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This is the second of my Pokemon projects, but unfortunately this one is private to prevent an onslaught of bad signups considering the nature of the non-srs nature of the plot. The only participants are Mika, YoshiRiRu, and myself.

The world of Pokémon has always been plagued by many mysteries. But these mysteries have lead to the creation of many great men destined to solve the unknown, to make these oddities workable. One such man was Bill of Kanto, the great man who developed the PC box system for Pokémon storage. It was an extremely useful system, but to the common folk it was shrouded in even more mystery. Where did the Pokémon go? How the hell do you fit a Wailord in a computer? How can you pick these Pokémon out from any computer anywhere? All unanswered questions.

Against the advice of their principal, three students living in Cerulean City went to visit Bill one night, in order to see if they could learn about the mystery of the PC system. Upon arriving at the home of the great Bill, however, they found nobody home. Nothing but a big empty room with a computer and a strange machine in the very back. Unknown to these youths was that a Pokémon was watching them from behind the machine. A curious Porygon that had been trapped within the box system only to break free using its unique abilities. It had disposed of the one who had put it there, Bill, by trapping him in his own box system, and now it intended on doing the same to anyone who entered.

The three students met the same fate as they suddenly felt strange, and were drawn into the computer. When they awoke, they found themselves in a virtual Pokémon paradise, a virtual world that was so realistic it could be mistaken as reality. But as they were soon to learn, the Porygon was not going to let them go so smoothly...


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