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DP143 & 144 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)

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Old September 17th, 2009 (3:17 AM). Edited September 19th, 2009 by Unown_.
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DP142 & 143 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)

Hi again and it's that time again for the newest episode that has aired in Japan.
I’m going to try and explain what happened in this week’s episode, remember I can’t read/speak Japanese.

Sadly this is my last time to update you guys as from next Thursday I won’t be able to do this as I will be in University :( but it has been fun doing these for the last couple of weeks although I haven’t been doing it for long it was still fun do to and thank you guys for the support and comments. If I have a day off or so I might do this or if no one has updated the episode when I finish Uni and I see it on some site we all know and love I can still do it then but it looks like someone will beat me to this. So only when I have time off and Holidays I will be able to do this again guys :( .

-Little Preview saying it’s a Special Episode and what’s happening.

Pokémon High Touch 2009 Opening.

-Ash stomach rumbling..There all hungry I guess?
-Marill is in a little alleyway stuck or something? Pikachu and Piplup pull it out.
-KOTONE!! Runs and arrives!!!
-They all introduce each other..
-They are at this town full of tents or some sort...Poke Gear RINGS!
-Kotone talks to Kazunari.
-Kotone talks about what they were viewing on TV.
-Arrive at the tent where Kazunari is and Dawn sees Totodile
-Takeshi tastes its food as Totodile seemed rude, so he made some food.
-Takeshi introduces himself as a breeder.
-A lot of more talking.
-They talk about what they do such as Ash is a trainer and collects badges while Kotone collects Ribbons same as Dawn.
-Team Rocket having a picnic lol
-Kotone is on the stage talking to everyone and shows the 3 Johto starters on TV.
-Dawn goes up on stage and has a battle against Chikorita.
-Razor Leaf,
-Piplup defeated Chikorita. Woooo!
- Kotone has a present for winning. IT’S A POKEMON EGG!! (By the look of the egg we all know what Pokémon it is)
-A noise? Team Rocket comes out! Does their motto (I think) that I haven’t heard for a while!
(Video Froze)
-A tree burst there balloon?
- Kotone and crew run and follow Team Rocket.

End Part 1

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Pokémon HG/SS DS Commercial

Pokémon TCG Commercial

Pokémon Bread Commercial Daiichipan

Magazine Commercial

Pokémon Movie 12 Commercial

Part 2

-Team Rocket is on the floor with their balloon wrecked on the tree.
-They mention some Johto Legendaries for some reason then Jessie sees a Teddiursa and yells at it then a Ursaring appears
-Crew find a box on the floor? (Video Froze)
-Team Rocket has the egg and they run away from teady..But lost Jessie
-Staraptor returns and tells Ash, Takeshi, Kazunari they found Team Rocket, Kazunari speaks through Poke Gear to Katone and Dawn to say they found Team Rocket. Marill gives a signal to Ash and crew to tell them where they are located.
-James and Meowth are surrounded. When James sends out it GREEN, Kazunari. Uses its Pokedex to check it out.
-Pikachu and Piplup manage to send James and mewoth flying...The Egg starts to flash!!
(Video Froze)
-Back at the town the egg hatches to a....Cyndaquil, HAHA His fire on his back spoils Danws face!! Lol

End to be continued

Next Part coming up next

2 x Pokémon Tomy Commercial

Pokémon HG/SS Commercial

2 x Meiji Commercial (OPEN!! –lol)

2 x McDonalds Commercial

-Pikachu is happy!! Eating food lol.
-They crew are out somewhere in the open, seems like Dawn is training.
-Piplup doesn’t get along with Dawns new Pokémon Cyndaquil lol, Pikachu stops then fighting lol
-Ash and Dawn have a battle, Grotle vs. Cynadquil..
-Razor Leaf missed, Cyndaquil did a Flame Wheel!
-Team Rocket is spying at them all and talks of course lol
-The Battle continues...Smokescreen and Swift by Cyndaquil, then Rock Climb by Grotle
-Takeshi stops the battle!..Piplup praise Grotle when he realises Cyndaquil is having all the praise lol, he runs to Cyndaquil just about he is going to eat a poffin and snatches it from Cyndaquil and then massive fight breaks lose.
- Kotone realises Marill is missing, they go off and find Marill, Piplup and Cyndaquil are still competing.
-They arrive at this Power Plant and Magnamite are here and runs after them into this room, they see a guy sleeping and ask if he has seen a Marril. This guy is like in control of the CCTV or some sort.
-They see Marill on the TV, they are all happy they see Marill and know there here, the Guy goes back to sleep?!
-Team Rocket are carrying some HUGE Plug, they have a Plan..HAHA on their hair it’s all been messed up with static I guess.
-They find Marill then a door separates the crew to Piplup and Cyndaquil. They try to get the guys attention on the TV Camera but of course the guy is asleep.

