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Old July 29th, 2011 (5:01 PM).
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The Sims Fan Club


Welcome, for those of you who are a huge fan of The Sims series you've came to the right place!
This club is dedicated to the brilliant PC simulation game "The Sims" developed by Maxis (later by The Sims Studios) and published by EA (Electronic Arts).The game uses isometric projection and features open-ended simulation of the daily activities of one or more virtual persons ("Sims") in a suburban area near SimCity.

The Sims consists of 3 series that are The Sims 1, 2 & 3 all branched with Expansion Packs to extend the features and enhance the gameplay to new levels!
The Sims is widely known globally selling over 100 million copies and on June 22, 2010 it was laballed the best selling PC-Franchise in PC History, what's not to argue about that!?

So, if you would like to join, just simply put down your name and why you want to join, have fun!


Favourite Sims Series?
Favourite Sims Expansion Pack?
Favourite Sims Stuff Pack?
If you could create an Item, what would it be?

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Old August 7th, 2011 (1:41 AM).
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Oh gosh! Can I join, like, right now!?

Favourite Sims Series
Sims 1
Favourite Expansion Pack
The Sims Makin' Magic
Favourite Stuff Pack
The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff
If you could create an item, what would it be?
Maybe some sort of item that you use and a new lover falls from the sky or something?
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Old August 8th, 2011 (1:03 PM).
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Favourite Sims Series?
Favourite Sims Expansion Pack?
Favourite Sims Stuff Pack?
Fast Lane stuff
If you could create an Item, what would it be?
A Machine That Allows to play at least minimized version of the TS1 in TS3 Thats right, Simception
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I need a ditto safari T_T
Old August 8th, 2011 (1:46 PM).
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Favourite Sims Series
The Sims 3
Favourite Expansion Pack
Late Night and Ambitions
Favourite Stuff Pack
Town Life Stuff
If you could create an item, what would it be?
I'll have to think about this --will edit later.

Bottom line, I want to join the club. xD
Old August 8th, 2011 (6:49 PM).
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Why have I not joined this yet?

Favourite Sims Series?
The Sims 2

Favourite Sims Expansion Pack?
Really hard to choose, because the TS2 ones added great stuff to the game that I can't imagine taking any of them away. I will say that Apartment Life added a few features that I love. Particularly apartments.

Favourite Sims Stuff Pack?
Kitchen & Bath

If you could create an Item, what would it be?
I don't know, honestly. All the stuff I can think of has already been created by the community. I would like more options for clothes and hair, though.

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Old August 14th, 2011 (10:30 AM).
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I love the mysims collection except sky heroes sign me up.
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Old August 31st, 2011 (5:21 AM).
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Favourite Sims Series
The Sims 2
Favourite Expansion Pack
The Sims 2 Appartment Life
Favourite Stuff Pack
Don't really have one, but if I havev to choose it'd have to be Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff. It added a lot of variety to the houses I created, as they almost always ended up with the sa,e furniture for the kitchen and bathroom.

If you could create an item, what would it be?
Uhm, I guess I'd like to have more instruments in the game. (like an accoustic Guitar, a keyboard etc.)
Old August 31st, 2011 (5:47 AM).
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Favourite Sims Series?
The core PC series is my favorite series. Favorite generation is the The Sims 2 generation of games.

Favourite Sims Expansion Pack?
That would be... University, probably.

Favourite Sims Stuff Pack?
I'm not too keen on the stuff packs, but I do own the University Life pack because we lost our original University disks.

If you could create an Item, what would it be?
Probably either another computer or another car. Not sure at all, though.
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