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Old January 2nd, 2011 (12:08 AM).
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    hello, i am drakko i was working in Ekaiyo(pokemon 3d mmorpg) like a voluntier but the project is dead or very inactive, i can work in 3d models better in nolife things like buildings or objects and with some pokemons too but i am bad with characters

    i am looking for a similar project something like "pokemon 3d" dont matter if is a mmorpg or a normal game

    this are some buildings i have done, are lowpoly between 500 and 800(TRIS, not faces) and 512x512 texture, the limit in Ekaiyo was that, that limited me to do the building in not a 100% like the anime/gba but i think are pretty good(i hope), or other like the farm or cinnabar gym are an invention

    Viridian Gym - 707 Tris(only the building, without the columns and stairs)
    Vermilion Gym - 550 Tris
    Pewter Gym - 678 Tris
    Cinnabar Gym - 658 Tris
    Cerulean Gym - 707 Tris
    Bike shop - 500 Tris
    Standar Farm - 480 Tris
    Museum - 746 Tris
    Oak's Lab - 508 Tris
    Power Plant - 524 Tris
    Tower of Terro - 860 Tris

    this are some pokemons, 2000 tris limit

    i hope you like, my mail is [email protected], (thanks to the Moderator yuoaman for direct me to this thread)

    Relevant Advertising!

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      Team request withdrawn as I found someone.

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      Redhead :P
        Join Date: Jan 2009
        Location: New York State, US
        Gender: Male
        Posts: 34
        Team name: Pokemon Sparkle Dev
        Team Leader: Rescuecp
        Current Members: -
        Current Game title: Pokemon Sparkle
        Current progress made: Got Rpg Maker Xp, and Pokemon Essentails. Got Mortenkien's Pokemon Resources, and some overworlds.
        Position(s) needed: Mapper, Eventer, Scripter, Spriter.
        Timezone: Easterm
        Preferred Method of contact: Please contact, by personal messaging me, on PokeCommunity.
        Additional info: I started this project, but gave up. I now will MAKE IT AND FINISH IT. Lol. Please, help. I think the game, could be an awesome idea.
        My Skype Name is: Mystogan.Scarlet15

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        New account: P-Sign
          Join Date: Sep 2008
          Location: The Netherlands
          Age: 21
          Gender: Male
          Posts: 442
          Recruiting a Team Member
          Team name: No team name available yet.
          Team Leader: PkmntrainerPaul
          Current Members: That'd be me
          Current Game title: Pokémon Climate Clash
          Current progress made: First town and route and a whole lot of graphics like the worldmap and titlescreen.
          Position(s) needed: Spriter, Scripter, Musician
          Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
          Preferred Method of contact: MSN or PM. (If you want my MSN, you'll have to PM me for it)
          Additional info: ...
          Old January 9th, 2011 (8:30 PM).
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          I need an RMXP scripter, I suppose it isnt a permanent thing, but I am having alot of trouble with MintGreen's battle system, which is just like GSC. Maybe not the right place, sorry if it isn't.

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          Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
            Join Date: Jul 2004
            Location: New Zealand
            Age: 26
            Gender: Male
            Nature: Calm
            Posts: 1,694
            Recruiting a Member

            Current Game title: Super Pokémon Eevee Edition
            Current progress made: 50%
            Position needed: Writer/Grammar supervisor [2 positions]
            Job Discription
            Basically, my grammar sucks, Ill be needing you to basically spellcheck the game.

            I give them sections of the game to play- they write down every time theres a gramatical error.
            They put it in a text file with the location of the problem and the proper way the text should be written. Ill then fix it.

            You don't need any real technical skills, just be really picky about spelling and grammar (AKA Grammar Nazi).

            You'll be included in the main credits of the game. Seriously- The credits are pretty empty... Im doing everything, nintendo for graphical credits, RM2k3 for the engine, and a bunch of beta testers.

