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The Labyrinth: Alternate Ending

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Old May 25th, 2010 (3:39 AM).
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Info: This is the alternate ending to The Labyrinth and one of many I might add. This is how The Labyrinth should of ended, instead of how it did end. In my version Sarah realizes how Jareth feels about her and makes a suggestion that he send Toby back to the aboveground and she'd stay here. And he gladly accepts.

Sarah, Huggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, and Ambrosius had just won a big battle with Jareth's soliders and they were running up to the castle. They entered in though the castle's doors. When they entered they couldn't find Jareth or Toby anywhere. Sarah looked around and noticed a long flight of stairs,"That's the only way he could of gone," she told her friends.

"Well then let's go," Sir Didymus said. "No, wait! I must face him alone," Sarah told him. "But why?" Both Sir Didymus and Hoggle both asked her. "Because that's the way it must be done," Sarah told them. "Well, if that is the way it must be done then you must do it," Sir Didymus sighed, then added in,"But....should you need us.."

It was then that Hoggle repeated it,"Yes, should you need us?" He asked her. Sarah's heart throbed at that,"I'll call," she said,"Thank you! All of you!" Then she turned and ran up the stairs ready to face the Goblin King for the last time. Hopfully he wouldn't pull anymore tricks on her again.

But something was off here, Sarah thought. If he was really as mean as she thought why did he give her a time limit to get to the castle? Why not simply go ahead and turn Toby into a goblin? That would have to be something she'd have to ask him if she beat him.

As soon as Sarah found her way up to the top she noticed a giant maze of stairs. The maze was huge! The stairs all pointed in different durations. Sarah sighed, once again it seemed Jareth wasn't playing fair at all. Suddenly Sarah heard music coming from somewhere. It seemed to be getting louder and louder. It was then that she noticed a staircase right under her, and there was Jareth.

"How you turn my world you precious thing," Jareth sang as he turned the sides and ended up on the other side of the staircase. 'Where did he go now?' Sarah wondered.

Then Sarah heard, from behind her,"You starve and near exhaust me," she turned around. Jareth had just entered though the door way and was walking towards her,"Everything I've done, I've done for you," then something wasn't right here. He walked straight though her body. Jareth then got to the ledge again as he turned and pointed at her saying,"I move the stars for no one."

Jareth then flipped back down onto the staircase below her, again,'I should find Toby before it's too late,' Sarah decided, as she turned to leave to search for her baby brother. But Jareth stopped her,"You run so long, you run so far," He then flipped back up, getting in her way,"Your eyes can be so cruel," he produced another crystal ball,"Just as I can be so cruel," it looked like he was going to give it to Sarah but he turned around and threw it off in the distance.

The crystal ball bound down the stairs and up another smaller flight of stairs as Jareth continued singing,"Though I do believe in you. Yes I do!" The crystal ball landed at baby Toby's feet. He picked it up and started playing with it. Sarah noticed him,"Toby!" She called and ran after him. Toby noticed his sister and started trying to crawl away from her.

Jareth continued singing as Sarah chessed after Toby, trying to catch him,"Live without the sunlight. Love without your heartbeat. I...I can't live within you," Jareth finishes singing and goes to wait for Sarah at the very bottom of the staircase like he was so sure she'd turn up there. He had changed into a white outfit.

"Toby! Come back!" Sarah called as she continued chessing him. She didn't know what to do now. Time was running out. She knew she needed help but she refused to call her friends. This was after all, her problem not theirs. Just then she found herself very close to Toby. He was right under her,"Toby!" She called. Toby looked up at her with this,"Go away!" look on his face.

Sarah took a deep breath and jumped meaning to jump down to Toby but instead jumped over him and fell, down, down down into a dark pit below. Just then as she was looking around Jareth approached her. "Give me the child!" Sarah ordered. "Sarah, beware! I have been generous up till now. But I can be cruel!" Jareth warned Sarah.

Sarah repeated what he said,"Generous....cruel..." then she thought,"What have you done that's generous?" Jareth sighed. This girl was starting to get on his nerves. But he just couldn't bring himself to hate Sarah. He couldn't hate her. He loved her. And one way or another he'd make her see the truth,"Everything!" He told her,"I've turned the world upside down! And I've done it all for you!"

Sarah was confused,"Y...You done it for me? Why? Why did you do all this for me?" Sarah asked him. "My dear Sarah, can't you see the truth?" Jareth asked. Sarah looked Jareth in the eyes and saw the pain and longing in his eyes,'He loves me,' she thought. "Just fear me! Love me! Do as I say and I will be your slave," Jareth told her.

Sarah thought about it and made up her mind. She approached Jareth. Just then, when she got close enough to him, Jareth pulled Sarah into a tight embrace and kissed her. Sarah leaned into the kiss, kissing him back,"Please, stay with me. I love you Sarah," Jareth told her,"I'm sorry I had to do what I did. It was the only way to get you to come to me."

Jareth told her how he'd been watching her for years and had fallen in love with her a long time ago. So, Jareth produced a small box. Inside it was an engagement ring,"Sarah, will you stay here and merry me?" He asked her. "Yes," Sarah said as Jareth slipped the ring onto her finger. "But, could you at least send Toby back?" She asked. Jareth agreed,"Anything to make you happy my dear."

Above there was a bright flash of light as Toby disappeared and reappeared back in the aboveground sleeping in his crib. There was a nanny there looking after Toby, as Jareth had wiped the aboveground's memory clean of Sarah. Our scene then jumps ahead to a few months later at Jareth and Sarah's wedding. All Sarah's friends, Huggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, and Ambrosius are at the wedding. It then shows Jareth and Sarah making there wedding voles to each other then they kiss as the ending credits to the movie roll.

The End

There! Now this is the way Labyrinth should of ended with Jareth and Sarah getting married. So romantic!

Please check out my InuYasha fanfiction and tell me what you think.
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