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Something Memorable?
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    Recruiting a Team Member

    Team name:

    Primordial Winter

    Team Leader:
    Valora17 aka Val

    Current Members:
    Me by my lonesome.

    Current Game title:
    Pokemon Primordial Winter

    Current progress made:
    First town complete. First route complete. Several fakemon designed. Intro (with professor) almost completed.

    Position(s) needed:
    Spriters (Trainers and Items)
    Tile Makers
    Digital Artists (To help with interfaces and what-not)

    PDT/PST, wouldn't mind help from others though.

    Preferred Method of contact:
    If interested, PM me.
    If accepted, AIM, YIM, or PM.

    Additional info:
    This game is part of two, but the second one will mostly just be an edit of the first. Here is a link to my thread which gives more information about the game(s).

    Relevant Advertising!

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    C++ Developer Extraordinaire
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      Team name: Crystal Shards Entertainment.

      Team Leader: KingCharizard(Some call me KC)

      Current Members: Just Me.

      Current Game title: PokéMon Crystal Sun

      Demo Released: PokéMon Crystal Sun to download. 1st or 3rd post.

      Current progress made:
      • Music (5%)
      • Scripting (30%)
        • Custom features- 0% (this is not a top priority. however, it will become one)
        • Bug fixes and aesthetic changes- 50% (Much of this is regarding common glitches and slight changes that would cause the game to be more appealing)
      • Eventing/Game Flow (5%)
      • Maps (65%)
      • Sprite Artwork (25%)
        • OW's- 5% (including fishing, surfing, cycling of main characters, ect)
        • Trainer Sprites- 15% (some gym leaders and E4 members not done yet)
        • Tilesets- 100% (compiled tilesets for certain areas (ie: gyms))
        • Custom Tiles- ~0%~
        • Specific Character Sheets- 0% (ex: dppt fountain)
        • Item Icons- 100% (Most of these are covered, aside from 4th gen items, and custom items (mainly pokéballs) yet to be announced)
      • Graphic Artwork (12%)
        • Title Screen- ~100%~ (Highly likely to change as better versions are created)
        • Introductory Movie- 0%
        • Credits Scenario- 0%
        • Custom Screens- 5% (Screens such as PokéDex, Trade Screen, and Evolution Screen)
      • Battle Animations (2%)

      Position(s) needed:
      • 1 - 2 Graphic Artists: As a graphic artist, I'll need you to help make/tweak certain screens such as loadbg.png and tradebg.png. You must make them, and us (you, other artist(s), and myself) either approve them, or point out slight errors and fix them. (or you fix them) Graphic artists can have either some of the most difficult work, or some of the simplest.
      • 2 - 3 Sprite Artists: As a sprite artist, you specialize in one of the following:
      1. Tile Maker and Compiler: You create tiles for maps, and then compile the custom tiles along with already existing ones to create a tileset.
        This is a more trivial duty as there are already plenty of tiles out there. More so, you probably won't have to make the tileset, but rather just the tiles. You also help with autotiles.
      2. OW/Character Spreads: You assist me in making OW's, as they take a long time. This is one of the most important positions to me. That being said... it's very important.
      3. Trainer Sprites: You help with making trainer sprites(duh). You may have to make a few, and they may be rejected a couple of times. I'll also be making some, and you're free to reject them. I want them to be exceptional. Even if we waste a year perfecting one sprite. (I don't literally mean that...) I also may just want you to rate one, or tweak a complete one. (maybe fix a shading error a pixel or two).
        This position's importance increases with the amount of demo's released. This will also include Trainer battle sprites. (Not just hero some of the story requires you to team up with certain people in a double battle)
      • Scripter(s)*: Someone that's willing to script in missing 4th gen, and/or custom features. Also someone that is capable of proofreading and fixing script errors with the correct solution.
      • Music Specialist**: Someone who can either create custom music, or (more than likely) edit music easily. For example... a lot of the DP music has this weird sound. Some people can fix this kinda stuff with ease.
      • Event Reader***: Someone who can find the problems in events and come up with a correct solution easily.
      • Concept/Feature Ideologist: More along the lines of a fun job, this person presents to me ideas or custom features that could be incorporated into the game. This person also rates already pre-thought ideas accordingly. The entire team is on this job, and debates for features. However, only one person can actually, officially, have this position at a time. The job is also the only one where you can get swapped out. Why? This now being a team effort, I don't want to ignore the ideas of another person. (Note: You can only have this job if you're applied for something else already) o.o
      *= I'll willingly accept 2-3 people for this position. That way, it can be divided into proof reader, custom, and 4th gen. Or something of the likes. This job is the most important in completing the game. This person(or people) also doubles as a playtester(s). They, however, should only focus on the script they're trying to fix, not event issues or typos.
      **= This job is not top priority, however it would be appreciated.
      ***= The person that has this job also doubles as a play tester for the game. They must be very observant, and tell any and all bugs found.
      Timezone: EST

      Preferred Method of contact: You can always PM me, but the quicker way is to add me on MSN. That being said my address is [email protected]. Also, when messaging me, please remember to tell me you're part of or wanting to become a member of the team. x_X You would not believe how many times I add someone thinking I may have given out my email to them, and then they ask to cyber. ._. *sigh* hard times...(I say no when they ask, btw)

      Additional info: I really don't ask for much(even though it doesn't look like it), and there's a good possibility that sometimes you won't have to do much other than give me an opinion on something. I want this to be my team, not my servants. I think I'm a fair person, and it's always nice getting to know someone.