            Irrelevant, realtime contact is not needed.
            Preferred Method of contact: PM, or email.
            Additional Info: There currently 2 spots. If there more intrest I'll be holding a test, where I'll PM you a paragraph and you'll have to find the errors in it.
            Version 0.753 is out
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              Recruiting a Team Member
              Team name: Team Living Nightmare
              Team Leader: nightmareVersion
              Current Members: nightmareVersion, some anonymous code monkeys
              Current Game title: Pokémon Nightmare
              Current progress made: Game engine partially functional
              Position(s) needed:

              Overworld Artists: Must be able to work in Black/White style, able to create good-looking OWs of new characters or characters that have never appeared in a Pokémon game before.

              Battle Sprite Artists: Must be able to create front and back trainer sprites (B/W style, 96x96px canvas) of new characters or characters that have
              never appeared in a Pokémon game before.

              Emotion Shot Artists: A unique feature of Nightmare, each character will be given several 128x192 (half-screen) portraits that reflect their current appearance and emotional state, similar to the way Phoenix Wright games do it. Must be able to draw anime-style pixel art fairly well from reference, or rarely, from detailed description.

              Timezone: EST (GMT-5.00)
              Preferred Method of contact: PM here or contact anonymity782 via Yahoo! IM.
              Additional info: Our goal is to create an OPEN-SOURCE, CROSS-PLATFORM Pokémon fangame with a higher quality standard than any current fangame out there today. A darker, far more detailed storyline than usual, a wider variety of battle situations and challenge, and a fantastic competitive battling engine (over the Internet!) are to be key features. Art, however, is the main weakness of our current team, and art is indisputably one of the most important parts of a great game!
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                Recruiting a Team Member

                Team name: Not yet decided

                Team Leader: Hamish G1(me) or if some one were to want to take charge we could a range something.

                Current Members: Just me

                Current Game title: Pokemon True Evil(Still working on it)

                Current progress made: Early stages, some plot done and some minor spriting also some other things.

                Position(s) needed: Expert tile spriter and character spriters.

                Contacting me: If you need to contact me just PM me and leave me your Msn contact thanks.

                I mainly need a tile spriter to work with me on making a great tileset at the moment just so i can make up some maps and screenshots for when i post a thread.
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                Team Atmos Leader
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                  Gender: Male
                  Nature: Serious
                  Posts: 30
                  Team name: Team Flawless
                  Team Leader: DNZGames (myself)
                  Current Members: DNZGames, PokeGamer (from YoYoGames)
                  Current Game title: Project Flawless (Pokémon Flawless Emerald)
                  Current progress made: Roughly 20% Overall
                  Position(s) needed: 3D Modeller (using given tiles/textures provided), GML Scripter
                  Timezone: Any (Although I am GMT+0)
                  Preferred Method of contact: PrivateMessaging (or other sites - eg DeviantArt)
                  Additional info: Being made on GameMaker8Pro for 3D. Full credit given.

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                    Age: 24
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Adamant
                    Posts: 28
                    Urgently needing a tilespriter and character spriter.

                    PM me if you want to help, as i really need it.
                    Preferred method of contact is msn so leave a contact if you want to help.

                    I look forward to working with you.
                    Old January 30th, 2011 (10:43 AM).
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                    One Truth Prevails
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                      wow, my third time posting here. Oh well, this time I'm asking for less than before.

                      Team Name: Nobody's Business
                      Team Leader(s): Nobody
                      Game Nameokemon Crisis
                      Game Progress:Minimal due to graphics overhaul
                      Contact Info:My profile
                      Spaces Needed: A spriter. Someone that can help take some of that load off my shoulders.
                      Program:RMXP+ Poccil's Starter Kit
                      Additional Info: Any type of spriting is excepted, although an all around spriter would be ideal. You can click the link in my signature for more details.
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                      Orange I s l a n d s~
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                      Originally Posted by Conan Edogawa View Post
                      wow, my third time posting here. Oh well, this time I'm asking for less than before.

