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Old July 3rd, 2010 (5:42 PM).
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spriter, legendarypokemontamer
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    rea looking for workpriter
    Preferred method of contact:pm

    Pokemon Ruby.png

    Pokemon Ruby2.PNG

    Pokemon Ruby4.PNG

    Pokemon Ruby13.PNG

    Pokemon Ruby14.PNG
    Additional Info:i can some times do back sprites i can try to make trainers i do fusions i can try to make sprites from scratch i have a good amount of experience with sprites

    i have more pics of my work if you want to see them if you interestedi n my work
    i love creepypasta

    click my eggs in spoiler
    [SPOILER] my favorite pokemon
    gardevoir pic Uploaded with
    gardevoir's black and white sprite

    Relevant Advertising!

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    The Silver Rose of Chaos
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      Team name: Káosz Rising
      Team Leader: Myself, XD003
      Current Members: Just myself.
      Current Game title: Pokemon Yitria: Redux
      Current progress made: Been working on project for a few weeks now. I have the Town Map design done, but I dunno how to make it look ingame. Mapping for some towns and a few routes has been done.
      Position(s) needed:
      * Spriter who can do scratches, backs, shinies, Menu Icons, etc, and Hiragana/Katakana Unown.
      * Someone who can mess with the scripting - I refuse to touch that with a 10 foot pole.
      * Tileset ripper
      * I could use a composer to make some most excellent music
      * Someone who can draw fan-art (Optional)
      Proof of said skill is required to be shown if joining up. To any scrtipters who join: I don't just need proof, I need conformation of what a script will do and/or some way of seeing it in action.
      Regardless, just make sure you're not that much of a beginner at it. I'd really appreciate it if you had some skill with your claimed profession. (Forgive me if I'm being harsh x.x)

      Timezone: Doesn't matter to me, I'm mostly awake all day.

      Preferred Method of contact: PM me or find me on IRC at, channel #infinitybar. (For those who don't know what IRC is, connect to pokecommunity's chat, type /server, and then after it loads, type /join #infinitybar) My AIM should be on my profile, but if not, my AIM is XD003Lagatro.

      Additional info: Project being done on RPG Maker XP using the Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit.
      Pokemon Hacking Projects:
      Yitria: Redux - Indefinite Hiatus (Reason: Unrecognizable errors after making the first map.)
      Troditiran: Redux - Indefinite Hiatus (Reason: Abandoned hacking for reason stated above)

      RPG Maker Projects:
      Pokemon Yitria: Redux - In Progress (Taking a break)
      Pokemon Inferno Red - In Progress (Taking a break)
      Pokemon Troditiran: Redux - Not Started Yet
      Pokemon Boundless World - Not Started Yet
      Pokemon Endless Crimson - Not Started Yet (I don't even remember what this was ._.)
      Pokemon XD² - Shadows of a Former Chaos - In Progress
      Pokemon Fragmented Red - On Hold
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        Posts: 71

        LEADER: dante1w

        CURRENT MEMBERS: just me


        CURRENT PROGRESS: just the front and backsprite of the heroes and the hero overworld...and some pokemon sprites


        an mapper ,
        an scripter ,
        region map artist,
        help on spriting at the fronts , backs and overworlds
        sond effects(like music and pokemon cries)
        tileset artist
        concept artist (trainers)
        and the most important someone with great ideas i have much and with some other ideas to be great

        TIME ZONE

        METHOD OF CONTACT : how you want with vm or pm or with my msn add [email protected]


        im not looking for experts because im an amateur too so this means that you have to handle with an amateur

        i have some great ideas that would made this hack very popular and if someone join i would be in deepest to all those i credit them all not me , at the end it will be a work by us not only by me.

        all staff members will be the first to play the game and will help me very much and we will maybe if the story ends like i think maybe its coming a second part of the game who knows.

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        negima ruined my life
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          Spriter looking for work here.

          Examples of my stuff:

          I'm looking for a game with either A. a story that doesn't suck or B. a game in which I can alter the story with the gamemaker's permission.

