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Pokemon Aura Version

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Old September 10th, 2009 (12:51 AM). Edited September 11th, 2009 by Lucius.
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Pokemon Aura Version

What is it?
In the Saera region, many have held onto the legend of a great power known as Aura. This power is only tapped in minute amounts by pokemon and by certain trainers, such as psychics. Legend says that the Aura can be unlocked by one known as the Aura-kin, a special denizen of the forces afformentioned.

However, a group known as Orgainisation X has begun research on pokemon, specifically those who have the ability to tap Aura. Led by a person only known as Master X, they wish to unlock the key of Aura and shape the world anew, the vision of their preciously mantioned leader.

You play a boy/girl who is from a wealthy family. Knowing only pokemon basics and going past the age your friends had become trainers you wish to gain the outside experience that they have gained. Leaving you pampered home lifestyle, and carrying with you a newly acquired pokemon. You take only what you need with you, and arrive in the Saera region ready for a new adventure.

The Saera Region

The Saera Region is filled with mountainous region, channels, undersea caverns and various ruins. It is the perfect place for the researcher to study. The green dot is where you begin your pokemon journey.


This is the style of my sprites, this one was for an online forum. Its called Sepisk.

Yeh. Not much but *shrugs* What can I do?

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