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Old January 11th, 2010 (9:21 AM).
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    What is the best pokemon card set? I want to buy some new pokemon cards (Diamond & Pearl or newer) but I don't know what from which set(s) to buy.

    I want to most for my money so I'm considering buying an entire booster box, but I don't know which one would be the best?

    Would the new Platinum Arceus be the way to go or should I go with a different one?

    I currently have a fire deck (charizard, magmortar, ect.) and I was trying to build an electric deck (or maybe half electric deck; Raichu, Manectric, ect.) if some of the sets would be good with those, or maybe I'll just start fresh.

    Anyway, so which set/booster box would be the best to buy?
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    Old January 11th, 2010 (9:49 AM).
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      It's hard to say if you want to limit yourself to only one set by buying a booster box. I've heard that Great Encounters is a good set to collect for competitive players, but next season you won't be able to use any Diamond and Pearl sets so building a deck out of it to take to League is a bad idea. If you aren't planning to take the deck to the official League then you might consider it. However, there really aren't many decks made out of only one set. If you look at the LuxApe deck archetype:
      you will see that it consists of a few sets (but some of those cards will be illegal next season because they're from Diamond and Pearl). Is there a card/hobby shop where you live? Because they may be able to trade or sell you specific cards you want for your deck, as opposed to investing a lot into a box without the guarantee of getting everything you need. If I were you, I would be picking up only Platinum sets (Platinum, Rising Rivals, Supreme Victors, Arceus) in boosters, and fill in the gaps with single cards you find through hobby stores or trades. Booster boxes are good for collectors, who want to complete a set for collection purposes.
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      Old January 11th, 2010 (10:06 AM).
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        Here is also a discusion for the best set (only in dutch/nederlands)
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        Old January 11th, 2010 (1:20 PM).
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          Originally Posted by spastman View Post
          Here is also a discusion for the best set (only in dutch/nederlands)
          this site will translate the page into an understandable language ( if you don't understand dutch)
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          Old January 12th, 2010 (6:00 AM).
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          I would suggest PokéBeach.com. I think it's one of the best sites for buying Pokemon Cards.

          Also, i would suggest "Dragon Frontier" set. I personally love that set.

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