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Old September 7th, 2003 (8:10 PM). Edited September 21st, 2003 by Hazuki-san.
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Doesn't exist
    Join Date: Sep 2003
    Location: Traveling to Kanto
    Age: 29
    Posts: 528
    Who are your favorites?

    Favorite main characters:
    Favorite minor characters:
    Favorite villains:
    Favorite gym leaders:
    Favorite elite:
    Favorite champion:
    Favorite pokemon:
    Overall favorite character:
    Least favorite characters:

    here are mine

    Favorite characters: Harrison, Jackson, Richie, Gary
    Favorite minor characters: Macy, Oliver
    Favorite movie characters: Yukinari
    Favorite villains: Bashou and Buson
    Favorite gym leaders: Brawly and Wallace
    Favorite elite: Sidney
    Favorite champion: Steven
    Favorite pokemons: Blaziken, Sneasel, Bayleef
    Overall favorite character: HARRISON
    Least favorite characters: Yoshie/Deni *crap dub names!*, Damian, Melody, girl from school ep, girl from politoad ep


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    Old September 7th, 2003 (8:47 PM). Edited September 21st, 2003 by Kenta.
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    OK! Kanpeki!
      Join Date: Sep 2003
      Location: Denton, TX
      Age: 36
      Posts: 887
      Favorite main characters: Kenta, Marina
      Favorite minor characters: Kay, Katrina
      Favorite villains: Bashou and Buson
      Favorite gym leaders: Lt. Surge, Whitney
      Favorite elite: Lance(in Pokemon R/B/Y)
      Favorite champion: Lance
      Favorite pokemon: Raichu, Typhlosion, Lugia, Raikou
      Overall favorite character: Male: KENTA Female: MARINA
      Least favorite characters: Jun'ichi(if people bash Kenta), Gligar Man

      Edit: Updated
      Moderator edit: You signature has been modified due to it size

      #1 Questshipper
      Old September 7th, 2003 (9:13 PM).
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      .::f l o w e r g i r l::.
        Join Date: Sep 2003
        Age: 29
        Nature: Calm
        Posts: 5,957
        Favorite main characters: Kasumi, Satoshi...
        Favorite minor characters: The girl that Satoshi got Bulbasaur from...
        Favorite villains: Does Wobuffet (sp?) count? o.O;
        Favorite gym leaders: Erika...
        Favorite elite: Huh?
        Favorite champion: Huh?
        Favorite pokemon: Chikorita, Pikachu, Alakazam
        Overall favorite character: Kasumi...
        Least favorite characters: Brock
        Old September 7th, 2003 (10:24 PM).
        Jason's Avatar
        Jason Jason is offline
          Join Date: Sep 2003
          Location: Got owned by PC Staff
          Age: 30
          Posts: 794
          Favorite main charactersatoshi, Shigeru
          Favorite minor characters:Ookido
          Favorite villains:Jesse
          Favorite gym leaders:Takeshi, Kasumi
          Favorite elite:Drake
          Favorite champion:Lance
          Favorite pokemon:Charizard, Flygon, Salamence
          Overall favorite characterhigeru, Satoshi
          Least favorite characters:Filler chars
          Old September 7th, 2003 (11:04 PM).
          Amphie's Avatar
          Amphie Amphie is offline
          Sweet girl
            Join Date: Sep 2003
            Location: Johto
            Posts: 74
            Favorite main characters: Misty, Ash
            Favorite minor characters: Kay, Duplica
            Favorite villains: Cassidy&Butch
            Favorite Gym Leaders: Whitney, Jasmine
            Favorite Elite: Karen
            Favorite Champion: Lance
            Favorite pokemon: Raichu, Vulpix, Chikorita
            Favorite overall character: Kay, Misty
            Least favorite character: Juni`chi, Richie.
            Old September 8th, 2003 (2:21 AM).
            Q Man's Avatar
            Q Man Q Man is offline
              Join Date: Sep 2003
              Location: Cerulean City
              Age: 31
              Posts: 276
              Favorite main characters: Misty and Ash
              Favorite minor characters: It'd probably have to be Sakura (The girl with the Espeon who went on her own badge journey)
              Favorite villains: Jesse's Wobbuffet
              Favorite gym leaders: Misty, and a few of the Jhoto leaders (thier names escape me right now, since I just woke up :p)
              Favorite elite: The first one in R/S... forgot his name
              Favorite champion: Steven
              Favorite pokemon: Nidoking,Aggron, Gardevior, Alakazam, etc... :p
              Overall favorite character: Misty, duh! :p
              Least favorite characters: Anybody from Team Rocket who isn't Jesse and James...

