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Do you still care about emblems?

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Old April 30th, 2010 (12:22 AM).
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Although the original hype of emblems has died down, do you still care about them? Do you still try and get certain emblems? Do you get excited when you recieve an emblem?

For meee... I still kind of care about emblems. XD;

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Old April 30th, 2010 (12:23 AM).
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Sometimes I forget emblems exist, but I really don't worry about them since I'm too lazy to check if I've met the requirements to get them :P
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Old April 30th, 2010 (12:24 AM).
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...I tend to always forget emblems exist, so no.
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Old April 30th, 2010 (4:09 AM).
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I want more emblems ): I only gots one ;-;

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Old April 30th, 2010 (4:47 AM).
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My profile reads: "Note to staff: no emblems for me, thanks."

I never did care... I suppose the irony there however is that I would care to get removed any that I may be given.
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Old April 30th, 2010 (5:00 AM).
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I still like them and wish they were automated so that we could make them more accessible. D: Like it'd be nice to be able to make one for having x amount of pageviews on your profile but I sure as hell don't want to hand that out manually and we'd have to. XD;

It's just kind of... hard. A lot of mods don't really have any forum events they can do to hand out emblems and tend to forget about them. And I normally only remember them when people ask for the veteran/committed emblems or when I am harassed to add new emblems. If no one remembers them, we don't really look out for people who meet requirements and nothing is done with them. ;_;
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Old April 30th, 2010 (7:10 AM).
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I do kinda care about 'em, I just wish someone were watching me close enough to award the ones I have deserved. (But I'm largely ignored so meh.)
I usually have to poke someone to see if I've earned any every couple of months. x3

Yeah, that's really annoying. D8

No one is really looking out for people who earned emblems. (Maybe we need to assign a few people to Emblem Patrol!)
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Old April 30th, 2010 (10:42 AM).
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I sort of care about them. I do get excited when I have a PM saying I have one, because I want to know what it is for xD I like them.
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Old April 30th, 2010 (10:49 AM). Edited May 1st, 2010 by Piplup-Trainer.
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Emblems, eh?
Lol, I forgot about them. Today two pc members told me that I`m using many smileys in my vms xD
So that`s why I`ve remembered them today

But yeah...I don`t like to ask for emblems, I wanna wait until someone gives me one or more emblems.
But now my hype to get one emblem is equal to zero, so I don`t care

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Old April 30th, 2010 (10:50 AM).
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Sort of... There are some I'm actualy trying for. xDDDDD

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Old April 30th, 2010 (10:56 AM).
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It's still fun to open up PC one day and getting notified of a new emblem. But I don't actively seek new emblems, or at least not anymore. Sometimes I wish I could hand out an emblem to some people whom I think deserve it, though, like the Profile Designer or Sucker for Games emblems, but that's not up to me to decide so I try to not think much of it. o3o;
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Old April 30th, 2010 (11:12 AM).
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Well...yes, mainly because I really want one. Badly. xD
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Old April 30th, 2010 (11:21 AM).
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I wish I had one for tastiest username...

Anyway, yea. I still care for them.
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Old April 30th, 2010 (11:22 AM).
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It'd be cool if I had more, but I'm too lazy to pester random staff members about requirements. So far, the only one I have (other than the ones you get from being a supporter, an Ex-moderator, and a veteran) is "Wise One" which I got from Went and still don't know what I did to earn it. XD
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Old April 30th, 2010 (12:58 PM).
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I don't go looking for them, but it's a nice change to receive one. I have like four only.

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Old April 30th, 2010 (6:51 PM).
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I never cared that terribly much about them. It took me forever to add some to my profile, when I was still on staff. (I'm lazy like that.) Honestly I'm amazed it didn't take me that long to notice that no one had replaced my staff emblem. XD;

I'm sure I'm eligible for more emblems, but I don't care enough to try to get more. They're pixels on my profile I'm sure no one views anyway.
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Old April 30th, 2010 (6:53 PM).
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I care for them, mostly because I want my first one. xD

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Old April 30th, 2010 (7:34 PM).
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I don't even really know what they are because I'm still newish. So I guess I don't really care about them. xD

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Old April 30th, 2010 (7:43 PM).
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Not really. I have the ones I earned and that's enough for me. I pretty much just do whatever I can and see if I earn them. XD I usually have someone give them to me. I earned the #1 fan one because of my obsession for HITT. The XD one I had on my old account. XD Um... PC veteran because well... obvious. Lvl up because I was super n00bish on PC but now I'm not... yeah... and the committed one on my new account is with my pair. <3
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Old April 30th, 2010 (7:52 PM).
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Well I never made a big deal about getting emblems, but I did and still do have some favorites that I like and might not already have. Still I wish there could be a way emblems can become an awesome thing to show you really step out in the crowd. Since users don't really care to pay attention much to the emblem tabs of someone's profile, it won't really matter. However, I still like the whole emblem thing being around because without them we might not even know a few personalities of others. XD For example, the Fierce emblem or the Drama Queen emblem. You can automatically agree that the member is a true fierce person or a drama queen of some kind.

All in all, I still care and like the whole system. No matter if it died down on popularity, old things can still be good. :]

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Old April 30th, 2010 (7:56 PM).
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I don't even know what an emblem is.=)
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Old April 30th, 2010 (8:12 PM).
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I kinda care. I like them they're prettyful and stuff.

I only have one emblem as it is
he's all lonely and stuff. he has no friends. :'C

I was excited when i got that emblem. like "C8"
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Old April 30th, 2010 (8:16 PM).
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Used to, forget they exist from time to time now. So nope.
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Old April 30th, 2010 (9:09 PM).
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They're nice to look at when I view other members' profiles, but I usually forget about them when I'm just posting around. Although the recent explosion of contests brought my attention to them a little bit more these past few weeks.
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Old April 30th, 2010 (10:19 PM).
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Not really, I have four, and that's enough to tide me over. I hardly look at emblems, either mine or others', anyway.

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