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OldRivalShipping fic idea

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Old June 26th, 2009 (3:43 AM).
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I have this idea for a fanfiction involving Blue and Green aka OldRivalShipping.
Here's the basic story. It may contain terms not suitable for under 14 yos:

Blue is now twenty one years old, is out searching for Pokemon one month after her boyfriend, Zorro, leaves for Sinnoh to battle in the Sinnoh leauge. She is bored of waiting for him and decides to become a trainer again. While out she battles a kid called Rex whose father turns out to be Green. Rexs mother was a one-night stand and once Rex was born, dumped him with Green. Blue and Green had a falling out after Green tried to help her train her Pokemon after suggesting Blue capture more Pokemon then just the cute ones. Blue accuses Green of trying to suppress her so he can look better then her. Green denies this and the two argue. Blues Nidogueen becomes angrey and attacks Green and nearly kills him. The two havn't spoken since that incident.
Blue and Green must fight obvious feelings for each other as they live together in the same house thanks to Rexs meddeling in thier own affairs. Even worse, a angrey Zorro finds out about Blue and Greens relationship and becomes incredibly jealouse. In other to get his girl back he hire a Team he met in Sinnoh, Team Chaos. They have set up base in Kanto and plan on overthrowing the order there while killing Green. Blue and Green still fight thier feeling as they dodge Chaos agents.

It's not the best story but I need help on it.If someone who knows the manga better then I do (i've narly finished the Yellow arc) would like to co-write it with me, they ar welcome.
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