      Thanks to colbex for the template, really made my post easy. At his request i will change it if he wants.
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        Free Agent looking for work
        Area looking for work: Region Map spriter and interface spriter
        Timezone: GMT
        Preferred method of contact: PM plox
        Examples of work: My Pixel Art thread; search through it for newer examples
        Additional Info: I'm sort of a gap filler, really. I'm not great at buildings, OWs, or fakémon, but I can whack out a decent region map in no time. I'm also fairly competent at making other small interface pixels (like my Pokéballs, which I'm immensely proud of). Yeah, that's about it really. I'm not looking to join a team, but if there are some specific requests you have, feel free to let me know. Ciao for now!
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        Wants to Learn about PKMN Rmxp
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          Free Agent looking for work
          Area looking for worktoryline Writer and Mapper.
          Timezone: EST U.S.
          Preferred method of contact: PM me
          Examples of work: N/A yet But I will work on making some if you pm me.
          Additional Info:I am currently trying to map out my own game.Im Not a bad Writer and I am working on learning how to script in both Java and Ruby so I have alot on my plate right now but I love it.For the most part however I can only map because that is my strength in RMXP right now....
          Yes,I am Karel Kazuki or Kareru.
          Im an all around guy who does everything,from play sports to trying to learn to design games.

          I am a university student, currently studying C# and looking for any practice pertaining to building my skills.I'm also a concept designer and storyline designer.

          contact me here or at [email protected].

          Screw Banners.I support all that is made.But Join these Forums!

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            an announcement from

            Team Leader:

            Current Members:
            Starrmyt – Leader, compiler, Executive Producer
            Aquakip – Main Spriter, Co-coordinator, mapper, Art Director
            Bards Sword – Plot Creator, Scenario and Plot Director
            Jocelyn – Trainer Spriter
            FlameKoala – Moveset Compiler

            Current Game title:
            Pokémon Helio Version

            Overall Progress for Demo


            Trainer Sprites

            Pokemon Sprites (RESPRITING)


            Position(s) needed:
            So here's the deal. I have a good team on my hands, but the one thing we really lack is superb scripting abilities in RMXP. We have a mapper, a spriter, a moveset maker, tons of different things needed to create a great game, we just dont have the means to put it all together into one giant package. Right now we basically have maps with events, but nothing's scripted. So...

            -Scripter (needs experience and please show proof of talent)


            Preferred Method of contact:
            PM one of the following please:

            Additional info:
            Game Director of
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            Hi im nimmy23... Hi im nimmy23
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              Team name: Pokemon A/C
              Team Leader: Nimmy23/Nero-Zero
              Current Members: Nimmy23/Nero-Zeri
              Current Game title: Pokemon Apatite/Pokemon Celestite
              Current progress made: 25%
              Position(s) needed: Scripter, Eventer
              Timezone: GMT London
              Preferred Method of contact: PM
              Additional info: None.
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              Pokémon Agate Version
                Join Date: Aug 2007
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                Team name: Team RoyalJade
                Team Leader: Me (Narodin) and Turquois (call him Pika)
                Current Members:

                Narodin - Project Founder, Project Coordinator, Mapper, Story Developer, Overworld Spriter, Tile Artist, Pokémon Spriter

                Pikachu500 - Project Founder, Project Coordinator, Mapper, Story Developer, Overworld Spriter, Pokémon Spriter

                Lilfurman - Pokémon Spriter, Trainer Spriter, Overworld Spriter

                Riceeman - Pokémon Spriter, Trainer Spriter

                Missingno7-4468 - Story Developer, Pokémon Spriter

                Aero - Pokémon Developer

                PookieSnookie - Development

                Current Game title: Pokemon RoyalJade
                Current progress made:
                Part 1 – Features
                Part 2 – Quick Update
                Part 3 – Introduction
                Part 4 – The Team
                Part 5 – Credits
                Part 6 – The Story
                Part 7 – The Pokémon of Ouritso
                Part 8 – The Region of Ouritso
                Part 9 - The Main Characters
                Part 10 - Screenshots and Other Media
                Part 11 - Support Us
                Part 12 - Further Information
                Part 13 - Want to help?

                1. Features

                New TMs/HMs
                New items and berries
                8 new gyms
                138 new Pokémon
                New region
                New characters
                New types
                Choose between male or female

                2. Quick Updates

                Check here to see the latest updates.

