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Old December 27th, 2009 (9:01 PM). Edited December 27th, 2009 by Teh Blazer.
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    I know I created attempted a hack a while back with the same name, but that hack has been scrapped. Instead of doing that, I decided to go for a more interesting one, a hack involving Mewtwo!


    Naturally, you are a boy/girl who has grown up in a small town off the side of Nowhere. One day, you decide to set off on the journey for no reason. Your mom agrees and gives you your starting Pokeman, a Horsea. You go and find Prof. Oak getting harassed by a young lad, to which you help him. Whether you win or lose, the boy goes away and your rival (yes, the boy wasn't the rival) comes late in the scene. He gets his Pokemon and you leave.

    Later, you find out that the bay was a mind controlled minion of Mewtwo, so you naturally set out to stop him. On the way, you unravel the mystery behind Lugia & Ho-oh, stop the destructive Mewtwo (and freeing the boy) and coming face to face with a fabled legend, known by many but only seen by few...


    -A few new Pokemans (nothing on the major Fakemon scale)
    -Same old same old Kanto region, but more of in the future, past Gold, Silver, & Crystal's timeline
    -Pushing at a third wheel in the two player in-game rivalry (as in a third person)
    -And just between you and me, a killer maze at the end of the game (optional) that, if passed, will unlock something most likely not worth the work and effort


    joshj5hawk- Mapping
    Me- Everything else (Yes, a big burden stowed upon me)

    Some Questions You Probably Have By Now:

    Q: Why have Horsea as a starter?
    A: Why not? Yeah, thought so.

    Q: Why Mewtwo?
    A: Look above...

    Q: What makes this hack different from any other hacks I've seen around this Scrapbox?
    A: Truth be told, this hack probably doesn't seem like a good hack. Everything else you probably see here has already been promised from some other person. I just know that we (the team) try our hardest to make the best hack possible. Usually in a hack, things pop up that you don't expect. So with that, all I can say is just to wait and see.

    Q: I'd like to join/help, how do I? (and I hope you all ask this)
    A: Since you want to sooooo much, just check my signature or PM me.

    Q: You know Horsea is very much not like a starter, right?
    A: Yes, I shall edit Horsea's stats, movepool, and evolutions to fit that of a starters.

    Q: Can I tell you how awesome you are?
    A: Yes, every day.

    I guess that pretty much wraps this up. Thanks for looking and giving this hack in progress a fair chance, I guess...

    Being a hero is overrated anyways

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old January 28th, 2010 (4:59 PM).
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      geez, hurry up with this hack already!!!.... ha ha! just kidding. so, uh, yeah... Horsea? maybe you could put up two other optional Pokemon..... maybe throw in a Krabby and a Staryu or something....and some screen shots!
      Old January 29th, 2010 (10:49 AM).
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      Oooh, sorry mate, but you just revived the thread by a day. If you'd posted a day before, it'd've been OK.

      Nevertheless, you revived this thread, so I...

      /close it

      A Pokemon that is discriminated!
      Support squirtle and make it everyone's favourite.
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