          I am also looking to split fakemon designing 50/50 with the game's creator.

          I'd prefer that either the game's creator have scripting knowledge or have the project look extremely promising.

          I don't want to be bossed around (ie DO THIS NOW) by someone who thinks they're better than I am.

          If you're interested, contact me by MSN:
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            Does anybody need a Idea Man or Beta Tester? I will most likely be on, I live in the UK and have many ideas. So if you want to contact me, please PM.

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            Best mapper you've ever seen
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              i am open for every mapping job!(only rmxp)
              can be stopped(parhaps have 1)
              i can make worldmaps 2
              mapping for:
              pokémon ruins of alvaron
              (parhaps pokémon Elemental Encounters)
              made banners for;
              pokémon ruins of alvaron;

              (/\only for team members/\)
              (\/free to support \/)


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              Real life Silver Shirubaa
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                Team name: PKMN DEVELOPMENT TEAM
                Team Leader: Rockeymon
                Current Members: Rockeymon
                Current Game title: Pokemon Kanto Revisited
                Current progress made: 0%
                Position(s) needed: Spriters
                Ruby Scripters
                Tile Editors
                Timezone: Um no clue Central america
                Preferred Method of contact: Pm Or contact me via messenger at [email protected] or email me
                Additional info: This will have a new twist on the battle system that lots of people will enjoy so please come and help
                PalPad Info:
Name: Soul
FC: 5242 9096 3237
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                  Ahem, prepare for a very long and very revealing additional info :O.

                  Team Name: Slashback Co.
                  Team Leader: ZeroBlade77
                  Current Members: Just me.
                  Positions Needed: Graphics design/Spriter/Colorist/etc. dont need a texter or a banner/startgame designer, those are mine.
                  Time ZoneGMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
                  Current Game Name: Pokemon Chaos Infinity
                  Preferred Method of Contact: PM
                  Additional Info:
                  You are the son/daughter of two Hall of Famers. Prof. Oak and Prof. Rowan come into your house and offer you 9 Pokeballs.
                  You can only choose 1.
                  You choose what you want.
                  You walk outside with Oak and Rowan to discover your Mom and Dad holding out a gift, which when you take it
                  reveals itself to be a pair of Running Shoes. They tell you to try to level up your Pokemon and maybe you'll
                  get into the Hall of Fame. You have bigger aspirations than that. You want to win the National Pokemon League Championship.
                  There's 24 Gym Leaders and an Elite Four stopping you from going there. You plan to defeat every one then go to the NPLC.
                  In the NPLC, you fight off 50 Pro Trainers in a row without going back (no free healing, etc.), then you fight the National Pokemon League Champion of the World,
                  which happens to be.... Im revealing too much.
                  More on Legendary Pokemon, I will be inventing the Giga and Lava types and moves. Examples of Giga are as follows:
                  Regigigas, Giga Impact.
                  Lava: Magmortar, Blast Burn (best fire type move EVER)
                  Arceus will challenge you to go to the Sinnoh region and fight him, Palkia and Dialga on the Spear Pillar on Mount Coronet.
                  That is, once you beat the NPLC. There is a team who will hunt you down and try to steal your PokeDEX and Pokemon,
                  they are Team Chaos, who wear Cubone skulls on their heads and red outfits.
                  Their boss' name is Garrison, he puts up a big fight. Each time you beat him, a total of three times, he'll give you a Master Ball.
                  Too many Master Balls for one Pokemon game? Nonsense, because this has ALL legendarys in it at once, meaning it'll be better if you do have three.
                  I've revealed as much of the story as possible without spoiling it.
                  But, a list of possible updates:
                  .Might add Arceus into his own group, God Type.
                  .Im raising the level cap to 500.
                  But, I will reveal a little more on the NPLC, and Team Chaos.
                  The National Pokemon Champion is actually a Champions!
                  That's right, you'll be in a double battle! You and your rival will face off against ultra-legendary trainers Zero and Blade.
                  They are able to break the rules and carry 7 Pokemon at a time!
                  Their Pokemon:
                  Legend, Lvl. 500 Charizard
                  Darkslayer, Lvl. 432 Luxray
                  Rage, Lvl. 425 Machamp
                  Inferno, Lvl. 457 Entei
                  Typhoon, Lvl. 459 Raikou
                  Tsunami, Lvl. 454 Suicune
                  Legend, Lvl. 500 Infernape
                  Darkslayer, Lvl. 432 Raichu
                  Rage, Lvl. 425 Medicham
                  Inferno, Lvl. 457 Heatran
                  Typhoon, Lvl. 459 Zapdos
                  Tsunami, Lvl. 454 Kyogre
                  What happened to both of there 7th pokemon? Oh, I nearly forgot.
                  Chaos, Lvl. 500 Giratina
                  Final, Lvl. 500 Cresselia
                  Once you beat them, one final enemy appears, but you are still double-battling it because it shattered my cap!
                  Lvl. 1000 Arceus
                  It's impossible to catch right now, your only option is to beat it. When you fight it to where you can capture it, it'll be back at lvl. 500 like it should be .
                  Once you beat it, the end of the world begins, because Team Chaos have accomplished their goal: To capture every Pokemon in the POKeDEX and release them in Celestic Town's shrine.
                  How is this possible, you say? As in Pokemon Coliseum and Pokemon XD, Team Chaos have developed a Master Snag Ball, which will steal your Pokemon no matter what.
                  They march in and use the Snag Balls on Zero and Blade's Heatran, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Zapdos, Kyogre, Giratina and Cresselia.
                  They also use one on Arceus, but Arceus resists 30 of them, when Garrison walks in with a new model of Snag Ball.
                  He tells you the world is about to become 'peaceful'. Your rival tells you now or never. You fight Garrison, but its impossible to beat him, as he has shattered the Pokemon limit as well, except he got his up to 10 Pokemon.
                  YOu can defeat all but the last one, Giratina, who becomes erratic and its Speed goes way past yours and every attack it uses kills in one shot.
                  To end all of this darkness,chaos and destruction, you must venture onwards to Mt. Coronet, after obtaining the Azure Flute from Professor Oak.
                  When you get there, Garrison challenges you for one final time, as the last boss. I will not reveal the ending, because that would make me a horrible person.

