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Old April 16th, 2010 (12:28 PM).
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    Hey I going to write a pokémon fanfiction, and I have this idea about our earth with only pokémon that talk with each other and have wars and ****. Don't know if it has been done before but I'm going to write it anyway.

    Now the thing I want to ask you. I made a map of how the countries (every type has a country) would be arranged and also which king each country would have. The pre-evolutions of that king would be the royal family. Please tell me what you think about how my map.

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    Old April 16th, 2010 (3:43 PM).
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    Your map looks fine to me. It's your story so you can do what you want with things like that.

    I have a question though: what about Pokemon with two types? Would they be allied with two different countries?

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    Old April 16th, 2010 (4:37 PM).
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      ^ Same here. Nice map though. But I'm a little hesitant about Breloom being king. Breloom just don't seem...king-ish to me. And prince Shroomish would be weird. O_0 And Arcanine and Growlithe seem very royal-ish...but Ninetales and Vulpix do too. Actually, Arcanine fits king, Growlithe prince, Ninetales queen and Vulpix princess...
      Old April 16th, 2010 (4:45 PM).
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        I like the idea of a pokemon royal family. I dislike the species separation....
        Old April 16th, 2010 (4:50 PM).
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          You can have your story however you want, but there are a few things that made me rethink.

          I would have put the Poison type territory in South America, because of all the various tarantulas and snakes and other tropical nasties found there.

          Maybe switch the Normal and Ground types around - deserts and barren landscapes seem more ground-y than Europe.

          Apart from that it's not bad. Clefable doesn't really seem like a king.. maybe go with Snorlax?

          But yeah, I'm looking forward to your story. Good luck.
          Old April 17th, 2010 (12:10 AM).
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            Thanks for your advices, I think i'll change the map with it and them i'm going to start writing. It's my first time though and I'm not English so don't expect to much of it ;).
            I will definitly change some kings/queens but there are reasons why I cannot just change the places where the species live.

            Thanks! ;)

            Edit: Oo, and about the pokemon with two types, they won't be allied with two county's I will fit them where i think they belong best.
            Old April 17th, 2010 (12:40 AM).
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              Because I suck at explaining things, I took it upon myself to make a map. This is just my opinion, so you can follow it/change it/completely disregard it. Please note that I suck at maps, so this is a rough sketch. Thank goodness I found the world map on the internet.(Attachment)

              Anyway, now for the rulers...(Preferences in bold)

              Ice: Walrein
              Fighting: Machamp/Hariyama
              Steel: Metagross
              Poison: Toxicroak
              Water: Wailord
              Normal: Snorlax/Slaking
              Ghost: Dusknoir/Spiritomb
              Dark: Absol/Honchkrow
              Psychic: Alakazam/Gardevoir
              Dragon: Dragonite/Salamence
              Bug: Heracross/Vespiquen/Scizor
              Flying: Pidgeot/Fearow
              Electric: Electivire
              Rock: Tyranitar
              Ground: Hippowdon
              Fire: Arcanine/Ninetales
              (I know some are repeats, but I decided to do all of them)

              Again, all of this is just a suggestion. I would go more in-depth, but I'm really tired now
              Attached Images
              File Type: png Map for person.png‎ (49.6 KB, 20 views) (Save to Dropbox)

              ^ This one is 500 px long for sure
              Old April 17th, 2010 (1:10 AM).
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                Thank you very much Missingo, like I said, there are plot reasons why won't be able to change much about the country's but there are definetly going to be some changes in my final map. You will all see it when I open my thread ;)
                Old April 17th, 2010 (1:16 AM).
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                  M#'s map makes more sense overall geographically, though. If it's part of the plot, don't change it of course xD but for what's actually IN that area of the world, it makes more sense (except Fire in Africa... I think more Fires occur in North America from the heat :s but then again, it's pretty sunny and warm all year 'round (24C all of the time without humidity! <3) in Morocco and Algeria, so I guess it makes sense, plus then Arcanine can be king there xD)

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                  Old April 17th, 2010 (1:33 AM).
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                    You could always give the Water types all of the oceans (apart from perhaps near the Arctic or Antarctic, which could go to ice). I don't know where you would put electricity - like Japan seems fitting, but seeing there's no humans then it'd just be nature and no like advanced technology.. so yeah. Just saying, I live in southern Australia and I wouldn't say that it's very electric here. But yeah, it's entirely up to you, I look forward to reading what you put out.
                    Old April 17th, 2010 (3:45 AM).
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                      Ground should be in northern Africa, geographically.
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                      Old June 5th, 2010 (12:19 AM).
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                        Don't you think it would make more sence if the kings were legendarys?But I don't like to end on a sour note so I would like you to know I do like it.

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                        ...Wouldn't it be a bit awkward for the Electric-types to be in Australia, purely for the purposes of the story? I mean, since they can't fly, they'd pretty much be stuck there unless they have a special arrangement with the Flying-types. I thought that was the reason only the Flying-types were placed there in the original map: okay, so they're far away from everyone else, but they can fly out of there and interact with the others anyway.
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                        Old June 5th, 2010 (9:12 AM).
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                        I'd question the designation of Europe as rock/ground. What happened to England's "green and pleasant land"?
                        Old June 5th, 2010 (1:59 PM).
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                          And the thread has been bumped. Therefore, it's closed.

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