              I have returned!
              From a rather long hiatus, might I add... *looks around*
              Old September 8th, 2003 (12:33 PM).
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              Timbjerr Timbjerr is offline
              • Platinum Tier
              Join Date: Sep 2003
              Location: Texas
              Age: 30
              Gender: Female
              Nature: Timid
              Posts: 7,428
              Favorite main characters: Brock and May
              Favorite minor characters: Aya From Fuschia City
              Favorite villains: Jessie and James
              Favorite gym leaders: Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Koga, Blaine, Morty, Jasmine, Clair
              Favorite elite: Koga (Technically, he is)
              Favorite champion: Steven, but I'm basing it on the games, not the anime...
              Favorite pokemon: Brock's Crobat
              Overall favorite character: Brock
              Least favorite characters: Tracey, Misty
              Old September 8th, 2003 (2:43 PM).
              Junichi's Avatar
              Junichi Junichi is offline
              Freshman at college!
                Join Date: Sep 2003
                Location: Nowhere land
                Age: 31
                Posts: 654
                Favorite main characters: Junichi, Marina, and Masato
                Favorite minor characters: Brittany
                Favorite villains: Jessie and James
                Favorite gym leaders: Winona
                Favorite elite: Karin
                Favorite champion: Lance
                Favorite pokemon: Meganium
                Overall favorite character: Junichi
                Least favorite characters: Whitney, Casey and Kenta
                Old September 8th, 2003 (3:52 PM).
                Tsukushi-chan Tsukushi-chan is offline
                Evil Genius
                  Join Date: Sep 2003
                  Location: Why do you wanna know? Huh? HUH??
                  Age: 27
                  Posts: 75
                  Favorite main characters: Masato and Junichi
                  Favorite minor characters: Teh samurai boy Satoshi met at teh begining of teh series. He was cool!XD (I know I'm weird.)
                  Favorite villains: Aogiri (Team Aqua leader)
                  Favorite gym leaders: Tsukushi(XD!), Senri, Mikuri, and Mikan
                  Favorite elite: Itsuki
                  Favorite champion: I like both. o.o;
                  Favorite pokemon: Marumain/Electrode (Marumain's really fun to say. Not that matters right now....XD)
                  Overall favorite characters: Tsukushi and Masato
                  Least favorite characters: Genji (or whatever his name is. o.x)
                  Old September 8th, 2003 (4:11 PM).
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                  Fallen Angel Fallen Angel is offline
                  I HAVE RETURNED! *cough*
                    Join Date: Sep 2003
                    Location: In the shadows, trying to find my purpose
                    Age: 28
                    Posts: 363
                    Favorite main characters: All of them
                    Favorite minor characters: Um......
                    Favorite villains: Jessie and James
                    Favorite gym leaders: Flannery, Falkner, Bugsy
                    Favorite elite: Drake
                    Favorite champion: Lance
                    Favorite pokemon: If you can't guess your sad.....
                    Overall favorite character: If you don't know it's kinda said but here's a hint: Name begins with a K and ends with an a
                    Least favorite characters: Charmander's old trainer, That Politoad girl, and I think that's it......
                    I am now Psychic Thunder
                    Old September 10th, 2003 (9:40 PM). Edited September 10th, 2003 by orange*berry.
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                    Has catching up to do...
                      Join Date: Sep 2003
                      Location: The Ohkido Residence
                      Age: 30
                      Posts: 826
                      Favorite main characters: Kenji/Tracey, Hanako/Deelia, Ookido-hakase/Oak (I guess they are main characters...())
                      Favorite minor characters: Sakura
                      Favorite villains: Yamato/Cassidy, Kosaburo/Butch
                      Favorite gym leaders: Ummm....
                      Favorite elite: *points above*
                      Favorite champion: *Points above once more*
                      Favorite pokemon: Muchuuru/Smoochum n.n-
                      Overall favorite character: Kenji! n.n-
                      Least favorite characters: Satoshi is a turd sometimes. X.o()
                      Old September 13th, 2003 (7:30 PM).
                      Omega-Brendan's Avatar
                      Omega-Brendan Omega-Brendan is offline
                      Bahamut's Owner
                        Join Date: Sep 2003
                        Location: Hong Kong
                        Age: 24
                        Posts: 639
                        Favorite main characters: Kenta/Gold, Hazuki, Yuuki/Ruby, Satoshi/Red, Shigeru/Green
                        Favorite minor characters: Kay, AJ, Casey(would u consider her minor)
                        Favorite villains: Lt Surge(when he was evil in manga)
                        Favorite gym leaders: Brawly, Surge, 'Dad'(Senri)
                        Favorite elite: Lance(in Pokemon Special XD)
                        Favorite champion: Lance(In Pokemon Special)
                        Favorite pokemon: Raichu, Typhlosion, Raikou, Aerodactyl, Charizard, Bayleef, Sneasal
                        Overall favorite character: Male: Red Female: Blue
                        Least favorite characters: May(Not Sapphire though), 'Max'.

