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Old February 2nd, 2010 (3:34 PM).
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1: Infernape lvl 100 w/ Fiat Plate
Nature: Relaxed

Attack: 265
Defense: 202
Sp. Atk: 256
Sp. Def: 160
Speed: 236

Ability: Blaze

-Close Combat
-Blast Burn
-Rock Smash

2: Milotic lvl 100 w/ Icicle Plate
Nature: Adamant

Attack: 189
Defense: 206
Sp. Atk: 225
SP. Def: 292
Speed: 208

Ability: Marvel Scale

-Ice Beam
-Mirror Coat
-Hydro Pump

3: Garchomp lvl 83(soon to be 85) w/ Soft Sand

Nature Docile

Atk: 258
Def: 196
Sp Atk: 180
Sp Def: 162
Speed: 210

Ability: Sand Veil

-Dragon Claw
-Draco Meteor
-Rock Climb

4- Blissey lvl 100 w/ (i need an item for it)

Atk: 88
Def: 64
Sp Atk: 212
Sp Def: 307
Speed: 127

Ability Natural Cure

-Double Edge
-Flamethrower ;3
-Giga Impact ;3
-Focus Blast :3

5: Darkrai lvl 80 w/ Spooky Plate

Atk: 200
Def: 178
Sp. atk 239
sp def: 183
speed 211

Ability Bad Dreams
-Dark Void
-Ominous Wind
-Faint Attack

6: Rayquaza lvl 100 w/ Amulet Coin (need battle item)

Atk 364
Def 220
Sp atk 327
sp def 215
speed 219

ability Air Lock
-Ice Beam
-Extreme Speed
-Dragon Claw

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Old February 2nd, 2010 (4:04 PM).
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→ Teams are REQUIRED to list EVs, Items, Natures, Ability (if it has more than one) and the obvious four moves
This is a moderated forum, meaning, threads must be approved by S&M staff before it shows up. As the rule says, you're required to have these in your thread for every
Pokémon. If not, there's no chance you'll get it through. Locking because of this. Locking because of this and the fact you are using ubers.

Feel free to Vm me (PM inbox is full) or PM Okutank or Beachboy to get this unlocked if you want to add the missing stuff. That and your natures are horrible, you need to re breed. I suggest checking out our stickies too.

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