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    Hey there. My fanfictions are probably going to be different from everyone else because I am not using all those main characters such as Ash or May. Or whoever. My characters are the Go-Rock Quads. :shocked:
    I felt that Pokemon Ranger just didn't give enough of my favorite baddies. Of course, what would be Pokemon Ranger without rangers? Solana and Lunick are also in this fan fiction, along with several others I may make.
    So. I hope you enjoy. (:

    Chapter One - Manaphy!?!

    "Ah. It feels so good out today!" A lavender-haired girl stood on a pier, a long magenta ruffled-cape flowing behind her. She wore a short soft purple dress and black gloves that went all the way up to her shoulders. "Which means....a perfect day for shopping!" Her eyes sparkled at the water before her.
    "Well please do not drag us along with you, Tiffany." A male voice came from behind her. "Bag carrying makes me look like such a gentleman." The male sighed and the girl, who was called Tiffany, turned around. "Oh! Garret!!" She squealed and ran over to him, kissing him on the cheek. "Hi, big brother! What are you doing down here?" Tiffany asked.
    "Billy wanted me to come get you. He needs to talk to us about something since father isn't here." Garret replied, running a finger across his almost white hair. His bangs almost came down to his eyes and two long locks of hair hung much lower, almost to his neck, on the sides of his face. He was wearing a long white cloak with a fiery design on the bottom. He motioned towards her and started walking towards a large house. More likely considered as a mansion. Tiffany followed quietly.

    "Billy? I am back." Garret called as he knocked on a closed door.
    "Ah...Come in then..." A voice called from behind the door. Garret opened the door with Tiffany beside him. A young male sat behind a large desk leaning back in the chair with his legs and feet propped up on the desk. He had a long black trench coat over a red shirt. The only visibility was his dark colored pants. On the cloak, there was a "V" shaped red fur-lined collar on it. His hair was almost the same color as Garret's. His bangs hung down like Garret's and his hair came up and spiked out on both sides slightly. "Tiffany, there you are. I had to send Garret out to find you, dear." He smiled. "Clyde will be here momentarily. I have some very important things to discuss with you three." He sighed and leaned back farther.

    At that point, a male burst into the room huffing. "Yo! Sorry I was late, Billy. Don't get all pissy., I had to...Oh nevermind...." He plopped down next to Garret and Tiffany. His long navy denim cloak hung down to his ankles. A purple shirt and jeans were underneath. His hair was much lighter than his two brothers and it came down high above his neck, sticking out on both sides.
    Billy shook his head. "Get a bit more organized, brother. If I were father, I would be lecturing you on your tardiness."
    "Ugh...Don't go all Mr. Luffa on me. I hated that man.. So glad we left that school." Clyde whined.
    "Him? He was a sorry version of a teacher. He never stood up for us!" Garret agreed.
    Tiffany shrugged. "I kinda liked him..."
    "Why!?! He never did anything when people made fun of us!" Clyde growled.

    They had blew Billy up by now. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. "QUIET!!!" He yelled. All three immediately shrunk back in their chairs at their eldest brother's rage. "I did NOT call you here to argue about our past teacher! I have very important matters to discuss with you three. Now please...." Billy sighed and reached over to click a button on the keyboard. Many boxes and pictures came up on the screen, one which was a blue oval with a red center and yellow circles surrounding it. "You see this.....egg?" Billy pointed to the screen. "This is the Manaphy Egg...." A faint smile creeped out and then Tiffany spoke out.
    "Oh. Isn't Manaphy...."
    "King of the sea." Billy finished for her. "Indeed so."
    "Okay. What about?" Clyde shrugged. "It's a dumb egg..."
    "Don't you see? King of the Sea..." Billy stood up. "Manaphy guards the Temple of the Sea. If you paid attention in history, you would know what this is." He clasped his hands together. "The Temple of the Sea is hidden beneath the waters of the ocean. Only Manaphy can guide us there. And what lies inside that temple is an invaluable artifact: the Sea Crown!" He smiled. "If us Go-Rock Quads get our hands on that....Just imagine what we could do."
    "Okay, Billy. Nice idea. Father is smart and all....but how the hell are we supposed to go underwater? Wouldn't we, like, die? Drown? We would just go glub, glub, glub." Clyde retorted.
    "I had the deepest feeling you would bring that up, Clyde. Let me....make this as easy as possible." Billy replied. "You see....with Manaphy's help, we can find the Sea Temple. Father has left us with a submarine which we will use to go underneath the surface and down to the Sea Temple. What is so complicated now is explaining how we will breathe. Surrounding the Sea Temple is a....barrier, let's say, called a Containment Bubble. It pushes water that is on the outside out, leaving us with breathable air on the inside, understand? Unless we cause a disturbance in the atmosphere, the Sea Temple should not lose its buoyancy." He sat back down in his chair waiting for his sibling reactions.
    "Oh! How fun! We should totally do it, big brother!" Tiffany cried. "When is it?"
    Garret shrugged. "Well...this should definitely be interesting."
    "Okay, okay. Whatever...Let's just do it already." Clyde sighed.

