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    Alright. First ever Pokemon Fanfic. So I really need C&C, apologies for any overused cliches.

    Genre: Angst and a bit of romance
    Rating: K+ ~T but nothing explicit, rating just for the death/violence/(maybe)torture
    Protagonists (OC): Amelia and Cipher

    CHAPTER 1-Meeting POV Cipher
    The tumult of rain streaked down from the endless sky above to stroke the already wet velvet points of grass. I made my way past the drowning forests bordering Enigma’s headquarters. I knew that Valerie, head of secret service and personally responsible for my security would undoubtedly have a fit if she ever saw me unescorted like this. The pre dawn light filtered through the shadows of the thinning vegetation, as I kept an ever watchful eye out for the perimeter guard as I approached the clearing.

    Just beyond the trees, where a shiver of dawn scattered the bleak sky, I could make out the silhouettes of Captain Tara’s guard strewn through the edge of the clearing. I pulled back my sleeve, briefly raising my left wrist, clearly showing the coruscating ice blue of the colour coded device that every Enigma member wore. By now, the rain had eased off into a light drizzle raking my hair.

    ‘My lord.’

    Tara stepped forward to acknowledge my presence. Her partner, a Vulpix, sat loyally at her feet. Even he was unnerved by my presence. Entirely garbed in the typical black uniform, a gun holstered in her belt, she was tall with narrow emerald eyes that voiced an unsaid warning.

    Too late.

    Valerie effortlessly followed her stride, drawing closer. Middling in height, every aspect reflected her sharp, abrupt manner. Umbreon, a comparatively anxious shadow crept around her ankles. The ruby glow shone through her sleeve, visible exclusively to those of Enigma, marked her as a high ranking executive.

    ‘Cipher, your thoughtless idiocy will get you assassinated.’

    Valerie’s grey eyes and voice were measured, but carried a hard edge. The only one who would dare talk to me with that brusqueness. Tara carefully averted her eyes. My face was impassive. The insubstantial mist drew away, perhaps frightened by the threat of a confrontation.

    ‘Every point of access to this area is secured by your people and Victor’s and Rhys constantly has me under surveillance in case of attack. He upgraded my device for offensive and basic defensive purposes. This section of forest is officially non-existent and has been deleted from every map in existence, be it digital or otherwise. It isn’t ideal for ambush either, since any intruder informed of the location would know it is an ideal training ground, one of the best for organising troops.’

    I paused, carefully observing her reaction. I took a measured step forward. Closer.

    ‘Not a cause for concern, unless you believed that the intruder was one of ours. But you still don’t trust Victor’s discretion. Not even after half a decade.’

    The cold rippling rain ran through the shafts of golden light splashing the ground between us. The sun soaked atmosphere slanted through her sharp, thoughtful eyes.

    Another pause. Valerie touched my shoulder. Discomfort was mutual.

    ‘Victor covets power, militarily and politically. He isn’t afraid to manipulate and coerce for it. He makes a dangerous, though powerful ally. Don’t let your friendship with him let you overlook this. As for your safety, I will personally accompany you. I won’t entrust your safety to him. But there are other things as well.’ There was a brief silence. ‘Rhys is concerned about your condition. I am as well. But Cipher, how could you… how could you possibly justify testing your genetic experiments on children? ’

    I pushed her hand away. I felt my eyes darken with fury and hopelessness; feeling that dagger of ice and threat undercut my words.

    ‘The end will justify the means. Perhaps you underestimate my desperation. I am not about to let moral qualms get in the way; I am and will not ever be resigned to my fate. I have improved genetic technology to the point that I can almost completely rewrite a person’s genetic code. That in itself will save countless lives.’

    Outwardly my chill expression was from the darkest depths of my soul. Inwardly I was cringing at my casual dismissal of the truly countless lives I’d ruined without a second thought. The silence slumped into a vast chasm. Neither dared to contradict my words.

    ‘I have contributed more to medicine than any other person in Mira’s living history. You have your orders. It is not your role to question them.’

    Valerie flinched at the plummet in temperature of my voice. Tara blanched. Maybe she was wondering whether I would order the execution of her immediate superior right then and there. Perhaps I would have, had I ever doubted Valerie’s loyalty. Tara’s guards had nervously gathered around me.

    ‘I understand, my lord.’ Her voice held bitter resignation. The dawn seemed darker than ever before in the pinched atmosphere of my making.

    ‘Captain Tara, return to guarding the perimeter. Valerie, come with me, please.’ The slight strain in my voice was telling. I walked off trying not to looking back, clinching guilt and because no matter how hard I ever tried, I would never able to return Valerie’s feelings for me.

    P.O.V- Amelia School
    There was finally a refreshing peek of sunshine after all the dreary rain this week. Eos College was closed for a public holiday, but the vast gardens brimmed with students and their teachers, with their Pokémon, comparing notes, writing essays, revising or simply enjoying the sun.