                        "Um, I already gave it my best and I have no regrets at all"- William Hung
                        I am a
                        Thanks Forest Grovyle!

                        Old September 13th, 2003 (7:31 PM).
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                        Pokémon Coordinator
                          Join Date: Sep 2003
                          Location: Kanto (Currently: Caldwell, NJ)
                          Age: 29
                          Nature: Gentle
                          Posts: 3,877
                          Favorite main characters: Ash (Might change later)
                          Favorite minor characters: Various... Depends
                          Favorite villains: None
                          Favorite gym leaders: Dunno Yet
                          Favorite elite: Dunno Yet
                          Favorite champion:Dunno Yet
                          Favorite pokemon: See Sig
                          Overall favorite character: (?)
                          Least favorite characters: Heart Breakers (e.g. Suzie) (change later.)

                          Omigosh, it's the return of Ashley... =o
                          Friend Codes
                          Pokemon Battle Revolution: 4381 9024 5685 (Alyssa)
                          Pokemon Diamond: 1718 9721 5525 (Hikari) (2 win, 2 loss)
                          Florafield City Gym* is now open!
                          Gym Statistics: 3 win, 3 loss
                          *Requires a registration at TCoD and also with the League.
                          Old September 14th, 2003 (4:09 PM).
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                          Pezz Pezz is offline
                          All Washed Up
                            Join Date: Sep 2003
                            Location: Hanada City Gym
                            Age: 28
                            Posts: 94
                            Favorite main characters: Kasumi! I love Kasumi/Misty. I also like Jun'ichi and Kojiro
                            Favorite minor characters: Nanako/Casey and that Lisa girl from the third movie
                            Favorite villains: Kojiro/James, Domino
                            Favorite gym leaders: Kasumi (of course)
                            Favorite elite: Karen and Lance XD
                            Favorite champion: Steven
                            Favorite pokemon: Psyduck, Starmie, Vulpix, Kecleon
                            Overall favorite character: Kasumi!
                            Least favorite characters: Damien and Giselle
                            Old September 14th, 2003 (11:52 PM).
                            Frostweaver's Avatar
                            Frostweaver Frostweaver is offline
                            Ancient + Prehistoric
                              Join Date: Sep 2003
                              Location: Canada
                              Age: 29
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Calm
                              Posts: 8,246
                              Favorite main characters: Haruka, Satoshi (AG Satoshi only)
                              Favorite minor characters: Casey (forgot jap name...)
                              Favorite villains: who else... but our every day villain for 5 years now
                              Favorite gym leaders: Norman (Senri) or Brawly (dunno jap name)
                              Favorite elite: none
                              Favorite champion: none
                              Favorite pokemon: um... too much to list here... *SOOONANSU!*
                              Overall favorite character: Haruka, TR *SOOONANSU!*
                              Least favorite characters: Whitney + most filler episode trainers

                              I'm still in the process of trying to learn the characters' jap name... learn to live with this half english half japanese crap in the meantime...
                              Old September 20th, 2003 (12:58 PM).
                              Kayleigh Kayleigh is offline
                                Join Date: Sep 2003
                                Posts: 5,903
                                Favorite main characters: Gary Oak, May, and Misty

                                Favorite minor characters: Kay, Giselle, and Richie

                                Favorite villains: Jessie, James, and Meowth

                                Favorite gym leaders: Erika, Flannery, Tate & Liza, and Whitney

                                Favorite elite: Phoebe

                                Favorite champion: Lance

                                Favorite pokemon: Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Eevee, Togepi, Jigglypuff, etc...