                  Edit: Oops, forgot to say that Arceus was captured by the Final Snag Ball, the Ball Garrison was holding.
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                    @Zero Blade, bad grammar, self insertion, use of legendaries in an awful way, just a big block of text, try rewriting it.
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                    The Legend
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                      please help! i need a good scripter! plz pm me with you name (screenname), and an example of your work.
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                      One Truth Prevails
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                        Nature: Relaxed
                        Posts: 1,061
                        Team name: Americum
                        Team Leader: Myself
                        Current Members: Myself
                        Current Game title: Pokemon Americum
                        Current progress made: Some sprites are done and inserted, tile set made and added
                        Position(s) needed: An eventer, and a mapper
                        Timezone: Eastern Time
                        Preferred Method of contact: Here either pm/vm
                        Additional info: I don't have a thread here but if you're interested pm me and we can talk.
                        Old July 19th, 2010 (8:53 PM).
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                        Wants to Learn about PKMN Rmxp
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                          Gender: Male
                          Nature: Quiet
                          Posts: 375
                          Free Agent looking for work
                          Area looking for work: Small time Mapper,Eventer, and Major Plot Writer.
                          Timezone:EST or UTC-5
                          Preferred method of contact:[email protected]/ or PM me here.
                          Examples of work:As far As Pokemon maps go, I have no examples.But I do have a small mini game that I worked on.

                          Since then, I have gotten better at eventing.
                          Additional Info:
                          I dont always have time to work on things like a game because my life is hectic.Unless your project has become an importance in my life, which if it is good then 9/10 it will become my 4th priority in my day,First three being Sports,Facebook, Family/household duties.

                          As for writing goes,I worked a short time on August Emerald's stafff and gave them major plot ideas and if you dont have one,I have a few documents lying on my PC that could expand out.All depends on if you really need me or not.
                          Yes,I am Karel Kazuki or Kareru.
                          Im an all around guy who does everything,from play sports to trying to learn to design games.