                3. Introduction

                Late last summer, two fan-games died. Pokémon Agate and Pokémon Tanzanite. They were started by Narodin, Pikachu500, and Aero. We had one goal, to complete the games. Unfortunately, our lives interfered with the production of the games, and they died off.

                This winter break, two people decided to bring them back to life, as one. They were Pikachu500 and Narodin. We wanted to recreate our passion of game making, so RoyalJade was created.

                We look forward to your support and we hope to bring this game to life!

                4. The Team

                Narodin - Project Founder, Project Coordinator, Mapper, Story Developer, Overworld Spriter, Tile Artist, Pokémon Spriter

                Pikachu500 - Project Founder, Project Coordinator, Mapper, Story Developer, Overworld Spriter, Pokémon Spriter

                Lilfurman - Pokémon Spriter, Trainer Spriter, Overworld Spriter

                Riceeman - Pokémon Spriter, Trainer Spriter

                PookieSnookie - Development

                Missingno7-4468 - Story Developer, Pokémon Spriter

                Aero - Pokémon Developer

                4. Credits

                Fangking Omega - Inspiration in game making, and the thread structure

                Sorakairi1014 - Pokémon Designs

                Poccil - Starter kit

                Kyledove - Tiles

                Pokemon Diamond - Tiles

                Cuddlesthefatcat - Tiles

                Alistair - Tiles

                Wesley - Tiles

                Alucus - Tiles

                Dewitty - Tiles

                CNickC - Tiles

                6. The Story

                The story begins 5 years before the events of the region of Johto, with the hero having a dream.


                In this dream the hero is in a fierce battle using a Hiranezu against a Togelis. Before the 2nd turn the hero shifts dreams and is seen in a weird dark and ominous area, in front of the hero a Pokemon shadow appears along with two human shadows. One of the human shadows steps closer, and then…the hero wakes up.

                The hero is greeted by Yami, the lady who lives with the hero and their sister. Yami has been taking care of the hero since their parents had disappeared four years ago; she is a warm and kind hearted woman. After greeting the hero, Yami informs the hero of info on the Pokemon league and says he/she should finally go on their journey, since the hero was suppose to go on a journey when they were 10, 4 years ago. Yami tells the hero to go to the P.A.S University and gives the hero a card, that reads “Pokemon Ouritso League, fill in the information needed on the back and send to Professor Holly.” Yami informs the hero that all today and tomorrow Professor Holly will be giving out free Pokemon and a free Pokedex. Yami realizes the hero is nervous. She tells the hero it's time. Yami pulls out a pendant in the shape of a crown with Jade stones in it. Yami says to the hero that it had belonged to the hero’s mother and she think the hero should have it.

                Yami tells the hero to get going before they're out of starter Pokemon. Walking ouent, outside the apartment the hero is in a city known as Oddys City. In a corner of the apartment, the hero bumps into a young girl. The girl says sorry and goes into the apartment. The hero walks towards the P.A.S. They walk inside to find the professor giving out Pokemon. She only had three left, and they were Leafryx, Flahare, and Grindygill. The hero picks one. Right after the hero picks, the the girl by the apartment (the one the hero bumped into) takes the Pokemon with a type advantage over the hero's. After that another girl comes in and takes the last one.

                The girl who took the last starter left quickly. The other girl introduces herself. She says she's Yami's grandchild, and was visiting. They both walk back to the apartment and show Yami their Pokemon. Yami congratulates them, and tells them to follow her to the basement. They walked downstairs to find a feild for battling. She tells them to have their first battle.

                After the battle, Yami gives each of the trainers 5 pokeballs. She tells them to go upstairs and rest up for tomorrow.

                In the morning Yami tells the rival and hero that they should visit Cue ledge after breakfast. The rival didn't say much on the walk there. When they got there, the rival says that she is going to challenge the league and see where it takes her, and walks off to the first route.

                Yami calls the hero over and tells him/her to touch the stone relic in front of her. The hero touches the stone relic, and many visions appear, the last one showed the Pokemon league building and the face of someone. Yami asks what the hero is going to do, and the hero explains what he/she saw. Yami says to the hero that he/she should go to the Pokemon league but the only way to get there is by challenging the league. Yami says her goodbyes, and the hero goes off on his/her journey full of adventure, mystery, and emotions.

                7. The Pokémon of Ouritso

                Pokémon RoyalJade will contain 138 brand new Pokémon native to the Ouritso region and 100 Pokémon from other regions.