                                Overall favorite character: Gary Oak

                                Least favorite characters: Those annoying cheerleaders that follow Gary around, and Giovanni.
                                Old September 20th, 2003 (1:38 PM). Edited September 20th, 2003 by oni flygon.
                                oni flygon's Avatar
                                oni flygon oni flygon is offline
                                  Join Date: Sep 2003
                                  Location: Bittertown
                                  Nature: Lax
                                  Posts: 7,903
                                  Favorite main characters: Haruka
                                  Favorite minor characters: Hiroshi
                                  Favorite villains: Any guy from Team Aqua as long as they don't fail like TR
                                  Favorite gym leaders: Fuu and Ran (I don't think I got their names right)
                                  Favorite elite: Itsuki, Karin
                                  Favorite champion: Shigeru
                                  Favorite pokemon: Bangerasu, Furaigon
                                  Overall favorite character: Marina
                                  Least favorite characters: Musashi (Kojiro deserves a second chance XD )

                                  Pocket Monsters Special!
                                  Old September 20th, 2003 (1:43 PM).
                                  Fire Master's Avatar
                                  Fire Master Fire Master is offline
                                  Fire Pokemon Master (FPM)
                                    Join Date: Sep 2003
                                    Location: Under a fluffy warm cozy quilt IRL: Boston
                                    Age: 26
                                    Posts: 1,162
                                    Favorite Minor Charecter: Masie
                                    Favroite Vilian: Jessie and James
                                    Fav. Gym Leaders: Sabrina and Flanery
                                    Fav. Pokemon Elite: Glacia
                                    Fav. Champion: Lance
                                    Fav. Pokemon: Any Fire Type
                                    Least Fav Charecters: Gary
                                    Okay, i am leaving PC not because i hate anyone here, you are all great. But because I seem to just not be that interested in going on PC...I may return but i don't think I will..

                                    Msn:[email protected]
                                    Old September 20th, 2003 (8:07 PM).
                                    G-LANCE's Avatar
                                    G-LANCE G-LANCE is offline
                                    Fire and Dragon!!!
                                      Join Date: Sep 2003
                                      Location: Take a wild guess Gender: Male
                                      Posts: 530
                                      Favorite main characters: Kenji/Tracey, Kenta/Gold/Yoshi, Hazuki/Harrison, Masato/?Max?
                                      Favorite minor characters: Ross (the guy with the wailmer in Pkmn Heroes), Lisa, Melody (she beat Misty too it )
                                      Favorite villains: Iron Masked Maruader, Team Magma Grunts
                                      Favorite gym leaders: Flannery, Blain, Clair, Brawly
                                      Favorite elite: Bruno
                                      Favorite champion: do i even need to answer this question?
                                      Favorite pokemon: Any Fire or Dragon
                                      Overall favorite character: May/Haruka, Misty/Kasumi, Melody (all hotties)
                                      Least favorite characters: Wattson (he's kinda weird)

                                      Thanx sooooo much to MoonLight who did my avatar.
                                      Don't forget, I'm a MoonLight mindslave @[email protected]

                                      Paired up with Fire Master!!!

                                      Questshippers Unite!
                                      Old September 21st, 2003 (2:34 PM).
                                      Greed's Avatar
                                      Greed Greed is offline
                                        Join Date: Sep 2003
                                        Nature: Rash
                                        Posts: 2,943
                                        ~*Favorite Main Characters: Brock and May.
                                        ~*Favorite Minor Characters: Umm.. NONE.. They're annoying..
                                        ~*Favorite Villains: (>_<) ;;;;
                                        ~*Favorite Gym Leaders: All, except teh old ones and Misty... GRRRR...
                                        ~*Favorite Elite: Karen!! ^.^
                                        ~*Favorite Champion: Duh... Lance/Wataru. You all know of course cus I always hug Lance pics. : P
                                        ~*Favorite Pokemon: Tyranitar and Togetic.
                                        ~*Overall Favorite Character: LANCE!!! And also Steven and ALL elites except Koga. >.<;;;
                                        ~*Least Favorite Characters: Ash *naive* Misty *must.. kill... Misty...must... tear off ugly hair...*

                                        *Don't hate me for hating Misty....... And for being a fan of May. ^.^
                                        Old September 22nd, 2003 (3:46 PM).
                                        PKMN_grl's Avatar
                                        PKMN_grl PKMN_grl is offline
                                        Obsession Hunter
                                          Join Date: Sep 2003
                                          Location: The Big Apple
                                          Age: 27
                                          Posts: 114
                                          Main Character: Kenji, Haruka, are Kenta, Marina and Jun'ichi main characters? or are they minor?
                                          Minor Character: Uh....Imite, Nanako
                                          Villians: Hm....Musashi, Kojiro and Nyasu
                                          Gym Leader: Tsukushi, Matsuba, Asuna, Nagi
                                          Elite: None
                                          Champion: Lance (except for his really funky red hair)
                                          Pokemon: Vulpix, Marril, Espeon, Raichu
                                          Overall Favorite: Marina or Haruka, maybe Kenta, no Kenji... can't decide
                                          Least Favorite: Kasumi (Misty), Akane (Whitney)
                                          Paired up with Kenta