                          I am a university student, currently studying C# and looking for any practice pertaining to building my skills.I'm also a concept designer and storyline designer.

                          contact me here or at [email protected].

                          Screw Banners.I support all that is made.But Join these Forums!

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                            Okay, I shall try again!

                            I am ZeroBlade77, the LEADER of Slashback Co.,
                            We need many members, of many types,
                            I am currently the only member.
                            The Time Zone here is:
                            (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
                            The game's name is Pokemon Chaos Infinity.
                            I would PREFER that you PM me, but you may email me at [email protected], but I hardly check my email messages.

                            It all starts with your character. Oak appears on the screen, speaking a monologue. He asks if you are a boy or girl, then asks your name. Answer both.
                            It is your birthday today. Prof. Oak and Prof. Rowan of Pokemon researching legend have come to your house. Your parents were both Hall of Famers, so you get special VIP treatment, and are given nine Pokeballs to choose from. You are allowed to take one of the 9 different starter Pokemon from all 3 other regions. Chimchar, Piplup, Turtwig, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Treecko, Cyndaquil, and Totodile are in this list.

                            The evil team (ex. Team Rocket) in this Pokemon game is out to change the world, rather than create a new one, like Team Galactic. Their name is Team Chaos, they plan to capture all Legendary Pokemon and summon Arceus to the summit of Mt. Coronet, where they plan to capture it and use its powers for distorting and rearranging lands, so that all humans but Team Chaos die, leaving them to repopulate and reunite with the Pokemon.

                            Or so Garrison, their leader, says.

                            Your character's main goal is to defeat all 24 Gyms and the Elite Four, so he/she can gain access to the NPLC, or National Pokemon League Championship. The NPLC contains 50 Pro Trainers who you fight in a row without going back. Then you get to heal, after healing you would fight Zero and Blade, the legendary Champions of the World.

                            Oh, ... I forgot to mention again that Team Chaos wear red outfits and Cubone skulls on their heads.

                            Well, basically the rest you can get from my previous post.

                            And about legendary Pokemon... Here we go?...What's that supposed to mean?!... Just shaddup, let me talk.

                            Every Legendary is in this game, from Arceus to Zapdos. (lol A to Z.)
                            In case you didn't know, Arceus is the smartest being in the Universe, Alakazam trailing behind.
                            Arceus is so smart, in fact, it can both talk in any language ever known and use telepathy. So expect it to speak to you when you meet it every time. Palkia and Dialga will have sharper edges, so they'll look tougher.

                            Well, thats really all for my Info. For more, please look to the above post or PM me asking about it.
                            Pokemon Chaos Infinity, Percentage Complete:

                            Plot: 50% Plot completely figured out, just needs to be added in-game.

                            Design: 0.1%? Very little is completed for design.

                            Maps: 0% Nothing has been completed Mapwise.

                            Sprites: 0% Havent started working on them.

                            Coding: 0% Im not touching codes with a forty foot pole.

                            Recruiting Spriters, Coders, and Designers, Ill do the rest. (Texting, bannering, plotting, etc.)

                            Reward for completion:
                            Er. Fame and glory? lol

                            Very notable challenge to be completed:
                            Level Cap raised to 500. 0% Complete.

                            Old July 22nd, 2010 (12:42 PM).
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                            Not active anymore.
                              Join Date: Sep 2009
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Relaxed
                              Posts: 89
                              Team name: Pokemaniacs Co.
                              Team Leader: Me
                              Current Members: Me, myself, and I.
                              Current Game title: Pokemon Adventure Quest
                              Current progress made: Uh... 0.1% (Some sprites gathered)
                              Position(s) needed: 2 more spriters, Someone who can put the game together in Game Maker or RMXP, Music Composer, Idea Pitcher, and a person who can script files that, when loaded, triggers an Event Pokemon to be sent to the user's team, or PC, resembling the events from the 4th Generation.
                              Graphic Artist: ??????
                              Mapper: ????????????
                              Scripter to do a handful of scripts: ??????????
                              Timezone: Central
                              Preferred Method of contact: PM me

