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Old March 2nd, 2009 (12:26 PM). Edited March 2nd, 2009 by Aljam.
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Hello I'm Aljam! You may have seen a thread about this hack awhile back on PC. The Owner of the hack, Druyii , can't get on to PC because it has blocked by his dad and he has asked me to make this thread for him


Prolouge (as seen at the begining of the game):
"After journeying for over 3 years in the Hoenn region, you decide to return home, to Kanto. You begin your journey home in Slateport City, where you get to travel on the S.S.Anne, the meaning of luxury sea travel.
But the journey takes a dark twist, and a storm begins to rage while you are half the way through your journey, ending in the ship being ripped apart on rocks by the waves, causing it to capsise. You were the only survivor of the incident, and you wake up to find yourself washed up on a small beach, face to face with a poochyena, and it is then you find that you've lost all your pokemon in the shipwreck, and you faint.
When you wake up, you find yourself face to face with a young professor, and this is how your journey begins here. Ahead of you are good times and tough ones, facing many new trainers and challenges as you step into the new world of Pentra, where many fights must be fought to help unciver one of the biggest conspiracies of all time, and you will find many twists and turns along your path, so go forth, and save this dying land."

You are on a ship, sailing from your latest adventures in a region (old one, not sure which though). During the voyage, the ship capsises. You wake up on a small beach, in the middle of nowhere, and when you look up, you see a dog standing above you (maybe a poochyena or something). You black out again, and when you wake up, you are in the profs lab (so that now the prof has a better reason for asking your name, other than plain forgetfullness). Your character ends up on an island, with only a small patch of grass to encounter wild pokemon and only the prof and his son/daughter in the lab (depending on your chosen gender) on the island. You get offered first, the element (grass, fire, water), then which starter (element chosen from all games in titanium mix form).
a boat to the main land will take you off the island, which is there until you learn surf, but the first place you come across is a small village called Newgale. This is a small fishing village, with no gym, but it has a pokecentre, and your rivals house,as well as a couple of other houses oned by fishermen and their families. The first time you visit, you meet the pokemart assisstant, who gives you a free potion. The catching tutor is there also, at the entrance to the first route. Your rival will be te same sex as the your character, depending on whom you chose. As you enter route 1, the profs son/daughter chases you to give you a new pokedex (which has some new tools on it (hopefully)).
After root one, at the north of the village, you come across Oakridge, the wooden town by the Spirit Woods that lead to the rest of the pokemon world. There is a pokecentre, pokemart and a gym there. It will be a small town, but not overly small, with lots of free items if you talk to everyone, and explore enough of the area. From there, the only two directions you can go is back to Newgale or forward to Snowdrift City beyond the woods.
The Spirit Woods is where you will first encounter a grunt from the 'evil group' (undecided as to which), and you will find mainly grass and poison types there. As you progress through the game, you will be able to access more areas of the woods. Over the time you play the game, more areas of the forest become scorched, due to an increase in fire, although no-one knows why. The north end of the woods is covered in snow, and you will only find grass/snow pokemon there. At the north of Spirit Woods, you come to Snowdrift City.
Snowdrift City is a picturesque city that is always covered in layers of snow. It looks like a winter wonderland, but you soon learn that it was not always that way. Note that long before, something had changed, and since then, everything started to change. Pokemon started to mutate, and became new hybrids of themselves (see starters for a start). Weather patterns changed all over the region and rumors of a new power is being heard around the town. Due to the change in temperature, the once sunny city is now permanently covered thick heavy snow.

  • Travel to the region of Pentra
  • D/P pokemon
  • New items
  • Interesting Story
here are the ideas for the items:

The Cloner (key items):-

This item allows you to clone any item you have (other than key items). The catch? It takes a certain amount of steps before you can clone an item, and different items require more steps than others. You get given this during the game if you talk to the right people.
The Raft (key items):-

This allows you to float down rappids. You recieve it from the Oakridge Logging House during the stroyline.

Special People and teams:

Aqua (Water)
Leader - Owzo
Admin - Beth
Leader - Morgan/Morzan (undecided)
Admin - Gale
Leader - Zanga
Admin - Felicity
Leader - Derek
Admin - Helios
Leader - Giovanni
Admin - Jesse and James
Thisdly, special characters:-
Hero - Geoff
Heroin - Helen
Hooded Figure(for important parts of the game) - Vrai
Guradian 1 - Cierra the "Crimson Witch"
Guradian 2 - (need name)
Guradian 3 - (need name)
Guradian 4 - (need name)
Shipwreck Survivor - Aljam
Key Keeper(for unlocking the legendaries) - (need name)
Gym Leaders
Gym 1:-(need name)
Gym 2:-(need name)
Gym 3:-(need name)
Gym 4:-Flamen (fire gym)
Gym 5:-(need name)
Gym 6:-(need name)
Gym 7:-(need name)

Gym 8:-Josh (ice gym)



Lead Scripter:-
Lead Mapper:-
Lead Graphic Designer:-
Graphic Designers:-
Lead Spriter:-
Music Hackers:-
Midi Composers:-
Beta Testers:-
(empty) Not that we have a Beta now, nor have we decided on having a Beta now, but if we do, we will need Beta testers


i havent edited the links but i will
Paired with Druyii.

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Alright RoF is back and the Pikalord is reborn :D!
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Hey,aljam.Keep up with this!Congratulations Druyii(i don't know you though)!

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    This is AWESOME.

    LOVE the storyline.
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    Now,that i checked back this thread i like it very much.Smashing idea!Is there any space for a mapper?

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      As I said in the other thread, I'm not a graphic designer anymore. I'm kinda going off that, unless you have a special request. I'm not dedicating myself to anything, though.

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      thorn96, don't revive threads which are older than a month~

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