                                          Support Questshipping-Hoennshipping-Franticshipping-Nyachushipping-MangaQuestshipping-Chosenshipping-Advancedshipping
                                          Favorite Marina-Kenta-Kenji-Rokon-Jun'ichi-Yuuki-Haruka-Crystal-Gold-Sapphire-Ruby-Mitsuru

                                          Against Accidentalshipping-Crystalshipping-PokeShipping-Contestshipping-Crystaltrioshipping
                                          Evil Akane-Kasumi-Shuu-Minaki-Togepi

                                          My Team Vulpix-Pidgeot-Marill-Sandshrew-Gardevoir-Raichu
                                          Other Cool Pokemon Ponyta-Growlithe-Espeon-Relicanth

                                          And please take a visit to my shrine dedicated to Marina of the Raikou Special.
                                          Idol Trainer
                                          Old October 13th, 2003 (3:29 PM).
                                          squirtle_girl's Avatar
                                          squirtle_girl squirtle_girl is offline
                                            Join Date: Oct 2003
                                            Age: 28
                                            Posts: 19
                                            Fav. Main Characters: Satoshi, Kenta, Hiroshi, Shigeru
                                            Fav. Villians: Musashi, Koujirou, and Nyasu
                                            Fav. Gym Leaders: Tsukushi and Matsuba
                                            Fav. Movie Character: Yukinari!
                                            Fav. Champion: Uh... Daigo?
                                            Fav. Pokemon: Squirtle of course!
                                            Overall Fav. Character: Tsukushi
                                            Least Favorite: Kasumi and Akane(Whitney)
                                            Old October 13th, 2003 (9:05 PM).
                                            Iveechan's Avatar
                                            Iveechan Iveechan is offline
                                            based on a paperclip
                                              Join Date: Sep 2003
                                              Location: Dark bowels of Maryland
                                              Nature: Rash
                                              Posts: 1,383
                                              Favorite main characters: Prof. Oak
                                              Favorite minor characters: Madame Muchmoney XD
                                              Favorite villains: James
                                              Favorite gym leaders: Koga
                                              Favorite elite: Bruno
                                              Favorite champion: Steven I guess
                                              Favorite pokemon: Hitmonchan, Machoke, Electabuzz, Granbull
                                              Overall favorite character: Bruno
                                              Least favorite characters: Everybody I didn't mention...

                                              Old October 17th, 2003 (5:27 AM).
                                              ash_misty4ever's Avatar
                                              ash_misty4ever ash_misty4ever is offline
                                              We should be lovers....
                                                Join Date: Sep 2003
                                                Location: At the Moulin Rouge!
                                                Age: 26
                                                Posts: 817
                                                Favorite main characters:Misty, Ash, Kenta
                                                Favorite minor characters:
                                                Favorite villains: Wobufett
                                                Favorite gym leaders: Misty and roxanne
                                                Favorite elite: Lance?
                                                Favorite champion:Lance
                                                Favorite pokemon:Blastoise, squirtle
                                                Overall favorite character: Misty
                                                Least favorite characters: May!!!
                                                I'm really sorry I haven't been on much. All I can say is that my reality life has caught up with me. I'm not the Pokemon Fan I used to be. I really hate to give all of this up after so long, but I can't quite help it. If I'm not online as much as I used to so very long ago, just remember it's my real life holding me back. BUT, when I become famous, I'll totally be sure to mention everyone of you in my acceptance speeches! Just remember the name EMILY MAYNARD!
                                                Old February 18th, 2005 (11:03 PM).
                                                Asura Nirosuki's Avatar
                                                Asura Nirosuki Asura Nirosuki is offline
                                                Shes a good person~
                                                  Join Date: Dec 2004
                                                  Nature: Gentle
                                                  Posts: 4,322
                                                  favorite main character:richie,[misty,ash],gary[phoebe,AJ] cute.[brendan,may perfect]
                                                  favorite minior :erika,duplica,wally,dasiy,violet,lilly.
                                                  favorite villians: butch,[jesse james duh!]
                                                  favorite gym leardersabrina,woina,tate,liza
                                                  favorite elite: PHOEBE!,sidney
                                                  favorite champion:none
                                                  favorite pokemon:Absol,garados,tarous,sneasle
                                                  overall favorite:[Phoebe,Aj, the best couple ever.]
                                                  least favorite:[Max,molly these two are a pair]

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