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Old February 1st, 2009 (11:48 AM).
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    hey guys, this thread is s that you can post all of your pokemon game ideas, enjoy, im gonna write down my custom pokemon game

    Name: Pokemon Ultra Version

    Regions:Flento>Sinnoh>Hoenn>Johto>Kanto>Champion Isles
    badges:40, 8 for each region

    you start the game in a brand new region, this region has no new pokemon, but has various pokemon from all the other regions here. this region is...

    Flento, flento is a region in the word that is tropical, palm trees all across the region, and nice hot weather. it has its own pokemon league

    Cities in flento:

    Faliker Town: named after the Sage Faliker (the sage of bravery)this small town is home to the games young hero, and is also where you get your first pokemon, which you can choose from all 12 starters.

    Embracia Town: named after the Sage Embracia(the sage of embrace)the town is small and quiet and is famous for its Cafe, this town is north of Faliker Town

    Allicence City: Named after the sage Allicence(the sage king)this city is the first city you visit in flento and house the first gym leader. orle

    Forle Square: a small town square with benches and beautiful tiles, named after the sage Forle(the sage of crossroads)this square is the biggest intersection in flento

    Ollidra City: named after the Sage Ollidra(the sage of water)this city is home to a lighthouse, a beach and the second gym in flento, south of the city is Ollidra bay, a famous fisherman spot

    Arder Harbor:named after the sage Arder(the sage of departing)this harbor is bustling with customers and sailors to sail over to the other regions

    Typhill Beach: named after the sage Typhill(the sage of tranquility)this is a giant beach with many visitors daily, with a juice bar and a beach cabin

    Brightrune City:North of forle square, this city is big and is famous for its Game Corner, Power Plant and third gym in flento. in the game when you visit the city for the first time, it has suffered from a power outage.

    Tall Pine Town: a peaceful and quiet town in flento forest, it is great for people who want to be alone with their thoughts

    Wildgrowth City: a city in the flento forest that is famous for its flower shop and the fourth gym in flento.this city is filled with gardeners

    Fruitopolis City: a city that is popular for the Contest Hall Of Flento and its world famous Fruit Market. it also has a Poffin House

    Ebonwater Town: A tiny town on Ebon Isle, this town lurks with darkness, with Ebonsky Mountain roaring over the town, suprisingly this town has a gym

    Ancientia City: west of Brightrune city, this city is Flento's Historical Spot, withe the Grand Flento Museum, and statues of prehistoric pokemon, also a gym

    Windpeak City: a city on the top of Windpeak Mountain, this town is great for people in flento who want to get out of the hotness, becuase this city has a cool breeze running through it, and also has a gym

    Ekitri City: named after the Sage Ekitri (the Sage of Might) this massive city is by far the most populous city in the pokemon world, due to all its attractions, the Ekitri Mall(department store), the National Pokemon Tower, the Ekitri Resort, the gym, and the beaches, this city is on the beautiful Ekitri Island

    Flento Airport: a town in the waters near ekitri island, this town has the massive airport which provides swift transportation to the other regions

    Pokemon University: this university is where people who want to learn more about pokemon go

    Gym Leaders of Flento:

    Old Man Archae-Ground

    Pokemon League of Flento:
    Champion Derek-Mixed

    after beating the Flento pokemon league you are given a free boat ticket to sinnoh, in sinnoh you will do the same, get th 8 badges then beat the pokemon league, then after you do that you are told to take a boat ride from canalave city to Hoenn, then upon beating the hoenn league, you get a Yacht ride from Lilycove city back to flento, when you tell your mom about all your achievements, she buys you an airplan ticket to Johto, then you collect the 8 johto badges, then you head over to kanto, collect those 8 badges, and then beat the Indigo League, upon doing that you are told that you have deafeated all 4 pokemon leagues, and then are sent on a boat ride from Vermillion city to Flento, than your mom tell you that you can now head to the Champion Isles and Challenge the grand champion. so your mom and your friends help you train up, then you get a V.I.P. ride to the champion isles via Private Jet, then when your there you challenge him..The Grand Champion....Ash

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    Old February 1st, 2009 (12:07 PM).
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      Okay... this doesn't belong here. If I'm not mistaken, it goes in the Scrapbox in Emulation. If not, the mods there can find the right place for you.


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      Originally Posted by pvpete View Post
      hey guys, this thread is s that you can post all of your pokemon game ideas, enjoy, im gonna write down my custom pokemon game
      Uhh, yeah... no. People make their own threads if they want to post their custom Pokémon game idea. I suggest you take a look around the threads here before making another thread such as this, because I doubt anyone would put an idea here. They'd simply use it for their own hack.
      Old February 1st, 2009 (12:38 PM).
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        you can't fit 5 region's maybe 4\3 with Emeral but not 5 there isn't enough space
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