                Grass Starter - Leafryx

                Fire Starter - Flahare

                Water Starter- Grindygill


                8. The Region of Ouritso


                a- Lake Glory
                b- Cue Ledge
                c- Peurile Cave
                d- Fable Woods
                e- Mt ______?
                f- Mt. Basalt & Geyser Zone
                g- Arctic Reserve
                h- Spring Isle
                i- Winter Isle
                j- Summer Isle
                k- Fall Isle
                l- Mt. Mytikas
                m- Bayside Arena
                n- Pokemon League

                1. Oddys City
                2. Tantal Village
                3. Argo City
                4. Sisyph Cityf
                5. Androm City
                6. Persus Village
                7. Herakle Town
                8. Phaeth Town
                9. Actaeo Village
                10. Callist Town
                11. Penthes Village
                12. Orio Resort
                13. Ouritso League

                9. The Main Characters

                ~The heros and professor of RoyalJade are in the process of being designed and sprited~

                Gym Leaders

                1 Type - Rock
                Name - Rocia
                Gender - Female

                2 Type - Ghost
                Name - Boo
                Gender - Male

                3 Type - Bug
                Name - Beatrice
                Gender - Female

                4 Type - Normal
                Name - Silvia
                Gender - Female

                5 Type - Flying
                Name - Aeron
                Gender - Male

                6 Type - Electric
                Name - Ellie
                Gender - Female

                7 Type - Cosmic
                Name - Cosmo
                Gender - Male

                8 Type - Poison
                Name - Moneva
                Gender - Female

                10. Screenshots and Other Media

                ~Screenshots are in the process of being taken~

                11. Support Us

                COMING SOON

                12. Further Information

                For further information either PM Pikachu500 or Narodin

                13. Want To Help?

                We are currently looking for a spriter who can help us sprite Trainers in HGSS style.

                Thanks to everyone for their endless support. We'd be nowhere without you. I hope you enjoy the game!
                Official Art has also been done for most of the designs
                Position(s) needed: Programmer
                Timezone: Eastern
                Preferred Method of contact: PM or E-mail is perfectly fine with me.

                Additional info: If interested, additional information could be requested. Also the programmer should have some experience.
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                  Location: Ireland
                  Age: 23
                  Gender: Male
                  Nature: Sassy
                  Posts: 259
                  Team Leader:
                  PokemonPlatnum and Crazyninjaguy

                  Current Game title: Pokémon: Ruby Eclipse
                  Current progress made: Little..getting tiles and scripts done


                  Downloadable Events

                  Dual Screen
                  New Menu

                  The Team

                  PokemonPlatnum - Mapper, Eventer, Basic-Scripter

                  Crazyninjaguy - Scripter, Mapper, Eventer


                  Poccil - Starter kit

                  Kyledove - Tiles

                  Wichu - Scripts

                  Shinylugia249 - Battle Graphics

                  The Story
                  Based three years after the original R/S/E games and thats all I can reveal at the moment.

                  The mythic depiction is kinda like this:
                  "In the beginning there was one, the creator, at the end their was one, the destroyer"

                  Want To Help?

                  We are currently looking for a spriter who can help us sprite Trainers in HGSS style.

                  Position(s) needed: NEW
                  Spriter - OW in 4th Gen Style, Tiles etc
                  Idealist - Ideas for the story etc
                  Artist - Those who can make decent battle backgrounds
                  Music Remixer - I would like a person who is able to remix R/S/E music

                  Timezone: UTC+1
                  Preferred Method of contact: PM please


                  Official Forum for a Zelda Engine in RMXP, Sign up now!

                  Update Patch 4 Coming Soon.

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                  Game Developer
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                    Posts: 1,871

                    Recruiting a Team Member
                    We are looking for several people. A lot of positions are open. If your interested, see our Preferred Method of contact below or send me a PM.

                    Team name: Calis Projects
                    Team Leader: Myself.
                    Current Members: Atomic Reactor, Daedalus,F.M.P, Ivanna, Martyr, Minorthreat, Railgun-skill-level-5, The English Kiwi.
                    Current Game title: We have a few games. you can search each user to see their games.
                    Current progress made: Most of the titles, except for Kunder are still in development.
                    Position(s) needed: Artist (tile, general, concept or vector artist), game developers and designers (someone who is working on a game currently or open to developing one) and sound engineers(ideally someone who can create their own sound effects or music).
                    Timezone: Our Staff members are from all over the world, so timezone is not too important.
                    Preferred Method of contact: Through our forums and on MSN.
                    Additional info:
                    Link to our webpage is in my sig. And you can find the forums from there.

                    ZENFORMS: Protectors: A 2D RPG for iPhone
                    Click the banner to view site about ZENFORMS!

                    Like our facebook page and show your support!
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                    Pixel artist, professional leo
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                      As you might have seen... I can´t sprite. Really. And... I pretty much need Fakemon in my game, though, I´m not quick enough to learn spriting in such a short time. So... I´m looking for spriters for Pokémon Ametrine. You can click this link: to see which game it is. Are you intrested? Be sure you meet the requirements.

                      - You have to be able to sprite in HGSS style.
                      - You have to be able to make a sprite from a drawing.
                      - You have to be active.
                      - You have to be able to contact through MSN, because I think contacting through PMs is too difficult.