End Part 1

Pokémon Bread Daiichipan

Some weird commercial

Pokémon Movie 12 Commercial / OST / Badge

3 x Pokémon Tomy Commercial

Part 2

-The Guy is still sleeping, and the crew realises this as the door still hasn’t been open.
- Kazunari starts to panic lol
-Ash and Takeshi have an idea to go and open the vent while Dawn and Atone talks. (I think Kotone asks Dawn does he LIKE Ash lol)
-Pikachu goes through the vent to the other side and stops Piplup and Cyndaquil fighting...still!
-Team Rocket walks and arrive where the guy is sleeping and sees everything on the TV Monitors.
-Pikachu/Cyndaquil/Piplup run and then head straight to Team Rocket who have nets trying to capture them. Magnamite to the rescue though. Team Rocket with messed up hair lol.
-Ash brings out Grotle to try and open the door, doesn’t work!.. Kotone has a go and brings out Girafarig. Ash try’s to use a wrench to open the door (while this goes on EPIC MUSIC is being played)
-Team Rocket has seemed to lose Pikachu
-Ash and crew have to share the last cookies with all of them.
-Pikachu arrives at the control room but...Team Rocket grabbed Cyndaquil, does there motto lol
-The Guys is still sleeps through the motto haha.
-Piplup and Pikachu attack Team Rocket..., the electric comes back on and the door opens and the crew are free. Cynadaquil and Piplup fight over to gets to hug Dawn first lol, so yes they both fight again.
-Once the crew leaves the building yes of course...Team Rocket is outside with a Slugma robot? Lol, they use an attack but there robot is out of power...Pikachu shocks them and as useal it blows up and they get blasted off.
-Narrator talks and its finished.

Pokémon Ending.

Pokémon HG/SS Reminder and talks about the main character and the Male character.

Haha they play “Bonkers” Music land Prodigy music lol

They talk about the 3 Pokémon Starters and the Mini games

Shows the episode guide from the Studio of Ep 157 I think!!! Or maybe its next week’s episode.

2 x DS Game Commercial

2 x Meiji Commercial

Pokémon HG/SS Commercial

Pokémon TCG Commercial

2 x McDonalds Commercial

Pokémon Preview!

Pokémon Sponsors

Talks about Naruto.

As I allways say..Please do NOT talk about just the preview for the next weeks episode. When you do see this episode (Not saying where) share your thoughts on this thread. Thanks.

And as I said at the begining, this is my last one for a while..But if I can watch it not LIVE and do this before anyone else I will try.

Other than that I can see me only doing this when I have time off/Holidays etc.

So thanks for the comments for the previous episode threads (Allthough I havent done many lol) But it shows peopel are reading this as it really is hard work to write and watch while its live.

Thanks Again.

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Old September 17th, 2009 (4:44 AM).
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Yay! Dawn gets a new Pokemon! Hope its personality really differs from the one Ash had, but from the looks of it it seems like it does.

I didnt get to see the end, do the separate from Kotone?

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Originally Posted by H☆ZA View Post
I didnt get to see the end, do the separate from Kotone?
Nope they will be back in Episode 144 & 145 as next weeks is a double Special episode as well.
Shame I wont be able to watch it live, oh well.
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Gawd, Kotone's seiyuu is cool!
But I can't watch the full episode, so I'll... just... wait.

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Old September 18th, 2009 (11:17 AM).
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It's 143/144, just so you know.