                      Team Name: Nobody's Business
                      Team Leader(s): Nobody
                      Game Name:Pokemon Crisis
                      Game Progress:Minimal due to graphics overhaul
                      Contact Info:My profile
                      Spaces Needed: A spriter. Someone that can help take some of that load off my shoulders.
                      Program:RMXP+ Poccil's Starter Kit
                      Additional Info: Any type of spriting is excepted, although an all around spriter would be ideal. You can click the link in my signature for more details.
                      Lol, No-one's going to join.
                      Apart from me, talk on msn C:

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                      Pokemon Crimson Version
                        Join Date: Jun 2007
                        Age: 23
                        Gender: Male
                        Nature: Adamant
                        Posts: 363
                        Team Name: None
                        Team Leader(s): Me
                        Game Name: Pokemon Crimson Version
                        Game Progress: A lot of scripting done to implement a new system called the Pokedroid(You can PM me to see it). We've also managed to finish the black and white touch screen.
                        Contact Info: PM Me and provide me with proof of your graphics and I'll contact you back asap. If your hired for the job we will communicate through MSN.
                        Spaces Needed: Person to recreate graphics for a system me and kitsunekouta are scripting.
                        Program: RMXP+ Poccil's Starter Kit
                        Additional Info: Needed asap as the system is almost completed, it just needs a graphical overhaul, because we were using these graphics as temporary templates to test it out. You'll become an official part of the Crimson team as well, this won't be temporary. In the future you will be asked to create other graphics.

                        Coming soon I guess?
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                        Location: Ireland
                        Posts: 10,832
                        Free Agent:
                        Looking to work for a really good and prosperous game, I won't accept any offers from developers who have little experience in the Game Development field. Simply because I wish to work with dedicated and talented developers.

                        Areas I'm looking to work in: Mostly mapping. However I'm an all around type of guy. My best ability would be in the area of graphics, this includes mapping, spriting, custom interface menus, GUI's, some tile creation, graphic art and so on. I can also event somewhat, and I have a lot of resources and general know how in the area of game development.

                        Examples of work:








                        Fakemon & Hero OW's



                        Gui's / Interfaces

                        Additional Information: I am also here to help game developers by suggesting what I think would work best. I also write a lot also, so I am decent with storyline development and character development also. I have access to a lot of resources in the way of tiles and also have connection with a lot of other developers and artists I can introduce you to.

                        Contact Information: I would rather you PM'd me if you are interested. Send me your MSN address if you wish to speak there also.
                        she's the greatest adventure I'll ever know
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                          Join Date: Jun 2009
                          Posts: 18
                          Team name: Lethal
                          Team Leader: Zangetsu(Me)
                          Current Members: Me
                          Current Game title: Pokemon Beyond The Stars(MMO)
                          Current progress made: 5%
                          Position(s) needed: Spriter, Mapper, Programmer, Scritper, Idealist, Ect.
                          Preferred Method of contact:Yahoo msg/Here

                          Msg for the custom 2d models i'v made.
                          Old February 8th, 2011 (3:48 PM).
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                            I am not sure if i am posting this in the right place to post, but if it isnt could a mod please move it to its correct section.

                            I am from a current game project on the IAPL, we are currently looking for new members to help get the wheels turning.

                            Now what you might be asking is, what is the IAPL?

                            The IAPL is a project that has a present staff of around 50 people. The programming team in charge is developing an open-source engine in C# that will make it possible to create games of the same caliber as the Gen V pokemon games.

                            The games to be released by the IAPL are based on real-world locations, just as the Nintendo Pokémon games.

                            Many of the towns and cities are based on real geographic locations, but have altered names in the traditional Pokémon style.

                            These games will have entirely unique plots, trainers, gym leaders, and even foes!

                            To counteract any chance of pessimism, this project has an engine currently in development, written from scratch by our programmers. Screenshots are available on request. And also, this project has been alive and active since September 2010.

                            POKEMON PACIFIC the animated series:

                            Some of our more artistic members are engaged in the preliminary stages of creating an animated series centered around the story of Pokémon Pacific. This was only recently suggested, and as such it's in very early development.

                            What we need is:

                            -Concept artists

                            We're always willing to accept help with anything else you can do! There are less developed regions that need massive help with their plot and story, and it's also fine if you just want to hang out with us.

                            Some of our sprite work:


                            How can you get involved?

                            Feel free to check our boards if you are interested in doing any sprite work, programming or concept art


                            Or check our IRC at


                            Last few notes:

                            Feel free to submit any of your work in this post, we would love to see what you can do

                            thankyou for reading, and thankyou for your time
                            Old February 8th, 2011 (6:15 PM).
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                            Pokemon AquaHarmony
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                              Please Post in the game Development Category, or else it is spamming and you will loose this thread.