                              Additional Info: I can do a lot of sprites, but I need spriters for stuff I can't sprite.
                              NOTE: I need someone to put together all of our data into a fangame. Note that I'm not the one putting everything into RMXP or Game Maker.
                              I play videogames! Do I need to say anything else? Eh... pancakes!
                              Old July 23rd, 2010 (7:38 PM).
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                              Wants to Learn about PKMN Rmxp
                                Join Date: Feb 2008
                                Location: U.s.a.
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Quiet
                                Posts: 375
                                Recruiting a Team Member

                                Team name:None yet.

                                Team Leader:Karel_Kazuki

                                Current Members:Me only

                                Current Game titleroject Fame

                                Current progress made:5% Storyline Completed or First Gym
                                No Mapping
                                Region Map Created.

                                Position(s) needed:
                                Eventer:1/3(One is Myself but I need someone who can do it better.)
                                Spriter(OW and Trainer Only) 0/3
                                Story Writer:1/3(I have the beginning and end planned out.Just need help with the middle.)
                                Composer:0/1(Not really needed but OT are always good.)
                                Battle Animation Artist:0/3(If possible.Don't really need it but it would be awesome.)

                                Timezone:UTC-4 or EST

                                Preferred Method of contactM here or MSN me at [email protected]
                                I can also be found on

                                Additional info:Okay, I wanna get this project started back up.
                                I have been on hiatus trying to figure out what I want to do with this, quit completely or see where it takes me.I have been given alot of pointers on what to do, Fakemon Deviantart and alot of people giving me advice and lending me help.THis time, I want to gather my own team and we make a great game.I believe that this can be a good game, as with all projects would be, otherwise they wouldnt be thought of.

                                The basis for this project was going to be Fakemon, but I want to have a run with the 493 thus far(excluding BW Pokemon) just to get the general story out right.If all goes well, then I will try and get a person or two to generate some Fakemon to give it a true original feeling.
                                The reason I dont want to use fakemon now is that most game that are in the making right now take so long because of the spriting it takes t omake one, backed up by Trainer and OWs.I want to take away that work to produce a game out faster.But enough of that.Just know that this game will be great if you do so happen to join.

                                Mind you I do need proof of work.At least one Picture of your area will do,Im not really picky unless it completely suck to me.Oh, and they have to be in 4th Gen.I like to see the expertise.
                                Yes,I am Karel Kazuki or Kareru.
                                Im an all around guy who does everything,from play sports to trying to learn to design games.

                                I am a university student, currently studying C# and looking for any practice pertaining to building my skills.I'm also a concept designer and storyline designer.

                                contact me here or at [email protected].

                                Screw Banners.I support all that is made.But Join these Forums!

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                                Pokemon Crimson Version
                                  Join Date: Jun 2007
                                  Age: 23
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Adamant
                                  Posts: 363
                                  Team name: The Crimson Project
                                  Team Leader: Geeked
                                  Current Members: Geeked
                                  Current Game title: Crimson Version
                                  Current progress made: About 0.3%, I've mainly just been getting the engine ready, the project is based off poccils starter kit, I've just been modifying it a bit to my own liking.
                                  Position(s) needed: Tile Maker(s)(HGSS style), Fakemon Spriter
                                  Timezone: Eastern
                                  Preferred Method of contact: MSN, [email protected]
                                  Additional info: I'm not looking for any Project Partners, assistants.. Just some people to do the graphical work. I'm decent with most stuff, however I just can't seem to make Fakemon or tiles, which play the biggest role! xD
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                                    Age: 28
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Bold
                                    Posts: 96
                                    Hi, I'm BallisticBlastoise and I'm looking for a concept artist position. I can draw original new pokemon for your game and occasionally sprite them. I can also draw concept art for trainers, items, badges and other various things. If you're interested, pm me and if you'd like to see what I can do, I'll draw some new pokemon and pm you the sketches.
                                    Pokemon Weather is now being made with RPGmakerXP. We're making a lot of progress but we could still use your help to push our project even further!