    I was taking a break away from my roommates. Dave, Steve and Lyra seemed determined to make my life a dull and boring misery and were busy observing whether or not a pet Magikarp could evolve by constantly feeding it sugar. Ben had been occupied with terrorising his classmates and teachers alike in the middle of the night with his partner-in-mischief, a Haunter named Zachariah. Both were currently catching up on sleep, one on the soft green grass and the other in a Pokeball that was slightly smudged with mud.

    I rolled on my side, watching Zephyr, my Masquerain, lazily dip from breeze to breeze, drifting among the clouds of white fluff in the blue-gold sky. It was autumn, which meant sunny days were increasingly rare and the burden of exams were visible on the horizon. From my patch of warm garden, I liked to dream of flying, and could imagine the freedom of being able to fly wherever you want. After all, Zephyr could share his experiences with me in the same way I could share with him what I had learned that day in college. Students and trainers would grow with their Pokémon, in both maturity and knowledge.

    He alighted, humming, on the sun soaked stretch of ground beside me, eyes and wings bright. Recent advances in technology, admittedly made by Enigma, had meant it was possible for all Pokémon and trainers to communicate mentally. An interesting unforeseen consequence of this included an outbreak of cheating in schools, since the average Pokémon was either as smart as or smarter than a trainer.

    'Amelia' hmmed Zephyr, who preferred to communicate via pictures than words. He skipped over rhombus wings alight, showing me the cyan tinged leaves, the shining peach coloured sun and the sky that was his domain, empty, just the way he preferred it. And maybe some food…?

    I sighed, briefly shutting my eyes. He was just like me. Solitary, when he didn’t let his stomach didn’t rule his head. He didn't feel like he belonged here. The same way I had felt when my father had died eight years ago. I'd never known my mother. Unlike me, Zephyr was one of the last of his species, the first of which had started to disappear because of the climate change that no one could stop. But even when he was with the rest of his species, he still felt different from other Masquerain, because of the way he looked. He wanted to belong, but he couldn't because of the colour of his wings, and there was always a saddening undercurrent of loneliness in his thoughts.

    My Masquerain been with me my entire life. My father had been a Pokémon researcher in his spare time, a scientist and had worked as an important member of the old government. I let my thoughts slop into that one big black pit that I always tried to avoid... He'd been one of the ones which had resisted Engima's takeover. He'd only ever fought for freedom for the people. Though he'd known the former system had been corrupt and the time for democracy was nearly up. He had believed the system could be redeemed. But by then, even the common people had been rebelling against the government. Places smashed. On fire. Angry. An army of civilians, eerily in the semblance of war. In war, but yes, what did rights matter when you were starving and everyone was dying? And oh god. The screaming and the pleading that I'd tried so hard to forget.
    He'd been one of the ones who had been executed.

    Remembered it. Scarlett, ruby blood that fell like gems over the dark, stone floor... Tried to collect my thoughts. And we'd been powerless to do anything. Amelia! Still haunting. Even after eight years. Would I ever be rid of it? Dad! Oh gods, our families had fought and killed to save us, but in the end it had been the war and death that had defeated us. One of us had to die. Let her live! And just like that, he'd given it up. His life. So that I could live. Because that had been Cipher's compromise. And his word was the law. I sucked in a breath. Zephyr was silent, but radiating a touch of hope. That insensitive insect.

    'Go on' hmms Zephyr. Patient, always.

    Thought about the better times. When we picked stones from the pond and threw them in to see the ripples. Raising my lifelong partner Surskit. Hearing them. Hearing his thoughts for the first time. Dad dressed up in his gear, with mud stuck to his face and a big stupid grin. Slopped on his face. Looking absolutely nothing like the serious politician he was meant to be. My father, Rhys who'd always been my role model, even then. Did a school project on him. Ok. I'd promised myself to pull it together now. When he'd died I'd felt an empty blotch of nothingness. But since I'd never seen his actual death, I used to lie to myself that one day he'd come back.

    But life went on. I went to school, then college. It picked itself up, even if you weren't happy, or thought the world had ended yesterday. The memory sticks and it doesn't fade. Today, I felt that maybe I could put it all behind me. A bright swatch of light later, and Zephyr was back to lazily looping the sky.

    I got up, sighing. Mediating between that wonderful sunlight and avoiding a fail, I decided that morose thoughts or not, I’d be better off starting that essay. My shadow slumped around the corner, as I wondered where Zephyr had gone, as I made my way back to my room. I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. I frowned. None of my roommates were that careless. I walked in.

    And stopped. Possible chance of hallucination? Zero.

    Zephyr just looked so smug, eating sugar from the very person who always used to feed it to him. He liked sugar. What had the Ben said yesterday, that I had thought was utter nonsense? The Pokemon. They always knew.

    He’d told the truth.
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