    Billy nodded at each of them. "Tiffany, I haven't planned when yet since we lack the Manaphy Egg. That is our first objective. So Garret, Tiffany. You two are in charge of retrieving the Manaphy Egg at the Sayra Ocean Laboratory. Bring it back to our Hideout in Fall City. I will be waiting there for you. Clyde, see to it that no rangers decide to get in our way."
    Tiffany and Garret nodded to their older brother.
    "Gotcha Bro. But...what do you want me to do with any that try to stop us?" Clyde stood up, waiting for an answer.
    Billy simply smiled. "Annihilate them."
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    Old September 20th, 2009 (9:56 AM).
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      Chapter 2 - Misson for Fall City!

      "Solana, Lunick. Glad you could make it." A white haired man in a lab coat said. "It has been reported that Aria and Spenser have not returned from their mission. I have no option but to ask for your help."
      "Sure! What is the problem?" Solana asked.
      "There has been a spotting of two teenagers, a male and female, dressed like....erm...Rock stars?" He stroked his beard. "Yes, yes. Rock stars...Oh. They have been spotted near the Fall City entrance of Summer Fields, perhaps ten miles from Krokka Tunnel. I want you two to investigate and make sure they aren't causing any trouble. There have been many reports of "rock stars" causing disturbances in nature."
      Solana and Lunick nodded. "Roger!" They ran out of the Fall City Ranger Base. "So....Two rock stars, huh? Wonder if one of them is cute!" She giggled, teasing Lunick.
      "Ugh. Having a crush on the "bad guy"? Seriously..." Lunick shrugged. "Let's get this over with."

      Approaching in the distance was Summer Fields. Beautiful wheatgrass, flowers, and sparkling with wild Pokemon. But in the midst of that were two people dressed in very fancy clothes. "Hey. Solana. Look!" Lunick pointed to the two.


      "Garret! Hurry up! These stinkin' Yanma won't leave me alone!" Tiffany screeched.
      Garret smirked. "Stop wearing that strawberry perfume and they might. Now be patient. This will take some time. Billy said to come out here." He scanned the map in his hands before wadding it up. "Sayra Ocean is over that way. Let's go, Tiff." They began to walk towards the west side of the field.
      "HEY YOU TWO! STOP RIGHT THERE!" Lunick yelled running over. "Who are you?"
      Garret and Tiffany turned half way. "Mhmm. I thought Clyde is supposed to get rid of these pests." He shrugged. "Oh well."
      "Wha? W-Who are you!!?" Lunick repeated nervously.
      Tiffany smiled. "Who are we? I am Tiffany of the Go-Ro-" Garret cut her short. "My name is Garret and this is my little sister, Tiffany. Pleasure to meet your aquitances. Now if you'll excuse us, rangers, we will be on our way." They turned and began walking away.
      "Why are you out here?" He asked.
      Garret stopped again and pressed two fingers against his ear. "Clyde? This is Garret. We have two rangers here. Get rid of them."
      "Gotcha. Im about a minute away."

      Garret began walking again as he spoke. "Sorry Rangers. Time for us to leave. Have fun."
      "Hey there Garret! Tiffany! Im here!" A voice boomed across the fields along with the sound of....drums? "Now, now. Billy gave me strict orders on rangers. Find one. Annihilate one." He laughed. "Okay! Let's go, Crobat! Acidize these losers."
      Solana and Lunick turned around. Garret and Tiffany were gone. "Ugh! Capture that Crobat!"
      Solana nodded and pulled out a top-looking toy. "Capture on!"


      "There. Billy said the Manaphy Egg is in this ocean lab. Break in and lets grab it." Garret said as they approached a large white building alongside the ocean. The automatic doors swung open and a series of explosions went off. "Now, now. Please give me your attention, ladies and gentleman. There is nothing to be afraid of. Just do as we say and everything will be fine." As the smoke clearing, Garret was holding a bass guitar. Tiffany, a violin. "We are Garret and Tiffany of the Go-Rock Quads!" They cried together.
      One of the professors stood up shakily. "W-What do you....want?"
      "Hand over the Manaphy Egg!"
      "No! You musn't take it!"
      Garret strummed the guitar causing a shock wave throughout the building. "If you don't, we'll force it out of you!" He smiled strumming his guitar gently. "What'll it be? Cooperation or force?"
      The professor shook his head. "Do what you want. You'll never get that egg!"
      Tiffany sighed and shook her head. "Your mistake. Big brother...lets do it!!"

      A loud blare of music swirled around the building. The whole place was shaking. "Mistakes. Mistakes!" Tiffany sang out, giggling.
      The walls began to crumble and shake...


      The battle raged on with Crobat and the rangers. "You work with those two, don't you!?" Lunick growled. "Just who are you?"
      Clyde grinned. "The Go-Rock Quads! That's who! Didn't catch that? Go-Rock Quads. Remember that, punk."
      "Go-Rock....Quads?" Solana blinked. "But there are three of you...?"
      "Yeah. Our big brother isn't here. He is the leader of us three. Of course, I ain't telling you where he might be!" Clyde laughed. "I don't think you wanna meet him though. He can be pretty....moody."
      "Yeah, well! We could handle it." Lunick yelled. "I bet he isn't that b-" The sound of music erupted around them.
      "Well, well. Looks like those professors didn't quite cooperate with my siblings...They are done for." He laughed.

      Solana and Lunick glanced at each other. "W-What is going on?!" An explosion went off the music died down. "Let's go, Solana. There is trouble. As a Rank 10 Ranger, Im assigning this as a mission!" They ran off towards Sayra Ocean.
      Clyde pressed his hand against his ear. A buzzing sound played, then a voice. "Garret here. The Manaphy ours."
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