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World of Mana - Name a WIP

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Old October 17th, 2009 (9:58 AM).
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Welcome to the World of Mana.

This is a ShunGames game. This is not a Pokémon Fan Game.

Firstly, I have a few things to say first.
  1. This is a commercial game thus meaning this game will have a limited play time if downloaded.
  2. Don't ask to be a beta tester cause you wont!
  3. Games take progress so dont ask for updates.
Now then, here are some features.

  1. Main Chara Selector,
  2. Character Visualization - Deciding
  3. Squad based ABS, or Side View System
  4. Guild System
    and Party Changer (Change every chara except main)
  5. Chara Namer
  6. 6 Different Types of Fighter,
    (3 Starters - Swordsman, Archer & Mage)
    the others are secret
  7. 15 Guild charas - 1 Main
  8. Completely unique monsters. bosses, charas and stories
  9. graphics
  10. Isometric Views and Pixelmovement - Deciding
  11. Much More
The following will be updates for the games

17th October 2009
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