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    Mμ3 is a game I am working on in the super powerful actionscript 2.0 FLASH platform. Upon release it will be available to play in your web browser or in a downloadable .exe.

    Years after the events of Kanto, all was well. Mewtwo was captured, realized his errors and was no longer hateful. Team Rocket was calmed after continuous defeats from Pokemon trainer Red. Everything seemed to be great. That was, until one Kanto's most infamous Pokemon came back, with his eyes set on domination of the Pokemon World. He is widely known by his abnormal behavior due to being a living glitch (as Porygon is a living program). His name was Mewthree, but Kanto and the rest of the world recognize him by his pokedex-assigned data name: Missingno.

    That's right. Missingno is back to take the world for his own.

    General Gameplay:
    The game will combine 2D sidescrolling shooter action with the classic turn-based pokemon RPG battle styles. Instead of simply being able to move and crush stones in the sidescrolling overworld, you will have a gun. Certain abilities will help, an example being Starly may fly you onto the top of buildings. Pokemon battles will NOT have their own screen, you will fight ON THE OVERWORLD!

    Example: using Thunder after Hydro Pump will do extra damage! In addition to old status conditions, I will introduce secondary status conditions. For example: Wet (electric attacks do more after water attacks), Close (Use a physical move after a physical move and the second does extra damage), Consticted (Range attacks suck as fire blast do more damage if moves like wrap are used), and so forth, adding countless stategetic options.

    Catch the shape-shifting MISSINGNO:
    MISSINGNO will be the main villain of the story (Read bellow) and be obtainable near at the conclusion of his rampage.

    There once was a lab on Cinnibar island... years before what it is now. The lab was funded by Silph Co. Horrific studies took place in the lab, yet they were continuously funded and operated by their sponsor due to their effeciency. They, unlike Silph Co's HQ, didn't create items. They created pokemon.
    Their studies began with merely altering the virtual reality to create a living, breathing computer program. Yet, their studies didn't end there.

    No one ends with the first success.

    Silph Co., with their wealth, was able to capture Mew, happily providing it to the Pokemon Laboratory. What was produced was enough to fill Silph Co's goals. What was produced was Mewtwo, a psychically stronger version of Mew. Impregnating Mew with the embryo of it's clone, the scientists created a growing fetus of power. Mew finally yielded a newborn to the scientists, which they dubbed Mewtwo. That wasn't their only end result, of course; the experiment left one scientist, Blaine, diseased, and ended in the destruction of most of the lab's equipment. Rocket grunts were sent to occupy the building until funding could be built up to pay for new equipment. And when they'd gotten the money, they went to build a pokemon even stronger, even more powerful than the last Mew clone.

    BIG mistake.

    Utilizing the Mew DNA the lab still contained, they set off with a different idea. "Instead of making a pokemon a master of one technique," the head scientist started, "why not build a master of all the elements?" Looking into Mew, the scientists found the feline pokemon contained the combined DNA of every single pokemon in existence.
    During development, they gave the third creation the ability that would make it nearly perfect: the ability to shape shift on demand. By altering it's DNA to match models found inside itself, the new creation would be able to become ANY pokemon.

    To be superior in type to any pokemon. To transform into the enemy's weakness. The ability to adapt would be the power that made this new creation the ultimatepokemon

    The new creation was born into cyberspace, on a virtual server hosted by a porygon. The idea was the pokemon would be raised on the server in the virtual world, then be born again into the real world as a virtual reality pokemon, as porygon had been. This would make him controllable by the lab's computers, and he would be unable to turn on his creators.

    Of course, that seemed like a good idea. But the world.... doesn't go according to our plans, now does it?

    The creation attacked the server porygon, overtaking the virtual realm that held it and being ported into the real world, as porygon had. It's programing was damaged, making it a living, breathing, transforming, adaptable GLITCH.And on top of that, it was bred to be unbeatable. The creation took the form of a Kabutops fossil, pointing a blade at the head scientist. "Who am I?" The creation asked. The head scientist could barely bring himself to answer.

    "You are Mewthree."

    Enraged by his existance as a third copy, Mewthree shifted into the form of an armored Mewtwo. Destroying the building, as his predecessor had done, he left to roam the coast of Cinnibar.

    Days later, Red came across the being on the coast. Whipping out the Pokedex, Red attempted to identify the creature. Being a glitch, Mewthree caused the pokedex to freeze, the screen reading " 'M ." Agitated with the human and his lack of acomplishment so far, Mewthree fled the area to find help. And he new just where to go. He had to find the most hateful pokemon currently in existance, other than himself. He had to find his brother. He had to find Mewtwo. He would team up with him and make the pokemon world what it should be: a world ruled by the stronger beings, which were not humans. The world was meant to be controlled by pokemon.

    With the glitch gone from the area, the pokedex was finally able to function. Attempting to pull up data, the pokedex was busy for a few moments, then it finally pulled up the only label it could find for the pokemon.


    Note: These screenshots were taken from an EXTREMELY EARLY beta version. Due to a bug in the programming, I had to take out the HP bars (They were screwed UP!). The sprites may change, I'm currently debating Gen. III and Gen. IV for trainers.

    Banner... thingy!:

    Newest video:_____iPhone Commercial

    These are the lines. You are reading between them. Congrats.

    I did despise my low, undeserved rep at first, but now I'm infamous, and in my book that's kick***
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      I like the idea. Nice Story.

      I'll be watching this.
      --Games i Support--
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