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    Hello Community ! Today, I'll present my fic a project that I love:
    Pokémon Academy by NewTiteuf. I hope you appreciate.

    The Prologue: As my hero!
    .okémon Academy Aventure::.
    Hello, my name is Nile Tizeur I followed the path of Maxime and I would tell you all the events that unfolded around him.
    The story begins in the peaceful village of Bourg-Palette, where the hero known to all villagers, Red has returned from his long journey on unknown islands joined by Professor Chen.

    But he left quickly with his Pikachu to adventure badges, stay a moment in this town who was born and from such masters of dressage as Blue and counts in these people an impending teacher the one and only Chen! But one question remains to be solved:
    Where were the Red and Chen during those three years?
    Well on his return a child more curious than others, which were known to be a friend of Red asked to answer these questions:
    "Where were you Red during those three years?
    -In an undisclosed location.
    -Could you tell me more I want to be like you!
    "I was at the Pokemon Academy! And one day you go you too, as Professor Chen has made a postulation for your application.
    -The Pokémon Pokémon Academy!
    Yes and you will see a whole day a letter will be sent do not worry. "
    The discussion ended in rain and every night our young Maxime dreamed of this academy on the island secret.

    Red had made his course a book in which he wrote these courses and the elements around him. He said that this great region contained several small islands and each had its functionality and its ability to meet all trainers as different from each other.
    While he had no hope and that Red had already won some victories and had returned to rest all these adventures our young hero was going to see every day, asking for its news and when does it happen that the letter would arrive, but every time it replied:
    "When the time comes."
    But that was not enough for our little Maxime who thought that everything was pure invention ...

    But the moment had to happen happened! As planned Red was time for him to leave the Pokémon Academy!
    One day the weather was rainy in winter around December 25 our young hero went to meet the postman, who knew his question and said:
    "You trust in Red is not it?
    -Of course! It's my best friend, "he said.
    -Well here is your gift in advance! "
    He could not believe his eyes, the letter he had waited for months before it was there. He ran up and shouted at him:
    "Yahou! "
    The letter had arrived and his mother had understood him mine out running errands.
    It returned in the evening and had her bag for tomorrow.
    That is, how to end the day our heroes, it slept soundly that night and went at dawn to meet Chen.
    He was doing scientific experiments on the climate was becoming unstable in recent times especially towards the area that led to the Pokémon Academy!
    But this did not prevent Chen and Max from noon to Carmin sea where the boat was waiting.

    On the road, there were many moments of fatigue, but our two adventurers never abandoned their goal and they came after two weeks at sea Carmin
    Unfortunately, thunder accompanied on their trip. Arrived at the port I waited with my gray uniform of the academy. I had to guide the young Max that I had spied from his departure. I had the task of watching very closely. For the moment I greeted with a smile and I tell them:
    "Hi, dear friends, I'd be your guide for this voyage!
    Hello, my name is Max and here Prof. Chen, glad to meet you, "he replies with a big friendly smile.
    Hello, young man, Chen said, wiping his glasses.
    So it has now been sent by the academy? ! Well hop on anyway if we do not take it back in the next year and I do not think our friend wants to wait until then? Is not it Max?
    "It is this kind of question we do not ask me! ! You laugh, forward!
    Well, then let's go climb aboard before the thunder rumbles! "
    They boarded the ferry part at high speed!

    Inside, everything was gorgeous it was a real luxury ferry, which brought together the students of the upcoming Pokémon Academy! But above all he had to find his room which was a simple matter for us three, as the boat sailed at high speed and the thunder roared. What to do? I was losing my credibility as a guide.
    Finally, I thought finding the right room and I opened it:
    "Ha, a kind of perverse," cried the woman who was about to change.
    - Excuse me, ma'am! I'd do more. "
    I finally found the room when the boat hit a rock.
    BOOM! The shaking will not damage the hull, but the power consumption was on the backup battery and some rooms and area of the ferry were cut electricity.
    Fortunately, at the critical moment when the excitement and fear invaded travelers I went to Action:
    Come support people! FLASH LURAI and you SCORPLANE ULTRASOUND! "
    With my two teammates quickly we could deliver electricity to the ship and help people regain their composure, so I had to check the status of the hold that had to take water. I took my two Pokemon that I entrusted to Chen and I headed to the dock using my Cloyster.
    But the flaw that I thought had the shock of a rock underwater was caused by a Pokémon large and powerful enough to destroy the ship's hull.

    The shadows were growing larger and became huge I realized then that I recognized the place as well as the Pokémon that was before me ...
    It's time ....

    Note the break!
    I will explain in it I would give you more specific information on the fic today we start with the region and important areas or already covered:
    [url =] [img] 1/c/2/r-gi-fic-16602e3.png [/ img] [/ url]
    The Red Circle:
    It represents the port city.
    The purple circle:
    The location of the boat.

    Prohibits the production or use
    Thank you.
    The shadows were growing larger and became huge I realized then that I recognized the place as well as the Pokémon that was before me it was other than the lord of the seas Kyogre!
    It was there before me and he had to break the hull.

    I was amazed and frightened at the time, how?
    I was petrified my Cloyster awaiting my orders while feeling my fear dilemma haunted me:

    "The imprisoned in the hold and an affront and an affront then repair the dock. "
    This dilemma disturbed me happily Maxime arrived as reinforcements:
    "Forward LUXRAI! THUNDER! "
    Who executed his orders without disobeying the lightning hit the lord of the seas full of whips and woke me from my sleepiness post-traumatic.
    And in turn launched a devastating attack that did clear out the vandal.
    Then I fill the crack with an attack glaciation.
    "Thank you Max, I could never defeat him without you!
    -Nothing. But it was you who led LUXRAI, I only give orders and then you are very strong too!
    Yes, but I could not keep my composure, I could just kill you!
    "Perhaps, but I'm still here, right?
    Yes very good climb back rooms ferry will restart! "
    And that's how I became friends with Maxim.

    But his path will be long and then it is still a beginner.
    It will perhaps be eating it raw at the beginning of the year, who knows?
    I returned to my room and laid me to get over my emotions knowing that I had met the great Kyogre and that year came only start I thought this year went any change, at least I hope we are recluse and lackeys of the academy, all this must change and I think that Maxim would make a very good member of our clan! Finally, I fell asleep leaving the rocking waves.
    I heard the bell of the clock that made me get out of bed, we had arrived at the Pokemon Academy! Well, almost, we had arrived in a port city Raiko west of the region (cf: Break it!), He had a successful first stage of his trial. I had to put the gear and his uniform for him to follow me to the academy:
    "Hey! Hi Max! All right?

    Yes everything is bathed every hour I'm getting closer to the academy!
    "I understand you, me too the first time ...
    Finally, this is how you came up I gotta give this!
    Oh! But they are Balls! They must contain pokémon!
    "All right! They will be your teammates along the way to the academy will go!
    Where is Prof. Chen and some students have also remained in the ferry! ?
    Yes, Prof. Chen does not do the second step and just as qualified to make mud Academy ferry.
    -OK! Here we go! I reach the Pokémon Academy! I become like my hero! "
    .:: End of Prologue::.

    Thank you for reading.

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