                              Old February 8th, 2011 (8:49 PM).
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                                Originally Posted by tylerab01 View Post
                                Please Post in the game Development Category, or else it is spamming and you will loose this thread.
                                ell i was un-sure where to post it, hence why i asked if a mod could please move it if i put it in the wrong place.

                                i am sorry for the mistake
                                Old February 8th, 2011 (9:51 PM).
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                                Legen- wait for it...
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                                Moved to Recruitment thread and all that nonsense.

                                Suit Up!
                                Awesome REGULAR MEMBER THAT OCCASIONALLY FREQUENTS FORUMS.

                                "pps new screenie" - No, really shut up yuoaman.

                                Haaave you read my LP?
                                Pokémon Quartz - The only one of mine really worth reading.

                                What about my [Un]Abridged series?
                                Aquaman the Unabridged Parody Series - Language warning.

                                The Playbook: My Anime List | Raptr | BackLoggery | Twitter

                                83% of this signature is empty space.

                                Old February 13th, 2011 (1:20 AM).
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                                Hot and Dangerous
                                  Join Date: Feb 2011
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Quirky
                                  Posts: 6
                                  Team name: Pokemon Skies
                                  Team Leader:Me, I suppose
                                  Current Members: Nobody, i just decided to start this
                                  Current Game titleokemon Skies
                                  Current progress made:0.001%
                                  Position(s) needed:Everything -__- All im good at is spriting. Im not expecting anyone to do the entire thing, but atleast someone to tutor me
                                  Timezone: central..?
                                  Preferred Method of contact: email ([email protected])
                                  Additional info: Has an amazing story (At least i think so. Then again, it is my idea..) that doesnt really follow the Pokemon formula. If youre looking for something fresh, pm me!
                                  If you're one of us, then roll with us
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                                    Posts: 1
                                    This is my very first post on this forum, and I realize, because of this, I am going to have exactly no clout whatsoever (not that I do anywhere), and am, therefore, unlikely to actually get responses here, but I'm going to go ahead anyway.

                                    Pokémon Amber/Amethyst Versions

                                    RPG Maker XP (Poccil's Starter Pack)

                                    Team Leader

                                    Current (Active) Staff
                                    TribalCrescent: Story, Dialogue, Mapping, Conceptual Stuff, Small amounts of programming (I'm still pretty new to RGSS), basic spriting stuff (the UI graphics, etc)
                                    Rashoumon: Fakemon spriter, designer

                                    Inactive Staff
                                    Reg: Conceptual Stuff, ex-Composer

                                    Needed Positions
                                    -Composer (MIDI format greatly preferred, as I have some soundfont files of Black/White instruments)
                                    -Someone sufficient enough in sound manipulation that they can make Pokémon cries
                                    -Pokémon Spriter
                                    -Trainer Spriter
                                    -Environment Spriter
                                    (All sprites in Fire Red/Leaf Green style, and preferably from scratch)
                                    -Another person for concept stuff

                                    GMT -5

                                    Method of Contact
                                    Skype or Steam (both of which should be in my profile). PMing me here works as well.

                                    Current Progress
                                    Not terribly much. The project files were, unfortunately, corrupted, so on the actual development front, it's basically a fresh start.
                                    However, conceptually, much of the region has been mapped out, I have quite a few Fakemons made (at last count, forty-two of 158), and I have a couple of really crummy self-made tilesets floating about.

                                    Additional Information

                                    -All staff members will make a cameo in the game, via a Winstrate-like challenge (probably two, actually) after the Elite Four
                                    -A preview of your work is pretty much a requisite, though I am, admittedly, fairly easily impressed
                                    Old February 14th, 2011 (4:23 PM). Edited February 18th, 2011 by Makeshiftj.
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                                    The Ninja
                                      Join Date: Sep 2009
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Posts: 131

                                      Team Name:
                                      Team Konoha

                                      Team Leader:

                                      Postion's Open:
                                      Mappers,Scripters,Charcter Designer,Storyline Counsultent,Grammar Corrector

                                      Current progress made: 7%

                                      Examples Of Work:



                                      Name:Takainaru Chiba

                                      Contact Info:
                                      PM Me I Have MSN,Skype
                                      Old February 17th, 2011 (6:31 PM).
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                                      RMXP Game Developer
                                        Join Date: Jun 2010
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Posts: 128
                                        Team Name:

                                        Project X
                                        Team Leader:

                                        Current Members:

                                        Current Game Title:

                                        Pokemon XD
                                        Current Progress Made:

                                        Preliminary work is underway. Overworld tilesets are currently being made. Shadow Pokemon and Trainer teams have been finalized, work on overall story is in progress.
                                        Positions Needed:

                                        Spriters: Overworld tilesets, trainers, and battle sprites(not nessesarily all for one person)
                                        Mappers (4 at most)

                                        GMT-5 e. g. Eastern US.
                                        Prefered Method of Contact:

                                        PM, or tp9249 (at) gmail (dot) com

                                        Additional Info:

                                        Anyone interested should have some idea of the general background of Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness and the storyline of the game. I also prefer team members who have experience in spriting. This game will be done in Generation IV style.

                                        Old February 19th, 2011 (12:59 AM). Edited February 19th, 2011 by Zadow.
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                                        Pokemon Ebony Developer
                                          Join Date: Jul 2009
                                          Location: Johto - Ilex Forest :)
                                          Age: 24
                                          Gender: Female
                                          Nature: Timid
                                          Posts: 82
                                          Pokemon Ebony is now open for Staff/Help/Positions.

                                          Team name: Ebony
                                          Team Leader: Zadow
                                          Current Members: Zadow, Abnegation
                                          Additional Help (Just those whom are awesome help but never were classified as part of the "Team": Cilerba :3
                                          Current Game title: Pokemon Ebony
                                          Current progress made:

                                          Some of this is already outdated, but as you can see from the screenshots a fair amount of mapping has already been done, not everything obviously can be seen from the screenshots.
                                          It has been under development in RMXP for at least a year now.
                                          Semi-on and off with tonnes of revamps.
                                          Also lots of little script modifications add-ons have been done

                                          Positions available are:

                                          Which has tasks (not just nessicarily for one person) including...

                                          Making the last of the frames for Hoenn Gym leader Overworlds.
                                          Some/All main Hoenn Gym leader and Elite four sprites.

                                          RGSS Scripter (RMXP Pokemon Essentials)
                                          Which has tasks (not just nessicarily for one person) including...

                                          Scripting new PokeNav (When designs are finished).
                                          Adding new special terrain tags (with animations).
                                          Scripting new menu, designs are finished but not final graphics.
                                          Fix/Adjust Dive system (So you can't surface everywhere)
                                          I am also open to suggestions and implementation of mini-games/features of your choice.
                                          A Quest Journal System
                                          Bigger tasks
                                          Secret Base System
                                          Contest System/Something to replace the Contest System with

                                          I am open to other help (Mapping, Music) but the above are those I need most

                                          Timezone: Doesn't matter.
                                          Preferred Method of contact: MSN ( [email protected] ) or PM through Pokecommunity or Note through Deviant Art

                                          Additional info:
                                          I am looking for a reasonable standard of work, and please, try to provide some sort of example related to the field you're applying for.

                                          Please don't be shy! :3 I look forward to having some help!

                                          3DS Friend Code :: 3265 - 5554 - 2508
                                          I am the creator of Pokemon Ebony.
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                                          I'm back.
                                            Join Date: May 2008
                                            Location: England
                                            Age: 26
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Posts: 663
                                            Recruiting Team Members!

                                            Hai! I'm looking to recruit team members for my upcoming game, Pokemon Almodine!
                                            Please apply if you're interested!

                                            Team name:
                                            Pokemon Almodine Team
                                            Team Leader: Crazyninjaguy
                                            Current Members: Crazyninjaguy, thepsynergist (Music)
                                            Current Game title: Pokemon Almodine
                                            Current progress made: Scripting stages (My Kit), 19 Music tracks created.
                                            Position(s) needed: Spriter (Overworlds), (Occasional) Tiler, Mapper
                                            Timezone: GMT
                                            Preferred Method of contact: PM on PokeCommunity
                                            Additional info: Please include a sample of your work in the PM you send me, hope to hear from you soon!
                                            PlanetDev - Game Development Community

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