                      Please... send me a PM if you're interested!
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                      It's watching you...
                        Join Date: Apr 2008
                        Location: Staten Island, NY
                        Age: 20
                        Gender: Male
                        Nature: Docile
                        Posts: 502

                        Team name

                        Sheer Fissure Productions -
                        The Gap Between Now and Tomorrow

                        Team Leader

                        ~Frozen Darkness~

                        Current Members

                        Active: ~Frozen Darkness~ - Mapper/Eventer/Leader
                        Inactive: Blaniel - Graphic Designer/Spriter

                        Current Game title

                        Pokemon DawnRubyand DuskSapphire

                        Current progress made

                        Demo: 92-93%
                        Alpha 1: 16-17%

                        Positions needed

                        Pokemon Spriter - Someone who can sprite Fakemon (number now reduced from 107 to only about 15) and when revealed, the Gen V Pokemon.

                        Trainer Spriter - Someone who can design in-battle Trainer Sprites.

                        OW Spriter - Someone who can design overworld Trainer sprites and characters sprites.

                        Tile Spriter - An important job. This is for someone who can sprite revamped 3rd gen tiles for maps.

                        Music/Sound Composer/Remixer - Another very important job. Someone who can compose new music and remix R/S/E music, as well as make new Pokemon cries.

                        Scripter - Probably the most important job of all. The scripter designs new features and adds them to the game. They enhance the overall experience of the game.

                        Graphic Desginer - Someone who can design support banners and such. Support is always a good thing.

                        Mapper - Someone who design areas of the game.

                        Alpha Testers - People who can test the upcoming demo and future alphas.


                        EST - Eastern Standard Time

                        Preferred Method of contact
                        AIM, PM

                        Additional info

                        Thread -
                        Signature is blank right now :/
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                          Join Date: Jun 2009
                          Location: England
                          Age: 24
                          Gender: Male
                          Nature: Jolly
                          Posts: 485
                          Recruiting a Team Member

                          Current Progress Made: We've more-or-less started from scratch, so we're in the process of recreating some of the old work
                          Team Leader: NikNaks

                          Current Members:
                          CrazyNinjaGuy - Scripter
                          Dew (The Dewitty) - Tile Artist
                          NikNaks - Team Lead
                          PokemonPlatinum - Lead Mapper + Co-leader
                          T3h Kaiser - Plot Advisor
                          venom12 - Scripter
                          Vorpalis - Spriter

                          Position(s) Needed:
                          • We're really looking for some experienced story writers and ideas guys. We're creating a sequel to Emerald, so we're looking for some new and creative ideas
                          • We're also looking for some new evolutions and prevolutions for existing Hoenn pokémon, so any spriters who are interested should apply as well

                          Any is fine; I'm running GMT/BST, as are many of the other team members, but it's not an issue

                          Preferred Method of contact:
                          PM or VM is fine, or visit our forum (link is in my signature)

                          Additional Info:
                          Well, all I can say is that you should visit the forum for more details, although most of the information is still very much under wraps. I look forward to hearing from you.
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                            Join Date: Nov 2007
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                            Gender: Male
                            Posts: 9

                            Recruiting a Team Member
                            Team name
                            Project Peridot
                            Team Leader
                            Current Members
                            Active- Windsaver(Concepts/Mapper/Leader)
                            Current Game title
                            Pokemon Peridot
                            Current progress made
                            All of Plot and Towns, As well as Gym Leaders and E4
                            Battle Frontier all Planned. Two Maps...
                            Position(s) needed
                            Spriter(2-3)- Someone good at making Custom Tiles like HG/SS and someone who can make trainers, OW’s and fakemon. Using the art I give for reference or the description.
                            Eventer- Someone who know how to do events well.
                            Scripter- Can Handle writing in new features.
                            Mapper- Someone who I can work alongside with who can map quite well.
                            Concept Artist- Someone I can work alongside with to draw those things that I might not be able to do.
                            I’m in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time. UK) I don’t mind though.
                            Preferred Method of contact
                            PM or By E-mail
                            Additional info
                            • I’m looking for spriters who can produce believable trainers, OW’s and fakemon from SCRATCH.
                            • All Staff will have an NPC in game with a look of their choice. Their NPC will have a role unless you decide to be a trainer...
                            • Examples of work required. Once accepted you will be sent the password to Staff Room on the Peridot Forums.
                            • If there are any questions. Just PM me!
                            My DeviantArt Page:
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                            Pixel artist, professional leo
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                              Posts: 266
                              Hello readers!
                              This time I'm looking for mappers. Yeah... as in GOOD mappers. Like spriting, it's a very important job, which needs to be done.

                              ''But Dewitty, why can't you do it?''
                              ''Because even my little brother has a better view for stuff like mapping. That's why.''

                              So.. are you interested? Please send me a PM/Note or comment with some work to prove you are good.
                              As always.. I have demands and standards.

                              - You have to be able to map with my tiles
                              - You should be able to keep anything from leaking
                              - You have to be able to handle trees like shown in this
                              - You need to be creative and inventive.

                              When showing me an example, you may use this tileset. (Also, please include all the demands):
                              But ONLY THEN! Use of any of the tiles not being featured in any public tileset of mine will be reported.