                                    Check us out at POKEMON WEATHER

                                    Projects I support:

                                    Pokemon NeoEras

                                    Pokemon Protectors

                                    Pokemon Cerulean Sky
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                                    I'm a real boy!
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                                      Posts: 14
                                      First things first, I find these posts annoying they're practicly spam!
                                      I am avaliable for part time- sprite revamps(recoloring, details.) Also for mapping as long as you supply the tileset and give me a baseline of what you want. PM or email me.
                                      I support
                                      Old July 26th, 2010 (6:28 AM). Edited July 26th, 2010 by isacc0909.
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                                      Dragon Knight
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                                        im not gonna lie all I'd be useful for is making maps and giving ideas for things that's about it i have made my own hacks before but since i don't have a computer that advanced text or script is compatible i never did anything with them....

                                        another thing is i suppose i could use help with text editing all i really need help with also someone who knows how to make your own items and edit the pokedex that's about it I am making a long game though so ya also i'd like to know how to edit another trainer since im planning making you start the game with a level 3 eevee,pikachu or riolu... but the rival will always have a shinx for a starter

                                        Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
                                        Final Fantasy 7
                                        Old August 2nd, 2010 (9:01 PM).
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                                        Teh Game Developah
                                          Join Date: Feb 2010
                                          Location: Mexico
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Posts: 68
                                          Team name:
                                          Black Mist

                                          Team Leader(s):
                                          Craig, Cesa

                                          Current Members:
                                          Cesa/Lugia (Head Dev, Eventer, Mapper.)
                                          Craig (Eventer.)
                                          Karl/Carlos (Dev, Eventer, Mapper.)

                                          Current Game title:
                                          Pokemon Advenure Frontier

                                          Current progress made:
                                          We have 2 towns, 1 route and around 10 interior houses.
                                          Current Version is 0.3

                                          Position(s) needed:
                                          Pro Eventers
                                          Pro Scripters


                                          Preferred Method of contact:
                                          Cesa: [email protected] <-- Msn and E-mail

                                          Craig: [email protected] <-- Msn [email protected] <-- E-mail

                                          Jonny: [email protected] <-- Msn and E-mail

                                          Carlos: [email protected]

                                          Additional info:
                                          This is the offline version of our game called Pokemon Adventure Frontier (PAF For Short) and an online version will be started when this version has reached some more progress. Feel free to contact either Craig, Carlos or me. Jonny is just a PAF Founder but he doesn't work in the game.
                                          Old August 7th, 2010 (9:35 AM).
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                                          I'm a real boy!
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                                            Team name:
                                            Lotus Productions

                                            Team Leader(s):

                                            Current Members:
                                            Puppet: Mapper, Developer

                                            Current Game title:
                                            Pokemon Spirit Green

                                            Current progress made:
                                            All tilesets, and most character sets collected. Working Dual Screen System.

                                            Position(s) needed:


                                            Preferred Method of contact:
                                            Private Message

                                            Additonal Information:
                                            This game has been passed on from Iarama, evreything will change except for the name.
                                            I support
                                            Old August 8th, 2010 (10:31 AM).
                                            carmaniac's Avatar
                                            carmaniac carmaniac is offline
                                            Where the pickle surprise at?
                                              Join Date: Apr 2009
                                              Location: England
                                              Age: 22
                                              Nature: Relaxed
                                              Posts: 682
                                              Well I would never have thought I would come to post here.
                                              Team name: Sun productions
                                              Team Leader:Carmaniac(me)
                                              Current Members:Neo-spriteman(Fakemon Spriter),Crazyninjaguy(help in general scripting), Me(Leader)
                                              Current Game title: Pokémon Heat Of The Sun
                                              Current progress made:
                                              Position(s) needed:
                                              Spriter(1), this is where you would help me in making interfaces for most scripts that I create which wont be a hard job but just need an extra hand to create them all.
                                              Idealist(1) Just to help out in general for ideas along the way.
                                              Timezone: GMT
                                              Preferred Method of contact: Here Via PM/VM
                                              Additional info: The team members will indeed receive a copy of the game before any release is made.

