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Help Thread Official Cloning Thread

Trade Shops Need a very specific Pokémon bred or trained for your team? In this forum you can browse the vast collections of our most established traders! Only one thread may be created per user.

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Trade Corner's Official
Cloning Thread


1. Post here to apply to cloning services, or to request cloning services
2. Use the Application/Request Forms
3. Do not contact cloners directly until one contacts you first
4. Arrange the trade through VMs/PMs.
Cloners, like their post if you contacted them, so other cloners know you're on the case
5. Once you've been attended to, delete your post.
Cloners, if they fail to delete their post, report said post and I will tend to it
6. Don't abuse this thread. Do not ask for an unreasonable amount of tradebacks
7. Do not request cloning of a hacked Pokémon

Availability: From 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. GMT+1 / +2 (Paris)
Friend Code: 0903-3474-9547
IGN: Cakesu / Yoko
Cloning Method: Powersaves 3DS

Timezone: GMT+4 (EDT/EST)
Friend Code: 4012-5688-9276
Cloning Method: Powersaves 3DS

Timezone: GMT+4 (EDT/EST)
Friend Code: 4141-2407-3725
IGN: Soapy/Soapie
Cloning Method: Powersaves 3DS



1. Must have a reliable & legal way to clone
2. Must NOT have an infraction for offering or trading hacked Pokémon
3. Must be an active member of PokéCommunity for at least 6 months, and have at least 100 posts
4. Acceptance is not guaranteed, even if you meet the requirements

Application form

Friend Code:
Cloning Method:


Request form

Pokemon: Which Pokemon you're submitting.
Copies: How many clones you want (within reasonable limits).
Availability/Timezone: Provide your timezone and your usual availability
FC: Friend Code
IGN: Your name in the game.
Gen: Generation of games in which you will be trading

Pokemon: Victini
Copies: 1 copy + original
Availability: Weekends, 10AM-10PM EST
FC: 1234 5678 9012
IGN: Ash
Gen: 7

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