                              Have fun mapping!
                              Old April 17th, 2010 (2:35 PM).
                              D. Lawride's Avatar
                              D. Lawride D. Lawride is offline
                              Audi Famam Illius, Scriptor!
                                Join Date: Jul 2009
                                Location: Lusolandia
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Relaxed
                                Posts: 578
                                .:Team name:.

                                Nightmare Project

                                .:Team Leader:.

                                D. Lawride

                                .:Current Members:.

                                (none from this forum, only on dA)

                                Midnitez (Fakemon Designer)
                                Salimus (Spriter)
                                xavs-pixels (spriter)
                                distantShade (Story Designer/Spriter)

                                .:Current Game title:.

                                Pokémon Nightmare

                                .:Current progress made:.

                                Storyline (Plot/Characters) Completed / Map Design and some Maps are done

                                .osition(s) needed:.

                                Scripter / Programmer / Coder(s) (whatever it's called xD )
                                Fakemon Designer(s)
                                Beta Tester(s)


                                GMT +0

                                .referred Method of contact:.

                                Email on [email protected] / Comment on;

                                .:Additional info:.

                                We also have a forum board for team members to discuss on the project, and any screenshots/information relative to the game can be found on our Deviantart Group (
                                Also, we are mainly looking for Scripters.
                                Old April 18th, 2010 (2:04 PM).
                                IronMan1994's Avatar
                                IronMan1994 IronMan1994 is offline
                                • Gold Tier
                                Join Date: Apr 2010
                                Gender: Male
                                Posts: 17
                                Team name:
                                Team Prisma

                                Team Leader:
                                I guess it would be me, but if people would like equal parts, let me know.
                                Current Members:

                                Current Game title:
                                Pokemon Prismal Version

                                Current progress made:
                                -New Pokémon/variations.
                                ---(Armor Mewtwo, Zorua, and Zoroark)
                                -Shadow System
                                ---Shadow type, Shadow Moves, and Purification System implemented.

                                Position(s) needed: Spriters (though I am able to do some of that work.) While Pokémon sprites will be needed, I need a couple of item sprites and a region map first.
                                People who can help with RPG Maker XP (Pokemon essentials specifically) scripting. Not a heavy job, just for someone who I can drop a scripting question to. I also need people who can edit MID files so that they sound right in-game. (As in, they "loop" well.)

                                Timezone: UTC -4. I will edit in the time that this is posted in my timezone.

                                Preferred Method of contact: MSN works great, PM will to but is not as efficient, and I happen to have Google Wave invitations (20+) plus I use Gmail chat a lot. If absolutely neccessary we can use facebook.

                                Additional info:
                                If you need more info, just ask. You can contact me through:
                                MSN @ [email protected]
                                Gmail @ [email protected]
                                Pokecommunity at this account (lol, obviously.)
                                I do have AIM and Yahoo accounts, I just don't have the programs installed. It shouldn't be a problem to put them back on.

                                Also, anyone on the team gets credit.
                                "You do your best pantomime of Ben Stiller as a Starsky statue. But it doesn't seem like anyone can see or hear you." -The MS Paint Adventures.
                                Old April 18th, 2010 (8:40 PM).
                                Karel_Kazuki's Avatar
                                Karel_Kazuki Karel_Kazuki is offline
                                Wants to Learn about PKMN Rmxp
                                  Join Date: Feb 2008
                                  Location: U.s.a.
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Quiet
                                  Posts: 375
                                  Recruiting a Team Member
                                  Team name:
                                  (N/A yet)

                                  Team Leader:

                                  Current Members:

                                  Current Game title:
                                  Pokemon:TLJ(The Long Journey)

                                  Current progress made:
                                  3% Storyline

                                  Position(s) needed:
                                  Plot Writer:1-2
                                  Attack Spriters:1-2


                                  Preferred Method of contact:
                                  PM here or [email protected]/

                                  Additional info:
                                  Okay, I had to resign from the August Emerald Staff to work on this project and I cant do It alone.If you want to join this project, just send me a email or pm with the title of the position you are applying for.You must also show proof of work and be dedicated to the cause.If enough people join, I may open up a forum to call a home website!
                                  Yes,I am Karel Kazuki or Kareru.
                                  Im an all around guy who does everything,from play sports to trying to learn to design games.

                                  I am a university student, currently studying C# and looking for any practice pertaining to building my skills.I'm also a concept designer and storyline designer.

                                  contact me here or at [email protected].

                                  Screw Banners.I support all that is made.But Join these Forums!