I thought the episodes were great. Dawn has a Cyndaquil, and the Johto parts were fun, too. Dawn's Cyndaquil will probably pull a Bayleef on us and become Quilava, and then never evolve again. XD

I hate Piplup even more after watching this. It's a baby, you effing retard. Just step off.

The next episode previews hint at Ash catching that Gible and Oaking Gliscor. That is downright effing proposterous; Ash has never actually owned a pseudo (Larvitar doesn't count), and Gliscor was Ash's sixth Pokemon; Staraptor would seem most likely to be Oaked, since it was Ash's first catch in Sinnoh.

But regardless, he shouldn't catch Gible in the first place. It's going to go to the Johto guy...

Also, the preview showed Kotone's Chikorita using Solarbeam and the Johto guy's Totodile...evolving?! When is this, I wonder? :V

(BTW, Totodile is as cute as a button! :3)
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i think we all new dawn would catch a jhoto starter but im am shocked that it was cyndaquill lol i personally thought it would be a chikorita but i have this feeling in the back of my head that i can shake that dawn is going to hardly use buneray and pachirisu lol dont ask why i just dont think we will see these two much more i think she will favor cyndaquill Piplup and Mamoswine yeah i agree with the guy above me i dont think ash will catch a gilbe i think it will go to that jhoto guy
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Old September 18th, 2009 (5:52 PM).
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I'm a bit very disgusted that the writers decided to give Dawn (Who is my least favorite character) an awesome Cyndaquil...I was browsing Bulbapedia, and I went to look up Cyndaquil (For movesets) and then *BAM* I see a page titled "Dawn's Cyndaquil" I stared for a few moments and I click on it (hoping there was a new character named Dawn) however I'm sorely disappointed...I begin to read how Dawn got a Cyndaquil. (However I'm relieved that she didn't get Ash's, I had seen a topic discussing if people would be okay with Dawn getting Ash's Cyndaquil...I almost vomited.)

However I'm not going to watch the episode (I stopped after Master Quest), so I don't think I'll be able to give anymore feedback.
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Old September 18th, 2009 (6:14 PM).
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I too was also surprised when Dawn got a Cyndaquil. The first thing i thought was " You don't deserve a Cyndaquil". I never liked Dawn but i always like a Cyndaquil. And i totally agree about Piplup. I thought, Why are you fighting a baby?? Lol
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Old September 20th, 2009 (3:26 PM).
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Quite boring episodes, johto advertising combined with the usual TR operations. On a positive note, the BGM in these eps rocked, esp. the old indigo one that played in 143.

...and what was up with all the sudden pearlshipping? lol Kotone.
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Old September 20th, 2009 (6:00 PM).
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I thought it was cool to see Dawn with a new Cyndaquil. I thought for sure it would be Totodile, knowing how almost all of her Pokemon have some sort of blue color in them. Then again, Cyndie's got kind of a blueish-green back!
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Old September 22nd, 2009 (6:26 AM).
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i think kotone and her partner (kazunari) will be ash's new travelling friend.. i'm not sure about it though. maybe just for a while.

on the other side, i'm really glad that dawn got a cyndaquil, not chikorita.
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Piplup is Jealous, it would be funny if Cyndaquil Pissed him off so bad he shatters the everstone, elvoves into Prinplup and kicks his ass.

i hate Dawn, oh well, at least she didn't get Ash's Cyndaquil i would forever hate the Anime.

If ash is relly gonna catch that gible in DP145/146 it would kinda make sence to loose Gliscor becouse he already has a flying type, and gible is also a ground type so...

Anyone Noctice the Pearlshipping in recent Eapsoides?
Whats that all about 0_o>
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Reviewed the first one, but forgot about the second XD

- kotoe voice reminds me of someone...
- Ecruteak?
- ooh, Kotone is a trainer...
- odd. they made Chikorita lose
- Cool, so she's getting a Cyndaquil
- Teddiursa, gotta shove in the cute Pokemon
- Bahaha, Kotone keeps bossing around that guy
- random guy has [pkedex
- Whoa, that huge hat *is* ridiculous
- Route 27 theme!!
- Cyndaquil is cute
- lol...their hair

And Pearlshipping in the second episode? Except Hikari never thought about it
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