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Old May 9th, 2010 (7:35 PM).
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The soccer World Cup is almost here i love the soccer!!!. So i think of a topic to be discussed: What pokemons will you pick to make a good soccer team? Here's my alination:

Goalkeeper: Snorlax, because block all the goal
Defenses: Blastoise, block all passes with Hydro Pump; Mr. Mime, makes a invisible wall to stop the attackers; Scyther, makes quickly returns to protect; Ariados, make spiderweb to stopo the ball.
Center Field: Espeon, Umbreon and Jolteon, quickly movements.
Forwards: Charizard, because it can fly hit the ball in the air; Tyranitar because it's unstoppable haha and Hitmonlee because has strongs legs and can kick hard the ball.

Well, what will be your alination to win???
BTW if this thread don't belong here, please dears mods relocate it
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Old May 9th, 2010 (7:43 PM).
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An entire team of ditto's to duplicate the other team.
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Old May 10th, 2010 (4:45 AM).
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Steelix Bastiodon Wobbuffet Gyarados
Metagross Charizard Infernape
Pikachu Lucario

Muk: Smothers the ball when in area, and can stretch to save the ball
Steelix: Blocks off opponents on the right side of defense then can produce good attacks up the wing.
Bastiodon: A rock in the heart of defense, won't let anyone get past him.
Wobuffet: Can produce good counters from defense.
Gyarados: Same as Steelix, blocks opponents on the left, then attacks on the wing.
Deoxys: Playing in defensive midfield position, so he can change to defense form when defending, , and speed form when getting back to help teammates or when running forward towards opposition area before changing to attack form when about to shoot.
Metagross: Uses pursuit to chase opposition, and use Zen headbutt to header the ball clear from opposition or to shoot towards goal.
Charizard: Can fly all over the pitch to help with defense and attack, using smokescreen to block opposition view of goal and using wing attack to shoot ball.
Infernape: Is quick so he can get past opposition skillfully.
Pikachu: Can use quick attack to get towards opposition area quickly and then use iron tail to shoot
Lucario: Can use Aura to determine where opposition goalkeeper is going to dive before shooting in opposite direction. Penalty taker to use same method.
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Old May 10th, 2010 (6:59 AM).
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An entire team of Hitmonlee, save the goalie who can be a Hitmontop.

(ITT, Erica knows nothing about soccer but knows which Pokémon are known for kicking things. xD)
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Old May 10th, 2010 (7:38 AM).
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I love soccer as well! =D

Formatin: 4-4-2
Goalkeeper: Tangrowth (stops all the balls with its tentacles, or whatev' they are)
Defenders: Lucario (left-back, defends well and offers great support in attack), Nidoking & Nidoqueen (central-backs, makes a great pair and aren't too slow), Dodrio (right-back, not much of a defender, but its very fast and jumps high and is impossible to stop, also wins most duels due to its 3 heads).
Midfielders: Sceptile (left of the diamond-midfield, very fast and versatile), Hitmontop (right, great technician and can get past his foes without trouble), Infernape (bottom of the diamond, stops all the counter-attacks and defend very well, also gives great support forward), Starmie (top of the diamond, can find ways through players that no one else can, great passer).
Forwards: Blaziken (One of the best kickers, can jump high and kick the ball from most angles, very dangerous infront of the goal and shoots very hard), Hitmonlee (another kicker who is a great, his shoots are curvy).

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Old May 10th, 2010 (3:22 PM).
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The goalie would be Wailord and all the other players would consist of Alakazams.

My strategy is that none of the other team's Pokemon should be able to even fit the ball past Wailord and my team of Alakazams could just use their psychic powers to teleport the ball into the other net.
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Old May 10th, 2010 (5:18 PM).
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I never really got into soccer, but anyways:

goalkeeper: Lickitung/Lickiliky, they could use their freakishly long tongues to grab the ball. Either them or Alakazam.
Defense: Blaziken, he can jump really high and is insanely fast so he could stop the opposing team from reaching the goal. Dugtrio, make holes on the field tripping players and successfully capturing the ball. Hariyama, they'd think twice before trying to get past him/her. If Blaziken and Dugtrio fail then this is where Hariyama comes in.
Center-fields: Empoleon, not fast but strong.hmm...can't think of anyone else right now
Forwards: Weaville (fast and powerful..frightening too), Buizel (it would use its aquajet to help score goals).
*dreaming 4ever
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