                                  Old April 20th, 2010 (3:20 AM).
                                  Sm!dY's Avatar
                                  Sm!dY Sm!dY is offline
                                    Join Date: Apr 2010
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Posts: 4
                                    Area looking for work: GML Scripter
                                    Timezone: GMT+1
                                    Preferred method of contact: Msn, PM
                                    Examples of work: Well i don't have any examples here... but you can trust me, i am a verry good online coder
                                    Additional Info: I am searching for a team that doesn't work with RPG maker, i am searching for one who works with gamer maker. Preferable a online pokemon game, but offline fits aswell . I am verry experinced in GML, and i would like to make the online engine of the game.
                                    Old April 20th, 2010 (7:15 AM). Edited July 19th, 2010 by og_loc-TATOO.
                                    og_loc-TATOO's Avatar
                                    og_loc-TATOO og_loc-TATOO is offline
                                    Espada Team
                                      Join Date: Apr 2010
                                      Location: France
                                      Age: 24
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Nature: Quiet
                                      Posts: 20
                                      Team name: Espada Team
                                      Team Leader: og_loc-TATOO

                                      Current Members: Me, youken69, zeelan, sephirotf, Azur', Mini', cypmars, warpra

                                      Current Game title: Esprit Emeraude - Esprit de Jade

                                      Current progress made: Well I have a lot throughout the game, I want you present.

                                      Position(s) needed: I need to script to script knows rmxp, graphic designer, mapper, event-maker.
                                      For the designer if they know how to arrange things its 3D and even they know the mapper to map the 3D (finally nm7) is not required but it will arrange

                                      Timezone: GMT +1 PARIS french hour

                                      Preferred Method of contact: By msn [email protected]

                                      Additional info:
                                      Must know how to use rmxp
                                      Old April 21st, 2010 (12:35 PM). Edited April 21st, 2010 by PinkCatDragon.
                                      PinkCatDragon's Avatar
                                      PinkCatDragon PinkCatDragon is offline
                                      The 17 year old programer. Now byte off
                                        Join Date: Dec 2009
                                        Location: 5cm meters from somthink with an IDE
                                        Gender: Female
                                        Nature: Calm
                                        Posts: 385
                                        team n 3d rm
                                        leader me
                                        no members
                                        no progass
                                        posion needed scipter fakemon spiter someone to caver me when im not on computer
                                        mothed of contack pm
                                        must know how to use rpgxp
                                        Old April 22nd, 2010 (5:31 PM).
                                        Planetes.'s Avatar
                                        Planetes. Planetes. is offline
                                          Join Date: Mar 2010
                                          Age: 21
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Nature: Adamant
                                          Posts: 1,243
                                          Team name: Pokemon Calcite Project
                                          Team Leader: AceDragonite (me)
                                          Current Members: AceDragonite (lol)
                                          Current Game title: Pokemon Calcite (i found a stone!)
                                          Current progress made: In the process of making fakemon
                                          Position(s) needed:Everything, i need all the help i can get (Spriter, Mapper, Scripter, etc)
                                          Timezone: Eastern USA
                                          Preferred Method of contact: [email protected]
                                          Additional info: Hello, I am AceDragonite and i am an aspiring game maker whose stupid computer wont download RMXP. I have some fantastic ideas that i will put in the game that i want to share with the rest of the community
                                          -Light and Sound Types (not new)
                                          -Tournament Championship instead of elite four
                                          -The region of Tabi has mini regions some of which vary from Frozen Tundra and Tropical isles to scorching deserts and rolling hills
                                          -You have to get 8 gym badges and 4 contest ribbons to be in the tourney (correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure this is new)

                                          Heres a link to see the final evos of all three starters to keep you guessing (idk i was bored) Also god may have forgot to put "good artist" on my list of talents. sorry if they suck.

                                          Clorodon: (hes supossed to be Green and Orange sorry about the coloring Job) GRASS/FLYING
                                          Blazerack: FIRE
                                          Feraline: WATER

                                          Thanks for Listening!

                                          paired to kaori & vrai
                                          Old April 23rd, 2010 (11:55 AM). Edited May 21st, 2010 by brian1666.
                                          brian1666's Avatar
                                          brian1666 brian1666 is offline
                                            Join Date: Apr 2009
                                            Location: Ifori Region
                                            Age: 25
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Nature: Calm
                                            Posts: 38
                                            Im good at making HG/SS/D/P/Pt sprite sheets.
                                            In scratching im terrible xD.
                                            I can make 160x160 HG/SS/D/P/Pt sprites.

                                            Status: Making own game...
                                            Games i support:
                                            Old April 24th, 2010 (8:26 PM).
                                            Pastel Pastel is offline
                                              Join Date: Apr 2010
                                              Gender: Male
                                              Posts: 4
                                              I am looking for a project that needs a spriting contributor.
                                              I can create shiny versions of fakemon, region maps, and a few miscelaneous stuff, tell me what, and I might be able to do it. Feel free to PM me for examples, since I can post images when i have a PC under 15.
                                              PM me with information about the project, and everything you want me to work with. Thank you.
                                              I know nothing about fan games scripting, so I am hoping this to help me with it, and I am able to start a project hopefully by next year.
                                              I am a spriter.
                                              I am willing to help people with fan-games, PM me, and I will tell you what I can do.
                                              Old April 29th, 2010 (11:12 PM). Edited April 30th, 2010 by Crazyninjaguy.
                                              Crazyninjaguy's Avatar
                                              Crazyninjaguy Crazyninjaguy is offline
                                              I'm back.
                                                Join Date: May 2008
                                                Location: England
                                                Age: 25
                                                Gender: Male
                                                Posts: 663
                                                Recruiting a Team Member

