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Pokémon Strategies and Movesets Post your team lineups, get your team rated or rate other teams, talk about lineups, talk about moves/movesets, strategies, etc. For general talk about the games, go to the respective Pokémon game forums.

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Old January 31st, 2010 (10:11 AM).
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Shiny Dragonite
Level 100 Modest Nature
HP 386
Attack 373
Defence 291
Sp.Attack 302
Sp.Defence 285
Speed 264
Wing Attack
Ice Beam
Dragon Claw
Shiny Charizard
Level 100 Modest Nature
HP 360
Attack 293
Defence 280
Sp.Attack 348
Sp.Defence 295
Speed 328
Brick Break
Swords Dance
Shiny Rayquaza
Level 100 Modest Nature
HP 414
Attack 408
Defence 285
Sp.Attack 371
Sp.Defence 263
Speed 317
Psych Up
Level 100 Modest Nature
HP 398
Attack 406
Defence 379
Sp.Attack 297
Sp.Defence 268
Speed 301
Stone Edge
Level 100 Modest Nature
HP 365
Attack 387
Defence 289
Sp.Attack 276
Sp.Defence 305
Speed 221
Aerile Ace
Hyper Beam
Thunder Wave
Level 100 Naughty Nature
HP 366
Attack 359
Defence 288
Sp.Attack 261
Sp.Defence 295
Speed 303
Poison Jab
Dragon Pulse
Swords Dance
Giga Impact
I need an all around solid team top to bottom with no apperant holes. This is for battling in the battle frontier. My move sets need some work so please give me your opionons, also suggest any items i should give them as well. Thanks for helping!

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Old January 31st, 2010 (10:22 AM).
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→ Teams are REQUIRED to list EVs, Items, Natures, Ability (if it has more than one) and the obvious four moves
This is a moderated forum, meaning, threads must be approved by S&M staff before it shows up. As the rule says, you're required to have these in your thread for every
Pokémon. If not, there's no chance you'll get it through. Locking because of this.
Locking because of this and the fact you are using ubers.

Feel free to Vm me (PM inbox is full) or PM Okutank or Beachboy to get this unlocked if you want to add the missing stuff and remove the ubers.

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