out a lot of Damage, but, so did mine, so, yeah..
Seriously Rocked.I one to two-shotted everything he had.

Ringo Lv43

Rock Throw
Defence Curl

Harrison Lv40

Rock Throw

Lennon Lv44

Rock Slide
Tail Whip

Paul Lv43

Ice Beam
Water Gun

Peppers Lv41

Wing Attack


Ultimate Monotype Challenge


Rocked through Kanto....
Rolled through Johto.....
Partyin' through Hoenn...
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Finally started.
Named myself Xero
Name Rival Bob
Beat rival with Charmander (big suprise?)
Brought the Oaks parcel and got the PokeDex
Got town map
Trained Charmander to 16 and evolved him, then beat Brock
Gym battle:
Geodude vs Charmeleon
Metal claw to like 50%
Tackle barely hurts me
Metal claw to like 10%
Tackle misses
Metal Claw finish
Go Onix.
Metal claw crit on Onix.
Rock tomb brings me to 20 hp and lowers my speed
Metal claw kills Onix.
I win.
Heading to Cerulean

Metal Claw
Current challenges:

Completed Challenges:
UMC Fire
R/S/E Water.

Monotypes completed: 4
My goal is to complete EVERY monotype. Wish me luck?
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Ok, 1st update.

GAME: Fire Red
CITY/TOWN: Cerulean

-Started with a Squirtle.
-Beat Gary, got Pokedex.
-Caught Rattata (Fang)
-Caught Pidgey (Aero)
-Caught Spearow (Ventus)
-Stayed in Viridian Forest for a long time, training my Pokemon to lvl. 14 each
-Beat Brock spamming Hyper Fang (KOd Onix with a CH!)
-Caught Jigglypuff (IQ)
-Found Moon Stone and evolved IQ with it into Wigglytuff
-Spent about an hour looking for a Clefairy, decided to give up.
-Beat Gary on Nugget Bridge, and the 5 trainers
-Said Hi to Bill (Hey, Bill.)
-Went to SS Anne, KOd all trainers.
-KOd Gary (AGAIN!)
-Went back to Cerulean
-1HKOd all Misty's Pokemon!
-Aero evolved into Pidgeotto
-Fang evolved into Raticate
-Ready to go beat Surge!


FANG lvl. 20
-Quick Attack
-Hyper Fang
-Scary Face

AERO lvl. 21
-Quick Attack

VENTUS lvl. 19
-Fury Attack

IQ lvl. 20
-Mega Kick
-Mega Punch
-Brick Break

"The Teacher of Winter's Harshness"

Sorry I have been so inactive.
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Okay I've been putting this off for a while but this challenge seems to awesome to resist.

I'm going to be playing through but since I don't want to touch my Diamond because of HGSS soon, I'll stop after I beat RSE.

Anyway, I'll be doing the challenge with Poison-type Pokemon only, and starting on Blue.

Also, I'm using an emulator, which means speed up button is my best friend. Expect many updates at a time, haha.
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No update yet, but here's a little something

Stallion Note:

Tarion can smash Stallion to pulp now. Stallion think he should be less cool.
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