                                              Pokémon: Lost Souls.

                                              Developed by Carmaniac.

                                              Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
                                              My balls seem to be fine.
                                              Old August 8th, 2010 (10:35 AM). Edited August 8th, 2010 by MegaNew.
                                              MegaNew's Avatar
                                              MegaNew MegaNew is offline
                                              Pokémon Unetta Owner
                                                Join Date: Jan 2010
                                                Gender: Male
                                                Posts: 37
                                                Team name: Pokemon Unetta
                                                Team Leader:MegaNew
                                                Current Members: Neo-Spriteman, MegaNew
                                                Current Game title: Pokémon Unetta
                                                Current progress made:
                                                Position(s) needed:
                                                Timezone: Any
                                                Preferred Method of contact: PM/VM
                                                Additional info: ~~~~

                                                Pokémon Unetta - Coming Soon
                                                Awesome Profile Avatar made by Abnegation
                                                Pokemon Unetta Sig Made By Cilerba
                                                Old August 9th, 2010 (7:03 AM). Edited August 13th, 2010 by joe619.
                                                joe619 joe619 is offline
                                                  Join Date: Jun 2009
                                                  Gender: Male
                                                  Posts: 9
                                                  Team Name: Project Adventures
                                                  Team Leader: joe619
                                                  Current Members: joe619
                                                  Current Game Title: Pokemon Adventures
                                                  Current Progress:
                                                  Position(s) needed: mapper
                                                  Timezone: Any, preferably GMT
                                                  Contact: PM me or email @ [email protected] (preferably pm me)
                                                  Additional Info: ~~~~
                                                  Old August 11th, 2010 (10:52 PM). Edited October 4th, 2010 by triggerhappymonk.
                                                  triggerhappymonk's Avatar
                                                  triggerhappymonk triggerhappymonk is offline
                                                  Strong as crap trainer
                                                    Join Date: Jan 2010
                                                    Gender: Male
                                                    Posts: 38
                                                    Team name:
                                                    Pokéfan Games Inc.

                                                    Team Leader:

                                                    Current Members:
                                                    Triggerhappymonk (Leader)
                                                    rohaan66 (Mapper)

                                                    Current Game Projects:
                                                    Pokémon Anime Adventures
                                                    Pokémon DX
                                                    Pokémon SD
                                                    Pokémon Tin/Steel
                                                    Pokémon World Adventures

                                                    Current progress made:
                                                    Pokémon Anime Adventures (1%)
                                                    Pokémon DX (10%)
                                                    Pokémon SD (12%)
                                                    Pokémon Tin/Steel (10%)
                                                    Pokémon World Adventures (1%)

                                                    Position(s) needed:
                                                    Hoenn Mapper
                                                    Sinnho Mapper
                                                    Orr Mapper

                                                    Canada, Eastern (EST)

                                                    Preferred Method of contact:

                                                    Additional info:
                                                    Mappers will be given the tilesets and must be accurate with the scale of each map

                                                    Spriters must send me a copy of there work (All i would need is a couple of trainer sprites)
                                                    Pokémon Games I'm Making:

                                                    Pokémon Adenture Island
                                                    Pokémon Blastiose Blue/Charizard Red/Venasaur Green
                                                    Pokémon Pikachu Yellow
                                                    Pokémon Ho-Oh Gold/Lugia Silver
                                                    Pokémon Suicune Crystal
                                                    Pokémon Kyoger Sapphire/Groundon Ruby
                                                    Pokémon Rayquaza Emerald
                                                    Pokémon Dialga Diamond/Palkia Pearl
                                                    Pokémon Giratina Platnuim
                                                    Pokemon Reshiram Black/Zekrom White
                                                    Pokémon Tin/Steel
                                                    May seem like a lot, but i'll get them done. I apologize for any misspelling

                                                    Games I Support:

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