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Old March 19th, 2010 (11:14 PM).
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    Well, there's not much to crit here ^_^

    I like the style very much. It's a bit toony, but nonetheless, is very vibrant and dynamic.

    Starting with your steroid nidoking :) HIS right ear seems a bit small in proportion to his other one... i understand that the angle is from the side and from down low looking upwards, but still, the ear seems a bit to small and definitely a bit too thin. Otherwise, I love the anatomy! I get a kick out of it actually ^_^

    Tyranitar/Lavitar is pretty badass... nothing much to say there ;)

    Gyarados. Most everyone here knows that i worship the Gyarados. So i'm sorry if i come off a bit harsh on it. You made his head a bit big in proportion to the rest of his body (but i understand that's the style). But in regards to the head, the crest is WAY to SMALL. It'd definitely look better heightened! Next, his shoulderplate's spikes seem a bit too enlongated, compared to his pect. fins. As for the dorsals, they're alright, although they'd look better a bit more spikey and not as much nubby. But what really strikes me as awkward is the gold strip of shading along the bottom... it just doesn't fit in color, anatomical shading, or logic. I don't understand that bit at all...
    Otherwise, i like the coloration of both gyarados... the poses are great, and i especially love the segmentation of the body. Great job in that aspect!

    Zoark or whatever it's called lol... what's with the random squiggly of lighter toned shading on his leg? It's a bit funky looking ^_^

    Lugia is pretty badass as well! Love the pose! The coloration and anatomy are great! Only thing that erks me is the white thin pixel line of shading on his belly... it seems like it should be a bit wider, no? but that's just preference lol

    Skipping down a bit (sorry)... legendary conflict. Totally excluding mew2 and deoxys... it'd be a flipping awesome piece of art! That background is absolutely amazing! The amount of detail in it is just mind blowing, from the dispersion of light from the gallaxy, to the individual stars! It just blows my mind! The comic style pokemon just tip the scale from amazing to godly! I am blown away, really! It's one of the greatest pixel art pieces i've ever seen! And i've seen a whole lot of stuff! But honestly, the detail and the style in this piece are amazing! Better than anything I could ever do... and i've made some decent stuff! But honestly, and i really mean it, it's a mindblowing piece of art! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    As a matter of fact, thanks for sharing all you work with us! It's great to see! I love your style soo much, and i cannot wait to see more! Thanks!

    Take care!

    Keep Spriting!
    "In a world of chaos, the picture is one small rectangle in which the artist can create an ordered universe."
    ~ Charley Harper ~

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    Old April 16th, 2010 (9:00 AM).
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      this is crazy!!!

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