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Old June 3rd, 2010 (4:36 PM). Edited June 3rd, 2010 by Choy95.
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Welcome to my Trading Thread!!


1. NO hacked Pokemon's please.. If you receive a hacked pokemon from me, please notify me ASAP and I will give you a refund.

2. Don't spam!! or flame or anything else offensive

3. I CANNOT CLONE(I will be getting an AR soon though).. so I will only trade with you if:
a. I have an extra copy (If you tell me you want a certain pokemon, I'll go try to find a cloner to get a copy to trade to you)
b. If you can clone that would be very HELPFUL, however, if you scam me.. You will be reported. (You get 30minutes maximum to clone the Pokemon, if you don't by then, I will report you.. However, if you message me saying you need more time, I will give you an extra 15 minutes).

4. Please use this format for trading:
Pokemon Wanted: (Insert Pokemon name here)
Pokemon Offer: (Insert Pokemon name here WITH the stats, nature, and move set)
Notes: Anything extra you want to add (Like if you can clone or whatnot)

5. To contact me, either PM, VM or leave a post on this thread.

6. I only want Pokemon that are Shiny Ev'd or Ev'd and that I DON'T have.

7. The Pokemon I receive from trades will be redistributed, unless asked otherwise.

Shiny Ev'd/ Ev'dPokemon (Level 100)


Shiny Magnezone/Modest/282/157/266/393/216/218


Shiny Dragonite/Adamant/323/403/237/212/236/249

Shiny Alakazam/Modest/263/129/128/405/208/322




Shiny Arcanine/Adamant/322/350/196/188/196/289

Shiny Scizor/Adamant/344/394/236/132/196/167

Shiny Gallade/Adamant/327/383/166/126/266/210




Shiny Porygon-Z/Modest/311/173/169/400/186/279

Shiny Metagross/Adamant/270/405/328/175/186/145


Shiny Rampardos/Adamant/392/471/152/144/133/149

10th Aniv Celebi/Bold/404/189/320/221/227/245 (lvl. 100)

Shiny Blissey/Bold/714/50/130/186/306/147



Aerodactyl (NN: BLK HAWK!!)/Jolly/297/309/160/123/155/394

Shiny Dusknoir/Relaxed/222/272/405/161/306/87


Shiny Heracross/Adamant/283/382/171/104/209/262

Shiny Skarmory/Impish/333/188/416/79/153/155


Shiny Bronzong/Careful/268/209/331/158/364/80

Shiny Absol/Adamant/271/394/155/164/155/249
FC- 5371 3454 8745
^ Trading Thread!! ^
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