                                                Team name:
                                                PlanetDev Productions

                                                Team Leader:

                                                Current Members:

                                                Current Game title:
                                                Pokemon Twilight

                                                Current progress made:
                                                Scripting (10%)
                                                Storyline (10%)
                                                Mapping (3%)
                                                Spriting (0%)
                                                Tiling (0%)

                                                Position(s) needed:
                                                Well i need a few people who are willing to work, and must be good at what they do

                                                Another Scripter wouldn't hurt


                                                Preferred Method of contact:

                                                Additional info:
                                                I've had this idea in my head for about 2 years now, some of you may remember my first game thread here, which failed because i didn't much about RMXP or how it worked. Now i'm a whole lot better and i hope to make this game a success. I need people who know what they're doing in their field, and are willing to work to make this game special.

                                                Please include proof of your work in your PM so that i can see some before i decide

                                                A little something i've made for the game:


                                                Please note, the dual screen probably will be changed to something more original/different.

                                                Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
                                                Old April 30th, 2010 (1:35 PM).
                                                ArthurMaker's Avatar
                                                ArthurMaker ArthurMaker is offline
                                                  Join Date: Jan 2009
                                                  Posts: 22
                                                  POKÉMON MILLENARY LEGEND
                                                  "How will be the beginning of the End?"


                                                  I'm doing this project some time ago and need a team to help me. The game will have graphics of the new remakes of Heart NDS Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver Soul. Of course, new characters and Pokémon, created by the team.
                                                  It is being developed by Pokemon Starter Kit, but in Portuguese (certain things. Well, most xD).
                                                  Millenary Pokémon Legend tells a similar story with the creation of the original Pokemon universe, "Arceus created Dialga and Palkia, then created Mew ..." and etc ... To read the full story of creation of original stories from the Pokemon saga.


                                                  "Space ... The infinite pitch these icy worlds ... And be a vacancy for him: anme. The first Pokémon, the creator of the race, the only one with unimaginable power ...
                                                  Feeling lonely, he created with his powers, two other Pokémon: Lygstar and Darnyth.
                                                  Lygstar, the monster who controls the light. Darnyth, the monster who controls the darkness. Thus, it still created something else: a small planet. Anme, near Lygstar Darnyth and gave life to this planet, creating the human race and increased the Pokémon, creating new ones. And so, anme gone, leaving Lygstar Darnyth and taking care of them all. Thus arose the Day and Night on the planet. Light and Darkness, in harmony ... Until that fateful day ... Lygstar Darnyth and saw that there could be only one being the one controlling the planet, got into a fight between time and space, causing various problems and risks of living in the poor inhabitants of that small piece of land round. Anme again, realizing the impacts and future problems that could occur on that planet if the fight continued. Then he caught the two people in different places on the planet, sleeping, leaving only his powers that there was still flowing day and night. A thousand years have passed and now someone is trying to make them wake up and start to fight again, so that the world is destroyed by the end. Now, only you can save the world these people and Pokémon! "

                                                  NEW POKÉDEX!

                                                  To leave the game with an air more original, we are creating new Pokémon. That is, you will not see any Piplup, Charizard, Darkrai, etc. in the game. The game will have a brand new brand new Pokédex!

                                                  CURRENT TEAM

                                                  Arthur - Creation of play; Translation Pokemon Starter Kit(for brazilians); Creator of Abstracts of the game (which is in the History section of this topic).


                                                  Screenwriter 0 / 2
                                                  He is what creates the history of the game according to my synopses that is in this topic (History section).

                                                  Designer 0 / 2
                                                  He will take care of the graphic designer of the game. As the title screen, etc ...

                                                  Spriter 0 / 4
                                                  Take care / create the designer of the clothes of the characters, edit images for the game, coaches will, etc ...

                                                  Creator of Pokemon / "Fakémons" 0 / 4
                                                  Create new Pokemon game. Are very important!

                                                  Scripter 0 / 3
                                                  Modify (or create) scripts for the game, so that we can customize it further.

                                                  Hunter Resources 0 / 3
                                                  Seek new graphics tilesets for the game and other resources. FAKÉMONS LESS!

                                                  Eventer 0 / 2
                                                  Create additional systems for the game. (FOR EVENTS, NO SCRIPT)

                                                  Mapper 0 / 3
                                                  Take care / create the posts of the game. From Routes and Gyms to Towns and Cities.


                                                  None for now ...

                                                  Form for registration

                                                  I would be: (spriter, mapper, among others...) 
                                                  Address MSN / Yahoo /  Gmail:
                                                  Games / Pokémon that have  played on:
                                                  Sample Work: (Only  Mappers, Writers, Designers and Spriters must fill this field)

                                                  I wish someone from my team to participate and help me create this project ...
                                                  If you have doubts can ask ^ ^
                                                  Thanks in advance!

                                                  Bye, peoples!!

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